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Some links froms several years ago may no longer work, but mostly redirects are in place where changes have been made.

31st December 2006 - posted by Denyer
Comics: LKW reviews Animated Movie #3, Inflatable Dalek casts an eyestalk over Escalation #2, Spotlight: Sixshot and Animated Movie #3, and I've finished up a quick appraisal of the Titan Earthforce collection.
Happy New Year, and I'm going to try to be more organised in 2007.

24th December 2006 - posted by Denyer
Time flies. If you've got some, grab a drink and check out a seasonal fanfic by Clogs in our forums, Their First Noel. Have a happy and safe holiday.

10th December 2006 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler offers up a translated Fight! Super Robot Life Transformer #4.

7th December 2006 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews the current Transformers: Escalation #1.

4th December 2006 - posted by Denyer
Some recent additions, before I forget to front-page them...
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews Spotlight: Hot Rod and Animated Movie Adaptation #2, plus fills in reviews for the Titan collections Way of the Warrior and Perchance to Dream. LKW also reviews Animated Movie Adaptation #2 and likes it rather more. DrSpengler has some more superdeformed fun, from the Transformers PD Type pack-in series.

18th November 2006 - posted by Clay
Toys: Assuming I didn't break anything, there should be a slew of new reviews for public viewing. Classics: Cla. Megatron, Cla. Rodimus, Generation 1: Battletrap, Fizzle, Guzzle, Hosehead, Kick-Off, Sandstorm, Searchlight, Siren, Wideload, Generation 2: Blaze, Beast Wars: Lazorbeak, Quickstrike (2), Energon: Megazarak (Superlink), Cybertron: Evac (Legends), Hotshot, red (Legends), Soundwave (Legends), Japanese 'G1': Bumblebee (Smallest, red), Convoy's Trailer (Smallest), Japanese BW: BW 2nd Dirgegun. Enjoy!

8th November 2006 - posted by Denyer
A pat on the back to all who took part in the democratic process yesterday in the US.
Comics: LKW reviews Animated Movie Adaptation #1, whilst DrSpengler brings us a pot-pourri of Japanese comics items — including Operation Combination, Beast Wars II / 2nd Catalogue Story Pages, Battlestars Catalogue Story Pages and misc (more of which to come...)

31st October 2006 - posted by Denyer
Triage... although I think I only have three outstanding now, and fortunately have volunteers to review the various other things... Dalek and LKW, take bows...
Comics: reviews of Stormbringer #3, Stormbringer #4, Hearts of Steel #4 and Animated Movie Adaptation #1.

22th October 2006 - posted by Denyer
More quick stuff...
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews the Nightbeat Spotlight and Titan classic collection Second Generation. Also, there've been some previews released over the last week, which you can find mirrored in the IDW comics section.
Toys: big changes behind the scenes that ideally you shouldn't notice, but if anything looks odd, point it out here. Thanks.

21th October 2006 - posted by Clay
Toys: Hello people!
Just wrapping up my first uploading marathon with about two dozen toy reviews added. First of all, there are now pictures for: Cybertron Downshift, Thunderblast, Crumplezone, Defense Scattorshot, Recon Minicons, Robot Masters Black Beast Megatron, and Binaltech Skids. There are also new reviews for: Cybertron Brakedown and Brakedown GTS and Scrapmetal; G1 Flamefeather, Sparkstalker, Cliffjumper, Flash, Huffer, Skids, Sludge, and Tracks; Beast Wars Torca, Spittor, TM2 Spittor, TM2 Nightglider, Iguanus, TM2 Iguanus, Transquito, Razorclaw, Skyshadow, Jawbreaker, TM2 Prowl (black version), and the Japanese Killerpunch.
There are also three new reviews of the fancy cars so near to my heart: Alternators Nemesis Prime, Binaltech Hound, and Kiss Convoy. Finally, there's an exhaustive review of the reissue Star Convoy. Enjoy!

18th October 2006 - posted by Denyer
Quick stuff...
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews the Shockwave Spotlight and concluding issue of Joe/TF, Art of War #5. More character spotlight issues are coming soon, and you can check out previews for them here and what all else is upcoming here. The Nightbeat spotlight and Stormbringer #4 should be at your local comic book store today.
Cartoons: DrSpengler gets stuck into guides for more of season two. If you're enjoying his writing style, you can check out more at, which includes reviews of other 80s classics.
Toys: Clay has recklessly stepped up to the plate and started helping out in a greater capacity with toy reviews, so expect to see a bunch soon. I'll get Clay to introduce himself as well. (Why didn't someone tell me I'd managed to mark the July reviews down as being input in October?)
Creative: Nothing seems to have majorly broken in the overhaul, so expect more to follow as I find my notes or steal Clay's... first in is a selection of art produced or coloured by the extremely talented Josh Burcham and some fiction by new contributor LKW.

