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Beast Wars

Profiles by DrSpengler

Optimus Primal | Rhinox | Cheetor | Rattrap | Dinobot | Tigatron | Airrazor | The Maximal Elders

Megatron | Scorponok | Tarantulas | Terrorsaur | Waspinator | Blackarachnia | Inferno
The Tripredacus Council


Optimus Primal

Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “If you force me to fight then you force me to win!”

Function: Maximal Supreme Commander

First Television Appearance: “The Beast Wars part 1”

Profile: Selected by the Maximal Elders to lead a research team on a reconnaissance mission, Optimus Primal is a direct descendant of the original Optimus Prime and it shows. He cares not for war, he only wants peace. However, the threat of his mortal enemy, Megatron, and the Predacons has forced him into battle on the distant planet Enerogia. Stranded there, it is up to him to lead his army of Maximals to victory over the forces of evil. Optimus is kind and compassionate just like his predecessor. He will never leave a teammate behind and his heroism in battle has made him a legend in his own time.

Abilities: As Maximal Supreme Commander, Optimus Primal is the strongest warrior on the team. With the alternate mode of a gorilla at his command, Optimus can become an agile yet amazingly strong warrior in half a second. In robot mode he has a set of “Prime Jets” that can extend from his back and allow him the power of flight. He also has a set of energy pulse cannons on his arms that are strong enough to send any opponent into early retirement. He also carries a set of twin swords for close range combat. If paired with another Maximal Supreme Commander, Optimus Primal has a final attack that cannot be equaled. Combining the power of his Matrix of Leadership with another he can be transformed into “Burning Primal”. In this mode he shines with a fiery red light; his strength intensified ten-fold. As a final resort he can release the energy within his Matrix, combine it with the energy of another and create the “Double Matrix Blast”, a surge of energy so powerful no force in the universe is strong enough to withstand it.

Weaknesses: Optimus Primal is friendly and kind, almost like a father figure. But it is this quality that is also his greatest weakness. He can be manipulated by the enemy into trust only to be betrayed.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: ”The root of all strength is knowledge.”

Function: Defense

First Television Appearance: “The Beast Wars part 1.”

Profile: Rhinox is a thinker; one of the finest scientific minds on all of Cybertron. He is competent in not only science but also philosophy, engineering and just about anything else you could imagine. He designs nearly all of the weapons used by the Maximals as well as defense systems, communications devices, radar, vehicles and virtually anything else that might aid them not only against the Predacons but the harsh environment on Enerogia. Though Rhinox is a brilliant mind, he is also a brilliant warrior. His strategies and overall fighting skill makes him a valuable member of the team on all fronts. He is also humble and very pleased with his position on the Maximals. He doesn’t crave power and is satisfied where he stands.

Abilities: In beast mode Rhinox is a stampeding rhinoceros. In the strength department he is second only to Optimus Primal. He is also a decent mode of transportation; strong enough to carry any three members of the team on his back a great distance. In robot mode he has one of the most effective weapons of in the entire Maximal arsenal at his command. His massive chain-guns can unleash a storm of bullets with enough force behind them to shred any foe to pieces.

Weaknesses: While a powerful warrior, Rhinox is somewhat slow and awkward. Quick enemies can zoom around him and attack him at his weak points.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Let’s get this party started right!”

Function: Patrol

First Television Appearance: “The Beast Wars part 1”

Profile: A hyper warrior with an anxious attitude; Cheetor is by far the youngest member of the Maximal research crew on the Axalon, and is sometimes treated as such. He looks up to his commander Optimus Primal as almost a father figure and follows his every order without hesitation. However, he is also a little too quick to prove himself in battle. Cheetor will often engage an enemy way out of his league without thinking the consequences through. Never the less he is good-hearted and very friendly to children. He tries to have as much fun as possible despite the situation.

Abilities: In beast mode Cheetor is by far the fastest of the entire Maximal team. In cheetah mode he is quick and agile, able to strike hard and strike fast. In robot mode he carries a laser-powered quasar gun. Though small it packs a serious punch.

