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dedicon's review of: Galaxy Convoy

Name: Galaxy Convoy
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Supreme commander
Planet: Seibertron

I ordered the first 3 Convoys of Galaxy Force after deciding that I wouldn't be willing to wait for Cybertron to come to Israel or to arrive to online retailers. However, the package was so big that the store had to divide the shipping into 2 boxes!

Vehicle mode:
For the second time in 20 years, The main Convoy is a fire truck. This time the truck is more futuristic, with the cab of the truck is more angular rather than cubical like the RID Fire Convoy. It's also much more aggressive, with all that firepower it's carrying. The dominant color is naturally red, with blue as the secondary color, white for the part under the windows, translucent blue for the windows and grey for the cannons/fire hoses, with some yellow for detailing and some silver for the grill. The truck mode does take something from its RID counterpart, and that's that ugly space between the cab and the rest of the truck. It's much less apparent than the RID version, though. This mode has another flaw, and that's the cab is floating a few millimeters in the air. This makes the back wheels of the cab redundant as they won't turn.

Two wheels that are located in the hidden part have suspenders, which is a nice addition. Another thing worth mentioning is those big cannons. They can move up and down for some shooting action. Also, the ignition works here as well, so fire away!

Flight mode:
This mode was definitely an afterthought, and thus it looks like one. Not much to say about this mode other than it looks like a fire truck with wings…but as long as it doesn't hurt any of the other modes, I just avoid it.

Robot mode:
Let's start with the bad. His face without the plate looks silly. I really don't mind if a Convoy has a mouth, but this one looks out of place. Makes him look too…kind. Good thing you can always flip the faceplate (more on that later.) Other than that, this mode is perfect. It has tons of articulation, its mega sized (same as E-Ironhide or Vector Prime for example), comes with a nice gun, has the famous G1 Convoy waist armor, comes with a removable Matrix that is stored in a Matrix chamber, looks bulk enough to beat the crap of most Destrons out there and he is stable enough for posing him in almost any way you like. The thumbs and the other fingers aren't molded to each other to make a fist with a hole in it. Instead, they are articulated so he can also hold any Alternator weapon or even Masterpiece Prime's rifle. He has 2 Cybertron emblems heat stamped on his each of his shoulders. The Matrix is grey with an orange "crystal". Only it's too small for Galaxy Convoy to hold in both hands. And most importantly, he looks like a Convoy, and fit enough to be a Cybertron supreme commander.

Overall, this mode is incredible. If this was the toy alone I'd be happy enough with the money I spent… but Takara/ Hasbro keep shooting for more…

Turret mode:
Finally Has/Tak got the hint and stop with all of those stupid bases! Galaxy convoy now comes with a fully arsenal of cannons, which I'll call turret mode since I can't read Japanese yet. 4 cannons: 2 for the lower part of the turret, a big cannon that has his robot mode attached to it, along with 2 other side guns and the cannon that can be activated by the force chip. It's not the best thing to do, but it's much better than a piss poor base like before. And I do like it for some reason or another.

Super mode:
Man, and I thought the robot mode was incredible… Galaxy Convoy is now an inch taller, and the horns make him look meaner. Like you just pissed him off, so he will shoot you with enough ammo that can ruin 6 countries. Sure, his stability has dropped a couple of levels, so you can't pose him as much. But his looks makes it all better. His hands are still free to hold any weapon,. Wings were also added to make him more of a fight/flight machine. He looks like a Cybertron leader that can really deal some punishment, but still doesn't look evil like say: RID Scourge. In closing, I'd say this mode is the greatest combined Convoy you will ever find.

The transformation of Galaxy Convoy is not that complicated as to say, an Alternator or an Autobot brother. But you will need instructions for the first time. The thing that scares me is the legs conversion to Supermode are a bit jumpy to my taste. It's the way you move them. The mechanism doesn't look as it can hold too much pressure. So be careful with it.

Gimmicks and Force chip:
Face plate: As mentioned, the faceplate of the robot mode can spring up or down, using a lever in the back of the head. It takes some time to figure out how to pull that thing though. A nice way to give you the option if you like him with or without the plate.

Force chip: The chip is special to Galaxy Convoy and is shaped like the matrix, with the Cybertron symbol in the middle. Which brings me to the paint chipping problem this force chip has. Much like Starscream's, the symbol in the middle will lose paint at time ( and "at time" I mean a few months at best). Also, when you "ignite" the right cannon, the chip will make a heating sound, like the cannon is about to shoot. The cannon itself will open and lights will come out of the red LED. Then if you press the blue button on the side, it will make a "blowing up" sound. Press the button without the Force chip, and it will make some shooting sound. Taking the chip out will make the cannon close again. And if you want to store the force chip, have no fear. The second cannon has a non-functioning Force chip slot for just that purpose.

Transformation: 7- Not hard, but you will need the instructions for the first time.
Durability: 8- One point off because of the Force chip, another cause of that leg mechanism.
Fun: 10- Great modes, tons of weapons, sweet articulation… this guy has it all.
Price: 6- I am happy with mine, and it was worth every dime. But the US Cybertron version is basically the same and will cost you much less. Still don't miss this guy out, at any cost.
Overall: 9.9: The best Prime/Convoy I have, and I have almost all of them. Recommended to all fans out there.

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