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Some links froms several years ago may no longer work, but mostly redirects are in place where changes have been made.

12th November 2007 - posted by Denyer
Fandom: if you only read one fan-written story, make it Eugenesis. =)

8th November 2007 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Quick shout-out to new site sponsors Transformers DVD Set!

7th November 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: inflatable dalek reviews Devastation #1, New Avengers / TF #4 and Transformers [UK] #4. I've added listings for trades into the guide pages, including recent information from Amazon. In other news, Spotlight: Ramjet is out today, with some quality Musso/Burcham visuals... preview here.

28th October 2007 - posted by Clay
More reviews of official toys and pictures of fan-made kitbashes. Enjoy!
Toys: Movie (2007): Barricade (Legends), Bumblebee (Legends), Generation 1: Overkill, Skullcruncher, Slugfest, Superion / Aerialbots, Beast Machines: Cheetor (Night Slash).
Creative - Kitbashes: Alt Soundwave and Laserbeak by Clay, Alt Thundercracker by Clay, Alternator Red Alert Custom by Pun-3X, Classics Thundercracker by Pun-3X, Alt Detritus by superquad7, Alt Drifter by superquad7, Alt Nitro by superquad7, Alt Ricochet Targetmaster by superquad7, Gears by Tramp, Ironhide by Tramp, Ratchet by Tramp, Wheeljack by Tramp, Alt Hoist by Clay, Alt Magnus by Clay.
Comics: DrSpengler brings you a translated Fight! Super Robot Life #8! Which contains scenes that may be upsetting to some animal lovers...

23rd October 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Quick update. Thanks to DrSpengler for a translated Fight! Super Robot Life #7, and I've updated the IDW previews a bit.

21st October 2007 - posted by Clay
Stuff added over the last week. More later...
Toys: Movie (2007): Arcee (Deluxe), Megatron (Voyager), Wreckage (Deluxe) (2), Generation 1: Abominus / Terrorcons, Gunrunner, Menasor / Stunticons.
Creative - Kitbashes: Alt Ironhide and Ratchet by Clay, Alt Springer by Clay, Alt Tigatron by Clay, Binaltech Sixshot by Clay, Binaltech Windcharger by Clay, Classics Thundercracker by Clay.

14th October 2007 - posted by Denyer
Stuff added over the last week or so:
Comics: inflatable dalek reviews New Avengers/Transformers #3 and Transformers [UK] #3 and DrSpengler has translated Victory #1 for your continuing edification regarding all things JTF.
Toys: Cliffjumper has overhauled his Gobots checklist, and --
Fandom: -- also whipped up another Weekly World Transformers.

13th October 2007 - posted by Clay
Hey, people! Here are some more reviews and kitbash galleries. Hopefully I'll have time to add some of my own custom work soon.
Toys: Masterpiece: MP06 Skywarp, Movie (2007): Jazz (Legends), Meantime (Real Gear), Cybertron: Soundwave, Vector Prime (repaint).
Creative - Kitbashes: Alt Razerwire by superquad7, Alt Redline by superquad7, Alt Seekers by superquad7, Alt Shackblast by superquad7, Titanium Hot Pursuit by superquad7, Alpha Trion by Tramp, Chromia by Tramp, Classics Ultra Magnus by Tramp, Moonracer by Tramp, Alt Bombshell by Clay, Alt Kickback by Clay, Alt Optimus Primal by Clay, Alt Shrapnel by Clay.

7th October 2007 - posted by Clay
Small update to toy reviews today: something from a while back, something highly sought after, and something you've never heard of before.
Toys: Movie (2007): Bumblebee-2008 (Deluxe), Binaltech: Kiss Autotrooper, Other Merchandise: Fred the Gun.
And a much bigger update to something else: the first visible sign that the Creative/Fandom section lives! The first step in getting it back on track is the new approach to kitbash and custom galleries. It's much easier to add them now, so if you've got some work you want showcased to a larger audience, stop by the kitbash forum. First galleries are from Superquad7, who has been a great guinea pig in the process :-)
Creative - Kitbashes: Alt Billboard by superquad7, Alt Overcharge by superquad7, Alt Soundblaster by superquad7.

28th September 2007 - posted by Denyer
Had to replace my main desktop system, so I'm even more behind than I was. Bugger.
Comics: inflatable dalek reviews Megatron: Origin #2 and #3, Transformers [UK] #1 and #2 and Spotlight: Optimus Prime. Kremzeek75 and dalek both review TF / New Avengers #2. I think we're current with dates. Beast Wars fans: comics (including profile books) coming your way soon!

