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Some links froms several years ago may no longer work, but mostly redirects are in place where changes have been made.

29th December, 2008 - posted by Clay
With the help of Knightdramon, numbat, and new helper folk Blackjack and Transformer Kamen, the review forum has been prepared and uploaded. Thanks guys!
Toys: Masterpiece: MP05 Megatron (2), Animated: Bulkhead (Activators), Bulkhead (Leader), Bulkhead (Voyager), Bumblebee (2), Jazz, Lugnut, Megatron (Leader), Optimus Prime (Activator), Ratchet (2), Sentinel Prime, Sentinel Prime (2), Shockwave, Snarl, Starscream (2), Starscream (Activators), Ultra Magnus, Movie (2007): Air Raid (Scout), Big Daddy (Deluxe), Breakaway (Deluxe), Crankcase (Deluxe), Crosshairs (Scout), Fracture (Deluxe), Jazz (G1 Deco), Jazz VS Ice Megatron (Legends), Jungle Bonecrusher (Deluxe), Megatron (Legends), Offroad Ironhide (Voyager), Optimus Prime (Spychanger), Ratchet (Premium) (Voyager), Rescue Ratchet (Voyager), Speed Dial 800 (Real Gear), Zoom Out 25x (Real Gear), Classics: Acid Storm, Acid Storm (2), Astrotrain (Henkei), Blaster, Cheetor, City Commander (Ultra Magnus), Dropshot, G2 Megatron (Legends), Galvatron, Grimlock (Henkei), Heavy Load, Hound (Legends), Hound (Legends) (2), Ironhide, Jazz (Legends), Jazz (Legends) (2), Minicon 12 Pack, Nemesis Prime, Onslaught, Powerglide, Prowl (Henkei), Ratbat VS Springer, Red Alert (Legends) (2), Rodimus (Henkei), Sideswipe, Silverbolt, Silverstreak, Starscream (redeco), Stormcloud, Tread Bolt, Generation 1: Battletrap (2), Octane, Runamuck, Skydasher, Beast Wars: Terrorsaur (Transmetal), Waspinator (Transmetal), Beast Machines: Blastcharge, Buzzsaw, T-Wrecks, Robots in Disguise: Gas Skunk, Dark Scream, & Slapper, Cybertron: Armorhide, Buzzsaw, Shortround, Japanese 'G1': Convoy VS Megatron (Smallest), Japanese BW: BW Neo Big Convoy, Telemocha Reissue Megatron , Re-issues: Bluestreak (eHobby Anime), Clamp Down (eHobby), Encore Minibots, Encore Skywarp & Thundercracker, Other Merchandise: Knockoff Ratbat & Frenzy , Robot Replicas Barricade, SWTF Boba Fett, World's Smallest Sludge, World's Smallest Swoop.
While I've been busy with the above, Pun-3x has been quietly updating the Kitbash section. Check it out!
Kitbashes: Classics blades by frenzy rumble, Classics Defensor by frenzy rumble, Classics first aid by frenzy rumble, Classics groove by frenzy rumble, Classics hot spot by frenzy rumble, Classics hound by frenzy rumble, Classics Menasor by frenzy rumble, Classics streetwise by frenzy rumble, Alt Midnight by superquad7.

23rd December 2008 - posted by Denyer
Toys: Nevermore has started a checklist for toys and merchandise relating to the 2007 movie's follow-up, The Revenge of the Fallen.

7th December 2008 - posted by TFArchive
Forum: Hello, the forum seems to be having issues, I am working on it, please refrain from trying several times as I get an e-mail for every failed request. Check back here for updates. Thanks
Update: It seems to be working now, I'm investigating the cause. Thanks

3rd December 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Inflatable Dalek sets thoughts to keyboard on All Hail Megatron #3 / #4, Spotlight: Sideswipe and Spotlight: Blurr. We also welcome back Blitzwing to our pool of site contributors, reviewing Transformers Animated: Arrival #1 to #3, and thanks as ever to Zigzagger for proofing things.

17th November 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler brings you The Maximal Brainwashing Project, a Beast Wars II manga originally produced for younger readers.

12th November 2008 - posted by Denyer
If someone finds a missing month... well, I don't know where my last one went.
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews Titan Transformers #16 and #17, Spotlight: Doubledealer (Revelation Part 3) and All Hail Megatron #2.

30th October 2008 - posted by TFArchive
Sponsors: We are happy to announce that a former long time sponsor has returned after overhauling their site. Check out the new - a worldwide online retailer of action figures, remote control toys, and cool collectibles.
Simply to provide a safe/friendly environment where adults and kids alike can shop together. To offer a convenient alternative to shopping at crowded malls and standing in long store lines. Easy store navigation, same day Priority shipping, orders are shipped quickly to your home safe and secure.
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16th October 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Maintaining a theme of updates... as you probably know, the process of translation calls for an amount of interpretation. Well, since he started on the project, Spengs has been in discussion and debate with many other manga lovers, and is now able to offer refined versions of the Battlestars, G2 and original era stories. Over sixty pages have been revised for your reading pleasure.

