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Some links froms several years ago may no longer work, but mostly redirects are in place where changes have been made.

20th December 2009 - posted by Denyer
Fandom: As the 25th anniversary year of Transformers draws to a close, join us in a quick retrospective of why some of us are still here. Drumroll, please... The 25 Greatest Transformers Moments in the World… EVER! Have good holidays, all.

17th November, 2009 - posted by Clay
A few more reviews; pictures pending.
Toys: Revenge of the Fallen: Arcee, Dead End (Deluxe), Ejector, Nightbeat.

8th November, 2009 - posted by Clay
Some pertinent reviews of currently available toys.
Toys: Revenge of the Fallen: Blazemaster, Jolt, Skids & Mudflap (Ice Cream Truck).

27th October, 2009 - posted by Clay
Another update trickles in...
Toys: Revenge of the Fallen: Ravage, Whirl VS Bludgeon, Generation 1: Fortress Maximus.
Also, the Voyager Megatron review linked below has a second review posted now.

26th October, 2009 - posted by Clay
A modest update as I get back into the swing of things...
Toys: Revenge of the Fallen: Breakaway, Megatron (Voyager), Ravage, Scalpel, Whirl VS Bludgeon, Generation 1: Fortress Maximus.

24th October 2009 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Blackjack reviews The Veiled Threat (prequel novel to Revenge of the Fallen, plus the movie's adaptation and novelisation -- he's also reviewed each part of Animated: Arrival. Inflatable Dalek ties up the Spotlights with Cliffjumper & Metroplex, the conclusion to All Hail Megatron and makes a start on Coda.

14th October, 2009 - posted by TFArchive
Toys:About 3 years ago I got on a TF toy buying spree and bought as many Cybertron and Titanium toys as I could find. I took pictures of all the boxes and uploaded them to the site and just forgot to post them. I haven't opened any of these toys so I can't upload any pics of the toys themselves but the boxes/cards a pretty cool to look at. I have added my page to the Toy Collections page in our Fandom section where a few others have profiles, Check them out if you're interested and if you have a toy collection (doesn't have to be TF's) you want to showcase/showoff feel free to let us know and we would be happy to add it.

6th October, 2009 - posted by TFArchive
Site Updates: Okay, I believe I've gotten the forum working again, please test it out and let us know in the Site issues Forum if you find anything. Thanks for your patience.

5th October, 2009 - posted by TFArchive
Site Updates: Sorry folks, but the forum is still down, all attempts to get it working haven't worked thus far. I'm restoring a backup from Oct 2nd which I tested on the server before the switchover yesterday so I'm hoping it will work. I will do my best to keep you posted. Thanks

4th October, 2009 - posted by TFArchive
Site Updates:If you are reading this then you are on the new server. The forum is in the process of being imported, it should be done soon. Until then, enjoy our other sections of the site. Thanks.
- Okay, Import is done but forum is not working properly, I'm trying to fix it so bare with me a little longer. Thanks - Database is corrupt and vbulletin support hasn't been able to help, I'm going to have re-import the database again, it took over 90 minutes this morning so it will be a while before it is done. I'm sorry for the delays, the forum will be back online as soon as possible.

24th September, 2009 - posted by Clay
Toys: Revenge of the Fallen Starscream, Skids, The Fallen and Human Alliance Bumblebee now have second reviews added to their pages.

17th August, 2009 - posted by Clay
Here are some updates to toys and comics that have been uploaded for a while, but not put on the front page until now. Apologies for some of the toy reviews not including pictures just yet.
Toys: Revenge of the Fallen: Chromia (Deluxe), Grindor (Legends), Mixmaster (Voyager), Mudflap (Deluxe), Ransack (Scout), Skywarp (Voyager), New Japan Series: Alternity Megatron, Other Merchandise: Revenge of the Fallen: The Game. In addition, Revenge of the Fallen Demolisher, Henkei Astrotrain, Classics Superion and Prowl now have second reviews added to their pages.
Comics: The page for Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel series Destiny has been fully updated, featuring contributions by Zigzagger and Blackjack.

