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Beast Wars Neo

Profiles by DrSpengler, icons by TFVanguard: see here for details and more icons

Big Convoy | Break | Bump | Cohrada | Heinrad | Longrack | Machkick | Navi | Randy | Rockbuster | Sharp Edge
Stampy | Survive

Archadis | Crazybolt | Dead End | D-Navi | Guiledart | Hard Head | Hydra | Magmatron | Saberback | Sling

Drancron | Elephorca | Rartorarta | Unicron


Big Convoy

Motto: “I am a one man army. I was not born to lead, but I shall do so for the future of Cybertron and the Universe.”

Function: Maximal Supreme Commander

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: Big Convoy was not only selected to lead a team of new Maximal warriors by the maximal Elders, he was selected by Vector Sigma itself. Big Convoy is a true loner, his merits in the field of battle has designated him the nickname “The One Man Army”. He prefers to fight on his own and does so with astounding efficiency. However, for reasons beyond his knowledge, he was chosen as the next Maximal Supreme Commander. Though slightly puzzled by this turn of events, as a noble warrior Big Convoy could never turn down the orders of his superiors. The Maximal Matrix of Leadership situated within his chest connects him directly to Vector Sigma itself. Vector Sigma often times speaks through him to provide his team of new warriors with hope in the most desperate of times. Big Convoy also has a fierce rivalry with the Predacon Emperor of Destruction, Magmatron. But unlike other rivalries, he respects the power of Magmatron and considers him a worthy opponent. While the most quiet and reserved Supreme Commander to date, Big Convoy is none the less a fearless warrior with an unshakable drive for justice in the universe.

Abilities: In beast mode Big Convoy transforms into a massive wooly mammoth. In this form he can charge in an unstoppable assault that few warriors can withstand. In robot mode Big Convoy is one of the most heavily armed Supreme Commanders to date. With his shoulder pad missile banks, hip mounted gattling guns, jet boosters, crescent missiles and handheld tonfa weapons, Big Convoy is armed to the teeth and then some. His trademark weapon is the “Big Cannon”. With this incredible weapon Big Convoy can power up an awesome blast of energy which eradicates anything and everything in its path. He can also use his Maximal Matrix of Leadership to transform and enhance his Big Cannon. This creates the “Matrix Buster”, a weapon powerful enough to inflict damage unfathomable to the human mind.

Weaknesses: Big Convoy is very quiet. He craves solitude. This creates a degree of separation between him and the warriors whom he should be training. Big Convoy prefers to go solo on most missions. No leader in Cybertron history has had this amount of separation from his army.


Motto: “Although I may be ice cold my soul burns with passion for battle!”

Function: Polar Operative

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: For a little guy he really loves to fight. When he first heard that Big Convoy was selected to lead him and his teammates his first action was to test Big Convoy’s power. He found out the hard way. Though a little rowdy most of the time his heart is always in the right place. Break cares about his fellow Maximals and will risk his own existence to keep them safe. He fights with an intense drive for victory as well as a competitive drive against fellow teammate Cohrada. The two Maximals argue constantly over who’s the stronger soldier.

Abilities: When transformed Break becomes a penguin. In this form he has outstanding endurance to cold weather and unmatched swimming skills. In robot mode he uses the “Break Anchors” in his right arm to cause an incredible destructive explosion for his enemies. Break also has a third “Cannon Mode” which can be controlled by other Maximals.

Weaknesses: Break rarely thinks things through. He’s so quick to jump into battle that he often does so with absolutely no strategy. His competitive spirit also poses a problem.


Motto: “Primus is rubbish. Science is all there is and all there will ever be.”

Function: Physicist

First Television Appearance: “Physicist Bump.”

Profile: Bump is exceedingly reserved in character. He rarely shows any extremities in emotion in any way be it positive or negative. He believes only in science and considers Cybertron religions and beliefs to be nothing more than over-hyped fairy tales. The only time Bump is really happy is when he’s retreated into his own private little world where he can perform all the experiments he wants without the distractions of others. Though quiet and often times shy Bump is still good-natured and respectful.

Abilities: Bump is a scientific genius and can figure out the most complex of equations in the blink of an eye. In beast mode he is a rolling armadillo with a thick protective hide. In robot mode he is the most quick-on-the-draw Maximal on Cybertron, able to grab and fire the guns on his hips in a microsecond.