11th September 2006 - posted by Denyer
Got quite a lot of stuff half-done offline, but here're some things that've been added in on the site recently that you might not have spotted yet...
Fandom: Cliffjumper's not-weekly Weekly World Transformers picks up its whip and takes aim at the horse carcass once more.
Toys: Nevermore has kept the quick FAQ updated, Cliffjumper has undertaken an 80s Gobots checklist that he'd value some assistance with, and I've added in a mirror of original-era techspecs -- there're about six hundred, but if anyone has the few missing, please stop by the forums.
Comics: DrSpengler adds a couple of pieces to the TV Magazine art gallery and has summaries of the Battlestars manga #1-10, plus his own translation of the Battlestars mail-away. If you've ever wondered who Super Megatron was, check them out! On the modern comics side, you've got my reviews of Stormbringer #1 and #2, and Hearts of Steel #1, #2 and #3, written whilst waiting for things to finish running... and, as always, the IDW roadmap is (fingers crossed) up-to-date. Lots of Transformers comics coming this Fall, including the Shockwave Spotlight due on Wednesday.

8th August 2006 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Just a quick shout-out to new site sponsor Another Heaven. Your one-stop shop for Anime and Live Action films!

17th July 2006 - posted by Denyer
Quickfire update, much still to come in various sections...
Toys: reviews of Alternators Mirage, Beast Machines Cheetor, 10th Anniversary Rattrap, Powerpinch, TM2 Cybershark, TM2 Scourge, Cybertron Clocker, Nemesis Breaker and Primus, original series Cosmos and G2 Skyjack, Galaxy Force Dark Fangwolf, Star Wars Transformers Clone Trooper and Darth Vader, RiD Crosswise (clear), R.E.V. (clear), Sideburn & Daytonus, W.A.R.S. (clear), and Universe Tiny Tins W.A.R.S. Thanks as always to Clay for proofing and Osku for his beast photography!
Comics: Inflatable Dalek's review of Joes/TF v3: Art of War #4, and mine of Infiltration #5 / Infiltration #6. The new comics section has had a bit of a tidy, with some additional information available on the schedule page, thanks to Primal. The cover art galleries have also received some updates.

11th July 2006 - posted by Denyer
Recent additions round-up; creative work / toy reviews to follow ASAP.
Cartoons: DrSpengler continues full steam ahead, adding the first part of Season Two to his Transformers Episode Guide.
Comics: if you've ever wondered what Dreamwave continuity looks like laid out methodically, take a look at Chris McFeely's Dreamwave Timeline if you haven't already. Also on the subject of DW information, Primal has compiled and shares sales figures for that era's TF and Joes/TF comics.
Fandom: TFVanguard adds an additional thirteen checked and updated typefaces themed around various Transformers series, which you can find on the fonts page. He's also put together icon sets for the Brazilian Estrela characters, Scramble City, European 'G1'/G2 bridge characters and the new upcoming Classics toyline.

29th June 2006 - posted by TFArchive
Movie: The first teaser for the new TF movie is out now, you can check it out at the Official site. Feel free to comment on the teaser in our forums.

16th June 2006 - posted by Denyer
Cartoons: very helpfully getting the section back on track, DrSpengler has begun writing a Transformers Episode Guide keyed around the popular Rhino episode sets. It quite naturally begins with Season One.
Toys: Nevermore has branched the Collectors Club and convention exclusives to a Fun Publications checklist.
Fandom: TFVanguard adds typefaces themed around Battle Beasts, Beast Machines and the BM TF logo, which you can find on the fonts page.

