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Transformers: Victory

Profiles by DrSpengler

Blacker | Braver | Dash | Fixit (Pibo) | Galaxy Shuttle | Greatshot | Jan | Landcross | Laster | Mach
Red Hot (Fire) | Road Caesar | Stakeout (Holi) | Seawatch (Boater) | Star Saber | Tackle | Tacker | Victory Leo
Victory Saber | Wing | Waver

Black Shadow | Blue Bacchus | Deszaras | Dinoking | Doryu | Drillhorn | Gaihawk | Gairyu | Goryu | Hellbat
Jarugar | Kakoryu | Killbison | Leo Kaisar | LeoZack | Rairyu | Yokuryu



Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “I don’t make jokes, I make sense.”

Function: Brainmaster Commander

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Dead serious, that’s all that can really describe him. He takes job as his life and lets nothing else get in the way. Blacker expects a great deal from his Brainmaster warriors and gets incredibly upset if he is disappointed. He is good at what he does and does it with a “no nonsense” attitude. He doesn’t like humor, thinks of it as a total waste of time when there are real problems in the universe. Beneath his solemn exterior he hides a sadness. He is often very depressed and thoughtful. In his many years of battle the Cybertronian wars have cost him a great deal and he will do whatever it takes to end them.

Abilities: As a Brainmaster, Blacker can merge with his transector by becoming the brain. In robot mode he wields a high-powered sword, the trademark weapon of the Brainmasters. With it he can release shocking energy attacks upon his opponents. In vehicle mode he becomes a black dune buggy capable of adapting to virtually any terrain.

Weaknesses: Blacker’s melancholy attitude often separates him from his troops who prefer to have a good time. This degree of separation is something that a team commander should do his best to prevent but Blacker still has trouble connecting with them.


Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “I don’t know which is more fun, building a nuclear reactor or downing a keg of energon.”

Function: Technical Supervisor

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Braver is easily the technical genius of the group. The majority of the Brainmaster’s plans and technology come from him. He can look at just about anything and come up with a useful idea. It’s this resourcefulness that makes him an asset to the group. Braver is not without is sense of humor. He enjoys having fun as much as the next robot and knows when to take a break.

Abilities: Being a Brainmaster, Braver can merge with his transector to form its brain. In robot mode his weapon of the choice is a powerful sword capable of unleashing powerful energy blasts that shock and destabilizes his enemies. In vehicle mode he becomes a Ferrari F-40 racecar capable of reaching speeds high above 600 miles per hour. He literally burns up the track when he races.

Weaknesses: Braver tends to focus too much on the details rather than the big picture. The obvious things seem to pass him by more often then they should. His tendency to get lost in his work also poses a problem.


Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “I’d like to meet someone faster than me, so I can put them in their place!”

Function: Warrior

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Dash is a speed freak if there ever was one. He has a hyper attitude that borders on obnoxious. He is confident in his speed and fighting skill and never misses an opportunity to display it. He can reach speeds far beyond any of Earth’s most high-tech vehicles and looks at them with contempt. Though he brags about his speed and abilities more often then others desire, he always backs up his claims.

Abilities: Dash is the fastest land vehicle in the Multiforce. He can reach speeds upwards of Mach 3, but he claims he can go much faster. In vehicle mode he is a bright red sports car, a mode he is very proud of. In robot mode he carries a laser pistol as his main weapon. Dash can combine with his partner, Taker to become Dashtaker. Dash’s power represents the Sun.

Weaknesses: Dash is a little too gung-ho for his own good. He doesn’t like to listen to others, he prefers listening to himself. His refusal to take good advice often pits him in seriously dangerous situations.

Fixit (Pibo)

Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “War may not be fun but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.”

Function: Medical Aid

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Go Rescue Squad!”

Profile: Fixit is the self-proclaimed jokester of the Rescue Squad. He never misses a chance to crack a joke or an insult on another member of the squad if he thinks it’ll be funny. He enjoys picking on his commander, Stakeout, most off all. However, when called to duty, Fixit makes no jokes. The responsibility of giving others medical aid is something, if the only thing, he is serious about. In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with the human, Jan, and the rest of the Rescue Squad.

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Fixit becomes an ambulance capable of carrying at least three people at a time. He is well read on human anatomy and medical science and despite his personality, knows what he’s doing. In robot mode he carries no weapons.

Weaknesses: Fixit was built for rescue, not battle. If an enemy approaches him he will either run away or call for help.

Galaxy Shuttle

Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “Space is not the final frontier, it’s MY frontier.”