Weaknesses: Cheetor’s impatience and inexperience is his one great weakness. He is easy to get in over his head but hard to get out.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Quit yakkn’. I’ll fight when I feel like it. Jeez…”

Function: Spy

First Television Appearance: “The Beast Wars part 1”

Profile: One of the biggest loudmouths on Cybertron, Rattrap is hard to shut up when he gets going. But there is a method to the madness of his incessant babble. He is constantly looking for buttons to push on his friends and enemies alike, that way he can have a better understanding of what makes them tick. His favorite target is the former Predacon, Dinobot. Though a fan of drinking and adult-oriented entertainment, Rattrap is never the less a noble warrior. His skills on recon operations are unmatched and indispensable. He can infiltrate even the most closely guarded of Predacon bases and sneak out without his enemies noticing a thing. He likes to relax more so than any other Maximal and is often considered lazy. In order to maintain the health of his organic side he needs to eat food as often as he can. And so he does. He’ll eat just about anything and his smell proves it. Rattrap is also a descendant to the great Autobot warrior, Arcee.

Abilities: In rat mode Rattrap is quick and feisty. His teeth are incredibly sharp and can bite through even the toughest of metals. His stealth abilities are also his key strength, allowing him to slip in and out of sight at will. In robot mode he carries a small energy pistol that can stun enemies long enough for him to make his getaway. Rattrap also keeps a collection of grenades and other small explosives on hand for emergencies.

Weaknesses: Rattrap lacks offensive strength. Though agile and tricky, an opponent of greater strength and skill could dispatch him with relative ease in a straight on brawl.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “If a warrior does not have his honor then he does not deserve to live!”

Function: Frontline Combat

First Television Appearance: “The Beast Wars part 1”

Profile: The most vicious of all the Maximals…or should it be Predacon? After aiding Megatron in stealing the Golden Disk, Dinobot left the Predacons once they crash-landed on Enerogia and joined the Maximals. He is a warrior to the core of his spark and would die before sacrificing his honor. Though technically a member of the Maximals, Dinobot fights like a Predacon: brutally. He is the first on the battlefield and the last to step off. He despises downtime almost as mush as he despises his former comrades. Though ambitious at times he is fiercely loyal to his commander Optimus Primal and would never consider usurping him. He has a love-hate relationship with the Maximal Rattrap, often trading verbal barbs with him at every available moment. Though they’d never admit it, the two do respect one another a great deal.

Abilities: Whether he’s in beast mode or robot mode, Dinobot is one hundred percent warrior. In velociraptor mode he is quick, agile and stealthy. His moves are bathed in absolute silence leaving his enemy in the dark when he slashes them with his razor sharp talons. In robot mode he has powerful laser eye beams that are strong enough to take down even the toughest of foes. He also carries a rotating saw shield and sword for close range combat.

Weaknesses: At times Dinobot acts a little too much like a Predacon. This does not sit well with some of the other Maximals and often leads to levels of distrust toward him. His willingness to sacrifice himself on the battlefield also presents a problem.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Solitude can unlock doors to the mind few know exist.”

Function: Reconnaissance

First Television Appearance: “Fallen Comrades”

Profile: A solitary warrior, Tigatron prefers to remain in the snowy mountain regions of Enerogia with a herd of fellow white tigers. He is quiet and reserved, rarely speaking even to his teammates. He is perhaps one of the most skilled beast warriors on the Maximal team but is sometimes hard to contact. Tigatron enjoys being by himself or with his fellow tigers rather than out fighting a war he wants no part of. Despite this intentional separation, when an emergency arises he is quick to act and aid his fellow Maximals. Tigatron feels a great hatred for the Predacons after they killed his tiger friend, Snowstalker. He has vowed revenge against them for her death and plans to make good on that promise. He also has a strong bond with the female Maximal Airrazor, who shares many of the same ideals as him.

Abilities: When his stasis pod was ejected from the crashing Axalon he was forced into the snowy northern regions of the mysterious planet. As a polar operative Tigatron can’t be matched. He can literally vanish in a show drift and move around right next to his enemy undetected. Tigatron is also very resilient to the cold in both white tiger mode and robot mode. His weapon of choice is a quasar blaster but he can also wield a liquid nitrogen gun.

Weaknesses: His loner attitude makes him difficult to relate to. Also, his physical distance from the other Maximals makes him very hard to contact especially since radio transmissions are blocked by Enerogia’s overabundant energon levels.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “The sky has no limits.”