16th September 2007 - posted by Clay
A few reviews for your perusal, from vintage 1980s stuff to movie toys. Enjoy!
Toys: Movie (2007): Brawl (Leader), Dreadwing (Deluxe), Classics: Cla. Devastator, Generation 1: Grapple, Tantrum, Japanese BW: BW Neo Cohrada, BW Neo Magmatron.

11th September 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler has translated Galaxy Force Mission 1: Touchdown! Galaxy Convoy for y'all, and I think I've got the IDW Roadmap of dates back on track. Now to press on to reviews and information...
Toys: Nevermore has compiled a weighty treatise on Hasbro Transformers trademarks which makes fascinating reading for those interested in the history and development of the franchise.

3rd September 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Spengs adds some more PD Type translations. More comics stuff soon, hopefully, as I start catching up. Thanks to Skywarp, zigzagger and dalek for not letting the place go to seed!

31st August 2007 - posted by Clay
Dear readers: If you find a spare month of August, please contact me. I seem to have misplaced mine.
Toys: Movie (2007): Blackout (Voyager), Other Merchandise: Transformers: The Game (DS), Transformers: The Game (Xbox).
Comics: Dr Spengler has translated another volume of vintage TF manga for your perusal: Fight! Super Robot Life Transformer #5

9th August 2007 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Comics: Inflatable Dalek & zigzagger keeping me on my toes whilst my back problems sort themselves out with the review of the Galvatron Spotlight.
As always talkback is available at our forums!

1st August 2007 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Sponsors: Quick shout out to new site sponsor!

31st July 2007 - posted by Clay
Toys: I was doing so well for a while... Anyway, a few more movie reviews are up. If you can provide pictures for them, stop by the forum and help out! Movie (2007): Jazz (Deluxe), Megatron (Leader), Optimus Prime (Leader) (2), Scorponok (Deluxe).

24th July 2007 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Comics: Denyer's stilll away and I'm still breaking stuff! Ha! Quick update today. Inflatable Dalek casts his damning words over the The New Avengers/Transformers : Man and Machine #1 here.
As always you can talk-back on this issue here if you're so inclined.

12th July 2007 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Comics: With the big D away doing...something...somewhere it has been left to me to run updates. My first (probably of many) is to let you know that Inflatable Dalek has cast his beady eye over IDW's Megatron Origin.
You can discuss this review (and the issue in general) here at our forums!

10th July 2007 - posted by Clay
Toys: Another small update. More later... Movie (2007): Barricade (Deluxe).

7th July 2007 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
With the Quintessons defeated on Cyberton, the Transformers have returned to their homeworld. But peace is not on the agenda. The war for territory rages on, Quintesson survivors terrorise conscientious objectors, and the shadowy Space Mafia works all sides of the conflict. Which side are you on? Join the battle at the TFArchive RPG!

3rd July 2007 - posted by Clay
Toys: I AM SO ON TOP OF THINGS. Today we have another movie toy review, and a thorough review of a Classics Minicon team. I've also gone through the previous movie toy review and added the scales for: Ironhide, Optimus Prime, Brawl, Bumblebee, Bonecrusher, and Ratchet (thanks to poster Angus for the help!). The Transformers movie has its 'proper' debut tomorrow (even though it's showing since Monday), so allow me to welcome all you new old fans who are probably searching for robot-related info :-).
Masterpiece: MP05 Megatron, Movie (2007): Ratchet (Voyager), Classics: Cla. Dirt Digger Minicon Team, Alternators: Ravage (second mould).

28th June 2007 - posted by Clay
Toys: Four more movie toy reviews are up with accomanying pictures; more coming tomorrow. Enjoy! Movie (2007): Bonecrusher (Deluxe), Brawl (Deluxe), Bumblebee-1974 (Deluxe), Starscream (Protoform) (Deluxe).

26th June 2007 - posted by Clay
Toys: A small update today for the first movie toy reviews. Expect similar smaller updates over the next few days until I get the review forum cleared out. Movie stuff comes first, though! Movie (2007): Ironhide (Voyager), Optimus Prime (Leader), Wreckage (Deluxe).