Weaknesses: Bump tends to get so lost in his own scientific world that every thing outside of him ceases to exist. He could be in the midst of a heated battle when all of a sudden he is intrigued by something and everything around him disappears. Needless to say this is not a good thing.


Motto: “Fighting is what I live for so and I intend to live to do it for a long time.”

Function: Desert Operative

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: Cohrada is a hothead with absolutely no patience. He hates sitting around and wasting time when he could be out fighting a battle or two. He likes to fight by himself since he thinks his teammates will just get in his way. Cohrada is also very cold and rarely acknowledges the positive qualities of others. He’s had a strong rivalry with Break since the early days of the Maximal military academy and takes every opportunity he can get to outdo his teammate. Though impatient and easily frustrated he knows a good plan when he sees one and isn’t so careless as to ignore it.

Abilities: In cobra mode Cohrada is quite and stealthy often moving right between the enemy’s legs without them noticing a thing. In robot mode his arms are two deadly weapons. His “Arm Machine Gun” lets loose a devastating onslaught of ammunition while his arm whip can squeeze a Predacon unconscious. He also has a third artillery mode that can be fired by his teammates.

Weaknesses: His cold and harsh attitude has put him on the bas side of his teammates more than once. He prefers to do things on his lonesome and often times doesn’t have the back up when he really needs it.


Motto: “Time is what keeps everything from happening all at once.”

Function: Fourth Dimension Warrior

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: Heinrad likes things simple. He eats when he’s hungry and sleeps when he’s tired. He speaks in a yawning voice and sounds tired most of the time (though he’s actually pretty energetic). He’s also very traditional and likes to live life without all the hassles of technology. Heinrad is quiet and reserved but occasionally throws out a light-hearted joke. He rarely does anything wrong and no Maximals has anything against him. Though Heinrad really just wants to relax he is still a dedicated warrior who goes into battle without a trace of fear.

Abilities: In beast mode Heinrad becomes a raccoon-like animal called a “tanooki”. In this form he is a little rotund but still quick and agile. He also commands one of the most powerful attack in Maximal history. With the clock situated in his stomach he can perform the “Time Freeze” attack. For a limited amount of time he can freeze time itself but move freely within the fourth dimension and attack his completely unaware opponents.

Weaknesses: While a powerful attack it comes with its drawbacks. Performing the time freeze drains him of most of his energy and only works for a short period of time. If he is not successful he is left utterly defenseless.


Motto: “If you do not follow the rules then you are floating aimlessly in a pool of ignorance!”

Function: Deputy Commander

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: Longrack graduate top of his class in the military academy. He follows directions to the letter and has zero tolerance for teammates who fail to follow his example. Longrack is by far the most serious member of Big Convoy’s army of new recruits which is why he was selected to be second in command. The other Maximals find his dead serious nature absolutely annoying but listen to his orders anyway. They know that if they don’t they’ll have to answer to Big Convoy. Longrack has a deep rivalry with another particular Maximal, Machkick. Machkick’s goofy nature does not sit well with Longrack and he is constantly scolding the wild card of a Maximal. Though he isn’t much fun he is an indispensable part of the team. His skills combined with his vast tactical know-how makes him one of the most important members of the team whether the other soldiers would like to admit it or not.

Abilities: In beast mode Longrack takes on the form of a giraffe. This alternate mode makes him an exquisite lookout. In robot form his special attack of choice is his “Arm Shot”. With this is right arm extends a great length and combined with his “Crusher Arm” he can mangle any Predacon who chooses to underestimate his strength.

Weaknesses: The rowdy crew of the Gung-Ho Maximal battle cruiser are a little too wild for him. They’ll follow his orders at times and at others ignore them completely. When this happens he has a near impossible time trying to get them to take him seriously as a commanding officer.


Motto: “There’s nothing like a good party to lighten up a war!”

Function: Express Courier

First Television Appearance: “Machkick enlists?”

Profile: Machkick is the former sub-commander of the Thoroughbred Corps. After there destruction at the hands of the Predacons he was left the only survivor. Once he recovered he was sent to aid Big Convoy in his quest to obtain the Angromois capsules. Machkick has a very free spirit and a rowdy attitude. He enjoys cavorting about and partying like he was in a college fraternity. Longrack can’t stand him one bit and the two of them get into arguments on a near daily basis. While a party animal on the outside he has great wisdom and courage within that shines through in the most unlikely situations.

