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Transformers the Movie (1986)

Image Resources

Image Gallery


DVD Releases

Extra features vary from release to release... it's worth checking out store listings closely to make sure you get a copy you're happy with.

American (Rhino)
'Restored' print and audio. Extras.

Straight transfer from tape.

UK (Metrodome)
Reconstructed wide print. Extras.

UK (Prism)
Budget release, as Canadian.

UK (Maverick)
Original print, Rhino audio. Extras.

Australian (Madman)
'Restored' print and audio. Extras.

Not sure of details or recent releases. There have also been laserdisc releases of the movie.

A legitimate Chinese release also likely exists, although so do various bootlegs. Be cautious of sellers offering 'rare' releases.

Internet Movie Database listing forTransformers the Movie »

Text Resources

Transformers the Movie as filmed.

Draft Script
As originally delivered by Ron Friedman. There are some interesting differences in this early version of the film story.

Soundtrack Lyrics
Fairly self-explanatory, really.


Sure, we love every cheesy last moment of the movie, but that includes making fun of it too...

Movie parody by Brent Stocking - RECENTLY COMPLETED!
After roughly a ten year hiatus, Brent came back and finished his movie parody. Now lovingly illustrated, there are certainly far less entertaining ways to waste an afternoon, so check it out!

Movie parody by Stan Lui
Which you can read over in our creative section.

Mystery Science Theatre by Ratbat and friends
Also over in our creative section.


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