13th October 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler wraps up Victory, quite possibly in a straight-jacket, with translations of #9 and #10.

2nd October 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler goes full speed ahead, bringing you Victory #8 translated.
Cartoon: Synapse offers a look at an original era sticker album released by Panini in Spain during the 80s. Anyone have any other sticker albums?

26th September 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler adds two increasingly bizarre installments of the Victory manga -- #5 and #6 -- to his stash of translations. You're invited to drop by the forum and give the man feedback or something that'll take the pain away.
Update: Victory #7 too!

12th September 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler brings you Omnibot goodness in a The Transformer #5 manga translation. zigzagger reviews the Beast Wars Sourcebook TPB with notes on changes from the individual issues, and Inflatable Dalek reviews Spotlights Wheelie, Cyclonus and Hardhead plus Focus on Decepticons, All Hail Megatron #1 and Titan's Transformers UK title #14 and #15. The comics section in general has been updated with release dates and details of forthcoming trade paperbacks, including further Marvel and Dreamwave reprints.

31st August 2008 - posted by Clay
After much delay, the Kitbash galleries are getting back on track with 100% of the effort courtesy of Pun-3X. Give the man some thanks for his labor this holiday!
Kitbashes: Classics Grimlock by Hxcpunk23, Classics Starscream by Hxcpunk23, Classics Ultra Magnus by Hxcpunk23, Custom Galvatron by Hxcpunk23, Classics Dirge by Pun-3X, Alt Tigatron by Retread, Classics Grapple by Retread, Classics Perceptor by Retread, Energon Insecticon Barrage by Retread, Legends Brawn by Retread, Legends Soundwave by Retread, Legends Starscream by Retread, Alt Breakdown by TonyzCustomz, Model Kit Galvatron by TonyzCustomz, Mov Stryker by TonyzCustomz, Classics Punch Counterpunch by frenzy rumble, Custom Omega Supreme by frenzy rumble, Mov Starscream by frenzy rumble, Pre Earth Optimus Prime by Sonray, Alt Rev with Allen G by superquad7, Alt Shockwave Police Type by Clay, Alt Frenzy by Clay.

3rd August 2008 - posted by Clay
Was behind, am now caught up.
Toys: Animated: Blackarachnia, Blitzwing, Bumblebee, Megatron (Voyager), Oil Slick, Optimus Prime (Deluxe), Optimus Prime (Voyager), Prowl, Ratchet, Soundwave, Starscream, Movie (2007): Armorhide (Scout), Blackout (Premium) (Voyager), Cliffjumper VS Barricade (Legends), Divebomb (Deluxe), Elita One (Scout), Frenzy (Fast Action Battler), Optimus Prime (Premium), Photon T-34 (Real Gear), Power Up VT6 (Real Gear) , Power Up VT6 (Real Gear) (2), Storm Surge (Scout), Warpath (Scout), Wire Tap V20 (Real Gear), Classics: Megatron (Henkei), Mirage/Rijie (Henkei), Onslaught (Legends), Prowl, Red Alert (Legends), Sunstreaker, Tankor, Generation 1: Grimlock (Pretender), Quickswitch, Generation 2: Seaspray, Beast Machines: Airraptor, Dinotron, Cybertron: Metroplex, Wing Saber, Japanese BW: BW Neo Sharpedge, Re-issues: Jazz (Encore Meister) , Jazz (Encore Meister) (2), Road Rage (eHobby), Other Merchandise: Marvel Ironman, Marvel Spiderman, Marvel Venom, SWTF General Grievous.

29th June 2008 - posted by Denyer
Toys: Nevermore has updated and expanded a whole range of toy checklists. Principal lines at the moment are Transformers Animated and Classics / Universe / Henkei. Soldiering on with new releases are club and convention lines, Transformers crossed with Star Wars and Marvel characters, Masterpiece stuff and further Encore reissues. In a similar vein, there are still some releases to come for the Transformers movie toys, final Titanium series figures, and some Binaltech mould reuses plus the all-new Alternity line. Lots of stuff for Transformers collectors...

25th June 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews issues 12 and 13 of Titan's UK movie tie-in book. Incidentally, if you haven't picked up Spotlight: Wheelie yet -- v. recommended.

12th June 2008 - posted by TFArchive is having a toy sale, some Transformers are deeply discounted, check it out Here

12th June 2008 - posted by Clay
Have been updating the toy review database quietly for the past couple of weeks, and I think I have enough for a main-page update now.
Toys: Animated: Grimlock, Movie (2007): Bumblebee (Premium) (Deluxe), Bumblebee VS Scorponok (Legends), First Strike Optimus Prime (Voyager), Megatron (Premium) (Leader), Optimus Prime (Protoform) (Deluxe), Overcast (Deluxe), Payload (Deluxe), Salvage (Deluxe), Generation 1: Barrage, Wheelie, Cybertron: Sky Shadow, Japanese BW: BW Neo Heinrad.