Abilities: In beast mode Machkick is a galloping black stallion that can reach amazing speeds. In robot mode he can use his “Elastic Hand” attack to snare his enemies and his “Tail Tomahawk” to slice them to pieces.

Weaknesses: Machkick’s off the wall personality is borderline annoying and puts him on more than just Longrack’s bad side.


Allegiance: Maximal

Motto: “Maximals, Emergency! Emergency!”

Function: Computer

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: Navi is the computer program aboard the Maximal ship the Gung-ho. While at first she may appear to be a carbon copy of the previous Navi she tends to display her own unique personality and can come up her own strategies. She is an indispensable part of the Maximal army.

Abilities: She controls every aspect of the Gung-ho and alerts the Maximals of danger or Predacon activity.

Weaknesses: She is just a computer program and has no fighting strength.


Motto: “Patience is a virtue. Remember that and you’ll never fail.”

Function: Maximal Storm trooper

First Television Appearance: “Attack! Randy!”

Profile: Randy is a powerhouse of a Maximal and a dedicated one at that. He can trample an enemy to the ground and stamp them into the dirt. He is abnormally patient and can wait silently for days without even slightly getting board. Randy is also honest to a fault, often blurting out truths that others might not find very flattering. But Randy also can never feel at home in a group or on a team. He prefers to work as a freelance Maximal for hire willing to aid any Supreme Commander who may need his support.

Abilities: In beast mode Randy becomes a raging wild boar. In this form he can charge an opponent with reckless abandon and crush them upon contact. In robot mode his only source of firepower is his “Charge Buster” which can unleash a decently sized proton blast.

Weaknesses: Randy’s uneasiness in groups doesn’t make him the best partner. He’s used to doing things his own way and dislikes being ordered around like a common troop.


Motto: “Teammates are a liability. The lone-wolf always triumphs!”

Function: Guerilla Warrior

First Television Appearance: “Dinosaur Combiner Magmatron.”

Profile: A former soldier in the Maximal army, Rockbuster chose to leave to fight the Predacon threat on his own. He was formerly teamed with Big Convoy and the two were considered an unstoppable duo. He is one of Big Convoy’s best friends and they look up to each other as equals. He is a wandering warrior who fights whatever Predacon menace he encounters and does do with deadly efficiency. While he chooses a life of solitude he periodically looks in on his old pal Big Convoy to see how he’s doing.

Profile: Rockbuster transforms into a mighty crab with a virtually impenetrable shell. His “Claw Buster” attack fires an unstoppable missile while his “Claw Crusher” attack can snap any armor to pieces no matter how tough or durable it may be.

Weaknesses: Rockbuster’s life of solitude has left him with no back up or allies. He fights alone and if he dies, he dies alone.

Sharp Edge

Motto: “There is no point to living if you don’t have enemies to fight.”

Function: Deep Sea Assault

First Television Appearance: “Deep Sea Personal Combat”

Profile: Sharp Edge is a raging warrior on the brink of psychotic. He prefers to frighten the mortal hell out of his enemies to gain the mental edge before he strikes. His drive to fight, however, reveals his insecurity. Sharp Edge believes that fighting is all that proves you are alive and secretly does not wish for the war to end. He fears that he may cease to exist if this happens. Sharp Edge never questions his orders and follows them to the letter but is always dragged down by that nagging feeling that if he does too good a job he will no longer exist.

Abilities: In beast mode Sharp Edge is a prehistoric shark which can move through the water with grace and stealth. In robot mode his weapon of choice is his “Diamond Tail” power cutter which is efficient and deadly.

Weaknesses: His paranoia is his ultimate weakness. Sharp Edge’s own fears often inhibit his efficiency. At times he can be considered mentally unstable.


Motto: “You don’t have to be a great fighter to be considered a great warrior.”

Function: Reconnaissance

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: Stampy is an absolute coward if there ever was one. He hates fighting and is scared to death of confrontation. Why he joined the military, nobody knows. Stampy also has a very child-like attitude. He acts like a kid and is quick to be cheerful. Never the less, his perpetually sunny disposition doesn’t help him be any less cowardly. His teammates can’t stand his yellow behavior and try their best to tolerate him. However, he is known to exhibit sudden bursts of unmatched bravery when times look bleak. For that he is respected.