10th June 2006 - posted by Denyer
Stuff that's been added recently... this round-up wasn't supposed to take two weeks, but it's at least a decent size now it's here...
Fandom: Kremzeek75 tells us about his collection and there are two more icon sets from TFVanguard, Machine Wars and Robot Masters. He's also provided up-to-date versions of fonts you've probably seen widely used online, starting with Action Force, Convoy and Transformers — note the fixed Autobot symbol. Cliffjumper ran some more gentle ribbing of news stories in Weekly World Transformers. We also have two extra-special features for you — first up, Clay shares with us an academic paper he developed from a throwaway remark in a toy review written for the site: The Transformers' Binaltech: Sixty Years of Japanese Pacifism. Something a bit different, eh? The second feature is an in-depth colouring tutorial by GrungeWerX of the IDW and other forums. Check it out!
Cartoons: DrSpengler brings scans of the Japanese Pioneer DVD covers...
Comics: ...and he's also translated the G2 mini-comics that were packed in with the Japanese release of the Generation 2 toys. In comics news, Dalek's review of TF/Joes "Art of War" #3 notes that the series is picking up, and another piece of TFDatabase makes it back online with Cliffjumper's Armada UK guide, including issue details plus a side-order of toy comics.
Creative: everyone should check out this professional-quality video by Toriton, featuring a host of classic characters! He's also done some retro groupshots. fourth_heir has been drawing Energon characters, Starscream and Jetfire, which you can find in his main gallery. optimusskids delivers two large galleries of Custom Alternators and War Within Dinobots, Pun-3X has done further work on an Alternators Prowl, and LEGO builder alanyap offers Blurr and Predaking entries. Clay moves into kitbashing with Snow Ligerjack before continuing with parts two and three in his "silent" photo-story series and chronicling The Return of Sunrunner.
Toys: before we get to the reviews, let me direct you to some new galleries of interesting TF bootlegs contributed by Hatch. Thanks for additional review images to Notabot and Osku, for reviews to Clay, Numbat, dedicon, ravimusprime and Heinrad, and of course to Clay for proofing everything. Reviewed are: Tailgate, Cybertron Cannonball and , Beast Machines Strika and Magmatron, Beast Wars Insecticon, THS-02 Convoy, RiD Megatron Megabolt, Universe Tiny Tins Ironhide and Mirage.

18th May 2006 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Bombshell concludes reviewing Beast Wars with Issue #4...
Fandom: ...and still with Beast Wars, an icon set of the early characters.
And some reviews have photos added. That's today's quick update.

17th May 2006 - posted by Denyer
Here's a round-up of various things that've been added in the last few days...
Comics: Bombshell reviews the IDW Transformers Free Comic Book Day issue, Inflatable Dalek reviews TF/Joes The Art of War #2, and I've reviewed Infiltration #4 and Beast Wars #2, and put up a speculative schedule chart of what we can expect from IDW in the near future. Meanwhile, DrSpengler has put together a TV Magazine Episode Art gallery and helped Chris McFeely add Super-God Masterforce to his Japanese Manga Guide.
Fandom: TFVanguard has volunteered some icon sets you may be interested in as avatars, beginning with Generation 2, the Japanese Transformers series Beast Wars 2 and Beast Wars Neo, plus 123Gobots. Cliffjumper interjects a second installment of Weekly World Transformers.
Cartoons: I found the BW2/Neo icons quite useful for context when reading through DrSpengler's Beast Wars 2 and Beast Wars Neo series profiles, so they're also linked in to those pages now...
Toys: Thanks to numbat, DDM, ravimus prime, Heinrad, Sir Auros, Seerus Nalaius, Clay and mongoosehuman we have reviews (many with pics) of Alternators Optimus Prime, Ricochet and Rollbar; Beast Machines Primal Prime, Skydive, Supreme Cheetor, Ultra Jetstorm, Bat Optimus Primal, B'Bboom, Rhinox, Tigatron; Cybertron Defense Hot Shot, Defense Hot Shot, Defense Red Alert, Defense Scattorshot and Thunderblast; 'G1'/G2 Windcharger and Rescue Force "Leozack", plus Japanese Galaxy Force Soundblaster. With particular thanks to Clay for doing all of the proof-reading legwork and Osku for additional pics. New creative stuff to come soonish...

1st May 2006 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler has translated The Transformer #2 Japanese manga for you, featuring wacky multiple Megatron action.
Toys: Nevermore has started on a Classic line checklist.
Fandom: Cliffjumper begins an infrequent column, naturally titled Weekly World Transformers... think The Onion, rather than the O'Nion.

23rd April 2006 - posted by Denyer
Bit of linkage... Daniel Ross, long-time fan (aka Mouth04) is trying for a part in the 2007 Transformers movie. There's a comic to go with his tryout, which you can read more about here. Best of luck, dude.

17th April 2006 - posted by Denyer
Toys: Welcoming some new reviewers onboard, who've helped push the current total above five hundred. And here are the latest... Beast Machines Beast Changer (Savage Noble), Quickstrike, Snarl and Tank Drone, Beast Wars Armordillo and Polar Claw, Cybertron Downshift and the Recon Team, original series Beachcomber, Blast-Off, Brawl, Eject, Flywheels, Powerglide, Swerve, Swindle and Vortex, Beast Wars Neo Mach Kick, the Armada PS2 game, Takara Masterpiece King Exkaiser, 'Anime' Galvatron, the e-Hobby Insecticon Clone Army, Spychanger RID Optimus and Tiny Tin Universe Mirage (the Mini-Con one...) As usual, feedback can be left here.

