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Beast Wars Metals

Profiles by DrSpengler

The Vok

Transmetal Optimus Primal | Optimal Optimus | Transmetal Cheetor | Transmetal Rattrap | Silverbolt
Transmetal 2 Cheetor | Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia | Depth Charge | Tigerhawk

Transmetal Megatron | Transmetal 2 Megatron | Transmetal Tarantulas | Quickstrike | Rampage
Transmetal 2 Dinobot | Ravage X-9


The Vok

Allegiance: None

Motto: “We exist on a level no other species can fathom. Further explanation of ourselves would be pointless.”

Function: Experimentation and Observation

First Television Appearance: “Other Victories”

Profile: Little to nothing is known about the mysterious alien species known as the Vok. What is known, however, is that they were the ones who riddled prehistoric Earth with raw energon and constructed several monuments for the purposes of observation of that planet’s life forms. However, when the Cybertronians arrived on the planet they disrupted the Vok’s experiments and enraged them. In an attempt to destroy the intruders the Vok tried to destroy the planet with a massive planet-buster, disguised as a second moon. When that failed they abducted the Maximals Airrazor and Tigatron and fused them together into their all-powerful emissary, Tigerhawk. The origin and extent of their capabilities are unknown. It is believed that they exist on a level no other living being could even begin to comprehend, making them indescribable entities.

Abilities: The Vok are technical masterminds, able to construct devices that baffle even the greatest of the universe’s scientists. They also have the ability to posses others and control their every thought and action. The full extent of their abilities is unknown at this point.

Weaknesses: If driven from the body they have possessed, the Vok entities are momentarily vulnerable.


Transmetal Optimus Primal

Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “If you force me to fight then you force me to win!”

Function: Maximal Supreme Commander

First Television Appearance: “Coming of the Fuzors part 2”

Profile: After his death by the hands of Megatron and the mysterious Vok planet-buster, Optimus was brought back to life in the form of a Transmetal! Though his Matrix of Leadership was destroyed with his former body, Primal hasn’t lost an ounce of strength. In fact, he’s gained a boatload! The stakes are even higher now that the planet Enerogia has been revealed to be ancient planet Earth. With a new body, new abilities, and a second chance, Optimus Primal will not rest until every last Predacon is driven from Earth and Megatron is defeated once and for all.

Abilities: To compliment his new body, Optimus Primal has new moves and powers to aid him in battle. In robot mode Optimus can unleash an eve-level artillery unit from his back and station it on his chest. With laser-guided sight and dead on accuracy, this puts his previous weapons to shame. In beast mode Primal transforms into a mecha-gorilla with a built-in hover board for quick air travel.

Weaknesses: Though given a more powerful body, Optimus still retains many of his former weaknesses. He is still a trusting warrior who will not kill unless absolutely necessary. This virtue can still be used to the Predacon’s advantage.

Optimal Optimus

Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Freedom is something so great that I will fight for it and die for it if need be!”

Function: Maximal Supreme Commander

First Television Appearance: “Optimal Situation”

Profile: After the body of the original Optimus Prime was critically damaged, and with the fate of the entire future riding on his survival, Optimus Primal was left with no choice. He removed Prime’s spark and combined it with his own to prevent it from dying. The result turned Primal into a being few Transformers have ever laid eyes on. The result was Optimal Optimus. With a new quadruple mode body at his command, Optimus Primal is an unmatched warrior on any front of the battlefield. Taking a lesson from his ancestor, Primal’s often-playful personality has under-gone a change. Desiring an end to the Beast Wars more than anything else, Primal has become a tougher, sterner leader who will achieve the peace he desires through any means necessary.

Abilities: With a new body come new powers and opportunities. In beast mode Optimus is a massive mecha gorilla with increased strength and agility. In robot mode he has a chest-mounted artillery unit which includes a laser sight and fires everything from machine gun rounds to energy pulse blasts. In ground assault vehicle mode he can over come all terrain like an impregnable tank. In jet-cruiser mode he can reach speeds faster than any other Maximal or Predacon and fire heat-seeking smart missiles to chase down his enemies.

Weaknesses: Though a stronger, tougher leader, Optimal Optimus still wishes to obtain peace without violent conflict. His trusting nature can be taken advantage of.

Transmetal Cheetor

Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Let’s get this party started right!”