Abilities: In beast mode Stampy is a rabbit with a taste for space carrots. He is not a fighting machine but he is essential to the Maximals’ battle. His “Mighty Ear” can intercept enemy transmissions and locate the opposition from an incredible distance. Without him the Maximals would be fighting blind. He also has a third “Scissor Mode” which can slice through the toughest of obstacles.

Weaknesses: Stampy is a craven coward. His acts of bravery are few and far between. He also has little offensive power making him a liability more often than not.


Motto: “If you are not a team player then you are nothing.”

Function: Assault Commander

First Television Appearance: “Hot Blooded Instructor, Survive.”

Profile: Survive is almost the polar opposite of Big Convoy. He believes that the only way to achieve victory is to do so as a team. He despises solo actions and has a very unpleasant impression of Big Convoy, who prefers to do just that. Survive desperately wants to have Big Convoy placed under his leadership and retrained as team player. The opportunity for this has yet to arise.

Abilities: In beast mode Survive is a powerful bear with incredible strength as his main weapon. In robot mode he is equipped with a powerful claw slasher which can extend a great distance and hack an enemy to pieces. His partner is True One, a bat-shaped robot used for reconnaissance operations.



Motto: “Power is nothing unless you have style.”

Function: Air Supremacy Soldier

First Television Appearance: “Planet of Time”

Profile: Archadis is the snob of the Predacons. He condescends upon every other warrior and never considers any of them good enough for him. He enjoys ordering the others around like they were his butlers or servants. His fellow Predacons barely tolerate his attitude but secretly fear his unmatched firepower. Archadis is constantly worried about his exits and entrances and likes to perform as he fights. The others think he is a show off. Style means everything to him and so does his appearance. He is often worried about how many feathers he loses in each skirmish.

Abilities: Archadis transforms into an archaeopteryx. In this mode no other Predacon or even Maximal can match his air combat skills. In robot mode he is loaded with an over abundance of firepower. His Wing Gundreads, Wing Bombs, and Founder Shot round out his impressive supply of artillery.

Weaknesses: Archadis’ paranoia over his appearance and use of style often distracts him during a battle. He worries too much about his appearance rather than the enemy.


Motto: “I can vanish in a flash and reappear just as quickly!”

Function: Infiltrator

First Television Appearance: “Hard Head is Hard Headed.”

Profile: Crazybolt was Cybertron’s number one escape artist and a master thief. Once he realized that the spoils of war were much more rewarding he joined the Predacons. He was teamed along with the dunce Hard Head and acts as his commander. Crazybolt can slip in and out of even the tightest areas and his escape tricks baffle even the wisest of Maximals.

Abilities: In beast mode Crazybolt can transform into an iguana. His tail riffle in robot mode has a deadly amount of power behind it.

Weaknesses: While a master of stealth he also lacks offensive power. He uses his partner Hard Head for that. But if separated from him he can tend to be easy prey.

Dead End

Motto: “I fight for myself and nothing else.”

Function: Demolitions

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: Dead End is a model Predacon. He was the pride of the Predacon war academy on Cybertron and a respected soldier for years. Dead End believes that fighting to impress superiors is petty and never does so. He is embarrassed by the actions of his fellow Predacons and their constant attempts to gain power. He fights simply because he wants to and he takes great joy in sending his enemies to an early grave. Some think that he enjoys it too much. It has been noted that he smiles when he kills.

Abilities: When transformed Dead End becomes an armored ammonite. In robot mode his shell becomes two large shields. This makes it difficult for an enemy to land a direct hit on him. His “Spiral Bomb” attack launches the shell shields off his shoulders and into his enemies while his “Dead Gun” administers the deathblow.

Weaknesses: While he is a respected soldier he rarely speaks his mind. Even if he knows a plan is going to fail he chooses not to inform his comrades simply because he doesn’t care.


Allegiance: Predacon

Motto: “Do it yourself!”

Function: Computer

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: D-Navi is the computer program on the Predacon ship the Dinosaur. She has an intolerable attitude problem. She detests being called D-Navi and insists on being called other names. Names which she changes on a seemingly daily basis. Her favorite types of names are that of famous earth Princesses like Cleopatra and Anastasia. She also has a crush on Guiledart.