Function: Remote Air Reconnaissance

First Television Appearance: “The Spark”

Profile: A charming female Maximal, Airrazor is also a fierce and dedicated warrior. In the air she is hard to defeat by any Predacon and has few equals. She is swift and stealthy; an excellent spy. Airrazor prefers to remain in falcon mode since she finds it more comfortable. She loves the mysterious planet she is stranded on and never speaks of any desire to leave. She has a strong bond with fellow Maximal Tigatron who shares the same views as her. Together they watch the Predacons on the outlying regions of Enerogia and report their activity to Optimus Primal.

Abilities: In beast mode she becomes a soaring peregrine falcon with admirable flight skills. She can create a Sonic Boom that leaves enemy audio receptors ringing and useless. She also has a set of wrist-mounted missile launchers at her command that can pick off foes while she remains airborne.

Weaknesses: Airrazor usually acts as the only major contact between the other Maximals and Tigatron. Because of this she is often out beyond the range of radio transmissions and is therefor difficult to contact. In turn she might not be able to call for back up when she really needs it.

The Maximal Elders

Allegiance: Maximal

Function: Absolute Supreme Maximal Commanders and Guardians of Cybertron

First Television Appearance: Beast Wars Neo “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: The Maximal Elders are a council of three of Cybertrons greatest Autobot warriors and leaders. Together they drove the Decepticons to their final defeat and brought Cybertron to an age of peace 300 years ago. Now Maximals, they retain the same qualities from their Autobot days. Though allied with the Tripredacus Council, they do not fully trust them and are watching them at all times. They select all Maximal Supreme Commanders and supply them with a precious Matrix of Leadership, a portal to the Matrix Zone-itself and a direct connection to Vector Sigma. The decision to make leaders out of Optimus Primal, Lio Convoy and Big Convoy were theirs and theirs alone and they rarely make mistakes. Together it is their sole duty to keep Cybertron safe for all of time.

Abilities: Though they lack fighting skills they are the most brilliant military minds on all of Cybertron. Through their direction and leadership the Maximals have maintained peace and friendship with the Predacons for several centuries. They are also fearless warriors, never afraid to lead their armies directly into the battlefield. They were even brave enough to oppose Unicron during his Second Coming.

Weaknesses: Age has caught up with them. Though the most respected Maximals on Cybertron, they are mostly thinkers now.



Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “Predacons don’t surrender, they Conquer!”

Function: Predacon Emperor of Destruction

First Television Appearance: “The Beast Wars part 1.”

Profile: Unlike his namesake, Megatron hides his insanity with a smooth and charismatic exterior personality that also displays his unmatched power. He always has a personal agenda, one that he hides from even his most trusted warriors. It was this agenda that lead him to recruit a crew of Predacon renegades, steal the Golden Disk and leave Cybertron to plunder Earth. But through an unexpected flaw in his plan his ship was shot down and stranded on the mysterious planet of Enerogia. Or was this all intentional? Does he know more about Enerogia than he lets on? Megatron is a brilliant thinker who is always planning years in advance. Though hated by the Tripredacus Council, they too admit he is a warrior with no equal. Megatron lives to conquer and he will settle for nothing less than absolute power over all he surveys. He has a burning hatred toward Maximal commander, Optimus Primal, and will stop at nothing to see his demise.

Abilities: In beast mode Megatron transforms into the ultimate prehistoric monster, a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Translated from Latin, that name means “Tyrant Lizard King”; which is exactly what he is set out to become. With the plasma cannon mounted on his right arm he can blast any foolish enemy to pieces with dead-on accuracy. With his right arm he can fire rounds of missiles in an onslaught of fury. His t-rex head can act like a razor-sharp vice to slice through any opponent at a close range. He is also equipped with hip-mounted blasters to further ensure his enemies destruction. Match these strengths with his evil genius and he is a warrior few can come close to matching.

Weaknesses: Occasionally his own insanity and ambitions can get the better of him. His troops know that he always has underlying plans and choose not to trust him at times. Many of his troops also plot insurrection against him.


Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “If you don’t face me in battle then I’ll just as happily shoot you in the back!”