Function: Inter-Galactic Transportation

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Galaxy Shuttle just may be the toughest member of the Cybertrons, and may also be the most important. It is up to Galaxy Shuttle to transport all the most precious of cargoes that the Cybertrons have. From soldiers, to weapons, to diplomats, to prisoners, Galaxy Shuttle has seen them all. It is his sole duty to guide the Cybertrons from one place to another safely, a duty he takes very seriously. Galaxy Shuttle is the embodiment of the “strong silent-type”. He prefers to accomplish his task with dignified silence rather than mindless chatter. He is among the most respected members of the Cybertron forces, and for good reason.

Abilities: Galaxy Shuttle is the fastest, most superior space shuttle on the Cybertron forces since Skylynx. He can move at speeds faster than light and steer with incredible precision. For a lesser space craft, moving at such speeds would an outrageous danger, but for Galaxy Shuttle and his fearless attitude, it’s just part of his job. He is also one of the largest Cybertrons, able to fit even the towering Star Saber within his hull. In robot mode he is a seasoned warrior who goes into battle with as much determination as if he were doing a transport mission. He belittles his enemies with his incredible size, intimidating even the most battle-hardened Destron.

Weaknesses: Galaxy Shuttle is perhaps too important to the Cybertrons. He is their main transport unit; thus he is kept in the best of shape. He is rarely allowed into battle due to his importance as a ship. While he is a quiet member of the Cybertrons, his occasional outbursts display his more contemptuous side. He’s important, and he knows it. He is a vital element to the success of the Cybertrons, which also makes him a target for Destron attacks.


Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “Go ahead and challenge me, if really hate being healthy.”

Function: Six-Changer Warrior

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “The Warriors of Planet Micro”

Profile: Greatshot is one of the few transformers able to call himself a six-changer. He is a very quiet, brooding loner. He accomplishes his tasks quickly and efficiently. Before allying himself with the Cybertrons Greatshot was once partnered with the two Destron mercenaries Black Shadow and Blue Bacchus. It was his disgust for them and the Destron way that led him to Star Saber and the Cybertrons. He is a powerful and fearless warrior who’ll get the job done no matter the cost.

Abilities: Being a six-changer, Greatshot has a variety of different transformation modes. In artillery platform-mode he can release a barrage of missiles with devastating effects. In rhino-beast mode he can trample his opponents with incredible strength and power. In jet-mode he can reach speeds greater than mach 5. In ground assault vehicle-mode he can roam over even the most rugged of terrain. In ray gun-mode he can release a highly destructive energy blast capable of vaporizing all in its path. Finally, in robot-mode he is a highly skilled warrior who faces danger head-on without regret.

Weaknesses: His vengeance toward the Destrons drives him to do what he does. He has trouble listening to authority and though he respects Star Saber greatly, he doesn’t like listening to him.


Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “I swear I’ll do whatever I can to help stop the Destrons.”

Function: Rescue Squad Human Consultant

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Jan is a human boy orphaned after a spacecraft carrying him and his family was destroyed by the Dinoforce. He was adopted by Star Saber who acts as his father. He is very protective of Star Saber and does not enjoy watching him go off into battle. He greatly admires his “father” and treats him with the utmost respect. He works along with the Rescue Squad in giving innocent by-standers aid from Destron attacks.

Abilities: While a human child, Jan’s exposure to a Cybertron upbringing has made him very smart for his age. While he has no special weapons he has built for himself a vehicle capable moving on two robotic legs. He named his creation “Llumina II”, after a girl from his school. When indoors he uses a hover-board to get around and attract attention. For a boy his age he is very brave and intelligent.

Weaknesses: Jan is a still a human, and a child at that. He cannot fight and never tries to.


Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “I’d say I have enough fighting spirit for the entire Cybertron army!”

Function: Multi Gestalt Warrior

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Multiforce, combine!”

Profile: Landcross is the warrior made up of the Multiforce members Wing, Waver, Dash, Taker, Mach and Tackle. All of the members are young and prosperous individuals, thus Landcross as a fiery and youthful attitude. His enthusiasm for battle even impresses his superiors, the Brainmasters.

Abilities: Landcross is a powerful warrior best suited for battle on Earth. His weapon of choice is the Hybrid Gun; a gun made up of all the weapons of the individual Multiforce members. His final attack is called the “Multi Hybrid Thunder”. With this attack Landcross launches a torpedo derived from the six energies that make up the Multiforce: wind, water, moon, earth, sun and fire.

Weaknesses: Landcross is fairly new at battle. He lacks the experience of fellow Cybertrons. He is also only at his peak fighting performance on Earth. In space he is an easy opponent to defeat.


Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “Last one into battle’s a rusty bolt-bucket!”

Function: Warrior

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Laster is the youngest of the Brainmaster warriors. He is filled with youthful energy and excitement. He finds battle to be an almost refreshing and relaxing experience. The thrill of battle is all he lives for, partly because he is somewhat new to it. Despite this he goes into a fight giving nothing less than his best and refusing to do otherwise.

Abilities: As a Brainmaster, Laster can merge with his transector to form the brain. In robot mode he fights with the Brainmaster’s trademark sword, capable of emitting powerful shockwaves that briefly paralyze his opponent. In vehicle mode he transforms into a Countach car capable of reaching blinding speeds.

Weaknesses: Laster’s youthfulness and enthusiasm often irritates his elders. His constant joking borders on annoying and leads to constant fights with his teammates.


Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “Get to know your enemy, he’ll be easier to deal with that way.”

Function: Multiforce Space Assault

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Mach is quick with his feet, but not with his wits. Mach is a soldier at heart, he prefers to carry out orders rather than give them. This doesn’t mean he is stupid by any means. Mach is one of the more social Cybertrons. He knows how to deal with people. He can estimate his enemy or ally’s personality quickly and therefor decide the best way to approach them and handle them. He’s somewhat of a goof-off, however. He doesn’t bear down on knowledge; he leaves that to his partner, Tackle.

Abilities: Mach is the Multiforce member of the Cybertrons capable of transforming into a space shuttle. While not as quick as his larger counterpart, Galaxy Shuttle, mach is still incredibly quick. He can reach speeds beyond mach 3 almost instantly, and there’s no telling how fast he can go once he builds up momentum. Mach is partnered with most often with Tackle. The two of them can combine to form Machtackle, with Mach as the head and leading force of the duo. Occasionally, but not often, Mach will take the role of the legs and become Tacklemach. Mach’s power represents the Moon.

Weaknesses: While Mach excels in people skills, he lacks knowledge. He relies on his partner Tackle for that. This often leads to arguments between the two of them, as Tackle gets sick of his partner’s lack of mental strength. The two argue a bit too much, actually. This often leads to dangerous situations in battle.

Red Hot (Fire)

Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “Rescue, battle…what’s the difference?”

Function: Fire Prevention and Rescue

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Go Rescue Squad!”

Profile: Of all the members of the Rescue Squad, Red Hot enjoys battle the most. While his status as a member of the Rescue Squad strictly forbids him from engaging in a fight, he does his best to, anyhow. He longs to be rebuilt as a warrior and to fight alongside the other Cybertrons. He believes that if he can prove himself as a member of the Rescue Squad his wish will be granted. He enjoys spending his free time entertaining the human, Jan, and hanging out with the rest of the Rescue Squad.

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Red Hot becomes a small fire engine capable of spraying a variety of liquids from water, to soapy foam. In robot mode he has no major weapons except a small energy pistol. However, he can use his liquid cannon while in robot mode.

Weaknesses: Much to his dismay Red Hot was built for rescue, not for battle. He knows this and if he believes an enemy s too much for him he will either ask for help or retreat to safety.

Road Caesar

Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “Don’t move a circuit or I’ll move it to the other side of the Galaxy!”

Function: Three-Musketeer Gestalt

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Road Caesar is maybe the most enthusiastic warrior in the Cybertron’s army. Being the combination of the three Brainmasters, Blacker, Laster and Braver, Road Caesar contains the three symbols of good: the Brains of strength, skill and intelligence. He loves and respects the Earth and is sometimes refferd to as the King of the Land. He’ll fight to the death for what he believes in and refuses to let anything get in his way.

Abilities: The three swords of the Brainmasters can combine to form his weapon of choice, the Road Blade. While not as powerful as Star Saber’s Saber Blade, it comes in a close second place. His final attack is called the “Brain Wheel Shocker”. With this attack he unleashes super energy rings from all his tires into one massive onslaught of firepower.

Weaknesses: He tends to be a bit stubborn at times. When he has his mind set on something very little can stop him. The only member of the Cybertron he’ll really take orders from are Star Saber himself.

Stakeout (Holi)

Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “If there’s trouble you’ll be sure to find me there…helping to stop it, of course.”