Abilities: D-Navi controls all aspects of the Dinosaur, including the Teleportation systems. Fail to call her by her chosen name and the unfortunate Predacon may not find himself teleported where he wants to be.

Weaknesses: D-Navi is only a computer program and has no fighting strength.


Motto: “Loyalty makes for success of the highest quality.”

Function: Predacon Staff Officer

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: Guiledart is Magmatron’s right hand man. He is the perpetually loyal type who detests traitors. He is always ambitious to advance in rank but to only do so by fair means rather than killing his superior officer, like so many have tried in the past. Guiledart is an expert tactician and designs all the Predacon’s battle-plans. The other Predacon’s loathe his honest nature and see it as a weakness. However, Guiledart is by no means weak. He is a fearless and absurdly powerful warrior whom few would dare oppose.

Abilities: In beast mode Guiledart is an enormous triceratops with a thick hide and needle-sharp horns. In his robot form he stands tall above most other members of the Predacons. His “Horn Thunder” attack can damage an enemy and render them immobile while his “Tail Shooter” can administer the final killing blow.

Weaknesses: Guiledart’s honest nature just doesn’t seem to fit him in well with the Predacons. Magmatron respects this aspect of his character but the other Predacons do not.

Hard Head

Motto: “…Wait, are you talking to me? Who are you, anyway?”

Function: Ground Trooper

First Television Appearance: “Hard Head is Hard Headed.”

Profile: To put it mildly one could say that Hard Head’s cranium isn’t exactly crammed with cerebral circuitry. Or one could say that he’s as dumb as a rock. And not one of those cool geodes, either. I mean a big grey piece of slag. Hard Head has a tough time even staying on task long enough to finish a sentence, let alone coordinate a tactical nuclear strike. He can be easily fooled and needs to be constantly reminded of exactly what he’s supposed to be doing.

Abilities: In beast mode Hard Head transforms into a pacheycephalosaurus. Tell him that and he’ll have absolutely no clue what the heck that means. In this form his main attack is his head butt. While a seemingly bland attack it has amazingly destructive results. The impact can be strong enough to instantly snuff out a Transformer’s spark and tear their carcass to shreds. In robot mode he wields the Pilesaber and is unexpectedly skilled with the sword.

Weaknesses: This guy barely knows his ABCs. In fact, It’s doubtful that he could make it past “J”. Hard Head needs to have someone shouting orders at him constantly in order for him to be an effective warrior.


Motto: “Hello? Anybody there? *sniff* I’m so lonely…”

Function: Warrior

First Television Appearance: “Hydra Alone.”

Profile: Hydra hates being left alone. Unfortunately for him he has been stationed by himself on a distant bunker in the middle of nowhere. He can be very friendly, often times a little too friendly. His joyful attitude around other Predacons tends to weird his guests out. In an almost pathetic turn of events his best friend happens to be the maid droid stationed with him at his bunker. Being his only companion, he is very protective of it. Hydra may suffer from cabin fever but he is still a talented warrior whom the Predacon’s can always count on when they need additional support.

Abilities: In beast mode Hydra transforms into a soaring pterodactyl. In this form he can glide silently over the heads of an enemy and unleash an onslaught of grenades. In robot mode he carries a proton blaster which can automatically lock onto even the quickest of targets. He is also a master technician; able to handle a super computer like it was a Game and Watch.

Weaknesses: Hydra’s exposure to solitude and severe level of cabin fever has left him a little on the crazy side. His unleveled mental circuits often impair his judgement.


Motto: “Power is everything. I am power. Therefore, I am everything.”

Function: Predacon Emperor of Destruction

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: Selected by the Tripredacus Council to replace the fallen Galvatron, Magmatron is as driven a leader and an even more powerful warrior. While successor to Galvatron, he has very little in common with the previous Emperor of Destruction. While Galvatron was a conquest driven maniac, Magmatron judges situations very reasonably and can probably be called the most merciful Emperor of Destruction in all of Cybertrons history. However, this should not be judged as weakness. He is a brilliant Predacon and a very charismatic one at that. Magmatron’s personality keeps his warriors on his side through the toughest of times with little to no resistance. He has a deep-seeded rivalry with the Maximal Supreme Commander Big Convoy that goes back to their soldier days. However, it is a rivalry with mutual respect. He knows Big Convoy’s power and thinks of him as a worthy adversary. Magmatron is by far the sanest member of the Predacon force.