11th June 2008 - posted by Denyer
RPG: A while back we mooted a wiki so that the RPG staff could add their own content to the site, and happily that's now in place. Warcry's been working on adding in information and, though a work in progress, there's enough in place already for it to be a decent introduction to the game. Check it out here!
Creative: It's, er, coming. Yeah... coming. See the fandom section for now.

9th June 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler translates The Transformer #3, Inflatable Dalek reviews Spotlight: Grimlock and I've added preliminary pages for several upcoming series to the IDW comics section.

2nd June 2008 - posted by TFArchive
Site News: Welcome to the new server, the forum and everything should be working fine, if you have any issues send me an e-mail or post in the forum if you are able to. Thanks for your understanding.

1st June 2008 - posted by TFArchive
Site News: Migration has started, forums are offline until it is complete, main site should remain online and transition to new server without issue.

29th May 2008 - posted by TFArchive
Site News: The time has come for us to move to a new server, it has been a great 3 years with this server but it is time to move to a more powerful server. I'm still testing the new server and if everything goes well it will be online next week. I expect no site downtime during the migration but the forums will go down for at least an hour. I will update when migration is in progress.

21st May 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Simon Furman would like to let folks in the UK know he'll be at the London MCM Comics Expo this Saturday (24th), so drop by and see him if you can. :)

18th May 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler brings you the extravaganza that is Great Decisive Battle of Planet Beest. And for those who've been missing his movie reviews since Filmy sold out, he appears to have started his own blog network focusing on the horror genre. Lots of reviews already up. Now I just need longer days to read stuff.

15th May 2008 - posted by Clay
Today is the 7th anniversary of the release of Tool's album Lateralus, just so you know. Anyway, I finished clearing out the review forum tonight. Will return to more contemporary things tomorrow.
Toys: Movie (2007): Ratchet (Legends), Classics: Clear Skies Minicon Team (2), Titaniums and statues: G1 Ultra Magnus, RID Optimus Prime, Robot Heroes, The Fallen, War Within Ultra Magnus, Robots in Disguise: Ruination, Japanese BW: BW 2nd Max B.

14th May 2008 - posted by Clay
I've channelled numbat for the evening and written up some Minicon sets from older lines. More tomorrow...
Toys: Classics: Clear Skies Minicon Team, Predator Attack Minicon Team, Cybertron: Shadow Recon Minicon Team.

13th May 2008 - posted by Clay
Some now, more later.
Toys: Movie (2007): Ironhide (Premium) (Voyager), Jazz (Premium) (Deluxe).
Kitbashes: Alt Frenzy by Clay.

11th May 2008 - posted by Clay
im in ur website, updatin ur files!
Erm, classes are over, so I have some site-maintenence time again. Will get other parts updated as soon as I figure out how far behind I am.
Toys: Masterpiece: Megatron Parts Kit (Just It Toys), Movie (2007): Booster x10 (Real Gear), Highscore 100 (Real Gear), Jazz VS Bonecrusher (Legends), Longview (Real Gear), Spyshot 6 (Real Gear), Starscream VS Nightwatch Prime (Legends), Generation 1: Override, Cybertron: Cryo-Scourge, Re-issues: Sky Lynx (Takara).

29th April 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler translates the mildly infamous Victory #4: Warrior of Love and Inflatable Dalek reviews Transformers [UK] #11.

15th April 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews Transformers [UK] #10 and has put together a section on the UK Ladybird storybooks. (Thanks to zigzagger for proofing.)

2nd April 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler serves up Victory #3 in translation. :)

30th March 2008 - posted by Clay
Have uploaded some more toy reviews, and wrote some of my own for once. Also, many reviews have box art pictures added in, and Movie Jazz, G2 Optimus Prime, and Beast Wars Bonecrusher all have pictures now, among others. Thanks to board members ganon578, numbat, optimus magnus, Glitcher, PhantomWraith, The Reverend, bellyboy, camaro 77, and Osku for helping out!
Toys: Movie (2007): Incinerator (Voyager), Stockade (Deluxe), Swindle (Deluxe), Generation 1: Boss (Turbomaster), Generation 2: Jolt, Road Pig, Road Rocket, Re-issues: Deep Cover (eHobby).

17th March 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler translates another 'classic' tale, Victory #2. :)
And thanks to FortMax for his input on the tech spec scans.