26th June 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Thanks to Inflatable Dalek, the Marvel issue guide has been brought up-to-date with reprint details. In the Japanese section, Synapse of Transformers Hispanos sent us some interesting Kana cards featuring Masterforce characters, plus fact files on Beast Wars II and BW Neo... they aren't translated, but there's some very nice art.
Fandom: TFVanguard has been hard at work on a lot of Transformers avatars/icons, which you can find here (including an equally large number of South Park -styled ones, and a batch themed of characters from the 2007 Transformers Movie. Plenty of pixelly goodness to look through.
Toys: Nevermore is back to health and has updated his checklists for Titaniums, Collectors' Club/BotCon exclusives, Beast Wars reissues, Alternators/Binaltech and Sports/Music Label. "Encore" Takara line reissue details have been added into the existing reissues list.
...And that's it from me for a while. I'll be back in September. Take care of yourselves, and have a good movie. Totally unrelated and off-topic, if you like indie rock, give this freebie album download by a British band a try... I'm hoping it's going to keep me sane on a very long coach journey...

25th June 2007 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
For my first "real" update in the better part of, what seems like, a lifetime I'd like to officially open our 2007 Transformers Movie hub. From here you'll be able to access all the official videos, pictures, links & other cool stuff associated with the Live-Action Movie. Keep coming back to check for the latest info!
Updated: with new artwork from UK TF Comic #2 by Nick Roche! You can discuss this artwork In our forums!
Updated: New game clip in the movies section - Jazz Vs Starscream
I'm glad to be back

24th June 2007 - posted by Sir Auros
Thanks to TFArchive (the webmaster, not the site), we have a page with video promos for Transformers: The Game. The stunning opening sequence is there along with developer interviews, the Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) interview, and some of the commercials. View them on the page or download the high-definition versions.

22nd June 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Fight! Super Robot Life Transformer #3 translated for you by DrSpengler. (Still on the subject of 80s retro, there's a new Highlander animated flick out, and apparently it doesn't suck...) Also, these.

12th June 2007 - posted by Sir Auros
Read our extensive preview of Transformers: The Game (out on the 26th!) and my experience at the Activision press conference for Transformers fansites here. Still have questions? Discuss the article here.

12th June 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: I've tidied the IDW section, updating guide entries and galleries and splitting the Devil's Due crossovers off into their own category. Dalek reviews Escalation #6 and Black Horizon #2, whilst DrSpenger has translated The Transformer #2 manga for you all, featuring Soundwave's cassettes! More when I get back later this week.

8th June 2006 - posted by Clay
Toys: I've almost got the forum cleared out again. There are half-dozen reviews left that are waiting to be finished, but I'm almost caught up. And welcome to our newest reviewer, Clogs!
Classics: Cla. Grimlock (2), Cla. Jetfire (2), Cla. Perceptor, Titaniums and statues: Scourge, War Within Thundercracker, Alternators: Rumble, Generation 2: Calcar, Cybertron: Unicron (tank), Convention exclusives: LOC Ramjet.

7th June 2007 - posted by Sir Auros
Well, I'm back from the Transformers: The Game event you probably didn't even know I attended. On June 12th, we'll post my article full of impressions of the upcoming Transformers games, pictures, and information and commentary on a Question and Answer session with Activision. It was a really cool event, and I'll tell you more about it on June 12th.

7th June 2007 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Quick shout-out to new, UK-based, site sponsor Toyz And Gamez.
ToyzandGamez are offering a 5% discount to any customers sent to them via TFA! Simply use the code "tfa5" when ordering!

21st May 2007 - posted by Clay
Toys: A few more toy reviews for your perusal: Classics: Cla. Dinobot Minicon Team, Cla. Mirage (2), Cla. Trypticon, Beast Wars: Bonecrusher, Re-issues: Soundwave (Hasbro).

21st May 2007 - posted by Denyer
Cartoons: quick update... DrSpengler adds in entries for Scramble City and the Animated Movie... meanwhile, we're in the process of a spring clean, which will hopefully simplify navigation.

8th May 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews Nick Roche's very spiffy Spotlight: Kup.
Cartoons: DrSpengler puts some more pieces into place in his original era episode guide, finishing off season two. If you're enjoying those writeups, check out his take on Spider-Man 3 over at Filmsy.

1st May 2007 - posted by Denyer
Toys: a Star Wars Transformers toy checklist from Nevermore, and a few other things in the pipeline once I grab some more time...
Comics: Dalek reviews Escalation #5 and Spotlight: Soundwave, and I think I've found a way to simplify the index now that more comics are out. An old curio for those who haven't seen it: a 1984 article from Marvel Age #17 with the original layout, previewing the US comic. Mmm, nostalgia.

