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Profiles by DrSpengler, icons by TFVanguard: see here for details and more icons

Apache | Artemis | Bighorn | Bigmos | Diver | DJ | Drillnuts | Gimlet | Ikard | Lio Convoy | Lio Junior
Magnaboss | Mantis | Moon | Motorarm | Navi | Powerhug | Santon | Scissorboy | Scuba | Skywarp
Tasmanian Kid | Tonbot | Tripledacus

Autocrusher | Autojetter | Autolauncher | Autostinger | BB | Coelagon | Dirge | Dirgegun | Galvatron
Gigastorm | God Neptune | Halfshell | Hellscream | Majin Zarak | Max B | Megastorm | Scylla
Seaphantom | Starscream | Terrormander | Thrust | Thrustol



Motto: “Diligence is the key to victory.”

Function: Deputy Commander

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Apache is second in command of the Maximal fighting force on planet Gaea. He is a grizzled old warrior who fights with every drop of emotion he can muster. Apache respects his commander Lio Convoy like he was family and will defend any decision he should make. He is also a very demanding officer and will except nothing but the best from his soldiers. This no-nonsense attitude of his often brings him frustration with the fun-loving Jointron Brothers. Though an experienced warrior, Apache doubts his own usefulness at times. He is also a heavy drinker, guzzling can after can of oil in his down time. Though he tends to be depressed he is still a powerful warrior who has yet to realize his true courage and power.

Abilities: In beast mode Apache becomes a quick and agile mandrill. This mode has rubbed off on his robot side, often causing him to snarl when angry. His main attack in robot mode are his chest grenades. When attacking an enemy he can fire an onslaught of grenades from his chest, leveling his foe. He also has a mysterious third transformation called only “Mode 3”. In this mode he becomes a raging artillery unit with incredible firepower outmatched by few. He is unaware of this mode, however, and can only access it subconsciously when in absolute peril.

Weaknesses: Apache’s composed attitude and lack of a humorous side often alienates him from his army. He also tends to fall into depression where he doubts his own worth.


Motto: “I wonder who’s going to win this war…”

Function: Celestial Observation

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Artemis is a sweet natured female Maximal, unless she gets frustrated. When aggravated she tends to throw fits of rage with a large mallet. She usually directs this rage toward her partner, Moon. From the moon orbiting Gaea she observes the battle below and gathers data but is forbidden to make contact under any circumstance. Artemis is very youthful and energetic but tends to worry a little too much. She has a crush on the Predacon Starscream and the Maximal Scuba. She is not sure which is more worthy of her affection, even if she is forbidden to ever speak to them.

Abilities: Artemis cannot be considered a warrior by any stretch of the imagination. She has no alternate mode. Artemis is strictly there to observe the war and gather all the information she can. But because of this task she is also very knowledgeable of all aspects to the war on Gaea. Her knowledge of the war is greater than that of even the Predacon and Maximal commanders.

Weaknesses: Artemis cannot fight and never tries to. She only observes events.


Motto: “I was built to fight so I will do nothing else!”

Function: Shock Trooper

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Bighorn is a raging animal in battle who despises down time of any sort. He’ll go into a battle giving his all and won’t step down unless he has won. Though a raging maniac on the battlefield, he is also a nature lover. He has a soft spot for red flowers, even if they tend to throw him into an angry mood. Bighorn also has deep affections for the Seacon named Scylla and attempts to attract her attention whenever possible. He is a seasoned warrior but by no means a genius. He loses most of his common sense when in a fighting frenzy and his powerful attacks often endanger his own allies.

Abilities: In beast mode Bighorn becomes a stampeding buffalo. Call him a bull and he’ll flatten you. In robot mode he can perform two devastating attacks. The first of which are his thunder horns. If storm clouds are present he can attract bolts of lightning to his horns, amplify their power and then direct the blast at his enemy. His other attack is his “Buffalo Missile”. With this weapon he can fire a terribly destructive missile from his mouth. He prefers to have his teammates handle the trigger on the back of his head so he can concentrate on aiming and tell them when to fire.

Weaknesses: Bighorn is an idiot. He provides enough brute strength to overpower most enemies but when it comes to tactics he knows very little. Also, his soft spot for the enemy Scylla has gotten him into plenty of trouble and will most likely continue to do so.


Subgroup: Insectron

Motto: “All I want is peace, I just wish I didn’t have to fight to achieve it.”

Function: Insectron Commander

First Television Appearance: “The Insectrons Arrive.”

Profile: Bigmos is the leader of the Insectron force. After many years of war on Cybertron he chose to leave with a group of his friends and search the galaxy for a safe haven from the fighting. He is a very solemn warrior who deeply desires peace. He also has a great since of honor. In a battle with the Autoroller named Auto Stinger on Cybertron he was beaten and at the Predacon’s mercy. Instead of killing him he granted him mercy and allowed him to live. To this day he still owes a debt of gratitude to the Autoroller. As leader Bigmos is easily the most levelheaded member of the Insectrons.

Abilities: In beast mode he becomes a buzzing mosquito. He is a quick flyer who is hard to lock on target. He can fire needles from his mouth that can pierce even the toughest of metal alloys. He can also transform into a third “Antlion” mode.

Weaknesses: It is a speculation that Bigmos has an affinity for tomato juice. He prefers it to oil and it can even be used to bait him.


Motto: “I’m not a big fan of that pain-thing everyone’s always talking about.”

Function: Field Defense

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Diver is a warrior who does not wish to be a hero. He prefers to keep away from the dangerous assignments and work on ones which have little threat to his life. However, if moved by the friendship of his teammates he will fight side by side with them without a second thought. Diver is a very caring individual who wants all his friends to make it out of the war on Gaea alive and return to Cybertron in one piece. He also enjoys singing, though he is far to shy to ever let anybody hear him.

Abilities: Diver can transform into a large frog in beast mode capable of leaping to heights far greater than any other member of the Maximal Army. He can also catch his enemies off guard with his “Tongue Punch” attack. Diver can perform a “Diver Bubble” attack to blind and confuse his enemies and give him time to either run away or take advantage of their confusion.

