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Some links froms several years ago may no longer work, but mostly redirects are in place where changes have been made.

31st December 2005 - posted by Denyer
Toys: A selection of reviews, clearing our backlog as we head into 2006... from Beast Wars: Cybershark, Inferno, Optimal Optimus, Rampage, Blackarachnia (Transmetal 2), Tarantulas (Transmetal). Cybertron: Dirt Boss, Hot Shot (1), Hot Shot (2), Landmine, Leobreaker, Megatron (Legends), Optimus Prime (Legends), Starscream (Legends), Megatron, Optimus Prime, Red Alert, Scattorshot, Scorponok, Undermine. 'G1'/G2: Megatron (Hero), Bumblebee (red), Doubledealer, Goldbug, Grimlock, Ironhide (Botcon), Metroplex, Punch/Counterpunch, Scourge, Trailbreaker, Clench, Dreadwing & Smokescreen, Rotorstorm. Universe: Ramjet. Japanese releases: BT-05 Dead End (2), Masterpiece Convoy, Megatron (Smallest), Galaxy Force Flame Convoy, Galaxy Force Noisemaze, Galaxy Force Ramble (1), Galaxy Force Ramble (2), Galaxy Force Sonic Bomber, Galaxy Force Soundwave, PLA Grand Convoy, RM-25 Skywarp & Thundercracker. If you spot anything amiss, feedback can be deposited in this forum thread. Have a happy and safe New Year!

25th December 2005 - posted by Denyer
Creative: quick update to offer a Christmas story by Clay, a seasonal image by fourth_heir, and another snapshot classic by Jackpot. If that's not enough, take a gander at the comic produced by our sister site,, which also contains a festive story. Have a good holiday if you're celebrating! And remember, there are lots of new official Transformers comics to look forward to in 2006...

2nd December 2005 - posted by Denyer
Comics: reviews of Last Stand and Trial By Fire by Inflatable Dalek and myself. Be warned, they aren't among the better Titan trade paperbacks. If you're stuck for gift ideas for the Transformers fan in your life, though, check out the rest of our reviews for classic comics collections that are good...
Cartoons: DrSpengler has updated his Japanese profiles. Available are Victory, Beast Wars, Beast Wars 2, Beast Wars Neo, Beast Wars Metals and Beast Machines profiles in a new handy condensed format.

9th November 2005 - posted by Denyer
Toys: Nevermore's the only one of us who hasn't keeled over to schedules, and has uploaded some plusgood stuff for you: a gallery of company uses of mistransformed toys, and a review of Universe Rail Racer (aka Cybertron Railracer, depending on which country you're in I think.) Doubleplusgooder, he also brings a translated interview with the Takara Binaltech team and an in-depth review of the book it's from.

22th October 2005 - posted by Denyer
Comics: With a new era of comics upon us, time to get caught up with the last one. Thanks to Cliffjumper of the currently resting TFDatabase, we have a Dreamwave Comics Guide to match his Marvel one. There's also an updated and reworked Transformers Comics FAQ for you all to check out! Lastly, don't forget that Infiltration #0 by the nice folks at IDW is out now, or will be in a few days for those of us who are outside the US. Happy reading!

20th October 2005 - posted by Denyer
Comics: First up, DrSpengler and Darth Shrapnel bring us translations of the Fight! Super Robot Life Transformer #1 manga. Second, it appears I didn't link in Dalek's review of Dark Star a while back, so apologies to him.

19th October 2005 - posted by Denyer
Creative: fourth_heir offers us some background on his Renaissance Combaticons in a new essay, and there's a fresh airing for some fan comics that have been offline for a long while: Time Traveller by Hervé Creach, and Diversion and The Straxus Factor by Harry Beejan.