Function: Patrol

First Television Appearance: “Aftermath”

Profile: When the Vok planet-buster was destroyed waves of transwarp energy rained down upon the Maximal base, mutating Cheetor into a Transmetal beast warrior. With his newfound powers and strengths the Predacons can no longer write Cheetor off as an overly energetic kid. With a new mode as well as new weapons he is one of the more powerful Maximals.

Abilities: In mecha beast mode Cheetor becomes a cyborg cheetah. In this mode he can use a set of twinjets to allow him flight abilities which are second only to Optimus Primal’s. In robot mode he can stick his fists together to form his Cheetah Pulse Gun. With this weapon he can knock out any enemy that dare stand in his way.

Weaknesses: Of all the new Transmetal warriors, Cheetor is having the hardest time adjusting to his new body. Getting his jet boosters to eject at the right time and control his flight speed is his biggest problem.

Transmetal Rattrap

Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Quit yakkn’. I’ll fight when I feel like it. Jeez…”

Function: Spy

First Television Appearance: “Aftermath”

Profile: When struck by an onslaught of quantum surge energy, Rattrap was mutated and changed into a Transmetal beast warrior. With a new body and new powers Rattrap no longer feels the need to act cowardly in situations. He can fight on par with any other Maximal, and at the same time, any Predacon. As a result he’s gotten even more vocal about his opinions, much to his team’s dismay. He’s also picked more and more fights with Dinobot now that he no longer feels intimidated by the former Predacon.

Abilities: In his alternate mode Rattrap is a mecha rat with a much more fierce appearance. He can also activate a “Kineval Mode” and race along the surface of ancient planet Earth on a set of tires. In robot mode he carries with him several timed explosives as well as his usual energy pistol. He can also use his tail as a whip or sword for close range combat.

Weaknesses: His mouth has always been his biggest weakness. Rattrap will pick fights and mouth-off to anybody, even Megatron. He often gets himself in way over his head.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Nobility, selflessness, confidence. Those are the virtues of a warrior.”

Function: Tracker

First Television Appearance: “Coming of the Fuzors part 1”

Profile: After the destruction of the Vok planet-buster, the remaining Maximal stasis pods orbiting prehistoric earth were either destroyed or crash-landed on the planet. When his pod struck the Earth a malfunction occurred in his idento-computer, causing it to unintentionally scan two creatures at once. The result was Silverbolt, the noblest of all the Maximal warriors. Originally tricked into working as a Predacon, Silverbolt quickly found new allegiance with the Maximals. He fights under the guidelines of chivalry, the code of the knight. After rescuing the Predacon Blackarachnia from certain death the two began a romantic bond which neither would admit to in the beginning. He considers her the “dark poison of his heart” and would willingly perish if it meant she would remain safe.

Abilities: Silverbolt is a dominating force in the field of battle. In beast mode he transforms into a wolf/eagle hybrid that retains the best qualities of both creatures. He is the slowest of the Maximal flyers but by no means is he weak in that area of combat. His maneuverability is exceptional and his strategic prowess can rarely be matched. From his wing tips he can fire his “Point Missiles” to blow his enemies to smithereens if the occasion so calls for it. He also carries two club-like swords for close combat.

Weaknesses: Silverbolt can find beauty in every manner of life, even Predacons. His desire to end a conflict without causing death occasionally prevents him from making the right decisions.

Transmetal 2 Cheetor

Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Let’s get this party started right!”

Function: Patrol

First Television Appearance: “Feral Scream part 1”

Profile: During a failed mission to prevent Megatron from creating a Transmetal 2 Dinobot clone, Cheetor was caught in an energy surge from an alien transwarp drive generator. The results were not quite as friendly as his last Transmetal mutation. Uncontrollably, Cheetor slowly and painfully mutated into a creature where the lines between robot and beast blurred. Though he still retains his original personality, primal emotions and urges bring out the animal in him. Cheetor is still learning to control the beast within himself without letting it take control of him.

Abilities: Cheetor’s new mecha cheetah mode has increased his speed and agility ten-fold. He can also fire rounds of missiles capable of reaching speeds up to mach 2. His new “Leap Thrusters” have also enhanced his flying and ground combat skills a considerable amount.

Weaknesses: When put into a rage the animal instincts within him have a tendency to take over and cloud his judgement. In this state of mind he is close to impossible to reach.

Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia

Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Seeing is believing and I can show you a world of pain.”