Weaknesses: With all things considered, Diver’s attacks are relatively weak in a battle with a great Predacon warrior. He puts it best himself, “I need to practice more…”


Subgroup: Jointron

Motto: “Let’s get down and play some tunes! Costa Rrrrrrica!”

Function: Jointron Sonic Operative

First Television Appearance: “Combined Giant Tripledacus.”

Profile: DJ is the eldest of the three Jointron brothers and the most mature. Unfortunately, that is not saying much. Like his three brothers, DJ often injects bad Spanish sentences into his talk. Often times only confusing whoever he’s speaking with. He enjoys music much more than any of the other Maximals and will play it whenever possible. Being a Jointron he is perpetually in a partying mood and rarely gets serious about anything. Because of the often times obnoxious personalities of him and his brothers, the Jointrons have been situated in a base far far away from the other Maximals.

Abilities: When transformed DJ becomes a cicada. He can unleash two “Seven-Year Swords” hidden behind his wings that are sharp enough to slice even the tallest of trees in half. He can also generate powerful soundwaves that can be heard 10, 000 kilometers away. Along with his brothers, DJ can fuse to become Tripledacus.

Weaknesses: Though he’d never admit it, he tends to wet himself when he’s had too much oil to drink. How embarrassing.


Subgroup: Insectron

Motto: “Check it out! I built a battery-powered battery changer that’s only good for changing its own batteries! It can-*sigh* Never mind…”

Function: Insectron Underground Engineer

First Television Appearance: “The Strongest Tag-team?”

Profile: Drillnuts is the self-proclaimed “Master Inventor of the Insectrons”. He spends most of his time building intricate devices. Most of it is really just junk that doesn’t even work that well but he enjoys doing it none the less. He has a very sarcastic personality that often comes off as rude or insulting, but he can’t help it. He forever builds “highly useless items”, as the other Insectrons so call them. He wishes to one day build something that actually has practical applications.

Abilities: Drillnuts can transform into a weevil insect at will. In this form he has the ability to tunnel deep beneath the earth and rise up below a Predacon and catch them off guard. In robot mode he makes great use of his large drill arm, boring holes into whatever opponent he can. While most of his inventions are useless he is also an expert with bombs and gunpowder and makes much of the Insectron’s weapons.

Weaknesses: Drillnuts tends to get lost in his work, however pointless it is, and lose interest in battle. His teammates find this highly irritating.


Subgroup: Jointron

Motto: “Muchos Muchos!”

Function: Jointron Polar Operative

First Television Appearance: “Combined Giant Tripledacus.”

Profile: Gimlet is the youngest of the Jointron brothers and the dancing fool of the group. He loves to jump and party about to the music of his older brother, DJ. Gimlet is a Maximal who never gets down even in the worst situation. Instead he just likes to party and have a good time and see what happens next. Just like his other brothers he mixes bad Spanish in with his sentences often times making it hard to tell what he’s getting at. Instead he lets his rhythm speak for him.

Abilities: Gimlet can transform into a large red lobster with a thick and durable shell. He is armed with buttagiri claws that have enough vice-like power to crush a lump of coal into a diamond. He is also equipped with “Lobslicer Cutters”, though he doesn’t really use them as a weapon. He prefers to use them as a maraca and rattle them away as he dances around.

Weaknesses: Gimlet’s dancing and rattling maracas often times prevents him from hearing an approaching enemy.


Motto: “Without supplies a warrior will last only as long as a sea-monkey.”

Function: Space Reconnaissance

First Television Appearance: “New Weapon: the Tako-Tank.”

Profile: Born Ikard Octoba Barx, he is the cousin and childhood friend of the Maximal called Scuba. Ikard is possibly the only other Transformer that Scuba trusts with his personal secrets. They are like brothers. He plays an important role in the Cybertronian war; delivering essential cargo to Maximals stationed far off in the galaxy. It was Ikard who delivered the near unstoppable weapon, the Tako-Tank, to his cousin Scuba. Ikard is also considered quite intelligent and is well-known historian.

Abilities: Ikard is an excellent pilot, able to navigate through the dangers of space with ease. He is also an accomplished warrior. He even taught Scuba his trademark “Surumarang” attack.

Weaknesses: Ikard tends to be preoccupied worrying about the welfare of his cousin Scuba. This often distracts him.

Lio Convoy

Motto: “I will protect the freedom of the Galaxy until the day I die and after that I will have no regrets.”

Function: Maximal Supreme Commander

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Lio Convoy is a pure hearted Maximal soldier. He was chosen by the Maximal Elders to pursue a renegade army of Predacons to the planet Gaea and prevent them from obtaining the super-powerful angromois energy that courses through the planet. When his ship crash-landed on the planet he was carried to safety by a white lion. His idento-computer then scanned the heroic lion and gave him his beast mode. Lio Convoy is a fearless leader and a noble warrior. His army of Maximal soldiers obey his every order and treat him with the utmost respect. He has a fierce rivalry with the Predacon Emperor of Destruction, Galvatron. It is up to Lio Convoy and his army to defend Gaea from Galvatron and vanquish the Predacons permanently.

Abilities: Lio Convoy is one of the most powerful Maximals in the history of Cybertron. In beast mode he becomes a powerful white lion capable of achieving high speeds and stalking enemies in absolute silence. In robot mode Lio Convoy has a plethora of special attacks. His trademark attack is the “Lio Typhoon”. With the lion head on his right shoulder he can generate a powerful burst of wind that can overpower nearly any foe and send them hurtling uncontrollably in the opposite direction. Lio Convoy can also draw a saber from subspace for close range combat. He is also capable of extending his lion talons out of his hands to slash enemies to pieces or extend a powerful set of missile launchers to blow opponents away. His ultimate attack is the “Double Matrix Blast”. If paired with another Maximal Supreme Commander Lio Convoy can combine energies from their two Matrixes of Leadership and become Flash Lio Convoy. In this mode he shines in brilliant yellow light which gives him unfathomable speed. He can then draw out this energy, combine it with the energy of the other commander and release it in a devastating blast that eradicates all in its path.

