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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Savvanahtron's Review: Legion Class Cliffjumper

Name: Cliffjumper
Function: Autobot Commando
Subgroup: Legion/$5.99

"The best place to find Cliffjumper is wherever there's likely to be a fight! The tough, aggressive robot loves nothing more than pounding Decepticons into scrap."

Cliffjumper has always been one scrappy little guy. In the Transformers Prime series is no different. As one of the early deaths of the series, at the hands of the nefarious Starscream, Megatron later uses dark Energon to bring Cliffjumper back as a zombot. That's right BRAAAAAAIIIIIIIIINNNNNSSSSSSSSS... Poor Cliffy, if only he knew, maybe he would have killed Megs when he had the chance in G1.

Alternate Mode:

Cliffjumper's alternative mode resembles a Dodge Charger or a fastback Mustang. This chibi version of Cliffy reminds me a bit of Windcharger's G1 car mode. The cattle horns on the front remind me of something you would see in the 70s of big oil guzzling cars that got about 4 miles to the gallon, but just as bold of a character Cliffjumper is, this car is bold too. The car mode is pretty tight and there is not much kibble. There is a classic Autobot symbol on the top of the car. The windows are tinted black and there are flare mufflers running from the side. Both the top and sides have peg holes for the car weapon mode for high speed attacks.

Robot Mode:

Cliffjumper's robot mode is decent for a legion class Transformer. The arms flip out from the hood of the car, then the trunk of the car flips out for the legs, and the torso flips up and over to complete the transformation. The bot has articulation at the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and feet. Unfortunately, the head does not move at all, so Cliffy is a bit stiff looking as he turns from one side to the other.

The legion version of Cliffjumper comes with a battle blade made of translucent red plastic. As with the deluxe version, the weapon doubles up as a melee and ranged weapon. As for a legion class, it is an interesting feature for Cliffjumper to have a weapon as most scout class or legion class bots do not have separate weapons.

Transformation Design: 6. Solid car mode with connecting peg joints. Robot mode is not as sturdy with ball joints, and no locking joint for the shoulders.
Fun: 7 This is a solid legion/scout class toy. Reminds me of G1 Windcharger in muscle car mode.
Aesthetics: 5 The legion class Cliffjumper looks best in vehicle mode.
Articulation: 5 The articulation is decent for the size, but do not expect lots of different poses.
Value/Price: 6 The price of $5.99 was from Toys R Us. I picked up the legion class the same time I found the Cliffjumper deluxe. The packaging shows Cyberverse Command your world as a carry over from the Dark of the Moon Cyberverse. These smaller versions of the same characters are interesting for a couple of reasons. The first reason is price is more affordable than the other toys in the line. The second reason is the Cyberverse line has introduced a lot of detail and articulation such as the Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Optimus Prime or Megatron versions.

One interesting note is that the deluxe was manufactured in China, and the legion class was manufactured in Vietnam.
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