Function: Rescue Squad Commander

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: As a leader material, Stakeout isn’t exactly cut from the right cloth. He’s young, but so is the rest of the Rescue Squad. He is the most mature of them all, which isn’t saying much. Stakeout likes to hang out with Star Saber’s human son, Jan, in his spare time. While a goof-off most of the time, when there’s trouble he’s quick to act. He is a fast-thinker and a resourceful on at that. He misses his home planet of Micro greatly, mostly due to the fact that his girlfriend is there (something the rest of the Rescue Squad enjoys riding him on).

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Stakeout transforms into a police car. He is capable of reaching high speeds and his flashing sirens ensure that he won’t be stopped. In robot mode he is the largest and physically strongest of the entire Rescue Squad.

Weaknesses: While a fast-acting member of the Rescue Squad, Stakeout was not built for battle. When approached by an enemy he’ll either get help or run away.

Seawatch (Boater)

Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “If there’s any place nicer than Earth, I don’t want to know about it.”

Function: Naval Rescue

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Go Rescue Squad!”

Profile: Seawatch loves the water, which is one of the reasons he enjoys working on Earth so much. Unlike the other members of the Rescue Squad he does not miss Planet Micro, the place of his activation. He much more prefers Earth and it’s vast oceans. This often puts him on the bad side of the other squad members, but never enough for them to hate him. In his spare time he plays with the human boy, Jan, and jokes around with the rest of the Rescue Squad.

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Seawatch transforms into a blue speedboat. He can reach intense speeds when attempting to rescue innocents and carry them off to safety just as quickly. In robot mode he does not carry any major damaging weapon, only a small energy pistol.

Weaknesses: Seawatch was built for rescue, not for battle. When approached by an enemy he must either call for help or run away.

Star Saber

Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “The universe deserves freedom, and I’ll see that it gets it.”

Function: Supreme Commander

First Television Appearance: Transformers: Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Star Saber is considered to be the greatest Cybertronian swordsman to ever function. After leaving the Planet V he traveled from one end of the universe and back, enforcing justice wherever necessary. He has engaged in battles not only with the Destrons, but with any being who acts as a menace to the helpless. His righteous and honorable fighting style may be derived from the symbol of good that he carries within himself called “the Courage Brain”. After traversing the galaxy for eons he returned to his fellow Cybertronians and become a part of the Cybertron army. When his predecessor God Ginrai stepped down from his position as Supreme Commander, Star Saber was first to be asked to take his place. This was an honor since he was asked by Ginrai himself. With the Saber Blade at his side and his troops ready to follow his every command, Star Saber is a formidable match for Deszaras and his Destron soldiers.

Abilities: Star Saber is not only the greatest swordsman in the universe but the most powerful Brainmaster as well. Star Saber can transform into a large jet capable of moving at incredible speeds and utilizing the powerful Saber Lasers. His weapon of choice is, and will always be, the Saber Blade. The Saber Blade is a massive sword he carries capable of slicing through the toughest of Destron armors. As a final attack Star Saber can gather the energy of an entire planet into his blade, transforming it into “the Planetary Impulse Sword”. When powered up this attack can deliver a blow capable of destroying practically anything in its path. Star Saber can also merge with fellow Cybertron, Victory Leo (the reborn God Ginrai). The combination creates the powerful robot known as Victory Saber. In this form he is almost invincible.

Weaknesses: Though one of the most powerful Transformers to ever exist, Star Saber suffers from the same weakness as all the Supreme Commanders that came before him, a love for life. There is nothing more important to Star Saber than the lives of others, a weakness that can be easily manipulated by Deszaras and the wicked Destrons. Star Saber also is protective of his adopted human son, Jan. Like any father, his son’s well being is of the highest priority to him.


Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “If knowledge is power then I better be careful not to hurt anybody.”

Function: Multiforce Situation Analyst

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Tackle is a bookworm if there ever was one. He enjoys all the great academic pursuits, science, history, sociology, mathematics and the rest. This vast amount of knowledge he stores in his memory circuits makes him an asset to not only the Multiforce, but the entire Cybertron army.

Abilities: Tackle’s vehicle mode is that of a jeep, equipping him for nearly any type of terrain. As a member of the Multiforce, Tackle can transform and merge with any of his fellow members. His partner, however, is Mach. With himself as the legs they form the robot Machtackle. Occasionally, but not preferably, he’ll become the head and they’ll become Tacklemach. Tackle’s power represents the Earth.

Weaknesses: Mach spends so much time studying and experimenting that he lacks social skills. He can’t give orders very well. Often times he’ll get fed up with his partner’s acts of incompetence and argue with him. This usually leads to trouble on the battlefield.


Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “If a warrior has no pride then he can not truly call himself a warrior.”