Weaknesses: Lio Convoy is a fearless and battle-hardened warrior. He has a great respect for life and nature. He will openly sacrifice himself for the safety of others, especially his own men. The Predacons are more than aware of this and attempt to take advantage of this flaw at all instances.

Lio Junior

Motto: “Youth should never be underestimated!”

Function: Warrior

First Television Appearance: “Enter Lio Junior!”

Profile: Lio Junior is the “son” of Lio Convoy. He was created by the influence of pure energy upon Lio Convoy’s Matrix of Leadership. Though Lio Convoy says little on the matter, Lio Junior considers himself his son. He desperately tries his hardest to prove his worth to the other Maximals but due to his age he garners little respect. He is very rash at times and often doesn’t think things through. Though in the end he has a kind spark and only wants to be viewed as an equal among his Maximal peers.

Abilities: When transformed Lio Junior becomes a young lion. He can use his tail as his Lion Vute Whip for close-range combat. He can extend two horns from his mane that charge up powerful angromois energy spheres and hurl them at enemies. Lio Junior’s mane can also become the “Lion Wings” which allow him flight for short distances. Along with Skywarp and Santon, Lio Junior can combine to form Magnaboss.

Weaknesses: Lio Junior is young and inexperienced. He also tends to be a little over-sensitive. The Predacons can play on this and easily influence him to their needs.


Motto: “Wisdom. Courage. The Love of Nature. Together, the united warrior, Magnaboss!”

Function: Gestalt Warrior

First Television Appearance: “Enter Lio Junior!”

Profile: Magnaboss is the fusion of Skywarp’s intelligence, Lio Junior’s courage and Santon’s kindness. Together they are a powerful fighting machine and a beacon of hope for the Maximals on Gaea.

Abilities: Magnaboss can use an enhanced version of Lio Junior’s Angromois Ball as well as Skywarp’s Sky Missiles. The three individual weapons of each component fuse to become his mighty “Magnablade”. With it he can unleash powerful laser shockwaves that eradicate all in its path.

Weaknesses: Magnaboss is often too willing to fight to the bitter end. To get him to retreat from a battle he almost has to be pulled away by hand.


Sub-group: Insectron

Motto: “Who wants some!?”

Function: Blade Warrior

First Television Appearance: “Mystery of the Ancient Ruins.”

Profile: Of all the Insectron warriors Mantis is by far the most hostile. He likes peace and quiet and if disturbed he’ll explode into a fit of rage that’s nearly impossible to avoid. Though he seems like an absolute nutcase he only wants one thing, relaxation. As a member of the Insectrons he and his cohorts left Cybertron in an attempt to escape the wars that never seemed to go away. He had thought he had found a safe haven on Gaea. Now that the battle has been shifted to his new home he doesn’t care what side he fights on just as long as everyone just leaves him alone!

Abilities: When Lio Convoy and Apache first saw the blades of Mantis they equated them with the scythe of Death himself. In praying mantis mode he makes excellent use of his weapon, slashing any opponent to pieces without the slightest hint of effort. In robot mode he can eject buzzsaw disks that are virtually impossible to avoid and even harder to block. Mantis also has the power of flight thanks to his two insect wings. With this ability he can pick enemies off with his saw attack while remaining safely in the air.

Weaknesses: Mantis’ loose-cannon attitude often makes him a threat to both Predacon and Maximal. Few trust him and he is often left on his own.


Motto: “Be sure to root for the Maximals-moon!”

Function: Celestial Observer

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Moon is an incredibly cheerful creature with a perpetually sunny disposition. From the moon orbiting Gaea he observes the battle between the Predacons and Maximals and gathers data along with his partner Artemis. He takes the brunt of Artemis’ frustrations but never retaliates. He also ends every sentence with the word “-moon”.

Abilities: Moon can transform into a rabbit-like robot and usually prefers to remain in this form. In robot mode he is capable of teleportation onto Gaea to observe events from ground level. He can also use a device to make himself invisible and thus prevent any contact with either side of the war.

Weaknesses: In no way is Moon a fighting machine. He is an observer and nothing more.


Subgroup: Jointron

Motto: “Aye Caramba! El pollo diablo!”

Function: Jointron Sumo Wrestler

First Television Appearance: “Combined Giant Tripledacus.”

Profile: Motorarm is the middle child of the Jointron brothers. But just like his brothers he enjoys partying and speaking with lousy Spanish. He is currently in training and belongs to the Trias Room of Universal Sumo Association. He says that his secret is energon chanko-nabe (a filling stew that is a staple of the sumo wrestler’s diet). Motorarm decided to travel to Gaea and join in the war to build up a better warriors spirit and hopefully drain away a little of his excitable nature. It doesn’t look like even the horrors of war are going to accomplish that.

Abilities: In beast mode Motorarm becomes a beetle and a strong one at that. Thanks to his sumo training he can lift even the Predacon Megastorm off the ground with one hand. In his shell he holds a blade called the “Utchari” or “Pullback Claw”. His special attack is the “Magma Horn”. With this attack he sends a blast of heat and light from the horn on his head that is powerful enough to melt most objects into soup.

Weaknesses: His sumo training has made him strong but not fast. Most enemies can run circles around him.


Motto: “Attention! Predacon activity! Attention!”

Function: Maximal Computer

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Navi is the artificial intelligence programmed into the computer onboard the Maximal’s ship. She is knowledgeable of all parts of the ship and provides warning when there is Predacon activity on parts of Gaea. Though a program used for most Maximal spacecrafts she still has her own unique personality and can tend to be a little haughty at times. But over all she is a sweet-natured computer program who is an essential part in the Maximal’s fight against the Predacons.

Abilities: She can view various parts of Gaea via satellite systems. To gain attention she floats around in a small computer screen.

