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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Dedicon's review of: Galaxy Force GX-01 Noisemaze

Name: Noisemaze
Function: Spy for an unknown source
Allegiance: All we know is that he is neither a Cybertron, nor a Destron. He seems to be closer to the Destrons though…
Planet: Seibertron

This mysterious Transformer appeared out of nowhere. He bears both Cybertron and Destron emblems. Through his secret activities, he creates confusion on both sides, bringing about great shifts in the situation of battle. What could his true purpose be...? Everything about him is veiled in mystery.

(Tech specs translated by Doug Dlin. As always TFArchive thanks Ben Yee for allowing us to post his translated tech specs. Thanks Ben!)

This preview paragraph could be as long as the review itself. From his multiple personalities (insane blood-hunting, weird-talking Destron or serious Cybertron) to his choosing to be with the Destrons (specifically Starscream) and not the Cybertrons.
I could talk about how I got it, but for once that was a pretty banal set of circumstances. I could talk about Sideways from Armada and compare the two for the rest of the review, but that really wouldn't do Noisemaze justice.

What I will say is this: out of my entire collection of Transformers (which isn’t that big but has enough jewels) Noisemaze is one of my favorites, if not the favorite in it. The only reason you shouldn’t be buying this toy is because you're waiting on the Cybertron version (so far I have only noticed one paint app difference, so it’s not all bad.) Under any circumstances, do not let your collection linger without this mould... even if you only collect BTs/Alts, BW era toys, G1 toys or My Little Ponies, buy a Noisemaze to upgrade your collection!

And from this point forward, I will try not to go all fanboy about this toy. Promise.

Vehicle Mode:
Noisemaze is a starfighter of sorts. And it has more character in him than the BW animals… he has a predator look, sort of vampiric even. The front has a beehive like symbol, an eye-like cockpit, and 2 golden teeth. The wings are also backwards-like, making him look faster and more futuristic. Another thing about the wings is that they're part black, part mirror-like stickers (think the stickers that are used for Alternators to emulate side mirrors) with a green liquid-like tear in the middle. Quite an awesome effect. The main colors on the rest of Noisemaze are black and silver, with green, orange and gold for fillings. The robot legs are attached to the starfighter like the Blackout mold from Energon, but it goes so well with the alt mode that you'll probably never notice.

Like Vector Prime, he has a lot of detailling. Unlike VC, the details are wires and some futuristic electronics rather than cogs and ratchets. Take that fact and the differences between their alt modes (VC looks like a slow freighter while Noisemaze looks like a more futuristic type of starfighter vehicle) and you can see the designers had this in mind when they started to work on Noisemaze, who is supposed to be the opposite of VC.

Another thing worth mentioning is the force chip area, which has a green arrow and the wires and electronics that surround it. Also the entire piece that becomes his weapon has details out of the wazoo…

Overall, there is only one thing in the entire Transformers line that surpasses this alt mode…and that’s the robot mode.

Robot Mode:

That was in short, now the long version: Noisemaze is now mostly black, with orange and silver as his secondary colors His articulation is nothing short of superb, with only two points missing (he can’t move his head up or down and his waist can’t move at all.) Like VC, he has some knightly looks, with the small cape and helmet. The torso as the front of the starfighter mode looks better than I first thought it would, and even the thin waist isn’t noticed because the torso does a good job hiding it. Other than that, proportions-wise, Noisemaze still excels. The head/helmet is shaped a lot like the Destron logo (again, to counter VC’s Cybertron logo head) with light pumping orange coming out of the entire face. I can’t describe how demonic he looks, you have to see it for yourself. If that wasn’t enough, the detail on the helmet is just as good as the other parts of the toy, painted mostly black and gold, with a small partition at the end of the helmet painted silver. Makes it even better.

Weapon-wise, other than the gimmicked one that will be talked about later, Noisemaze also has twin swords (wings in the alt mode) stuck to the sides of his legs. You can detach them and put one in each hand or put two in one hand. Two in one hand looks better, because alone the swords are too small.

Overall, the robot mode doesn’t disappoint. Noisemaze doesn’t show any flaws in this mode either.

Gimmicks / Force chip:
Force chip: Noisemaze Force chip is mostly translucent orange with silver surrounding it. There is a big unpainted Destron in the middle, and the upper side of the chip is designed like the Destron symbol. A cool chip, but not as good as Vector Prime’s.

Ignition: Noisemaze has a shield( or the upper side of the ship) with the Cybertron symbol on it. Insert the chip, and a Destron symbol will replace the Cybertron one, along with translucent orange blades coming out of the shield, making it a weapon. Take the chip out and the Cybertron logo will return, but the blades have to be inserted back manually. A nice feature that gives Noisemaze yet another melee weapon to fight with.

Vehicle attack mode: Like all attack modes, this one is just another add-on that doesn’t add that much. You can insert the chip in alt mode, but all it will do is to change the symbol. But you can also get Noisemaze in attack mode, and lift the force chip part up. Now the blades can come out and Noisemaze has a weapon in alt mode. However, with that part up the starfighter looks sort of…empty. I rather keep him in his normal alt mode.

MP Noise- I mean GF Noisemaze is good enough to be in your collection, and if you're still not convinced, let’s look at his grades:

Transformation: 9- Far superior to most deluxe sized toys. The only problem I have is with the legs/waist: they need a bit of caution when you move them from robot to vehicle and back. Even if it gets popped out, though, it’s ball jointed.
Durability: 8- Only because of that transformation problem mentioned above.
Fun: 10- He looks cool, he moves cool, he has cool weapons and a cool gimmick. So I say: cool!
Price: 6- He is a deluxe and I paid 35$ (including EMS shipping, mind you) and he was worth every penny. You can get Cybertron Sideways for 10, though, and hopefully for he won’t come with soft plastic.
Summary: 10(+)- Final words are still as the first, buy Noisemaze. You owe it to yourself and to your collection.

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