14th April 2006 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Chris McFeely has undertaken a Transformers Manga Guide, currently complete up to the close of Headmasters. We've also got Inflatable Dalek's thoughts on Transformers vs GI Joe V3: Art of War #1.
Creative: DrSpengler has done some research into crossovers in the "Hasbro Cartoon Universe" and put together an essay. There's also another chance to see Peter Bradley's fan character Snapshot, this time in boxart.

13th April 2006 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Bombshell reviews Beast Wars #2 and #3 and isn't keen.

1st April 2006 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews Treason, a Titan volume comprising stories that sadly can't be explained as a five-month-long April Fools gag.

27th March 2006 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler and Darth Shrapnel bring us a translation of the epilogue from the Headmasters manga. Check it out here, discuss here!

20th March 2006 - posted by Denyer
Comics: my reviews of IDW series The Transformers: #0, #1, #2 and #3.

8th March 2006 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
"ARGH! He's at it again!" I hear you all cry! Cosmetics change today, the 'Community' link has changed to a 'Forums' link.

7th March 2006 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Bombshell gives us a longterm fan's take on Beast Wars #1.

5th March 2006 - posted by Denyer
Toys: reviews of Transmetal BW Megatron, Cybertron Crumplezone, Galvatron, Mudflap, Override, Sideways, WSTF Convoy and Starscream, Robotmasters RM-11 Black Beast Convoy and RM-02 Black Beast Megatron, the Armada PS2 game, and RID Railracer. We also have pics added to various existing reviews, courtesy of Osku, numbat, tentagil, Batmanners, Seerus Nalaius and Clay.
Creative: kitbashes, introducing the retoolings of Pun-3X and the LEGO creations of alanyap. With huge thanks to Clay for doing the legwork and giving me a list of threads with stuff needing uploading. Clay's also done a silent picture story showing how expressive Alternators can be.
Comics: my reasonably in-depth review of Beast Wars: The Gathering #1.

1st / 2nd March 2006 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
A quick shout-out to new site sponsors Tempting Toys and Captured Prey!

26th February 2006 - posted by Denyer
Toys: Nevermore has started checklists for the new Hasbro Titaniums and Heroes of Cybertron / SCF PVCs. Someone mentioned that the Beast Wars tech specs cards from the retired Tech Spec Archive weren't online anywhere, so here they are. More updates later provided all goes to plan.

22nd February 2006 - posted by TFArchive
Well, seeing as Skywarp has come out of hibernation, guess I should do my yearly update too :). I've been watching some old TF VHS tapes and have found a couple of FHE VHS Promo clips for TF and G.I. Joe. So far I've found 3 of them. You can grab them here: Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Enjoy!

13th February 2006 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Wow. Bet you all thought I'd died huh. Well, I did, but my immortal torment is to work on TFArchive forever more (and I thought life sucked!)
Anyways, just a quick message to let everyone know that our sponsors will be relaunching their site at 7PM EST with pictures of all their products and 6 (YES, SIX) new sets of labels.

28th January 2006 - posted by Denyer
Creative: Love for favourite characters (and people) can make a man go to unusual lengths. Presenting the oeuvre of Kremzeek75, including a comic, kitbashes and art. You may also like to check out wreckie's Americanised Binaltech profiles, updated with new guest art and profiles for Sideswipe, Smokescreen and Tracks, and there are some loose ends tied up in fourth_heir's galleries, which are well worth another look.

26th January 2006 - posted by Denyer
Toys: Clay reviews WST Soundwave and 10th anniversary Waspinator, Batmanners does Cybertron Blurr and Runamuck, numbat the Decepticon Battle Squad and Sidestreaker Binaltech Skids.
Creative: DrSpengler has updated his cartoon religion essay and has a photo story you may not have seen before. Hopefully more stuff up later...

16th January 2006 - posted by Sir Auros
Toys: Baby steps back in toy reviews with my thoughts on Alternators Skids and Sunstreaker.

9th January 2006 - posted by Denyer
Toys: numbat is back with a range of reviews: Beast Machines Jetstorm, Beast Wars Jetstorm, Energon Optimus Prime & Overload (Costco), 'G1' Stalker, G2 Hydradread and Terradive, and World's Smallest Transformers Thrust. We also have Cassettacon 27's review of Ravage, Justin's review of Twin Twist, and ravimus prime's review of Beast Wars Scavenger.

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