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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review of: Spychanger Camshaft

Name Autobot Camshaft
Function Scout
"A sense of isolation inspires me."

A daring rouge, his joints have been specially designed to allow him to commit acrobatic feats impossible for other Transformers. He specializes in sneaking undetected into the most heavily guarded enemy strongholds. Using thermoptic and night vision optical settings and a variety of unconventional hand-to-hand tactics, he is a grim shadow-warrior for Optimus Prime.

An easy find at any Family Dollar in the US. This is one of my personal favorites. Not just for Spychangers, but for all Transformers. I think that Spychangers are the most efficient TF figures created. I love their vehicle forms, enjoy their robot modes, and really like their guns, plus I enjoy greatly getting a new one. This guy is a repaint of the W.A.R.S. figure, and is gifted with a G1 bio and a new function.

Vehicle mode

Camshaft's vehicle is a type of rally car. The rugged design is seen easily in the bars in the windows and the large front end for storing a fast engine. The wheels are like Hotwheels cars wheels and are perfect for play or display. The main color is purple with some yellow along the bottom of the doors. The windshield and windows are a nice silver. The car looks good and functions equally as well. No problems.

Robot mode

Camshafts robot mode is actually quite bulky for coming from a smaller vehicle. The large chest plate bulges out in front and his arms are covered in large armor plates, which extend past the hands. He has that broad shouldered, strong look to him which I usually dislike but given his size I think itís cool. His head is bell shaped, and sort of a mix of G1 Brawn's and Bumblebee's faces. The details on the arms legs and head are great for a small one. The arms can be fully rotated at the shoulders, but thatís all for articulation. He is mostly translucent purple in this mode but with some clear parts for the upper legs and helmet. His gun is also quite big and has a lot of detail. It is colored translucent red. Overall, itís a pretty sweet little bot with a good level of detail and cool colors.

Transformation: 1 Easy, like a Spychanger should be.
Durability: 9 Very durable. Survives falls, and being stepped on as well.
Fun: 9 So much play value and a design which is great.
Price: 10 $2 So easy to get and worth so much more.
Overall: 9 From so little comes so much. He is a great Spychanger and a good Transformer all around.

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