19th July 2009 - posted by Denyer
Comics: DrSpengler adds Headmasters #1 to the list of translated Transformers manga.

1st July, 2009 - posted by Clay
Here are quite a few reviews of toys related to the new movie, most of which are certainly more coherent and structured than the film itself. Enjoy!
Toys: Revenge of the Fallen: Bumblebee (Human Alliance), Dead End / Detour (Scout), Demolisher (Voyager), Depthcharge (Scout), Dirtboss (Scout), Jetfire (Legends), Knockout (Scout), Optimus Prime (2), Rollbar (Scout), Sideways (Deluxe), Skids (Deluxe), Soundwave (Deluxe), Springer (Legends), The Fallen (Legends) , The Fallen (Voyager), Wheelie (Deluxe), Classics: Dragstrip (Special Edition), Beast Wars: Magnaboss, Energon: Steamhammer (2).

22nd June 2009 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Blackjack reviews Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel #1 and #2, whilst Inflatable Dalek reviews Spotlight Drift and the UK Animated comic. On a more retro note, Cliffjumper has been running early issues of Marvel UK over a scanner and collecting an assortment of non-story pages such as editorials, posters and competitions. You can take a look at what he's done so far here.

14th June, 2009 - posted by Clay
Here are some review updates. I'm still fiddling around with formatting images for all of them, but most of them should have their pictures in a day or two.
Toys: Revenge of the Fallen: Bumblebee (Legends), Optimus Prime (Leader), Rampage (Deluxe), Ratchet (Robot Replicas), Sideswipe (Deluxe), Starscream (Voyager), Animated: Blurr (2), Optimus Prime (Deluxe) (2), Samurai Prowl, Sunstorm (w/ Ratchet), Swoop (2), Movie (2007): Barricade (2), Longarm (Screen Battles), Starscream (2), Classics: Cosmos (Legends), Dinobot (Henkei), Hot Shot (Henkei), Ratchet, Shadow Commander, Superion box set, Thundercracker (Henkei), Warpath (Legends), Wheelie (Legends), Beast Wars: Tripredacus (2), Armada: Rhinox, Terrorsaur, New Japan Series: Alternity Convoy, Re-issues: Kup & Wheelie (Takara), Other Merchandise: Flexidisplay Stands.

31st May 2009 - posted by Denyer
Movies: I've spruced things up a bit, with the newest content being a promotional video featuring Peter cullen and Frank Welker working together on Activision's new Revenge of the Fallen games. There are also a variety of image stills to go with the new film.
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews All Hail Megatron #9 and #10, Maximum Dinobots #4 and 5, and Spotlight Jazz.
Fandom: Cliffjumper returns with Weekly World Transformers.
Toys: Nevermore has updated his toy checklists with information from BotCon.

21st April 2009 - posted by Nevermore
After several months of absence, I caught up and brought the various toy checklists up to date. Also note the new "Last update" feature at the beginning of the lists, which lets you know the date of the most recent update of each list.
Toys: Reissues (some Encores released, new Encores announced, two e-Hobby exclusives released), "Neo-G1" (Masterpiece Grimlock released), Alternators, Binaltech, Kiss Players, Alternity (Alternity Convoy out, new color variant announced), Takara Sports, Music, Disney, Chrono & Device Label (Disney Label Mickey Mouse released, Chrono Label and Device Label announced), Fun Publications exclusives (news on BotCon 2009 exclusives), Animated (various toys released, rest possibly cancelled), Classics, Universe & Henkei! (most Universe & Henkei toys released now, some new Henkei exclusives announced), Revenge of the Fallen movie toyline (too many updates to list).

17th April 2009 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Inflatable Dalek reviews All Hail Megatron #6, #7 and #8, and Titan's UK Transformers comic #21 and #22. I've updated the IDW release roadmap, added current sales data and added listings for new books/series. Let me know if anything's missing.