Abilities: In beast mode Magmatron splits into three separate and terrifying dinosaur creatures. These prehistoric creatures are the Skysaurus (a Queztalcoatlus), the Landsaurus (a Gigantosaurus) and the Seasaurus (an Elasmosaurus). Each can attack from separate directions with individual conscious minds. He can then combine to form a bizarre and powerful dinosaur which towers over enemies. In robot mode he wields a mighty sword sharp enough to dice any metal to pieces on contact. Magmatron is decked out with row upon row of missile and grenade launchers that obliterate whatever receives its might.

Weaknesses: Magmatron is an incredibly powerful robot with a slight level of compassion. However, he lacks a suitably strong offensive attack like his predecessors. If attacked from a distance he can be taken down, but only with an absurdly powerful weapon.


Motto: “Sorcery is an untapped source of unfathomable power. And I have it in the palm of my hand.”

Function: Predacon Camouflage

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: Saberback is a mysterious warrior. His origins are shadowy, not even the Tripredacus Council knows exactly where he came from. All they do know is that he is a warrior not to be taken lightly. He is an expert in black magic and can create deadly illusions and spells. He is evil to the core and his wizardry reflects it. Saberback prefers to remain hidden during battle and perform his trickery from a safe place. This makes him difficult to locate by the enemy. One of his favorite hobbies outside of sorcery is the constant berating of the Predacon Sling.

Abilities: Saberback can transform into a plated stegosaurus with a deadly spiked tail. In this mode he can also transform into a camouflaged flower. In this form he can remain hidden and spring out as a trap upon unsuspecting Maximals. In robot mode he can use the sharp talons on his right hand called the “Tripled Claw” to fire intense Laser Burn beams. Add these attacks to his knowledge of the mystical arts and he is a force to be reckoned with.

Weaknesses: Performing magic is a draining process. It tends to take a toll on his energy levels and often leaves him severely weakened. His flower trap can also only be used effectively once.


Motto: “Wahoo! It’s battle time! …I mean…um…lunchtime…wait, what time is it again?”

Function: Predacon Shock Trooper

First Television Appearance: “Big Convoy, Mobilize!”

Profile: A dim star in the night sky of morons. Sling is incredibly dense. He’s only good for following orders but tends to screw that up as well. The other Predacons sigh in his presence and try their best to tolerate him (except for Saberback who insults him at every available moment). He’s a gung-ho warrior but is only really evil because the other Predacons tell him he is. Sling speaks in a high-pitched cackle, which often times irritates his fellow soldiers. He’s not the most popular Predacon.

Abilities: In beast mode Sling is a dimetrodon dinosaur with a razor sharp fin on his back. He can also transform into a disguised flower which can spring shut and trap unsuspecting Maximals. In robot mode his right arm becomes the “Tail Bunker” which pierces through enemies and his other arm forms the “Sling Shield” which protects him from enemy fire.

Weaknesses: His goofiness and mental density relegates him to the level of lackey at best. Along with that his flower trap mode can only be used effectively on an enemy once before they catch on.



Allegiance: Blendtron

Motto: “Can you still see when your head has been severed from your neck? Let’s find out…”

Function: Blentron Execution Ninja

First Television Appearance: “The Mysterious Beast Warrior?”

Profile: Enlisted by Unicron and fused with his dark power, Drancron and the Blendtrons are the next level of Transformer warriors. Like the other Blendtrons, Drancron was engineered to feel no remorse for his actions, no sympathy for others, and absolutely no respect for life. He is a mostly silent warrior who moves swiftly and makes little to no sound. His presence cannot be detected even when he’s standing right behind the enemy. As a servant of Unicron the destruction of every living being on Cybertron is his single motivating goal.

Abilities: In beast mode Drancron resembles a lizard and a dragonfly fused together in a single grotesque combination. He has a sick fascination with beheading his enemies and does so with his Drancutter blade. Should a foe escape his attack he can ruthlessly cut them down with a single shot from his Clap Missile.