16th March 2008 - posted by Clay
Found a review for Lockdown in the forum; have only now added the menu for Animated so that it can be uploaded. Also, I'd like to welcome another kitbasher, frenzy_rumble!
Toys: Animated: Lockdown.
Kitbashes: Classics Sunstorm by frenzy rumble, Mov Brawl by frenzy rumble, Mov Jazz by frenzy rumble, Mov Ratchet by frenzy rumble, Mov Smokescreen by frenzy rumble.

15th March 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews Spotlight: Mirage and DrSpengler has scanned the second set of "Transformers: the Comics" TV Magazine episode art for you. :)

14th March 2008 - posted by Clay
Some new toy reviews are up. Should have a kitbash update tomorrow.
Toys: Movie (2007): Bumblebee, clear (Legends), Landmine (Deluxe), Optimus Prime (Voyager), Binaltech: BT-03 Streak, Re-issues: Crosscut (eHobby).

13th March 2008 - posted by Denyer
Things that have been gradually added to the site recently... bear with us, Clay's ill and I've just killed a hard-drive, we're really not up-to-speed...
Toys: with massive thanks to the Hartmans, a fuller archive of the Transformers tech spec cards originally collected at has been added. Content divided into three sections: original era cards, beast era (with Beast Wars, Machine Wars and Beast Machines) and some later ones I'll put up ASAP.
Comics: DrSpengler brings you a translated The Transformer #1 manga. Inflatable Dalek reviews Transformers [UK] #9, Devastation #5 and #6, Spotlight: Arcee and the Transformers Movie Prequel #1-4 plus Target comics, and I've added my contemporary reviews for #3 and #4 that didn't get posted at the time. New pages have been added for announced series and upcoming trade paperbacks.
Cartoon: some sounds and a collated copy of the writers' bible added.
Fandom: an archive of cut-out-and-glue 'paperformers' by Neale Davidson.

13th February 2008 - posted by Clay
I planned to have this done a week ago, but I've had to deal with a nasty cold instead. I'm getting back in the swing of things, though. I've sorted through the review forum and added galleries for another new submitter, Sonray. Enjoy!
Toys: Masterpiece: MP04 Convoy Perfect Grade, Movie (2007): Dropkick (Deluxe), Ironhide VS Desert Blackout (Legends), Optimus Prime (Legends), Rescue Ratchet VS Brawl (Legends), Starscream (G1 deco) (Voyager), Other Merchandise: Optimus Prime Keychain, Transformers Collection 2007 (book).
Kitbashes: Alt Cliffjumper by Sonray, Classics Thundercracker by Sonray, Mov Bumblebee by Sonray, Mov Ironhide by Sonray, Mov Prime by Sonray, Mov Ratchet by Sonray, Mov Starscream by Sonray.

3rd February 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: inflatable dalek reviews Spotlight: Blaster and Transformers #8 [UK]. :)

2nd February 2008 - posted by StoneCold Skywarp
Quick shout-out for our new site sponsor Unreal Books. Straight from the lion's mouth: is a site selling original comic book art with comic book artists creating personal commissions. Two official Transformers artists are now accessible to draw your favorite Transformers and more. Alex Milne who drew the movie adaptation and Frank Milkovich who helped complete the Beastwars series #3.

2nd February 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: inflatable dalek reviews Devastation #4.

1st February 2008 - posted by TFArchive
Sorry about the downtime today, the server locked up and I couldn't reboot it until I got home, I'll investigate the crash and make any corrective measures needed.

30th January 2008 - posted by Denyer
Toys: Nevermore has compiled checklists for the new Transformers: Animated and Universe / "Classics 2.0" toy lines, and also refreshed his existing Transformers toy checklists.

23rd January 2008 - posted by Denyer
Okay, fingers crossed and not before time, we've got the forums upgraded.

18th January 2008 - posted by Denyer
Comics: zigzagger reviews #1-4 of Beast Wars: The Ascending and Inflatable Dalek reviews Ghosts of Yesterday (the movie prequel novel, which I've slotted in with the prequel comics until I get around to a proper TF books sub-section.) Ta!

16th January 2008 - posted by Denyer
Experimenting with a wider layout for the site. Still some things to do, and pages to be fitted, but constructive feedback and bug reports are welcome.

13th January 2008 - posted by Clay
One review and some more custom galleries. Welcome new submitter, seali_me!
Toys: Generation 1: Predaking.
Kitbashes: Alt Megatron by Clay, Alt Breakdown by seali me, Alt Dead End by seali me, Alt Dragstrip by seali me, Alt Soundwave by seali me, Alt Wildrider by seali me.

10th January 2008 - posted by Denyer
Which I'm afraid is more than I did... but happy new year now, one and all.
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews Devastation #3, Transformers #6 [UK] and Transformers #7 [UK]. I've also updated IDW cover galleries somewhat.
Cartoons: DrSpengler guides you through Five Faces of Darkness. And if you're following the new Animated series, stop by our forums and let us know what you think!

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