15th April, 2007 - posted by Clay
Toys: If you're in the USA, YOUR TAXES ARE DUE TUESDAY!! Anyway, a few toy reviews uploaded for your perusal...
Masterpiece: MP03 Starscream, Classics: Cla. Cliffjumper, Cla. Ramjet, Generation 1: Catilla, Chase, Topspin, Binaltech: BT-01 Smokescreen, BT-17 Black Convoy. More later!

8th April 2007 - posted by Denyer
Toys: getting things ready for movie-related stuff. Nevermore has been working on his Live Action Movie toy checklist, whilst Cliffjumper has written out a list covering 1984-1990 US releases. Cheers, people.

19th March 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews Escalation #4 and Black Horizon #1, and I've done an advance review of Movie Prequel #2 — due out in stores this Wednesday. Preview pages for that and for Spotlight: Soundwave currently on IDW's site here. =)

14th March 2007 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Quick shout-out to new site sponsor My Tee Spot.

26th February 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: My reviews of Escalation #1, #2, #3 and #4. Issue four will be out in all good comic shops (and probably some bad ones) this Wednesday! And if you haven't seen them yet, preview pages can be found here.

20th February 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews Fallen Star, which completes our
Titan Books Reprints section. I've also tidied some other comics pages.

17th / 18th February 2007 - posted by Clay
Toys: Finished clearing out the toy forum this afternoon. A few reviews lack pictures at the immediate moment, but they should be decorated with images sometime tomorrow. The Classics reviews all have pictures now. Thanks to all who contribute, and enjoy!
Classics: Cla. Bumblebee (Deluxe Class), Cla. Demolition Minicon Team, Cla. Fireflight, Cla. Jetfire, Cla. Leo Prime, Cla. Mirage, Cla. Night Rescue Minicon Team, Cla. Optimus Prime, Cla. Optimus VS Megatron boxset, Cla. Skywarp VS Ultra Magnus boxset, Titaniums and statues: Rodimus Prime, Soundwave, War Within Optimus Prime, Beast Wars: Megatron (10th Anniversary Deluxe), Transmutate (10th Anniversary PVC), Beast Machines: Megatron, Armada: Shockwave (Micron Legend), Cybertron: Giant Planet Minicon Team, Megatron (t-rex), Quickmix, Universe: Camshaft, Convention exclusives: Comicon Skywarp, Sentinel Maximus, Japanese 'G1': Bumblebee (smallest), Prowl (smallest), Other Merchandise: World's Smallest Grimlock, World's Smallest Slag, World's Smallest Snarl.

15th February 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: LKW reviews Animated Movie #4.

12th February 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews Escalation #3, Spotlight: Ultra Magnus and Animated Movie #4.

29th January 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: hopefully not too many typos in this: an advance review of Transformers: The Movie Prequel #1, due out February 21st! (NB: seems to be a problem with the Diamond shipping schedule, more info here.)

25th January 2007 - posted by Denyer
Toys: Nevermore has started checklists for Live Action Movie releases and the Takara Sports & Music labels toys. It looks like 2007 is going to be a packed year for Transformers toy fans, particularly for unusual stuff.

21st January 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler has added to and annotated the Operation Combination pages from TV Magazine.

19th January 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler has annotated the Japanese Transformers Generation 2 story pages from TV Magazine.

15th January 2007 - posted by Clay
Toys: Here are a few updates to the toy section. I'm taking the 'whittling' approach to proofing and formatting reviews, so hopefully the next string of updates won't be so sporadic. Classics: Cla. Astrotrain, Cla. Grimlock, Cla. Starscream, Generation 1: Megatron, Runabout, Cybertron: Galvatron (Legends), Menasor, Optimus Prime (Armada deluxe), Optimus Prime (repaint, Legends), Sunstorm (Legends), Japanese 'G1': Jazz (World's Smallest), Binaltech: Hot Rodimus.

14th January 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler has translated The Earth is in Danger! from the Japanese Generation 2 manga for you. When you've managed to forgive the guy, talk about it here... Update: peace offering of Headmasters #7.

8th January 2007 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler adds annotations for the TV Magazine story "Anime theater 2" from the Super Robot Life era.

2nd January 2007 - posted by Denyer
Fandom: if you haven't spotted it in the news forum, Nevermore has obtained an interesting and highly informative interview with George Dunsay, one of the founding developers of Transformers. Also in the fandom section, there's four new sets of icons by TFVanguard, two for BotCon figure sets, plus fan event Dairycon, the Japanese Headmasters series and updated icons for Classics. The fonts page has been tidied, with the inclusion of Beast Wars, Energon and Robot Masters.

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