28th September 2005 - posted by Denyer
Toys: Nevermore has started on a Beast Wars 10th Anniversary checklist.
Creative: wreckie continues his reworking of the Binaltech story with Overdrive, DrSpengler offers some more JTF observations in Frenzy is Purple and Other Things I Learned, Clay has three new photo stories (Little Omega's Second Big Adventure, Predaking and the Shining Star and Where's Dirge?) I'd also like to warmly welcome three new contributors: Peter Bradley has profiled Snapshot, Deceptichop brings us a charcoal rendering of Armada Optimus Prime and A J Coles has a rendering and video of Alternator Swindle. Update: mail seems to be fine now.

24th September 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
Toy reviews finally updated again. The latest Alternator, Prowl and Cybertron Overhaul, Jetfire, and Hardtop are new this week, and Zisteau offers his thoughts on Cybertron Starscream

7th September 2005 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Quick shout-out to new site sponsors JRS Toyworld

30th August 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
Small reviews update (with many more reviews submitted and slowly being prepared for uploading), with two Clay reviews - Alternators Decepticharge and Binaltech Prowl. We also have Cybertron Scourge thanks to Zisteau.

30th July 2005 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Quick shout-out to new site sponsors

20th July 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
We received twenty nifty Galaxy Force wallpapers for being good and I've updated our Wallpaper page.

19th July 2005 - posted by Denyer
Creative: Nevermore brings us his research into "Ten popular but incorrect rumors about Japanese Transformers." There's also more JTF goodness with Binaltech profiles in the style of Dreamwave's MTMTE by wreckie.

18th July 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
Toys: finally found a few hours where my connection was working (and I could tear myself away from the latest Harry Potter book) to get some reviews up. We have our first batch of Cybertron reviews: Vector Prime, Starscream, Ransack, and Thundercracker. I also managed to buy and review an Alternators Swerve. We also have Binaltech Wheeljack, *G1 Blitzwing, and RiD Megatron.

7th July 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
Toys: many thanks to Denyer for not only filling in for me while I was on a vacation, but catching up on the lion's share of reviews I had piled up! Tonight I've uploaded five reviews by Warcry - *Reissue Rodimus Major, Beast Wars Scorponok, Universe *Longhorn and *Night Slash Cheetor, and finally a review of G2 *Optimus Prime. Thanks are also in order to Clay for helping fill some of the holes in our boxart.

2nd July 2005 - posted by Denyer
Toys: an interesting look at Takara's reissue of the Multiforce, in four parts: Wing Waver, Dash Tacker, Mach Tackle and Landcross. We also have reviews of BW Neo Stampy, RID Ultra Magnus, *Galaxy Force Nitro Convoy, and BW Dinobot (Transmetal 2), and the reviews of BM Obsidian and Scavenger are now with images. Thanks to all of our contributors for those!

30th June 2005 - posted by Denyer
Toys: thanks to Osku for pics of Landfill, Needlenose, Quake, Quickmix, Scoop + Spinister, giving us a full set of illustrated Double Targetmaster reviews. The toy review section has also changed a little, so if you spot any problems, please let me know.

26th June 2005 - posted by Denyer
Toys: reviews of Armada Thrust (red version), Beast Wars Tripredacus, Energon Starscream (redeco), Sky Byte, Binaltech Lambor and Meister (red version), BWII Lio Convoy, BW Neo Longrack, Fortress Maximus Junior, Robotmasters Burning Beast Convoy, Psycho Orb and Reverse Convoy, reissue Laserbeak, Soundwave and Soundblaster, and there are now pics for Robotmasters Road Rocket. More randomness to come.
Toys update: reviews of 'G1' *Blaster, Brainstorm, Defensor, Hardhead, *Ironhide, *Landfill, Mindwipe, *Needlenose, *Quake, *Quickmix, *Scoop, Spinister, Squawktalk & Beastbox, and *Triggerhappy. Starred reviews currently lack images, so if anyone out there can fill these (or any) gaps, please stop by the forum! One last thing for now... Nevermore has turned up info on Leobreaker and Dark Scorponok, two new Cybertron characters.