Weaknesses: She is merely a computer program. She has no fighting power.


Subgroup: Insectrons

Motto: “If you’re in my way your going to get pounded straight into the ground. You’ve been warned.”

Function: Insectron Judo Expert

First Television Appearance: “The Strongest Tag-team?”

Profile: Powerhug is a very straightforward Maximal who has nothing to hide. He always speaks the truth, even if it hurts. He talks in a Kyushu dialect for some unknown reason. It rarely bothers his teammates. Powerhug tends to be a bit clumsy at times but never enough to endanger the other Insectrons. He supposedly has a score to settle with the Autorollers after excepting a defeat in battle many years ago.

Abilities: In pill bug mode Powerhug has a nearly impenetrable shell which can absorb virtually any attack. His special attack is the “Hug Hell Wheel” where he rolls into a ball and hurls himself at his enemies. In robot mode he uses his “Power Hug Pinions” to crush any Predacon on the battlefield.

Weaknesses: The “Hug Hell Wheel” is his favorite attack but it comes with one drawback, it doesn’t work very well downhill. If he performs this attack on a steep downgrade he tends to roll out of control and helpless.


Motto: “Wars do not need to be won with murder and suffering.”

Function: Medic

First Television Appearance: “Enter Lio Junior!”

Profile: Santon is one of Cybertron’s finest and most accomplished medics. Along with Skywarp he was dispatched to investigate Galvatron’s massive spacecraft, the Nemesis, and provide Lio Convoy with backup on Gaea. He is a philanthropist and greatly respects life of all kind. He refuses to kill. As a doctor it is his duty to do otherwise and help the wounded.

Abilities: In beast mode Santon becomes a mighty elephant. Behind his ears he hides his “Ki-Shot Cannons”, though they do not have the power to kill or wound. He can also stamp his feet to create the “Santon Quake” and send his opponents to the ground. From his tusks he can project the “Santon Shield” that is strong enough to absorb a fair number of attacks.

Weaknesses: As a doctor Santon will never kill an enemy under any circumstance. If overwhelmed by a foe he would rather die then sink to their level.


Subgroup: Insectron

Motto: “Just because it’s a war doesn’t mean you have to take it seriously.”

Function: Insectron Strategist

First Television Appearance: “The Strongest Tag-team?”

Profile: The youngest member of the Insectrons, Scissorboy is very talkative and quick-witted. He is good friends with the Maximal Tasmanian Kid and spends much of his time hanging out with him. While the two share the same love of adventure Scissorboy joined the Insectrons to escape the reborn war on Cybertron. He prefers to relax and take it easy but still have fun while doing so. He can tend to be a little stingy when it comes to money, though.

Abilities: In beast mode Scissorboy becomes an earwig. In robot mode his “Mighty Scissors” can be situated on either his hands or his chest and work effectively both ways. With this weapon he can snap most Predacons in two without even trying.

Weaknesses: Scissorboy’s youth also makes him somewhat inexperienced. He can be easily influenced by the enemy.


Motto: “I do not need to speak to prove my skill. My skill speaks for itself.”

Function: Marine Operations

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Scuba is the loner of the team. He prefers to operate by himself and usually works best that way. He fights like a ninja, disappearing and reappearing as he pleases. Scuba dedicates a great deal of his free time to the art of writing and is considered the best poet of the group, though he rarely speaks of his talent. He also enjoys reading whenever possible and finds it relaxing and a good alternative to the noise and aggravations hanging out with the other Maximals would provide. The Seacon named Scylla is very taken with him and pursues him whenever she can. This annoys Scuba a great deal.

Abilities: What Scuba lacks in people skills he makes up for in strength. He is one of the most skilled warriors on the team and few doubt his power. In beast mode he becomes a giant squid and with his tentacles he can grasp a Predacon and suck them dry of energy. Scuba also uses an attack called the “Surumarang”. With this attack he hurls spinning strips of his tentacle at an enemy that are strong enough to crush the toughest armors. He is also very knowledgeable of the underground waterways on planet Gaea. He can travel through these pathways with great speed and stealth only to tunnel up into the battlefield creating a geyser, catching his enemies off guard and giving him the advantage.

Weaknesses: Scuba rarely talks with his fellow Maximals. Some of them wonder if he even knows their names. This keeps him from making any emotional bonds with his teammates. Also, the irritating advances of Scylla occasionally cause him to lose his cool.


Motto: “If one does not think then one cannot fight.”

Function: Sonic Speed Instructor

First Television Appearance: “Enter Lio Junior!”

Profile: Skywarp is a master of aerial combat who was dispatched from Cybertron to provide Lio Convoy with backup on Gaea. He is very serious but knows when to lighten up. Skywarp has great consideration for young Maximal warriors and does his best to treat them with respect (though he occasionally has trouble with Lio Junior). He is a teacher at heart who tries to share his wisdom and skill with all who are willing to learn from it.

Abilities: When transformed Skywarp becomes a soaring eagle. He can remove a part of his wing and use it as his “Wing Caliber Sword”. He can also create devastating sonic booms which clear the ground beneath him. If that wasn’t enough he can fold over his wings and launch sets of “Sky Missiles” at any Predacon in his path. Along with Santon and Lio Junior he forms Magnaboss.

Weaknesses: His affinity for youth often distracts him from the battle. He is too busy trying to teach young warriors and often misses an enemy attack.

Tasmanian Kid

Motto: “Hey, if a warrior doesn’t lighten up every once in a while he might end up like Apache! …No offense.”

Function: Diversionary Trooper

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Though he prefers to be called just “Kid” he truly desires to become a full-fledged warrior. The others find this hard to believe since he spends most of his time throwing pranks, cracking jokes and just causing trouble everywhere he goes. Kid is often quick to try and prove himself to the other Maximals so they will hopefully view him as the warrior he wishes to be. His beast mode is also not his first choice. He was attempting to scan an eagle when a Tasmanian devil stepped in front of his DNA scanner. Never the less he thinks of the little creature as his friend and talks to it as if it could talk back. Though Kid usually causes trouble he always means well and is kind to the core.