15th April 2009 - posted by Clay
Here's a toy review update to help you with your tax day blues. Thanks to the usual suspects for the contributions and help :-)
Toys: Masterpiece: MP08 Grimlock, Animated: Longarm Prime (shh...), Safeguard / Twins, Waspinator, Wreck Gar, Movie (2007): Recon Barricade (Deluxe), Scorponok (Screen Battles), Classics: Brawn (Legends), Bruticus Maximus, Cyclonus (2), Hound & Ravage (2), Ironhide (Henkei), Leo Prime, Ratchet (Henkei), Starscream (Animated Legends), Beast Wars: Retrax, Other Merchandise: Marvel Hulk, SWTF General Grievous (spaceship).

21st March 2009 - posted by TFArchive
DVD News: You may have already read in our news forum that Season 1 of the G1 Transformers series is finally going to be re-released in the US and Canada, Amazon has it up for pre-order now: Transformers: The Complete First Season (25th Anniversary Edition) The set contains the first 16 episodes.
Also up for pre-order are the first two volumes of the excellent X-Men series from the 90's, X-Men, Volume 1 and X-Men, Volume 2.
And a personal favourite of mine: Exosquad: Season 1 is finally coming to DVD. This was a short lived but amazing quality series. For more information visit Patrick Danner's Exosquad website for all the information on this cult classic series. If you enjoyed this series when it was on, please purchase this set so that the rest of the series is released as well.

4th March 2009 - posted by TFArchive
Sponsors: Do you live in Canada or the US and love Transformers? Well, this years TFCon in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is coming up on April 25-26th. Check out TFCon for more details.
TFCon is the largest TF convention in Canada and has been running for over 8 years now. If you are looking for Toy deals there will be a dealer room on Saturday that will be stocked with Transformers and other toys. There will be Special Guests who you will be able to meet and get autographs..
This years exclusive toy is Powered Commander by FansProject, it is limited to 500 units so pre-register now to reserve yours.

20th February 2009 - posted by Clay
If you're the type that clicks on the "Toys" tab and looks around, you probably noticed that these reviews were actually uploaded over a week ago. The difference now is that they have their pictures!
Toys: Animated: Blitzwing (2), Blurr, Swindle, Movie (2007): Mudflap (Voyager), Classics: Aerial Rivals set (Legends), Bumblebee (G1 Legends), Dinobot, Inferno, Smokescreen, Unicron, Generation 1: Repugnus, Japanese BW: Telemocha Reissue Motorarm, New Japan Series: Music Label Frenzy & Rumble, Other Merchandise: SWTF Darth Vader / Death Star.

15th February 2009 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Big War part three is now up!

14th February 2009 - posted by TFArchive
Sponsors: We are happy to announce a new sponsor at the site. Check out Unreal Books! Unreal Books specializes in unique comic book art from all major comic producers like DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and Transformers publishers IDW, Dreamwave and Titan. They are also able to have custom art from renowned artists created for you. Check them out for a piece of one of a kind art that you can display for years to come.

5th February 2009 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Big War part two is now up!

31th January 2009 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Welcoming DrSpengler back with the first installment of Big War, a piece of Transformers manga featuring the early Scramble City teams.

26th January 2009 - posted by Denyer
Comics: Blackjack reviews The Reign of Starscream #1-5, and Inflatable Dalek reviews All Hail Megatron #5, Maximum Dinobots #1 and Titan's Transformers movie comic #18-20. Cheers to Ziggy for most of the proofing.

17th January 2009 - posted by Denyer
Steve at OneShallStand dropped me a line to add an interview he got with Shane McCarthy to the All Hail Megatron comics debate. Discussion here. This man offers a good service if you're in or around the UK looking for TF comics, BTW.

12th January 2009 - posted by Clay
Here's a small update to the toy review section featuring things both old and new to start the year off. I myself am amused by the simultaneous reviews of two very different Cycloni...
Toys: Masterpiece: MP07 Thundercracker, Animated: Swoop, Classics: Beachcomber (Legends), Bumblebee (Animated Legends), Cyclonus, Hound & Ravage, Prowl (Animated Legends), Roadbuster VS Dirge, Special Teams Leaders (Legends), Armada: Cyclonus (Powerlinx).

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