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Beast Machines

Profiles by DrSpengler

Optimus Primal | Cheetor | Rattrap | Blackarachnia | Nightscream | Noble/Savage | Silverbolt | Botanica

Megatron | Jetstorm | Tankor | Thrust | Obsidian | Strika


Optimus Primal

Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “I can never be forgiven for what I have done, all I can do is seek to mend what I have broken!”

Function: Maximal Supreme Commander

First Television Appearance: “The Reformatting”

Profile: Optimus Primal is no longer the happy and seemingly carefree commander he once was. After losing the Beast Wars and ultimately Cybertron itself to Megatron, he has become a melancholy leader who will not rest until peace is once again restored to his home planet. Optimus is all business now; he has a lot of weight on his shoulders. He blames himself for what Megatron did to his planet, and can never forgive himself for it. The lives of every single Transformer on Cybertron are depending on his success. Should he fail then all is lost.

Abilities: After returning to Cybertron Optimus Primal was reformatted by Vector Sigma to be a perfect balance of technological machinery and organic elements. In beast mode his ape form has reached new levels of strength and agility. In robot mode reflector shields on his arms can repel enemy laser fire and direct it back at them. He can also gather particles of energy surrounding him and release a charged blast through his hands. Jet thrusters on his back grant him limited flight. Primal can also contact Vector Sigma through a mysterious force known as the Oracle. When in contact with Vector Sigma the whole of Transformer history is at his finger trips for enlightenment.

Weaknesses: Optimus has become a taskmaster of sorts. He never lets his men rest for a moment, fearing that even an unguarded second could bring their downfall. He makes little effort to hide his sadness and is often very depressed and weighed down with guilt.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Quick action equals quick victory!”

Function: Sub Commander

First Television Appearance: “The Reformatting”

Profile: After returning to Cybertron Megatron’s virus stripped Cheetor of his Transmetal mode and returned him to his original form. Trapped in cheetah mode he was left with no other option then to fight and kill to survive the chaotic rule of Megatron and his Vehicon warriors. This took its toll on Cheetor, changing him from the fun-loving kid he was best known for to a strong, proud and dedicated warrior with no need for recreation. After being reformatted by Vector Sigma, Cheetor has become true leader material. As Optimus Primal’s sub commander he has a no-nonsense attitude on the battlefield and will except nothing but the best from his fellow Maximals. Cheetor tends to argue with Optimus on battle plans and can be disobedient at times.

Abilities: Now a techno-organic warrior, Cheetor has reached levels of power he never thought possible. In beast mode he is several times faster than he has ever been before, able t race along Cybertron’s streets at a mind-bending pace. In robot mode he has a set of swords that can deflect enemy attacks. They are charged with energy which makes their strikes almost impossible to block. When placed together by the handle his swords can form a glider for limited flight. Cheetor can also accelerate particles around his body to create a vacuum for knocking opponents to the ground.

Weaknesses: Cheetor’s new rebellious attitude often causes problems between him and Optimus Primal. He often questions Primal’s leadership skills.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “My mind is my ultimate weapon!”

Function: Technician

First Television Appearance: “The Reformatting”

Profile: When Megatron’s virus infected Rattrap he became trapped in his powerless beast mode. Unable to fight the hoards of Vehicon drones, Rattrap was left with no option but to run and hide from his pursuers, day in and day out. This affected him in many ways. Long gone is the daredevil with a snide and sarcastic attitude. Rattrap is now somewhat of an introvert, preferring to work in his lab creating new weapons rather than going out into battle. His skill as a warrior have been drained away but his abilities as a computer technician have increased 100-fold. As a computer hacker he has no equal. He can decode and extract virtually any information from Megatron’s files he needs. Though not much of a warrior, the Maximals would be lost without him.

Abilities: In techno-organic rat mode he has no weapons. However, he can sneak in and out of the thinnest spaces for reconnaissance on Cybertron. In robot mode Rattrap has little firepower but his tail makes for the perfect tool. By plugging it into a computer terminal he can download information, decode encryption, pick locks and do just about anything computer-related. He also develops all the Maximals weapons, everything from bombs to cloaking devices.

Weaknesses: As a warrior he has little strength. He mostly uses his head to get out of tough situations. Unfortunately, he often tends to do more harm than good on some missions where only strength and speed are required.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “It is a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver.”