Abilities: In beast mode Kid can transform into a large Tasmanian Devil. He is very quick on his feet and an excellent climber. This attribute comes in handy in thick jungle missions. His special attack is his use of the “Tasmanian Fangs” which are sharp enough to shred any enemy to bits if they are foolish enough to close in on him.

Weaknesses: Though not malicious by any means, Kid’s carelessness and inexperience often make a bad situation worse. The other Maximals think he needs to mature a bit.


Subgroup: Insectron

Motto: “Oh my god! This is colossal! This is stupendous! It’s unbelievable! It’s absolutely-wait…what’s going on?”

Function: Forced Reconnaissance

First Television Appearance: “The Insectrons Arrive.”

Profile: “High-strung” is the best way to describe the Insectron warrior Tonbot. He is easily excited and after that it is difficult to shut him up. He doesn’t care what others think of him, just as long as he’s happy. He enjoys mixing English sentences in with his foreign speech just for fun. He considers it a “talent”. No one else does. They just think he needs to lay off the caffeine. While easily excited he doesn’t always crave adrenaline rushes. He still enjoys relaxing moments such as sunsets. But even they tend to send him bouncing off the walls.

Abilities: In beast mode Tonbot becomes a wild dragonfly. In this mode he is the fastest flyer of the Insectrons, able to soar as high as the stratosphere on his own power. His tail can fire “Botshot Missiles” capable of homing in on even the most elusive of enemies. He can also spit solvent liquid or mist from his mouth that either eat away at any Predacon warrior or just leave them blinded in a cloud of smoke.

Weaknesses: Tonbot’s tendency to get carried away often drains his energon levels much quicker than if he’d sit still for a minute. Often times he’ll run out of energy before a battle is finished.


Subgroup: Jointron

Motto: “Party time!”

Function: Jointron Combination Giant

First Television Appearance: “Combined Giant Tripledacus.”

Profile: Tripledacus is the fusion of the three jovial Jointron brothers, DJ, Gimlet and Motorarm. He is taller than the Predacon Emperor of Destruction, Galvatron and equal in strength to the Maximal Supreme Commander, Lio Convoy. He is loaded with weapons and a near invincible warrior who gives any Predacon a run for their money.

Abilities: Tripledacus’ right arm is the “Triple Blaster”, an all-purpose gun made up of the fusion of the Jointron brothers’ three weapons. It can slice through nearly any substance and lock on a target p to 4 kilometers away. His right hand is comprised of Motorarms’ Magma Horns which can melt whatever they touch.

Weaknesses: The Jointron brothers are rowdy enough by themselves, but combined they are something else. Tripledacus often gets carried away and looses track of what he’s doing.



Subgroup: Autorollers

Motto: “A soldier does not need to think about why he fights. He just needs to win!”

Function: Land Guard

First Television Appearance: “White Lio, Run!”

Profile: Autocrusher is a tough a demanding officer in the Predacon army who demands the most out of the younger warriors. Like the other Autorollers, Autocrusher has a deep seeded hatred for insects and thus mixed feelings toward the Insectrons. He follows the orders of Galvatron but is more loyal to the other Autorollers, willing to leave the Predacons if need be. He has little patience for youth and even less for disrespect. Autocrusher somewhat enjoys smacking around disrespectful warriors.

Abilities: In machine mode Autocrusher is a massive bulldozer. His armor, especially that on his chest, is incredibly durable and can absorb a wide host of attacks. The buzzsaw on his left hand is as sharp as they come and can demolish an entire forest in a quick and timely manner. He is also equipped with an array of homing missiles much like his partner, Autostinger.

Weaknesses: Autocrusher is a little too bulky for his own good. His massive size makes him very slow and awkward.


Subgroup: Autoroller

Motto: “Lousy, stinkn’ bugs!”

Function: Aerial Guard

First Television Appearance: “White Lion, Run!”

Profile: As aerial guard of the Predacons, Autojetter helps maintain air supremacy. Like the other Autorollers, he is somewhat rebellious and often thinks of breaking off into a separate faction. Autojetter’s personality is a little problematic; he enjoys war for his own personal pleasure rather than any particular cause. After crash-landing due to a cloud of dragonflies in his engines he has had a burning hatred toward all forms of insects. This only adds to the love/hate relationship between the Autorollers and the Insectrons.

Abilities: In machine mode Autojetter transforms into a speed breaking jet. In robot mode the triple rockets on his arms are outrageously powerful and can be used on all sorts of terrain.

Weaknesses: Autojetter’s personal score with the Insectrons occasionally gets in the way of battle. His crazy and rebellious attitude only adds to the eyes watching him at all times.


Motto: “If you’re not the first then you’re the last!”

Function: Shock Troop Guard

First Television Appearance: “White Lion, Run!”

Profile: A glory hog if there ever was one. As a bodyguard he will often neglect the safety of his commanding officers so that he can infiltrate the enemy base first and claim the most Maximal heads for himself. This usually results in punishment for disobeying direct orders. Autolauncher has a fierce rivalry with the Insectron Mantis who is the only other Transformer equal to his skill with disk weaponry. Though egotistical, Autolauncher is very loyal to his fellow Autorollers and treats them with more respect than any of the other Predacons.

Abilities: When transformed Autolauncher becomes a thundering ground assault vehicle. In robot mode he has a disk-launcher embedded in his chest. He can fire a wide variety of destructive disks. His favorite of which are the timer disks. Autolauncher can unleash a spinning disk into an enemy base and then trigger it to explode at his discretion.

Weaknesses: Autolauncher’s self-absorption and eagerness to be first tends to fowl up a well laid plan and only cause more damage than good.


Motto: “Though allegiances may change, a true warrior will always remain the same.”

Function: Autoroller Commander

First Television Appearance: “White Lion, Run!”

