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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Additional Image:
Box Art:

Dedicon's review of: Galaxy Force Ramble

Name: Ramble (red)
Function: Another drone for the Cybertrons to shoot at
Allegiance: Destron
Planet: Seibertron

Though he came out earlier, Ramble was announced (or at least rumored) at the same time GF Soundwave was. And since someone read the Japanese name wrong (or perhaps it was his Japanese name in G1?) ... every fanboy asked if RUMBLE (not Ramble, as it's actually spelt) can fit into Soundwave’s chest…

Now, it having been revealed that he can’t accomplish such shenanigans, I'm about to infuriate those fans even more and tell you RAMBLE doesn’t even resemble the G1 cassette. On the up side, Ramble is a sweet little basic, who is worth buying. I was lucky enough to get the color I wanted (the retailer who I got it from sent me one randomly) and that’s the red Ramble. There are also two other variations in yellow and blue.

Now for the toy itself... let’s get ready to Ramble!

Alternate Mode:
The alt mode is a mechanical four legged spider-like bug… with a cockpit. Back when I was a kid, there was another Marvel productions show that had mechanical animals with human passengers, which was the first thing I thought about while looking at Ramble pictures...

He looks like he could’ve held a pilot in there, if it wasn’t a place to hide his robot mode head. His Destron logo is above the cockpit, and he has 2 ball joints on each leg, so poseability shouldn't worry you. Three colours are used: red is the primary, with translucent red for the cockpit and Ignition blade (more of that on the gimmicks section) and a bright red for the legs. Black is the secondary color, with grey for fillings.

The biggest problem I have with the entire mould is that it’s not detailed like the Energon basics were. Maybe it’s the fact he is made out of 3 colors alone, but I find it a bit disappointing. They could’ve added some more grey and add some details. Even some wires and random buttons would do.

Other than those complaints, this mode is sweet. The fact that it’s small makes it more appealing for me for some reason…

Robot Mode:
Well, he has a head that looks like BW Inferno’s, some incredible articulation and a big cannon/ Ignition blade thing on his left shoulder (or right one, depends if you are looking in front or behind him), and a Destron logo moved to the other side. I was sort of overwhelmed in my preview, he does have one G1 connection to Rumble: you can hide the fists with the spider legs again, and then turn the legs to make a circle piece his hands (or the spider legs for spikes, but we don’t care about cool stuff now, we are talking homages!) will become like pile drivers, like the G1 cassette's.

Ramble can hold his blade on either hand (normal hands, that is) for easier cutting. But for some reason Takara mass produced Ramble with the fists on the side, like with Flame convoy, meaning they can’t use their elbow for slashing vertically. The hands are fully jointed though, and so are the legs. Also, Ramble has a lot of stability for such a small toy, so he can be posed as you wish…

One more thing about Ramble, he is…well… cute. Not Cybertron cute, mind you. He looks like a drone, but one that can start trouble. I can see twelve Rambles running after Guardshell, chasing him to take his force chip.

Ramble’s robot mode is as good as the spider mode, if not better. Still recommended.

Force chip / Gimmicks:
Other than the pile drivers gimmick mentioned above, Ramble has another gimmick: he can “Ignite” using his force chip, thus making a small translucent red blade popping out of his cannon-like chip spot. Not incredible, but very nice for a basic.

The force chip itself is Seibertron one. It has the normal Seiberton markings and the Destron insignia on the center.

Transformation: 6- Somewhat sophisticated for such a small toy.
Durability: 8- He is mostly ball jointed, but his transformation will probably make him loose a bit. Mine is already a bit loose on the left elbow. Also, the chip insignia will probably lose it’s color in time.
Fun: 8- He is a fun toy, but he could be better if you wait for a sale and make an army of drones.
Price: 5- He is a basic. And now, in Cybertron/ Galaxy Force, the basics are somewhat shorter than their Energon counterparts. Also, he is an imported toy that will make it into the Hasbro mainline. His price right now stands between 9-14+ dollars not including shipping. Bear this in mind when ordering one.
Overall: 8- Recommended. By all means.

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