Function: Predacon Creative Subversion

First Television Appearance: “Crossing the Rubicon”

Profile: After realizing her true place with the Maximals, Blackarachnia switched sides; if mostly for Silverbolt. Using the Transmetal 2 generator she cleverly stole from Depth Charge, Blackarachnia was able to successfully alter herself into a Transmetal 2 warrior. Though still somewhat untrustworthy, the Maximals have come to accept her as one of them. With a new body and a new motive to fight, Blackarachnia is as deadly as ever, if not more.

Abilities: In her new mecha beast mode Blackarachnia is an enormous spider capable of secreting an even stronger concoction of cyber-venom. In robot mode her grappling gun can snare enemies up to 100 meters away and pull them to the ground. She can also create illusionary images of herself to confuse to enemy which last up to 5 minutes. Include her telekinetic powers as well as her martial arts abilities and she is a warrior who can stand up to any obstacle.

Weaknesses: Her affections for Silverbolt have grown stronger and she is often careless on the battlefield in his presence.

Depth Charge

Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “I’ll fight X ‘til the day I die and after that I’ll see him in Hell!”

Function: Aquatic Forces Commander

First Television Appearance: “Deep Metal”

Profile: A quiet and solemn warrior, Depth Charge has sworn upon the graves of his friends that he would destroy the creature known as X. In a sadistic move, X proceeded to kill and then eat all of Depth Charge’s friends located on Starbase Rugbee. Thanks to his efforts X was imprisoned and sent for banishment in the deepest regions of space. In a twist of fate, X escaped his punishment and became the Predacon warrior known as Rampage. Never forgetting his promise, Depth Charge has journeyed to prehistoric Earth to finish X once and for all, at any cost. Siding reluctantly with the Maximals, Depth Charge chooses to work on his own agenda and rarely follows the orders he is given. Hell-bent on destroying X, Depth Charge will stop at nothing until his promise is carried out.

Abilities: In manta-ray mode Depth Charge can withstand the crushing pressures of deep sea travel as well as cruise at a sub-orbital height. Under water he can fire shark drones which do everything from reconnaissance to timed explosions. In robot mode he has a shrapnel grenade launcher mounted on his chest as well as a temporary force-field generator.

Weaknesses: Depth Charge’s drive to kill X and disrespect toward authority has left him at a lone wolf status. He rarely asks for help, even when he needs it.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Violence will not be tolerated. Surrender or be destroyed.”

Function: Vok Emissary/Weather Dominator

First Television Appearance: “Other Victories”

Profile: In the fires of an unknown place between time and space, the Vok aliens fused the sparks of Tigatron and Airrazor together to form a super warrior with the sole purpose of destroying all Cybertronians on planet Earth. With the least bit of effort he effectively eradicated the Predacon base of operations, the Darkside, and defeated Megatron. However, due to the intervention of Tarantulas, the Vok entities within him were pulled from his spark and destroyed. Now free from their hostile control, Tigerhawk fights on the side of the Maximals to end the Beast Wars once and for all.

Abilities: When transformed, Tigerhawk becomes a winged tiger with incredible flight capabilities. His wings can form a blast shield around his body, halting most attacks. Instead of using traditional weaponry Tigerhawk fires charged energy blasts from his hands. His most powerful attack are his elemental abilities. He can create electrical storms, whirlwinds, tsunamis and even earthquakes.

Weaknesses: After the Vok influences were bled from his body, Tigerhawk lost a portion of his strength. He relies mostly on his elemental powers as his defense, and if they are defeated he is left with few other fighting skills.


Transmetal Megatron

Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “Predacon’s don’t surrender, they Conquer!”

Function: Predacon Emperor of Destruction

First Television Appearance: “Aftermath”

Profile: When the Vok planet-buster was destroyed a quantum surge of transwarp energy flooded the Predacon base of operations and immersed Megatron in its raw power. The result was a mutation into a superior being he never fathomed he could become. With a slew of new powers at his command and a distinct advantage over the Maximal forces, Megatron comes ever closer to winning the Beast Wars and realizing his ultimate dream of Cybertron domination.

Abilities: In mecha beast mode Megatron has an even wider array of attacks and defense powers. V.T.O.L (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) turbines extend from his sides to provide him with flight and enhanced speed. On land he can extend wheels from beneath his feet to combine with his turbine engines for increased land-speed and stealth. Now that his beast mode has the benefits of robotic elements fused into it, Megatron’s jaw strength is incredible and extremely deadly. In robot mode his right hand has been transformed into a charged fusion blaster with enough destructive force behind it to turn a Maximal to ashes and scraps with a single blast.

