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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Kremzeek75's review of: Universe Defensor

Name: Red Alert, Prowl, Autobot Groove, Streetwise, First Aid, Hot Spot (gestalt Defensor)
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Protection and Defense
Sub-Group: Protectobots

Billed as Micromaster Series I, these transformers are extremely reminiscent of their original G1 namesakes- the Protectobots. Hasbro utilized 4 of the original 5 Protectobots' names (Groove, Streetwise, First Aid & Hotspot) while the other two derived their names from the G1 car assortment (Red Alert, Prowl). And like the original gestalt, they form Defensor- but in a different way. Just like the G1 Micromasters, these guys are tiny vs. the one huge leader and 4 appendage robots like their ancestors. When they combine to form Defensor, the combination sequence is actually very similar to G1 Devastator in that all the Protectobots are the same size and they require separate connection pieces (i.e. torso piece, chest piece, hand and wrist), but all on a much smaller level. As compared to the G1 Micromasters, they could have easily fit in with that particular group of Transformers.

Vehicle Mode:
Again, the Universe Protectobots pay homage to their namesakes. Red Alert is a mini fire truck, Prowl is a mini police car, Autobot Groove is a mini chopper, Street wise is a mini race car, Hot Spot is a mini street car, and First Aid is a mini ambulance. Due to the small size, there is not much detail to the vehicles, but the paint jobs seem right on target, not running onto other parts, which tells me that Hasbro took care when pouring the molds and painting them.

Robot Mode:
When transformed to robots, the Universe Protectobots are not particularly impressive, but they are adequate. Considering the fact that each Protectobot comes with an instruction booklet that takes more space on Defensor than the individual Protectobot, these guys are basically all 3 step transformers, even though they are marketed as Skill Level 2 on the package. One thing of particular interest that I discovered upon opening the blister packages and reading the instructions was that you can create a jet out of the external parts needed to create Defensor, so at least the pieces can be utilized when the gestalt is not in operation. I found it a bit hard to get these tiny robots to stand on their own; they needed a little foot manipulation. Defensor himself stands about 7-8 inches tall, and the individual robots are quite visible in Defensor's formation, except for Autobot Groove, who could actually be taken out of the team and you could still make Defensor. Defensor has extremely limited mobility- his arms can move and that's about it. His head doesn't turn, and his legs remain stationary. The only weapon available is just for Defensor's use- none of the Protectobots have their own weapons.

Transformation: 1 - easy, just 3 very short steps.
Durability: 5 - for a little kid, he/she will snap these in an instant. For the collector such as myself, the durability was adequate.
Fun: If you are in the habit of rekindling G1 memories like me, then it would be a 7. As robots standing on their own, they are a 3.
Price: 6 - I paid $4 USD for each Protectobot, but I think they could have been a bit cheaper (by at least a dollar).
Summary: 5 - looking for a transformer you don't have and this is all you see? Sure, pick it up. If you have a choice, think about what you are buying.


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