Profile: A former Maximal, Autostinger fought against the Predacons only to be “abandoned” and left a prisoner of war. He was spared a minute before his execution by Galvatron who saw potential in him. Autostinger is a renowned mercenary whose name is known all over the galaxy. He holds an intense grudge against the Maximals for leaving him behind but at the same time a feeling of understanding due to his former role in their cause. Autostinger has a love-hate relationship with the Insectrons not knowing if he would rather kill them or befriend them.

Abilities: Autostinger can transform into a dump truck capable of hauling all type of cargo and supplies. He is also equipped with a set of homing missiles which hunt down his enemy and blow them to pieces. The pincer on his left hand can also be used as a powerful stun gun.

Weaknesses: Autostinger’s level of compassion for the Maximals, however small it may be, has kept him from killing an enemy on more than one occasion and is viewed as a weakness by the other Predacons.


Motto: “Roger!”

Function: Bombardier

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: BB is Starscream’s eternally loyal partner in air combat. He can only speak with a single word, “Roger”, and has little else to say. He follows every order he is given and rarely fails. BB is considered a rarity among the Predacon soldiers due to his absolute loyalty to their cause.

Abilities: When in vehicle mode BB becomes an enormous stealth bomber. In this mode he can perform the “Combination Scream” with his partner Starscream and become an even more powerful air warrior. In robot mode he can fire Screamwinder Missiles from his shoulder mounted BB Launcher. BB also has a third tank mode used for ground combat when necessary.

Weaknesses: BB follows orders and has very little creative thought. Without the aid of his partner Starscream he would not be considered a competent warrior.


Subgroup: Seacon

Motto: “I’m tired. Come back in five minutes.”

Function: Seacon Advisor

First Television Appearance: “Space Pirate Seacons!”

Profile: 80,000 years young, Coelagon is by far the oldest member of the Seacons. He frequently falls asleep even in the most dangerous of situations and rarely gets excited about anything. He is very knowledgeable about treasure and advises Halfshell on profitable locations. More often then not his information is either wrong or outdated. However, he is the one who informed the other Seacons of the abundant supply of Angromois energy on Gaea.

Abilities: Coelagon can transform into a cybernetic coelacanth. He has few attacks but his most powerful would have to be the “Blizzard of Scales” which overwhelms his enemy in a wave of razor-sharp scales.

Weaknesses: Coelagon isn’t a very powerful warrior. He is quite old and mostly just advises the actions of the other Seacons.


Motto: “Nothing tastes better than mass destruction.”

Function: Aerial Officer

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Dirge is almost inseparable from his partner and best friend, Thrust. Insult comedy is one of his favorite pass-times and enjoys throwing insults left and right. Dirge is also a Cybertronian gourmet. He can give energy higher potency and better flavor. Oil (the alcohol of the Transformers) is one of his favorite substances to work with and he is known for his very intense brews. Along with Thrust, Dirge has a rivalry with the Predacon air warriors Starscream and BB.

Abilities: Dirge can transform into a fighter jet and carpet-bomb the enemy beneath him. His favorite weapon, the Dirge Gun, is kept in a compartment in his leg. He can attach a long barrel to it and increase its power.

Weaknesses: Just like Thrust, Dirge finds it hard to act serious and can be very immature at times. This tends to screw up good plans.


Motto: “Hey, check me out! I’m a bug…robot…thingy…”

Function: Aerial Captain

First Television Appearance: “Lio Convoy Assassination Plan.”

Profile: After swearing allegiance to Gigastorm, Dirge was rebuilt as Dirgegun. Though he still retains his comedic personality, Dirgegun is a much more powerful warrior who can no longer be taken lightly by any member of the Maximal Army.

Abilities: In mecha beast mode Dirgegun becomes a cybernetic wasp. He can use his spear gun to infect Maximals with a computer virus that briefly destabilizes them. His other weapon of choice is his “Blast Leader” which is a powerful sonic attack that burst the audio receptors of whoever is in range to here it.

Weaknesses: Though a stronger warrior, Dirgegun still has all the character defects of his Dirge form.


Motto: “My power is unequaled. My strength is unmatched. My opponents are unworthy. And my presence is that of death.”

Function: Predacon Emperor of Destruction

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Though peace was attained on Cybertron after the Great War the ancestors of the Decepticons, the Predacons, never truly accepted this reality. Hired in secret by the Tripredacus Council, Galvatron is a ruthless soldier who commands an army of Predacon warriors with one thing on their agenda: conquer Cybertron. Galvatron is a massive creature filled with hate and rage. He has journeyed to the planet Gaea to drain it of its rich source of angromois energy. Once on Gaea he connected to an ancient computer which awarded him his two frightening alternate modes. Galvatron has a severe hatred toward the Maximal Supreme Commander, Lio Convoy and will go to any length to ensure his destruction. Like the Decepticon Emperor of Destruction from which he takes his name, Galvatron is a force to be reckoned with.

Abilities: Galvatron is a monster of a Predacon. He has two alternate modes, both unique and destructive. Galvatron can take on the form of a giant drill tank, capable of tunneling through any obstacle in his path and shredding a Maximal to pieces. He can also take on the mode of an enormous dragon with the power to level an entire army. In this dragon mode he can breath scorching fire hot enough to render and entire forest into a mere pile of ash in minutes. In his robot mode he has the Predacon Matrix of Leadership embedded in his chest. With this gift from the Tripredacus Council raw power surges through his body providing him with strength few can imagine.

Weaknesses: When Galvatron downloaded his alternate modes from the ancient computer he was also stricken with an unpleasant side effect. The overload proved too much for him and periodically Galvatron is sent spiraling into a coma from which he needs time to recover. Though an unpleasant weakness, it is by no means permanent. Eventually it will wear off.


Motto: “Ashes and ruins are all I leave in my wake.”

Function: Grand Duke of Destruction

First Television Appearance: “Megastorm Reborn.”

Profile: After being dropped into a pit of raw Angromois energy by the treacherous Starscream and BB, Megastorm was reborn into the mighty Gigastorm. With his newfound power he commands his troops more ferociously than ever before and openly argues with his brother, Galvatron.