Function: Saboteur

First Television Appearance: “The Reformatting”

Profile: After losing Silverbolt to Megatron’s virus as well as her Transmetal form, Blackarachnia was left with virtually nothing. A one-time loner, she now treasures her friendship with the other Maximals. She desperately desires to locate Silverbolt’s spark and return him to herself. Blackarachnia is much friendlier in personality than before, though still has her own private agenda as always. However, the other Maximals do not suspect her treason since they know well that they are all she has left.

Abilities: In techno-organic spider mode she can weave webs of energy that shock and deactivate enemies. In robot mode she can direct her electro-webs through the ground toward her enemy. Blackarachnia can also create harmless webs for either grappling or booby-trapping. Her six eyes can also pick up different waves of light to accommodate any situation.

Weaknesses: Her desire to find Silverbolt and return him to functioning life often clouds her judgement. Her love can be used to manipulate her.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Let’s get ready to make some noise!”

Function: Ariel Combat/Recon Expert

First Television Appearance: “Forbidden Fruit”

Profile: When Megatron’s virus began killing hundred of thousands of Cybertronians, Nightscream fled into a shaft to save himself. The shaft was deeper than he had expected and he tumbled hundreds of feet beneath Cybertron’s surface and to the planet’s very core. While he was blacked out his built-in Indento-computer scanned the skeleton of a long dead bat, giving him his alternate mode. After meeting with Primal and joining in their fight against Megatron he was reformatted into a techno-organic warrior. Nightscream is young, the equivalent to an Earth teenager. The other Maximals consider him a snot-nosed punk since that’s pretty much how he acts. He doesn’t particularly like his comrades but he works with them none the less. He is rebellious at times and can’t stand taking orders. Nightscream feels a kinship with the Maximal called Noble, despite Noble’s tendency to go berserk. He considers Noble his only real friend left on Cybertron.

Abilities: In beast mode Nightscream has the best flight maneuverability of the Maximals. He can out-fly Jet drones with ease and bombard ground troops with little hassle. In robot mode he sports some of the most useful attacks of all the Maximals. He can launch his fangs from his mouth and use them to suck the energy out of enemies to replenish his own strength. His Sonic Wave sends out incredibly loud sound waves which shatter any opponent close enough to hear them.

Weaknesses: Nightscream hates authority, like most teenagers, and chooses to ignore his commander whenever he feels like it. This often leads to him going off on his own and getting in serious trouble.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Just like a force of nature, I am not to be taken lightly.”

Function: Warrior

First Television Appearance: “Savage Noble”

Profile: When Megatron successfully separated the organic elements from his body the result was a strange and freakish creature called a “Beast Changer”. It was called this because it contained no robotic elements yet still was able to transform. Originally Megatron was trapped in this form. He dubbed himself “Noble” in wolf-mode and “Savage” in dragon-mode as to trick the Maximals into accepting him into their ranks. Eventually he vacated the body for a new mechanical form and left it a raging shell with little to no conscious mind. Uncontrollably changing from one form to another, Noble/Savage roamed Cybertron as an outcast, vanquishing any Vehicons that got in his way. After roaming aimlessly for days he met with Nightscream and the two formed a close friendship. Though a dedicated Maximal, Noble/Savage still wanders Cybertron nomadically only offering help when he feels it necessary.

Abilities: In wolf mode Noble can rip through virtually any metal with his razor-sharp teeth and dagger-like talons. However, his dragon form is ten times as powerful. As Savage he can unleash onslaughts of fire from his mouth, roasting his enemies to piles of smoldering ash. His wings give him the power of flight, making him excellent at picking enemies off from the sky.

Weaknesses: Noble/Savage is still a mental wreck. He is unpredictable and often times uncontrollable. The only Maximal he will listen to is Nightscream.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “After the darkness I take wing again!”

Function: Tracker

First Television Appearance: “In Darkest Knight”

Profile: When Megatron needed Vehicon Generals he was forced to use sparks of fallen Cybertronians to create them. The spark of Silverbolt was selected to become Jetstorm. However, using a catalyst developed by Rattrap Blackarachnia was able to free him from his Vehicon brainwashing and return Silverbolt to his Maximal roots. However, upon his return Silverbolt was a changed mechanism. He feels great remorse for the things he need, even more so because, on a level, he enjoyed being a Vehicon. Silverbolt is now a cold and ruthless warrior. Though grateful for her help, He has shunned Blackarachnia’s affections. He vows that he will not rest until Megatron is killed and the sparks of the fallen Cybertronians are rescued.

