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Rookwise's Review: Fansproject Thundershred

Name: Thundershred
Function: Inseticlone Warrior
Size Class: Between Scout and Deluxe Equivalent


Shred-125 Data Entry #103

Today, I was reborn.

After months of training, we passed the last of the tests given by MASTER. He looked so pleased. He gave us new identities, along with the power to control the basic elements. Master bestowed upon me with the ability to control lightning and thunder, and gave me the name “ThunderShred”. We were now ready to execute the last part of the mission given by our master.

Yes, we were finally ready, ready to carry out the mission given by the DARK LORD...., our true master! The three of us have followed the plan as instructed from the start. From the day I met Bomb-271, and received the mission from the Dark Lord, everything has proceeded as Dark Lord expected. The only thing left to do – extinguish Master’s ember, and retrieve “The Object”, then we can finally GET what we want.

I cannot forget the eyes of Master, as we watched his ember extinguish, after piercing it with an energy blade from the back. He never expected this, right until the end. I felt sorry, but this was our mission. Now we have “The Object”, and Master is finally eliminated. Now with our newly received powers and identities, we have everything in our hand.

Today, I was reborn.

Taken from Fansproject's website:

A wounded outer space warrior, Thundershred was recovered and converted into his current form by the powerful Skycrow. Learning the ancient art of Ninjutsu and the philosophy of Godai, he has harnessed his power of control over the element "Sky". Using his refined skills and weaponry, Thundershred has vowed to seek revenge on all who have wronged him.

- Manji shaken (weapon composed of four sickles)
- A set of gauntlets attached with 4 blades that can be stored on the back of shoulders
- Multiple combinations to switch to different forms of weaponry
- High quality and superior poseability
- Transforms into a Stag Beetle.

Thundershred is the third character in Fansprojects new 2011 lineup named Causality and is the 15th creation in a line of add-ons and figures produced to date at time of writing. The Causality story is supposedly is set in the aftermath of the Colossus war.

This time though, unlike the line’s previous two offerings, Thundershred is a completely new mold.

Thundershred also shares his colours and similar alternate mode with the classic G1 Transformers Insecticon Shrapnel.

Alternate Mode:

Thundershred’s alt mode resembles some kind of robotic insect similar to a Stag Beetle although instead of an insect like head there is a kind of cockpit. The colours on display are mostly black along with red, purple, grey, silver and yellow. All of the figure’s accessories have a use in the alt mode, mostly making up the pincers / mandibles. A lot of the robot mode is nicely tucked away with the exception of the hands. The transformation has the hands going through the leg section and sticking out from the rear. The hands don’t stick out much but they are noticeable. The alt mode features a lot of panel detail but certainly looks more armoured walking mech than an actual insect. It’s that cockpit on the front that removes it from being more insect like. It looks like the figure would be piloted rather than be a live character (similar to the Diaclone line where the G1 Insecticon molds originated where there were pilots for the robots).

This does not mean that Thundershred’s alt mode isn’t any good. It actually looks really nice and features some articulation in the pincers / mandibles and the legs. The legs are held in place via balljoints so offer a good range of movement and the pincers are on C clamps.

Everything folds and locks together really well and has no panel gaps.

Robot Mode:

This is the mode that Thundershred comes packaged in. There are a total of 11 accessories that come with him. These can be used to make different weapon combinations (giant throwing star, medium throwing star with spiked ends, twin forearm mounted blades or sickles or a combination of both). The throwing star and sickle blades have a storage point of the rear and the twin forearm blades are removable and can be mounted on Thundershred’s shoulders in the same place as his alt mode (blades and sickles can be combined to make them bigger).

Looking at Thundershred itself, the figure is very broad and gives a sense that he is a strong don’t-mess-with-me type of ‘bot. The plastic is of a much better feel and quality than the previous two figures in the line and also feels stronger than Fansprojects Protector trailer add on (for classics Hot Rod/Rodimus). The colours on display are virtually the same as the alt mode except with a little more purple on show. Thundershred’s colours certainly allow him to fit in with the original Transformers Generation 1 Insecticons, albeit a lot more articulated and updated version. Thundershred also shares the yellow chest feature that his distant cousin used except that Thundershred’s is not made from semi transparent plastic, and cannot open. On his chest we have a symbol. However this is not a faction symbol. It is a picture in the shape of lightening – an electric bolt. What this signifies is Thundershred’s special power is to control and create lightening/electricity and use it against his opponents.

Detailing can be found all over Thundershred in the form of piping, panel detail, mesh detail on the arms, detailed joints etc.

The face seems a little small for the size of the rest of the figure which does give the added impression of Thundershred’s strength/bulkyness. The head is a typical ninja type, coloured in black with a silver mouthplate and full red eyes.

There is enough articulation to put Thundershred in many different poses (approx 21 separate points of articulation) and all joints are really tight.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation Design: 8 - Loses a point for the hands sticking out in alt mode and transformation can be a little tricky when positioning the arms and legs.
Durability: 7 - Very well made with a sturdy feel although there are some sections that could possibly break if not careful. The pegs on the blades are thin and are a tight fit into the forearm pods. The sections holding the alt mode insect legs are quite flexable as well.
Fun: 8 - Plenty of play value with different weapon combinations and the excellent articulation.
Aesthetics: 7 - Lots of detailing and the colours are appropriate to the nature of the character. Gives him a stealthly look even through the bulkiness.
Articulation: 9 - The amount of articulation is unbelievable. Loads more than other figures of Thundershred’s size. Makes for lots of display combinations.
Value/Price: 6 - Retail is 34-39 at most online stores which is kinda high for a figure of Thundershred’s size. Can’t see the price dropping as Thundershred and his other two teammates seem to be in great demand. Once production ends the price will surely end up going higher.
Overall: 8 - Fansprojects offerings just get better with each release. Thundershred is another excellent 3rd party release. It’s just the high price tag which can be off putting, but with the amount of detail, articulation and limited production run it’s easy to see why. Still, because of this Thundershred won’t be for everyone.
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