Weaknesses: Megatron’s new plans to disrupt the space-time continuum and ultimately change the future are not only crazy but incredibly dangerous. His new quest for ultimate power has left him somewhat on the insane side and unreliable among his Predacon warriors.

Transmetal 2 Megatron

Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: "What does not destroy me makes me strong...what attempts to destroy me shall be obliterated!"

Function: Predacon Emperor of Destruction

First Television Appearance: “Master Blaster”

Profile: With his attempts to kill the original Optimus Prime slumbering on prehistoric Earth failed, Megatron constructed a new more sinister plan. Taking a hint from Optimal Optimus, Megatron fused his spark with that of the original Megatron, also in stasis lock on the Ark. With this accomplished Megatron mutated into something so powerful it approached biblical proportions. Befitting his role as a ruthless conqueror, a military strategist and a terrifying warrior, Megatron has become the face of an ancient scourge; the great and fiery Dragon. His personality has undergone a subtle change as well. Characteristics of the original Megatron shine through. His rage can reach a near explosive level turning him into a brutal madman. He is just as stronger as Optimal Optimus, if not stronger, and strikes fear into every Maximal who stands in his presence.

Abilities: In his new Transmetal 2 body Megatron is the ultimate war machine. In beast mode he can take flight and reach speeds up to 400 miles per hour. He can breathe fire from his mouth which can achieve temperatures 1000 times hotter than oil. Megatron’s dragon tail can deploy electro-static energy that shocks his enemies into paralyses for either detainment or unmentionable torture. In land-speeder mode he can travel up to 200 miles per hour while sill retaining all his combat skills. In robot mode his left arm can emit waves of napalm and fire to melt and burn his enemies to puddles of molten metal. He can also fire “Pyro-Beam” missiles to shoot down any fleeing opponents.

Weaknesses: With the spark of the original Megatron influencing him, his mental state has become even more psychotic. His fits of rage reach a point so high that he’ll disintegrate a fellow Predacon at a moment’s notice. Megatron’s own fury can blind him to the reality that surrounds him.

Transmetal Tarantulas

Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “Insanity is just as good a weapon as anything in your arsenal…as long as you use it properly.”

Function: Scientific Warfare

First Television Appearance: “Aftermath”

Profile: When his body was struck by a quantum surge, Tarantulas was mutated into a new breed of Transformer. With his powerful Transmetal body he is just as great a threat on the battlefield as he is behind the scenes. His desire to destroy the Ark and alter the future rivals that of Megatron’s. Being a spawn not of Cybertron, but of unknown origin, the disruption in the space-time continuum would ensure the supremacy of his race. However, he takes orders from a higher authority. The Tripredacus Council are also of the same mysterious race and have enlisted him as a mole to watch Megatron and ensure that he succeeds.

Abilities: In his new Transmetal beast mode Tarantulas is stronger than ever. In addition to his spider form he has a set of motorcross-like wheels that send him racing after his enemies. In robot mode he carries a buzzsaw blade to dice Maximals to pieces and then a proton blaster to disintegrate their fragments. In addition to his new powers he still carries all his abilities from his previous form.

Weaknesses: Megatron suspects Tarantulas’ personal agendas and keeps an ever-watchful eye on the insidious arachnid.


Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “Quit fussn’ and die already!”

Function: Desert Combat

First Television Appearance: “Coming of the Fuzors part 1”

Profile: When Quickstrike’s stasis pod crash-landed on earth his idento-computer malfunctioned. Unintentionally, two animals were scanned and fused together. When Quickstrike exited his escape pod he was enlisted into the Predacon forces, much to his delight. Quickstrike has raging temper and a short fuse. He’ll slag anything that looks at him cock-eyed or just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He speaks with a southern accent and the thought of battle sends him into a state of legitimate bliss.

Abilities: Quickstrike’s beast mode is the fusion of a scorpion and a king cobra. In his beast mode his tail can spit deadly corrosive venoms that can have effects ranging from paralysis to death. His pinchers are effectively sharp and powerful, slicing away obstacles with ease. In robot mode his right arm can fire energy pulse grenades which explode on impact.

Weaknesses: Quickstrike’s temper and eagerness to fight often get him into conflicts with other Predacons, including Megatron. He also tends to ally himself with the reclusive Tarantulas who isn’t the most trustworthy comrade.


Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “Your enemy’s fear is just as delicious as your enemy’s flesh.”

Function: Armored Warrior

First Television Appearance: “Bad Spark”

Profile: Rampage is an experiment gone horribly wrong. On Cybertron the Maximals attempted to duplicate the immortal spark of the Decepticon Starscream. The experiment failed and the outcome was a blood-craving monster dubbed only “X”. He escaped his prison and began a killing spree from one Maximal outpost to the next, his most notorious attack being the one on Starbase Rugbee. “X” soon became the worst serial killer in all of Cybertron’s history. He would feed off the fear of his victims and then dine on their remains. Eventually, he was brought to justice by the Maximal Depth Charge, one of the few survivors of Starbase Rugbee. “X” was then sealed in a stasis pod and placed on board the Axalon to be taken to the farthest reaches of space and banished there forever. Unfortunately, when the Axalon crashed on ancient Earth he escaped and continued his reign of terror. However, Megatron got to him and stole half of his immortal spark. Whenever “X” shows signs of rebellion Megatron need only apply pressure to his spark to create an incredible sensation of pain. Now a slave warrior for Megatron, “X” has been fittingly renamed “Rampage”.

Abilities: In beast mode Rampage becomes a gigantic crab with a nearly impenetrable outer shell. He can remain under water indefinitely and withstand the worst pressure deep-sea travel has to offer. He can also use his claws to shake the earth and cause everything from earthquakes to tidal waves. In tank mode he can dominate over all terrain and is virtually unstoppable. He has a gattling gun located at the front of his tank mode as well as a missile launcher which administers varying degrees of destruction. In robot mode Rampage has galva-conductors on his back which conduct electricity which he disperses at will. Rampage’s spark is immortal and cannot be destroyed through conventional methods.

Weaknesses: The only thing capable of harming Rampage’s immortal spark is raw energon. Otherwise he cannot be killed.

Transmetal 2 Dinobot

Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “I prefer to beat my enemies the old fashioned way: Brutally!”

Function: Special Operations Combatant

First Television Appearance: “Feral Scream part 1”

Profile: After a failed attempt to use cloned velociraptors as a supplementary army, Megatron was struck with an even grander idea. Using DNA from the late Dinobot as well as half of Rampage’s immortal spark, Megatron created a Transmetal 2 clone of Dinobot who obeyed his every command. The new Dinobot is a quiet warrior who follows all orders without question. Though he lives through Rampage’s spark he has a personality of his own, but has no personal will. Occasionally, however, glimpses of the original Dinobot’s honorable self can be seen briefly in this clone.

Abilities: In beast mode Dinobot is a cyborg raptor with amazing speed and cunning at his command. In robot mode he carries several bladed weapons at his disposal, each of witch are charged with Transmetal energy, making them sharp enough to cut through diamonds like they were paper. Dinobot can also use energy from his spark to paralyze enemies with a single blast.

Weaknesses: The original Dinobot’s honor-driven personality shines through on occasion and tends to make him question his own allegiance.

Ravage X-9

Allegiance: Predacon/Decepticon

Motto: “Decepticons Forever!”

Function: Tripredacus Covert Operative

First Television Appearance: “The Agenda part 1”

Profile: After the Autobots defeated the Decepticons for good at the end of the Great War a few of the Decepticons were granted amnesty. It is rumored that one Decepticon in particular was rebuilt as a Predacon warrior. That Decepticon is Ravage. Now rebuilt and dubbed “Ravage X-9”, he performs secret missions for the Tripredacus Council and obeys only their orders. Though rebuilt to be a Predacon, Ravage will always consider himself a Decepticon and prides himself on that fact. He has been sent to ancient Earth to arrest Megatron for his crimes and kill every Transformer on the planet, regardless of faction allegiance.

Abilities: Ravage’s new body has made him one of the most powerful warriors on Cybertron. His stealth mode can make him invisible to the naked eye. His beast mode is reminiscent of his original form. He can transform into an armored jaguar with rocket launchers stationed at his sides. Ravage also pilots the newest in Predacon stealth ships. His starship can cloak itself in invisibility and remain hidden from radar. He can also transform into a third cassette mode and inset himself into the ship’s computer and pilot it flawlessly.

Weaknesses: Though a Predacon now, Ravage will always have a level of obedience for his Decepticon roots. If manipulated, this can used to the advantage of the enemy.
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