Abilities: In techno-organic beast mode Silverbolt transforms into a condor. He is the fastest of the Maximal air warriors, able to out run most of the Vehicon jet drones. In robot mode he fights with the silence, precision and skill of a ninja warrior. Silverbolt can vanish in one shadow and reappear from another without making a sound. He can fire static pulse lasers from his eyes which can either paralyze enemies or damage them.

Weaknesses: Silverbolt has changed a great deal. He no longer trusts his fellow warriors and has little faith in some of them. He still views Cheetor as a kid and refuses to take his orders seriously despite Cheetor’s sub-commander status.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “The soil is a weapon with unlimited potential.”

Function: Agricultural Science

First Television Appearance: “Home Soil”

Profile: Just like Optimus Primal and his crew, Botanica was a Maximal explorer sent to do research on a far off planet. The planet she landed on contained only plant life so her scanners gave her an alternate mode of the plants around her. When she returned to Cybertron Megatron’s virus had a very odd effect on her. It mutated her into a raging monster. Her grotesque didn’t last long, however, and she was reformatted by Optimus Primal. In their base at Cybertron’s core Botanica tends to the cyber plant gardens in hope that she might be able to return Cybertron to its organic glory once again. She also has deep affections for Rattrap, though she’d never admit it.

Abilities: In plant mode she can control vines and other organic life to bend to her needs. She can use them for an effective means of reconnaissance or warfare. In robot mode she can use vine-grenades to ensnare enemies and then crush them with the strength of the plant.

Weaknesses: Though a brilliant botanist, Botanica lacks a lot of strength. While she is decent in battle she is weak when faced alone.



Allegiance: Vehicon

Motto: “I am alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. Submit to my command or burn to ashes at my feet.”

Function: Emperor of Cybertron

First Television Appearance: “Master of the House”

Profile: After his defeat Megatron was taken back to Cybertron under the custody of the Maximals. However, he escaped and used a virus to annihilate every Transformer on Cybertron. With their sparks imprisoned Megatron had finally reached the goal he had desired from day one of the Beast Wars, supreme command over all of Cybertron. However, he was not satisfied. He despised his beast mode. He considered anything organic to be a crime in his mechanical utopia. But purging himself of his beast mode proved nearly impossible. This only left him enraged, frustrated and more insane than ever before. To add to that the surviving Maximals have revealed themselves and already begin disturbing his paradise. Now he watches their every move, but this time with the upper hand. All of Cybertron is his to command. Armies of Vehicon drones follow his every order. Megatron is virtually invincible.

Abilities: When plugged into his super computer Megatron can control almost every aspect of Cybertron. He has countless minions with no soul at his command. His armies out number the Maximals 1,000 to 1. His spark is also unpolarized and very powerful. If left without a body he can posses any Transformer corpse he wishes and use it as his weapon.

Weaknesses: Megatron’s new overlord status has left him overwhelmingly paranoid. He fears to leave his spark vulnerable for even a second. When in fits of rage he tends to uncontrollably transform into his mutated beast mode which only increases his fury.


Allegiance: Vehicon

Motto: “And what do we have behind door number 2? A victim to rend into a bucket of slop!”

Function: Head Airforce General

First Television Appearance: “Fires of the Past”

Profile: With the Maximal rebels proving to be more of a threat than he initially expected, Megatron took three captured Sparks and used them to create Vehicon Generals. Jetstorm was created as the Head General for his air drone army. Jetstorm is easily the most unbalanced of the three generals. He talks somewhat like a game-show host with a very loud and cocky voice. But the moment he is even slightly frustrated he explodes into a snarling, hissing madman who will not stop until his enemies are dead. Jetstorm feels no remorse for his actions and loves to hunt his prey. Killing is all he really thinks about.

Abilities: With the voice command “Afterburn!” Jetstorm can transform into a sleek jet with unmatched airspeed and flight capabilities. His jet mode his equipped with land to ground missiles with varying degrees of destructive force. He also has wing-mounted machine guns that can fire relentless rounds of ammunition. In robot mode he is equipped with a spark extractor, though he would never use it. He prefers to extinguish the spark rather than contain them.