21th June 2005 - posted by Denyer
Toys: Reviews of Galaxy Force and Robot Masters figures by Clay, dedicon, Neuronutter and Autobot Jazz. Galaxy Convoy, Hybrid Style Galaxy Convoy, Master Megatron, Thundercracker, Road Rocket, Double Face, Lio Convoy and Knightdramon's BT Swindle review now has pics, courtesy of Clay. =)

20th June 2005 - posted by Denyer
Toys: I'm going to be helping Luke out for a bit but have very little idea of what I'm doing, so bear with me. First up we have two reviews of Binaltech Overdrive, one by Clay and one by Knightdramon. We also have reviews of Laserwave, Ravage and Swindle by Knightdramon—can anyone out there supply pics for these?

17th June 2005 - posted by Denyer
Toys: Two new reference lists from Nevermore, one for Mini-Cons / Microns and another for Go-Bots / Spychangers.
Of course, he's also been keeping the checklists for current lines active, so check them out in the Toys section if you haven't already.
Creative: Pencils of four of the Protectobots by new artist Jin Scriba.

14th June 2005 - posted by Denyer
Toys: Nevermore has updated his ongoing Binaltech story overview with Laserwave and Wheeljack. Get the lowdown!
Fandom: He also has for us a guide to reading the names of Japanese Transformers in Katakana, with notes and examples. =)

13th June 2005 - posted by Denyer
Fandom: JAF has been hard at work and designed a transforming Alternator Wheeljack that's much closer to the classic model—you can check out a gallery of the work here and there's also one currently for sale on eBay.
Toys: A little bit of extra info filled in for the Cybertron profiles.
Creative: A stonking eleven new photo stories from Clay, including Ordnance Envy, the Convoys' first soccer game, Little Omega's Big Adventure, Skybite and Arcee explain the metric system, a new Convoy on the block, and a six-part Big Reader's Vocabulary Builder. We also have Starscream and Soundwave rendered by General Soundwave.
Comics: Don't think I linked this before... anyway, I did a review of the first pocket volume of Marvel UK black & white stories from Titan, Aspects of Evil.

4th June 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
Toys: Put up Clay and Seerus Nalaius' joint-effort on Alternator Shockblast and my review of Wheeljack from the same line. I also just received my Official Transformers Collector's Club exclusive figure Skyfall - a repaint of Energon Sky Shadow and Terradive.

19th May 2005 - posted by Denyer
Comics: TFDatabase is patiently awaiting reanimation, but TFA has gotten its mitts on a on a preview: the Marvel comics section of Cliffjumper's issue guides. So go grab yourself some snacks and click here for information and insight on hundreds of US and UK Transformers comics! If you have any feedback or problems, please stop by the forum and let him & us know.)

12th May 2005 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Site: Just a quick shout-out to new site sponsors BigBadToyStore.

12th May 2005 - posted by Denyer
Fandom: Transfannabeel has conducted an interview with Marv Wolfman.

11th May 2005 - posted by Denyer
Creative: A gallery of nifty renderings by General Soundwave.

7th May 2005 - posted by Denyer
A mix today as we get back into the swing of things... Nevermore has begun compiling a list of Hasbro product codes, profiles for the first few figures of Cybertron wave two have been added, and I've written a short dissection of Breakdown (which reprints Marvel US #25-30, not one of the better arcs.)

25th April 2005 - posted by TFArchive
Site/Board: Some intermittent issues have crept up on the new server. My provider will be doing some extensive tests on the servers hardware tonight between the hours of 12AM and 7AM Central Time. This could mean upto 5 hours of downtime. Sorry but this work needs to be done, the random crashes need to be solved before we can put the server into full production. Thanks for your patience.

23rd April 2005 - posted by TFArchive
Site/Board: Welcome to the new home of, the board will be using the new temp url for a few days until the domain completes transfer.

18th April 2005 - posted by Denyer
Creative Section: Clay presents Grimlock and Swoop go to the Zoo and Convoy's Growing Family. Meanwhile, DrSpengler fills us in on Japanese continuity with an essay on Beast Wars Neo and Car Robots!

