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G1 Character Profiles

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Personal Profile: Bombshell is the beetle Insecticon. Bombshell has the special ability to control the minds of any Transformer after shoothing one of his cerebro-shells into their heads, turning them into mindless slaves. This makes Bombshell a very dangerous enemy. However, if the cerebro-shell is removed from the slave's head or destroyed, it causes Bombshell great pain in his head. The Insecticons usually work for themselves, unless Megatron offers them a great ammount of energon cubes to carry out a task for him. And even then, their loyalty is questionable. The Insecticons also have the power to make an unlimited number of duplicates of themselves, so that they have a better chance of fighting Transformers, instead of it just being the 3 of them. Like real insects, the Insecticons love to nest and snack on trees. The other Insecticons are Kickback, the grasshopper, and Shrapnel, the stag beetle.

Episodes appeared in: A Plauge Of Insecticons, Traitor, Enter The Nightbird, The Insecticon Syndrome, Quest For Survival, The Revenge Of Bruticus, and Transformers: The Movie

Cartoon Bio: Bombshell and the other Insecticons crash landed on Earth seperate from the Autobots and Decepticons who crashed in the ark in 3,998,016 B.C. Their identity computers adapted them for life on Earth by turning them into insects, so they could blend in with their surroundings in the watery jungle they lived in, known as Demon Swamp. Megatron and the Decepticons later found the Insecticons in 1984 while they were engaged in a fight with Skyfire, Bumblebee, and Brawn. The Insecticons agreed to join Megatron's forces and they all went to attack an oil refinery. After The Decepticons and Insecticons took over the oil refinery, they were attacked by the Autobots. The Inecticons, seeing that they and their new allies were about to be defeated, decided to take the Decepticons' energon cubes for themselves. Megatron noticed this and sent the Decepticons to chase after the Insecticons and punish them for their treachery. This retreat allowed the Autobots to liberate the oil refinery that the 'Cons were occupying. At one point, the Autobot Cliffjumper accused his fellow Autobot, Mirage of being a traitor. Cliffjumper's accusations stemmed from the fact that Mirage stole energon cubes from the Insecticons and took them to a Decepticon land base, where Megatron and the others had stolen electro-cels and were working on harnessing the energy from them. However, Mirage only did this to start another battle between the Insecticons and Decepticons, since the Insecticons would think that Megatron and his bunch had robbed them. While the Decepticons and Insecticons were fighting, Bombshell caught Mirage spying on the battle and implanted a cerebro-shell in his head, making Mirage an Insecticon slave. The Insecticons and Decepticons then realized that Mirage was the cause of their fighting and they agreed to stop, so that they could use their new slave to destroy the Autobots. Mirage, now under Bombshell's control, led Optimus Prime, Cliffjumper, and Ratchet into an ambush. However, the Autobots were able to extract the cerebro-shell from Mirage and make him an Autobot again. The Autobots were able to defeat the Decepticons and Insecticons, but the electro-cels were destroyed. Bombshell then worked with the Decepticons on a solo venture, by reprogramming a female ninja robot named Nightbird that the Decepticons had stolen from her creator, Dr. Fujiyama. Bombshell reprogrammed Nightbird so she would steal the world energy chip from the Autobots' headquarters and deliver it to the Decepticons. Nightbird was able to sneak into the Autobot base and steal the chip, but after much pursuit and a battle with Bombshell, Megatron's Decepticons, and Nightbird, the chip was recovered, the Decepticons were defeated, and Nightbird was taken back to Dr. Fujiyama, deprogrammed and neutralized. Dr. Fujiyama then locked her up to make sure that something like this never happened again. The Insecticons then went with the Decepticons to attack the Nova Power Plant. There, the Insecticons ate the Nova power core, which made them triple in size and strength, making them more powerful than ever before. The Insecticons then discovered Soundwave spying on them and listening to their plans of once again betraying the Decepticons. So, to prevent him from blowing their plans, Bombshell used a cerebro-shell on him to make him serve the Insecticons. Even though the Insecticons now seemed to be all-powerful, the Nova power core the 3 of them ate was incompatible with their stomachs, which made them suffer symptoms similar to a human stomach-ache. The Autobots then learned that if they didn't stop the Insecticons while they were making their next attack, this time on Iron Mountain, a defense astablishment, that their bodies would explode inside Iron Mountain and destroy it, along with all the human scientists within. The Autobots then had to form an alliance with Megatron and the Decepticons to stop the Insecticons with an antidote that Wheeljack and Ratchet invented. With the Decepticons' help, the Autobots were able to shrink the Insecticons back to their usual small size, and Soundwave was cured of being Bombshell's slave. After they were defeated, the Insecticons retreated, with the Decepticons following close behind, seeking vengeance. In the movie, the Insecticons were a part of the attack on Autobot City. Shrapnel and Kickback were run over at the opening gate by Hot Rod and Kup. When the Decepticons retreated to return to Cybertron aboard Astrotrain, it was decided that there was too much wait and that the badly injured Decepticons had to be sacrificed for the others. The Insecticons were thrown out along with Megatron, Skywarp, and Thundercracker. It is unclear however whether the 3 Insecticons thrown out of Astrotrain were the real ones, or just clone duplicates. The 6 injured Decepticons were found by Unicron, who reformatted Megatron into Galvatron, Thundercracker into Cyclonus, Skywarp into Scourge, and the 3 Insecticons, whether the real ones, or just clones, were changed into Scourge's clone henchmen, the Sweeps.

Bombshell; Quotes:

"Insecticons! Cease combat! We were fooled by this walking garbage can!"
"I love warping minds for you, Megatron. Hahahaha. Love it."
"That's the problem with pines. You eat a forest of them, and an hour later,
you're out of energy again."
"That Nova power core is giving me heart burn! That is, if I have a heart!"
"I think your dear Decepticons would rather follow MY commands!"
"Aaah! My cerebro-shell! My precious shell!"

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