Weaknesses: The Blendtrons are stronger than even Big Convoy himself. No known weakness has yet to be found.


Allegiance: Blendtron

Motto: “I melt my enemies into my drinking water. How delicious their pain tastes…”

Function: Blendtron Destruction Ninja

First Television Appearance: “The Mysterious Beast Warrior?”

Profile: Elephorca is the field commander of the Blendtrons as well as their system of transportation. With a single swipe of his fist he can shatter reality itself and travel through time and space in an artificial black hole. As a warrior of Unicron all senses of justice and sympathy have been drained from his body leaving him an emotionless killing machine. The tusks on his shoulders are his pride and his symbol. Should anybody even so much as touch them he erupts in a chaotic fury, obliterating the opposition. Elephorca is the smartest of all the Blendtrons and constructs their battle plans and calls out the orders during a fight. He is possibly the most powerful Blendtron and easily the most feared.

Abilities: In a gruesome fusion of animal genetics and robotics Elephorca can transform into an orca whale/elephant hybrid. He can smash the barrier of time and space and travel through a black hole to the destination of his choosing. His Killer Tusks can secrete an acidic liquid that dissolves whatever it touches.

Weaknesses: The Blendtrons are stronger than even Big Convoy himself. No known weakness has yet to be found.


Allegiance: Blendtron

Motto: “I am what lurks in the shadows when you think you are alone. I am the grim face of death, the last thing you will ever see.”

Function: Blendtron Combat Ninja

First Television Appearance: “The Mysterious Beast Warrior?”

Profile: The most frightening of all the Blendtrons, Rartorarta is a raging psychopath that is unstoppable when in a berserk fury. As a follower of Unicron his singular purpose in life is to exterminate every Transformer in the Universe and return his leader to glory. He enjoys collecting the dismembered parts of his enemies and spirals into a laughing fit as he watches them twitch before they die. It is also speculated that he is a cannibal who enjoys dining on the sparks of his victims. While these claims have no evidence one look at his face and few doubt the truth behind the legend.

Abilities: In beast mode Rartorarta is a fish/hornet hybrid, and the most freakish of all the Blendtrons. He can impale his foes with his stinger which is sharpened to be no thicker than a molecule. Rartorarta can also inject his opponents with deadly venom which has no known cure and causes the luckless Transformer to die a slow and painful death.

Weaknesses: The Blendtrons are stronger than even Big Convoy himself. No known weakness has yet to be found.


Allegiance: None

Motto: “The forces of heaven and hell cower in my presence. Ragnarok, Armageddon, and Apocalypse pale in comparison to what I embody. The mind cannot fathom my power and words cannot describe it. I am God. Fear my presence and taste my wrath.”

Function: Doom

First Appearance: Transformers the Movie

Profile: In a time long passed, a scientist known as Primacron created a weapon of destruction with which he could rule the universe. In a twist of fate that weapon gained a conscious mind and full understanding of its power. That weapon was Unicron. Free from Primacron’s restraints, Unicron traveled the universe, destroying planets and increasing his power to a level few could imagine. In the year 2005 he came upon the planet Cybertron and attempted to destroy it like he had so many others. In a now legendary battle he was defeated by the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Defeated but by no means dead. When he erupted his life energy hurled aimlessly through the galaxy until it struck the planet Gaea where it was riddled into the planet’s surface and imprisoned for many centuries. However, after the actions of the Predacon Commander, Galvatron, his life force (known as “Angromois Energy’) was sealed away in capsules and distributed all over the Galaxy. This was all in Unicron’s grand scheme. With the help of his army known as the Blendtrons he will return to his god-like power and raise hell in the universe once again.

Abilities: It is difficult to gauge Unicron’s power since it is incredibly vast. He can posses other machines, including the planet Cybertron, and make them his new body. In planet mode he is a fortress with a single enormous mouth with which he devours entire planets and moons. Unicron can also transform into a giant robot that can shred a planet with its bear hands and claws. New to his arsenal of attacks is his flaming dragon mode. In this form he becomes a gigantic fiery serpent that is near invincible. His offensive power cannot be measured. He is the scourge of all Cybertronians whether they be Autobots or Decepticons, Maximals or Predacons.

Weaknesses: The only power in the universe strong enough to defeat Unicron is the Matrix. Otherwise, he is invincible.

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