17th April 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
Finally attacked some of the reviews that have been piling up and uploaded reviews for: Energon Sixshot, Alpha-Q, and Superion Maximus; Binaltech Grimlock and Yellow Tracks; and finally reviews of G2 Jetfire and Universe Tankor & Obsidian. There are still many reviews awaiting formatting and uploading, and I'll get to those as soon as I'm able.

9th April 2005 - posted by Denyer
Creative: LagunaL8 offers us a dynamic and beautifully coloured shot of Grimlock & Soundwave, plus pencil art of Armada Starscream and Jazz in party mood! Also added is a selection of black & white line art from fourth_heir, and some additional art of fan characters by Lex!
Late update: Predaking & Stampy, a short picture story by Clay.
Comics: meanwhile, DrSpengler, Alpha Trion & Darth Shrapnel bring us the opening manga story, translated for those of us who can't read Japanese.

6th April 2005 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Hey guys! I know this is my first post since the new year, I just wanted to tell you all about the new section devoted to TFArchive's RPG here you can now find everything you need to get you started! I've also edited our Fandom section to show there's more than Transformers to our community here!

5th April 2005 - posted by Denyer
Just a reminder that Nevermore is keeping the Binaltech story up-to-date, and it now includes information for Overdrive. =)

3rd April 2005 - posted by Denyer
Courtesy of P.Prime, you can now find text versions of the wave one profiles for the new Transformers: Cybertron line here in the Toys section. =)

1st April 2005 - posted by Denyer
Nevermore has compiled a fascinating article about the many Mexican Transformers licensed by Hasbro and their subsequent appearances in other parts of the world. Click here to learn more!

13th March 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
Wrote reviews for Alternators Battle Ravage and Energon Destructicon Maximus, Constructicon Maximus, Blight, Bonecrusher, Blackout, and Wideload. I only had time to write and upload my own reviews this week, but submitted reviews should be formatted and uploaded sometime soon.

9th March 2005 - posted by Denyer
Creative section: a tantalising look at Decepticon society from Arcee, Bringing Down the Rain, along with a selection of art by fourth_heir. One highlight of which is the Combaticons reimagined as Da Vinci war engines!

2nd March 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
Wrote reviews for some more Energon gestalt limbs. Two combaticons - Kickback and Stormcloud, and two Aerialbots - Terradive and Windrazor. We have another Galaxy Force review up (Vector Prime) courtesy of dedicon, and one of the rarer Battle in a Box Universe sets (Ultra Magnus Vs. Treadshot) thanks to JoeStatix. Osku has contributed a Beast Wars Claw Jaw review as well as a BW Neo Dead End with more of his excellent pictures. We'll also have some Binaltech reviews coming up as soon as I can get some decent photos of the figures.

28th February 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
RID Scourge and Clay have helped really flesh out our Robot Masters reviews with critiques of: Air Hunter, Wreckerhook, Delta Seeker & X-Gunner, Wingstun, Bound Rogue, R-Blade, and Rijie. fort_max also wrote a review for Beast Wars Silverbolt.

28th February 2005 - posted by Denyer
Photos of a custom Alternators Mirage added to the Fandom section. This absolutely super kitbash is acually currently on eBay, so if you're interested you can head over to the auction!

26th February 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
No, I don't have a time machine. I still have a few hours of the 26th left and I've spent most of today working on a bunch of toy reviews. dedicon provides our first Galaxy Force review - Starscream as well as RiD Air Attack Primal. Dug up Reflector's review of Universe Devastator. Pun-3X brings us closer to having all of the Machine Wars line reviewed with his review of Starscream. Finally, I wrote reviews for TRU Reissues Rodimus Prime, Smokescreen, and Skywarp. I also found and reviewed Universe Frostbite.
I also have a ton of Robot Masters reviews awaiting photoshoots, so those should be up pretty soon.