Abilities: Gigastorm is a massive upgrade from his original form. In dinosaur mode Gigastorm can use an energy ray to increase his size to monumental proportions. The “Gigahorn” on his head is harder than diamond and can pierce through all matter of substances. In battle station mode, Gigastorm can become a massive piece of artillery with enough firepower to level a city in an instant. In Fortress mode Gigastorm is an all-powerful base that can move over all forms of terrain and fly if need be.

Weaknesses: Gigastorm’s more defiant nature has placed him on his brother’s bad side more so than before. On top of that Galvatron controllers the energy ray which dictates his size.

God Neptune

Subgroup: Seacon

Motto: “I am God of the water, fear my presence or drown in tears.”

Function: Pirate Gestalt Warrior

First Television Appearance: “Space Pirate Seacons!”

Profile: The fusion of the five Seacon space pirates results in the mighty God Neptune. A powerful force few can oppose. When all else fails he is their ultimate weapon. Halfshell seems to be the dominant personality in the fusion but certain traits from each crewmember occasionally show through.

Abilities: God Neptune is an invincible warrior under water. In that domain he has no equal. His weapon of choice is the “Neptune Sword” with which he guts any opponent and spills their innards from one end of the sea to the next.

Weaknesses: The individual Seacons tend to argue at times after fusing. Scylla in particular is known for running off after a fusion and leaving God Neptune with only one leg to stand on.


Subgroup: Seacon

Motto: “Gimme everything you’ve got or I’ll gut you like a fish.”

Function: Seacon Commander

First Television Appearance: “Space Pirate Seacons!”

Profile: Halfshell is the captain of a crew of energy pirates known as the Seacons. He sees everything in terms of money. Along with his crew he travels the galaxy pillaging ships and planets for their energy or belongings. Though often times cruel and heartless, he has a great love for his crew and treats them with a great deal of respect and admiration. Though he tends to show allegiance to the Predacons, the Seacons only truly work for themselves.

Abilities: Halfshell can transform into a mecha turtle equipped with a powerful shell cannon. In robot mode his “Dai Sharrin Cutter” thrashes any opponent who dares step in his way. Along with his crew he can form the giant God Neptune.

Weaknesses: Halfshell’s greed and lust for wealth usually leads to trouble. Also, his inability to choose a side on Gaea has left him with little support outside of his crew.


Motto: “Before you enjoy that final breath take one moment to reflect on how I killed you.”

Function: General Chief of Staff

First Television Appearance: “The End of Starscream.”

Profile: After being plunged unwillingly into a lava crater riddled with Angromois energy by Gigastorm, Starscream reemerged as Hellscream, an even more cruel and ruthless warrior than before. Starscream retains all of his previous traits but with the newfound power he has gained he is even closer to his goal of absolute power.

Abilities: When the Angromois energy reacted with his cruel and hateful personality, Starscream became a cybernetic shark with the ability to soar high into the air. He retains his Screamwinder missiles but has gained a new power, the “Terrorstorm”. With this he unleashes a hellish torrent of fire and missiles reducing any Maximal to ashes.

Weaknesses: Though stronger, Starscream’s lust for power still keeps him under the watchful eyes of his superior officers.

Majin Zarak

Allegiance: Decepticon

Motto: *Majin Zarak does not speak*

Function: Massive Mobile Assault Fortress

First Appearance: “Beast Wars II the movie: Lio Convoy in Immediate Danger!”

Profile: Majin Zarak is a vicious killing monster, feared by Maximals, Predacons, Autobots, Decepticons and whatever else beholds his might. He feels no sympathy, he feels no remorse, he goes about killing as one would go about breathing. He thinks nothing of it. Majin Zarak’s origin is a mystery. He was created by the Decepticons centuries ago only to vanish without a trace. Majin Zarak is an unstoppable force equated only to Armageddon, a masterpiece of war.

Abilities: Majin Zarak is a walking fortress. When transformed he becomes a virtually invincible battleship capable of traveling upon both sea and land. His actions can be controlled by a steering unit. Though he can be controlled, Majin Zarak is no automaton. He has a mind of his own and will seize control when he feels it is necessary. When in robot mode he is a horrifying sight. From his mouth a massive energon crusher ball can erupt and smash an enemy into fragments the size of pebbles. With the three enormous cannons situated above his shoulders Majin Zarak can charge a super destructive particle blast with enough power to level a mountain and then some. Finally he has the ability to summon lightning bolts from the sky through the horns on his head. He can then direct the streams of raw electricity to chase down his enemies to fry their circuits.

Weaknesses: In the center of his forehead sits a large eye which can pick up different waves of light. In that eye his nerve centers are clustered. If a powerful enough blast can hit his eye while it is open then he can be left immobile. Unfortunately there are few weapons in the galaxy powerful enough to damage his eye.

Max B

Motto: “Roger!”

Function: Bodyguard Captain

First Television Appearance: “The End of Starscream.”

Profile: Through the treachery of Gigastorm, BB was dunked into a lava pit brimming with Angromois energy. When he emerged he was now Max B, an even more ferocious warrior than before. He finds pleasure in acts of destruction, something he had never taken into consideration before. Though a mightier warrior, Max B’s loyalty to Hellscream has not changed.

Abilities: In mecha beast mode Max B transforms into a cybernetic wolf. His hunting skills are unparalleled by any Predacon or Maximal. In robot mode he carries a multipurpose Backstop weapon on his back.

Weaknesses: Though more powerful, Max B still retains the weaknesses from his BB form.


Motto: “Ashes and ruins are all I leave in my wake.”

Function: Duke of Destruction

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Megastorm is the younger brother of the Predacon Emperor of Destruction, Galvatron. With possibly that merit alone he is second in command of the Predacon army on Gaea. Galvatron often takes his frustrations out on Megastorm, hitting upside the head when angry. Megastorm has a severe hatred of his older brother which he hides at all times. He wishes to over throw Galvatron and claim the throne of Emperor of Destruction. He acts immature at times, but mostly as a cover around his brother. Megastorm savors the moments when Galvatron is rendered inactive due to an Angromois coma and takes charge of the army with a fierce passion.

