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Transformers: Beast Wars

Beast Wars is a fully-CGI cartoon released several years after the end of the original series. While seemingly unrelated at first, the show would soon reveal itself to be a sequel to the original cartoon. Despite its rocky start, Beast Wars is widely regarded as one of the best series of Transformers fiction out there, and follows a tighter continuity instead of the status quo governed style of the original cartoon.

Season One, 26 episodes [1996-1997]

Beast Wars, Part 1
Beast Wars, Part 2
The Web
Equal Measures
Chain of Command
Power Surge
Fallen Comrades
Double Jeopardy
A Better Mousetrap
Gorilla Warfare
The Probe
Dark Designs
Double Dinobot
The Spark
The Trigger, Part 1
The Trigger, Part 2
Spider's Game
Call of the Wild
Dark Voyage
The Low Road
Law of the Jungle
Before the Storm
Other Voices, Part 1
Other Voices, Part 2

Season Two, 13 episodes [1997-1998]

Coming of the Fuzors, Part 1
Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2
Tangled Web
Maximal No More
Other Visits, Part 1
Other Visits, Part 2
Bad Spark
Code of Hero
The Agenda, Part 1
The Agenda, Part 2
The Agenda, Part III

Season Three, 13 episodes [1998-1999]

Optimal Situation
Deep Metal
Changing of the Guard
Cutting Edge
Feral Scream, Part 1
Feral Scream, part 2
Proving Grounds
Go With the Flow
Crossing the Rubicon
Master Blaster
Other Victories
Nemesis, Part 1
Nemesis, Part 2


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