Function: Sub Commander

First Television Appearance: “The Beast Wars part 1”

Profile: Scorponok is the forever-loyal second in command of the Predacon army. He was selected by Megatron for this position not really for his power, but for his unwavering allegiance to Megatron’s command. The other Predacons tend to despise his bootlicking personality but endure it in fear of Megatron’s wrath. Scorponok comes off as self-absorbed, so much so that he named himself after a former Decepticon commander! But despite his undesirable attitude, Scorponok almost always backs up his claims. He is a brilliant tactician in his own right and comes up with many of the Predacon’s most successful schemes. He is also an excellent sniper who claims he could hit a fly 100 yards away with his eyes closed.

Abilities: In beast mode Scorponok transforms into an armored scorpion, perfect for desert warfare. From his pincers he can fire heat-seeking missiles which can lock onto a target and follow it to its destruction. He can also launch a Cyber Bee drone which performs tasks from reconnaissance to sniping. In addition to all that, he can also inject paralyzing Cyber Venom from the stinger on his tail.

Weaknesses: While brown-nosing earned him his rank, it has earned him no respect from any of the Predacons, not even Megatron. He is double-crossed by his comrades numerous times.


Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “Insanity is just as good a weapon as anything in your arsenal…as long as you use it properly.”

Function: Scientific Warfare

First Television Appearance: “The Beast Wars part 1”

Profile: Tarantulas is the underhanded lunatic of the Predacons. Always scheming, it is said that he has secret agendas more complex and intricate than even Megatron’s. He is also a bloodthirsty psychopath. He enjoys eating live animals or sucking their organs out slowly and painfully. He’ll even go as far as to drink the blood from the organic parts of other Transformers. Though crazy, there is always a method to his madness. Tarantulas spends most of his time secluded in his lab, working on personal projects that no one is aware of. While always plotting to dethrone Megatron, Predacon leadership is not his goal. The only one who knows his true intentions is himself.

Abilities: In beast mode Tarantulas is a gigantic spider capable of spinning webs that latch onto his prey leaving no window of escape. In robot mode he has a set of energy machine guns situated in his eight legs, which let loose an onslaught of firepower. He also uses a large energy pistol that emits Cyber Venom to paralyze his prey.

Weaknesses: His solitary attitude and disrespectful personality has put him on his leader’s permanent bad side. He has no choice but to tread lightly around Megatron or otherwise face the consequences.


Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “Treachery is my specialty!”

Function: Aerial Combat

First Television Appearance: “The Beast Wars part 1”

Profile: The most treacherous member of all the Predacons, Terrorsaur schemes at every conceivable moment, even in his sleep, of over-throwing Megatron. His eyes are always watching his “beloved” leader, waiting for the perfect opportunity to eliminate him and take his rank. Megatron is not blind, however, and is more than aware of his ambitious soldier. Terrorsaur has received Megatron’s unpleasant wrath on more than one occasion but has yet to be discouraged. He speaks in a loud screeching voice which mimics that of a bird. His personality has been equated to the ancient Decepticon warrior Starscream, an obvious idol of his. Always watching, he never lets an opportunity to seize power slip through his fingers.

Abilities: In beast mode Terrorsaur becomes a frightening pterodactyl. While not the fastest air warrior of the Predacons, he can maintain the steadiest speed over a great length of time. He also gives off little to no noise or energy traces when he flies, making him a perfect spy. Terrorsaur carries with him a powerful plasma energy pistol with enough strength behind it to crush an enemy to bits.

Weaknesses: Terrorsaur lacks powerful long-range attacks. If outclassed by another air warrior he can be grounded with relative ease.


Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “Waspinator just mopen’ around, minding his own business when BLAM! Waspinator get slagged! Why this happen to Waspinator? Why?”

Function: Aerial Attack Warfare

First Television Appearance: “The Beast Wars part 1”

Profile: Poor, poor Waspinator. Bad luck seems to always be on his side. Even if every other Predacon makes it out of a battle unscathed he’ll find himself in the greatest of pain. However, after being danger-prone for so many years Waspinator has worked up an unparalleled resistance to pain. He can bounce back from an injury three times quicker than any other Predacon and can withstand more damage than any of them combined. While it is a helpful quality, Waspinator would prefer to do without it. He longs to be a cool and charismatic Transformer, respected by his peers as an equally efficient warrior. Sadly, this is not the case. He is considered a joke among the other Predacons; reusable cannon fodder. Still, he remains a loyal, dedicated and somewhat indestructible member of the Predacons.