Abilities: Megastorm can transform into a large tank with the most firepower among all the other Predacons. With his fusion cannon he can charge a massive particle blast that eradicates all in its path.

Weaknesses: Though he has the most powerful weapon among the Predacons, Megastorm’s fusion cannon takes an unacceptable amount of time to charge a blast. This period of time allows his enemies to either strike or get out of the way.


Subgroup: Seacon

Motto: “Scuba, wait! Where are you going?!”

Function: Seacon Soldier

First Television Appearance: “Space Pirate Seacons!”

Profile: Scylla is the only female member of the Seacon space pirates. She seems to harbor a split personality. At one moment she’ll be snarling and yelling in a raspy voice and the next she’ll be giggling and flirting with a sunny attitude. She is very taken by the Maximal Scuba and enjoys spending here free time trying to attract his attention. She is indifferent about Bighorn’s affection, not really caring either way as to what happens to him.

Abilities: While a female, Scylla is still a strong warrior. She can transform into a cybernetic squid and use her Skelaser weapon to fry and enemy. In robot mode she uses her “Blowing Kiss of Death” to short out the circuits of her victim.

Weaknesses: Scylla’s infatuation with Scuba distracts her often and she tends to depart on her own to go and chase him.


Subgroup: Seacon

Motto: “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…”

Function: Seacon Sneak Attack Specialist

First Television Appearance: “Space Pirate Seacons!”

Profile: With guile and stealth he glides swiftly through the water, attacking unsuspecting enemies from behind. Seaphantom is the most vicious of the Seacons often times hunting just for fun rather than profit. He gets a heavy adrenaline rush from looting and stealing and is bad to the central processor.

Abilities: In mecha beast mode Seaphantom is a cybernetic shark with an array of attacks. His “Phantom Jaws” can pierce the hulls of a ship with a single bite and his “Phantom Fin” can slice open even larger openings. Seaphantom can also teleport short distances which only helps him sneak up on his victims.

Weaknesses: Seaphantom tends to underestimate the strength of the substances in which he bites and often greatly damages his teeth.


Motto: “Power leads to victory and power is what I shall obtain.”

Function: Air Commander

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Like the Decepticon air commander who came before him, Starscream is both ambitious and deadly. He makes up for his lack of size with unmatched speed and maneuverability. Starscream desires power and lots of it. He hopes to one day dethrone Galvatron as the Predacon Emperor of Destruction and rule the universe himself. He is also slightly effeminine, often laughing and gesturing in a shaky way. Never the less he is not a warrior to be taken lightly. He often times psyches himself up for a battle by listening to music from the earth composer Wagner. Along with his subordinate, BB, he is a Predacon one should never underestimate.

Abilities: When transformed Starscream becomes a stealth fighter capable of soaring at speeds few can imagine. In fighter mode he can use the “Formation Scream” and combine with his partner BB to become a powerful air fighter. In robot mode his attack of choice are his “Screamwinder Missiles” which are strong enough to vaporize most opponents.

Weaknesses: Starscream is often a little too ambitious for his own good. His attempts to gain power are not always subtle and occasionally backfire.


Subgroup: Seacon

Motto: “Show me what you’ve got and I’ll take you down!”

Function: Pirate Torpedo Bomber

First Television Appearance: “Space Pirate Seacons!”

Profile: Terrormander is the youngest member of the Seacon pirates. He is somewhat of a lazy kid but when commanded to get up and work he does so with great efficiency. He looks up to Halfshell as a father figure and works his hardest to impress him.

Abilities: In mecha beast mode Terrormander transforms into a cybernetic manta ray equipped with “Mandar Rock Torpedoes”. In robot mode he uses his “Mandar Break” attack to send intense sonic vibrations toward and enemy and shake them to pieces.

Weaknesses: His youth makes him inexperienced. He feels more comfortable following orders rather than thinking things through on his own.


Motto: “Whoah, everybody looks like ants from way up here! Wait, I haven’t taken off yet. Then…what the heck are those things? …Oh, ants. Right.”

Function: Aerial Officer

First Television Appearance: “The New Army is Here!”

Profile: Like his best friend Dirge, Thrust has the attitude of a comedian. He never calms down and hates acting serious. He’d much rather have fun and take things in stride. Thrust has a shrewd personality, though, and along with Dirge he forms a well-known duo among the Predacons. Unfortunately, the duo isn’t known for exactly what they’d like to be. For the most part they are thought of as bunglers. Thrust hates sea breezes since they tend to cause him to rust and for that reason alone he has a great hatred of the Maximal Scuba.

Abilities: Thrust and Dirge share a great deal in common. Thrust transforms into a stealthy fighter jet just like his partner. He also carries his weapon of choice, the Thrust Gun, in his leg compartment and can attach a barrel to it for increased power.

Weaknesses: Thrusts inability to focus on anything for a length of time reduces him and his partner to the more medial tasks while complex assignments are left to more appropriate Predacons.


Motto: “Forget flying, dinosaurs are cool!”

Function: Shock Troop Commander

First Television Appearance: “The Lio Convoy Assassination Plan.”

Profile: After pledging unconditional loyalty to Gigastorm, Thrust was rebuilt as Thrustol. While he retains the same jovial personality, Thrustol is an all around superior warrior to his previous form and no longer a harmless joke among the Maximals.

Abilities: In his new mecha beast mode, Thrustol becomes a cybernetic velociraptor with increased land speed and maneuverability. In robot mode Thrustol commands an array of attacks. His “Dino Missiles” clamp onto a target and explode them to scrap. His trash horn can freeze an enemy in place briefly enough for him to execute them. And his “Raptor Shield” rotates on his hand and deflects most attacks.

Weaknesses: While a much stronger warrior, all the unfortunate qualities of his Thrust form are still present.

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