Weaknesses: Jetstorm suffers from severe mood-swings which cloud his judgement. When in a fury he can barely see where he is going and tends to crash into buildings.


Allegiance: Vehicon

Motto: “It is impossible to expect the unexpected so therefor it is impossible to expect me.”

Function: Head Tank General

First Television Appearance: “Fires of the Past”

Profile: When his body was destroyed by Megatron’s virus, Rhinox found his spark imprisoned. However, as fate would have it, Megatron unintentionally selected his spark to become the tank drone general known as Tankor. In the process of becoming Tankor, Rhinox lost all his moral standards and virtues. However, his wits and intelligence remained. Under the ruse of stupidity, Tankor waits for his chance to overthrow Megatron and take Cybertron for himself.

Abilities: With the voice command “Pulverize!” Tankor transforms into a massive all-terrain tank. He is equipped with a plasma cannon that fires charged particle blasts of incredible power. His armor also makes him virtually indestructible to most firepower, like a mobile fortress. But Tankor’s most powerful asset is his intelligence.

Weaknesses: Tankor is a little too ambitious for his own good. If Megatron even suspects treachery for an instant Tankor will find himself out of luck.


Allegiance: Vehicon

Motto: “Just relax, baby. You’re riding the midnight train to Hell, and I’m the conductor.”

Function: Head Ground Force General

First Television Appearance: “Fires of the Past”

Profile: After being stranded on prehistoric Earth, Waspinator got sick of sitting around with nothing to do. So with nothing better to do, and all the time in the world, Waspinator set off on a journey back to Cybertron. It only took him a few million years to get there on his own power. But, being Waspinator and all, he arrived just in time to be infected with Megatron’s virus and stripped down to his spark. But fate had other plans for him as he was selected by Megatron to become the general of the land force. Now known as thrust, he couldn’t be happier. With a cool, calm and all around smooth personality, he’s sure to be a hit with the fembots.

Abilities: With the voice command “Overdrive!” Thrust can transform into a motorcycle and the fastest of Megatron’s ground forces. In robot mode he has two plasma cannons mounted on his hands which can administer surprisingly powerful blasts of thermal energy. He is also equipped with a spark extractor for brutally yanking the souls of the Maximals from their helpless bodies.

Weaknesses: Thrust still suffers from the bad luck he had as Waspinator. Fate just doesn’t work in his favor most of the time. He is also a sucker for the ladies and has a hard time hitting female opponents.


Allegiance: Vehicon

Motto: “War is a symphony and I am the maestro.”

Function: Head Vehicon General

First Television Appearance: “Sparkwar part 1: the Strike”

Profile: After the failure of his last batch of Generals, Megatron chose his sparks more carefully. This time around he selected one of the greatest generals in all of Cybertron’s history. In the glory days of the Autobots Obsidian won more victories than any other general at the time. He was a legend among the Autobots and feared by the Decepticons. However, Megatron found a flaw in his programming which he used to his advantage. Obsidian was programmed to serve whoever commanded Cybertron. Now working for Megatron with unwavering allegiance, Obsidian brings the war to exterminate the Maximals to a whole new level.

Abilities: By yelling the transform code “Obliterate” Obsidian can transform into a heavily armored helicopter. His firepower is unquestionably strong but what is even more impressive are his strategic skills.

Weaknesses: Obsidian has few weaknesses. However, at times he is a little too confident of his skill as a general.


Allegiance: Vehicon

Motto: “Victory is the only thing worth living for!”

Function: Head Vehicon General

First Television Appearance: “Sparkwar part 1: the Strike”

Profile: In the days of the Autobots and Decepticons Strika and her partner Obsidian won over 1,000 battles together. Naturally, her spark was selected by Megatron to be his new Vehicon general. Reunited with her partner Obsidian she has pledged full allegiance to Megatron and will not rest until the Maximals are destroyed. She feels no compassion for the enemy and will never show any sympathy for them. Strika’s only function is to annihilate the opposition.

Abilities: By shouting the command “Terminate” Strika transforms into a massive mobile artillery unit with unparalleled firepower and nearly invincible armor. She is also a brilliant tactician who is rarely, if ever, outsmarted on the battlefield. Partnered with Obsidian her battle plans are nearly unstoppable.

Weaknesses: Strika tends to be over confident of her own abilities and fails to expect defeat in her plans. She also refuses to take advice from anyone other than Obsidian.
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