Abilities: In beast mode Waspinator transforms into a giant wasp. He is the fastest of all the Predacon air warriors, though he can’t maintain that speed for any great distance. His “Cyber-Sting” missile launchers located under his wings can paralyze his enemy while his explosive dart gun can blow them away when they’re left defenseless.

Weaknesses: It seems the forces of nature do all they can just to beat up on Waspinator. He has the worst case of bad luck in Transformer history. He is a magnet for pain.


Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “Seeing is believing and I can show you a world of pain.”

Function: Predacon Creative Subversion

First Television Appearance: “Double Jeopardy”

Profile: Smooth, sly and seductive; though created from a Maximal protoform you would never guess it by looking at her. Blackarachnia is bad straight to her laser core. While not the strongest of warriors she has by far the most influence over others. She can convince the other Predacons to do work for her by any method she wants. Though Blackarachnia prides herself on her Predacon status her Maximal programming tends to shine through on occasion. She has a soft spot for the Maximal fuzor Silverbolt and their relationship is very serious. Though she’d never verbally admit it, she cares for him deeply and would never willingly kill him. That aside, Blackarachnia has no intentions of turning good. She lives for the adrenaline rush of being evil and wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Abilities: In beast mode Blackarachnia transforms into a massive black widow spider. In this form she can construct adhesive webs to ensnare her enemies and then inject paralyzing cyber-venom into their circuitry. Blackarachnia is a skilled martial artist, kick boxing being her best talent. She also has a set of sub-machine guns located in each of her 8 legs.

Weaknesses: As a Predacon her single weakness is her infatuation with Silverbolt. If he is involved she may find it difficult to complete her mission as directed.


Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “You will burn for the colony! BURN!”

Function: Enforcement

First Television Appearance: “Spider’s Game”

Profile: One hundred percent certifiably insane. That’s all that can really be said about the Predacon named Inferno. When his stasis pod crash-landed on Enerogia a malfunction occurred in his protoform. The result was a raging maniac, hell-bent on protecting the “colony”. With a little bit of convincing by his “Queen” Megatron, Inferno now believes that the Predacon base of operations, the Darkside, is his colony and that Megatron is the “royalty”. His loyalty knows no limits and will willingly let himself die for the protection of Megatron. Inferno is also somewhat of a masochist. He considers pain his friend, a friend he will gladly introduce to his enemies. Damage only sends him into laughing fits, increasing his vicious attitude. Inferno isn’t just a clinically insane masochist, he also happens to be a pyromaniac. Everything he sees has to burn, whether it be an enemy or just the landscape itself.

Abilities: In beast mode Inferno becomes a massive fire-ant that can burrow under ground quickly and efficiently; perfect for break-ins. He carries a massive flame-thrower that can reach temperatures hot enough to melt even the most heat-resistant metal alloys. In robot mode his abdomen can turn into a jet propeller engine, providing him with a means of flight that makes him all the more deadly.

Weaknesses: Inferno’s insanity is his only major weakness. He loses control easily and can get carried away with his work. It also enrages Megatron when he refers to him as his “Queen”.

The Tripredacus Council

Allegiance: Predacon

Function: Absolute Supreme Predacon Commanders

First Television Appearance: Beast Wars Metals “The Agenda part 1”

Profile: After the Decepticons fell to the Autobots in the final Great War peace has since been established on Cybertron. However, the descendants of the Decepticons, the Predacons, have never accepted their fate. The Tripredacus Council was formed to command the Predacon faction on Cybertron, though the Maximal Elders still remained the true rulers of the planet. The Tripredacus Council controls the political side of their race as well as the illegal activities. They were the ones who secretly commissioned Galvatron to rebel against the Maximals and go to Gaea; however, they were not the ones who sent Megatron to steal the Golden Disk. Megatron did this on his own accord against the wishes of the Council and has been on their bad side ever since. Though they claim to desire peace between the factions, they are forever plotting the downfall of the Maximals through any means necessary.

Abilities: They hold a number of cards in the Cybertronian underworld, including mercenaries that shouldn’t even exist. Their power and influence is the second strongest on Cybertron and they are the root of all problems between the factions.

Weaknesses: Though politically powerful, they are not warriors. Should they be exposed for their criminal activities their reign as Supreme Predacon Commanders will come to an end.
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