27th February 2005 - posted by Denyer
Osku has provided us with scans of a 1985 Japanese catalogue. =)

25th February 2005 - posted by Denyer
As a reminder, Nevermore has been updating the Binaltech Backstory with each new piece of information that's become available—now including translated information for Ravage!

24th February 2005 - posted by Denyer
Tidied up and made updates to the galleries of book and comic covers, which can now be found here. Thanks to Cliffjumper, Ozz, Decepticon Megatron for their forum contributions, and also to Best First and others at who I think scanned the UK adverts. If you've any covers or similar reference images we're missing, please let us know!
Extra: the comics section has been re-arranged a little. If you spot any broken links or images, please let us know via the link above. Thanks.

17th February 2005 - posted by Denyer
As ever, I'm posting updates in the wrong order... so, while you wait, here's some creative stuff. An informative essay about Starscream's Ghost by DrSpengler, Infernal Investigation by Jackpot, and forty-two pieces of art by Dan Khanna. (Incidentally, if anyone has any I'm missing, please stop by the creative forum and let us know. Thanks.)

2nd February 2005 - posted by Denyer
Gesani is compiling an international list of comics, anime & collectibles conventions. If you know of an upcoming convention in your area, you can let him know here! Also, scans of the first Galaxy Force catalogue are up, with thanks to Neo Challenger of our sister site, TransFans.
Site sponsor ReproLabels now have available a sticker set for Hardhead, plus pre-cut sets for the Minibots and Jumpstarters. Check 'em out!

16th January 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
Finally got those Seerus Nalaius reviews uploaded. He wrote up reviews for Energon Unicron, Galvatron, KB Cyclonus, KB Demolishor, Kicker & Highwire, and Energon Ironhide. Yes, Energon Energon Ironhide sounds redundant, but "Energon Ironhide" actually is the figure's name. Clay also wrote a review for Energon Wing Saber.
12th January 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
Wrote a review of Alternator Windcharger tonight and will have several reviews by Seerus Nalaius up tomorrow.

12th January 2005 - posted by Denyer
With the release of Beast Machines as Beast Wars Returns in Japan, Nevermore has compiled a checklist for those toy lines. Brend volunteers lists for older Japanese lines Victory, Beast Wars II, Neo & Metals and a general list of reference numbers used by Japanese releases.

10th January 2005 - posted by Denyer
A comprehensive checklist for Robots In Disguise / Car Robots is now online thanks to Nevermore and, as before, members can leave him feedback over in this thread.

9th January 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
More reviews today (with more still in the pipeline) - Wrote reviews for TRU Reissue Dirge and knockoffs of TM Rattrap and Heinlad. Also have Clay's review of the Superlink Buildron Giftset and dedicon and Osku have both reviewed BW2 Galvatron - dedicon's review, Osku's review. Finally, we're just two reviews away from having all the Machine Wars toys reviewed thanks to Pun-3X' review of Machine Wars Soundwave.

8th January 2005 - posted by Sir Auros
Uploaded a small batch of toy reviews tonight with more to come tomorrow or Sunday once I have some resized photos for the rest. Ultimate Weapon's Energon Barricade review is the only one with pictures of the actual toy I have tonight. Warcry's TRU Reissue Grapple and Civ's reviews of Binaltech Meister and Tracks (blue version) could use some pictures if anyone feels like submitting some.
Just be sure to check out this thread for the toy picture guidelines.

7th January 2005 - posted by Denyer
Nevermore has put together a lengthy and detailed checklist for Armada / Micron Legend (also known as Micron Densetsu) ...again, members can leave him some feedback here.

4th January 2005 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Still can't get used to typing '2005' but what the hey, just wanted to give a shout out to current site sponsors ReproLabels and let you all know about their newly updated line in STF (Smallest TF) labels. Check them out at!

3rd January 2005 - posted by Denyer
If you didn't catch it in the forums, check out Nevermore's overview of the Binaltech backstory on the site! Update: DrSpengler has updated his essay on Transformers animation, including some information on the creators set to produce Cybertron / Galaxy Force. Oops... it's not 2004 any more...

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