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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Dediís review of: Galaxy Force Nitro Convoy

Name: Nitro Convoy
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Planet Speedia leader and representative (or sonic commander according to the tech specs)
Planet: Speedia

Racing is what gives Nitro Convoy's life meaning, and he boasts of a fleetness unmatched even on planet Speedia. Thanks to his remarkable abilities, he rules as Speedia's leader, and all its inhabitants show respect and admiration for him. However, he is not seeking the universal peace that the Planet Force will bring, but instead continues to quest after only his own speed. Yet, I believe that he is bound to join the Cybertron forces in pursuit of the fate that will steer the stars. *Tech Specs translated by Doug Dlin. From, Thanks Ben!

Nitro convoy, the second Galaxy Force convoy and the one that shared the second convoy box with Flame convoy. Also, he will be another character that Hasbro will feminize for some reason. The toy is not so much feminine other than the colors, so Hasbro will have a tough job this time.

Now to the main event! The review itself!

Vehicle mode:

Vehicle mode is a futuristic race car. Very sleek, as you would expect. The main colors are bright red, almost pink, and white. Black and gold are used for some paints apps, and blue for the even smaller details. Wheels are translucent red. Most of his details are sculpted on the engine/wings that are used as the weapon in robot mode. The head shows in this mode, but it sort ofÖfits. The parts that donít fit and are sticking out are the hips. Really, I think that couldíve been avoided with a little thought and more plastic.

Another thing that annoyed me was that the exhausts are made of rubber or rubbery plastic. I wouldnít mind them to be less sharp and full plastic instead. The wings are made of rubber too, but that makes some sort of reason, because they should be sharp to some extent.

His most impressive detail is the translucent red cockpit with 2 seats and a steering wheel. Nice detailing.

Last thing, on the show, his front part has headlights that look so appropriate, yet in the toy those parts are just painted gold. I wonít take points away because this is a toy review, and the tv show emulate the toys, not the other way around.

Robot mode:

First thingís first, remove the weapon! Otherwise the toy wonít even be able to stand.

And if you did remove it, ignite it with the Force chip, cause with out it, the guns wonít pop out and the whole thing will look like a shield. Nitro keeps the exact color scheme like in the vehicle mode, so I wonít even comment on it much. His shoulders now have exhausts sculpted on them, and those annoying exhaust pipes from the vehicle mode are still here, and they are still pink and rubbery. Head sculpt is very detailed, but again, I think the head should be a bit bigger like in the show for better proportions. Also, on the show/ box art he has 2 black lines for better detailing. Those lines donít exist on the toy.

Also, his upper body is bulky, but his legs are skinny. So again, the proportions are way off. He has a lot of articulation, but not so much of stability. His heels actually help a little, and donít hurt the design as many feared. One more thing, due to the automatic transformation, the hands are a bit too loose, so again, itís hard to pose him.


This time, the transformation is a gimmick! Press the black front part in vehicle mode and the whole upper body of NC is transformed! A very nice semi-automatic transformation. Much better than the BW ones, and very appropriate for the NC character. Only thing is the hands are a little loose cause of it. So transforming him back to vehicle mode is a pain, since the hands keep popping out. Also, as I mentioned, the loose hands makes it harder to pose him (especially the left hand). Maybe itís just a quality issue with just my NC, I donít know.

Second is the Force chip, painted translucent red and golden apps. Very nice piece of sculpt. I like the speedometers that are hanging there.

Ignition in both modes just make the Engine/weapon guns pop out. Nothing special.

Overall, NC is my least favorite toy out of all the convoys so far( Galaxy and Flame, I still donít have a Live convoy or Megalo convoy) but that doesnít make him a bad toy.

Transformation: 4- Itís annoying to transform him from robot to vehicle cause the hands keep popping out, and I wonít even rate the vehicle to robot transformation as itís semi automatic.
Durability: 7- the hands are a damn problem. The fact that there is no place to store the Force chip other than the ignition part is a problem as well. He will survive some falls, but donít test him.
Fun: 8- He is a Convoy with a semi transformation. How can he not be fun?
Price: 4- 20-30$ is a lot for a deluxe sized toy, considering he is not an exclusive of any kind.
Overall: 7- NC is a cool toy, but you should really think twice before you import. Mildly recommended.

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