Function: Desert Operations

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Taker is an all around tough guy. He’s fearless to the point of insanity. There isn't an enemy of any size, shape or rank that can intimidate him. He treads through any terrain with ease, letting little challenge him. Though a battle-hardened warrior, he is not without a compassionate side. He’s always on the lookout for innocents and does his best to keep them safe. He is an all around respected member of the Cybertrons.

Abilities: In vehicle mode Taker can become a half-track truck. This mode allows him to navigate any terrain, be it swampland, snowdrifts or deserts. Of all the terrain he can maneuver he excels at desert combat, running along sand as if it were pavement. In robot mode he carries an energy riffle. Taker can combine with his partner Dash to become Dashtaker. Taker’s power represents fire.

Weaknesses: Taker doesn’t like to back down. His many years of constant battle has developed a warrior’s pride within him. This stubborn attitude often makes him a liability to the other Multiforce members.

Victory Leo

Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “I’ll see to it that the Destrons suffer for all the pain and misery they’ve caused, one by one!”

Function: Armored Knight

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Fight, Victory Leo”

Profile: Victory Leo is the reincarnation of former Supreme Commander of the Cybertrons, God Ginrai. After his death, the Victory plan, under the guidance of Cybertron’s greatest scientist, Perceptor, was created to transplant Ginrai’s mind into a new body. There was a glitch in the process, however, and many to almost all of Ginrai’s memories and personality were lost in the process. After his awakening as Victory Leo he became a violent fighting machine filled with hatred and a drive for vengeance against the Destrons.

Abilities: Victory Leo has powers far beyond that of his former personality. Victory Leo can transform into a massive lion with superior speed and agility. He can also transform into a jet booster capable of blasting through space at mind-blowing speeds and raining down fire upon his enemies. In robot mode his weapons of choice are the V-Lock Rifle, the V-Lock Canon and the V-lock Vulcans. Each of these is capable of emitting a devastating blast. His final and most powerful attack is called the “Leo Grand-Burst”. To perform this attack he releases the energy from all three of his V-Weapons simultaneously, nearly vaporizing any opponent in his path. Victory Leo can also merge with Star Saber to become the near invincible Victory Saber.

Weaknesses: Though he is the reincarnation of former Supreme Commander Ginrai, Victory Leo lacks many of the leadership skills that he once had. He can no longer think on his feet as well as he used to. Victory Leo is also prone to fits of rage that blind him to almost everything else. His loose-cannon attitude makes his Cybertron comrades nervous in his presence.

Victory Saber

Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “If the Destrons refuse to surrender peacefully then they will surrender in pieces!”

Function: Ultimate Supreme Commander

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “The Victory Combination”

Profile: Victory Saber is the direct result of the combination of Star Saber and Victory Leo. While the raw power of Victory Leo emanates from the Supreme Commander, Star Saber still remains completely conscious and in control. This combination is only used in the most serious of situations thus not only boosting Star Saber’s power, but also his drive for victory over the Destrons.

Abilities: It is said that of all the Supreme Commanders of Cybertron’s past, Victory Saber was by far the most powerful. When Victory Leo transforms and combines with Star Saber his raw, primal energy flows through him full force. Star Saber’s entire body is strengthened by the V-Lock and Grunium energy, making him virtually invincible. Victory Saber is capable of using all the powers and weapons of his two counterparts such as the V-Lock Rifle, V-Lock Cannon and Saber Blade. Victory Saber’s most powerful attack is the “Victory Burn”. With this attack Victory Saber collects all the energy emitted by the V-Lock Skies on his wings and the V-Lock Grounds in his feet and sends it rushing through his Saber Blade creating a nearly unstoppable weapon.

Weaknesses: While Star Saber remains the primary consciousness of Victory Saber the Victory Leo half of the combination still peaks through. If too stimulated by battle Victory Leo’s personality and rage may overcome him and turn him into a ruthless fighting madman, incapable of looking out for the safety of the innocent. Star Saber must make sure to keep his emotions in check at all times while attempting the powerful Victory Combination or he may end up doing something he’ll live to regret.


Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “Judge an enemy by their strength, not their appearance.”

Function: Multiforce Commander

Profile: As the leader of the Multiforce Wing excepts a great responsibility. He is quiet, often deep in thought. The welfare of his team concerns him, but his duties as a Cybertron are his priority. Wing is young for a leader, thus leading to an occasional lack of respect from his fellow warriors. Though young, Wing his an amazing sense of strategy and very compassionate mind-frame. All these attributes make him on of the best sub-group commanders in Cybertron history.

Abilities: In vehicle mode Wing becomes a high-powered jet. He can soar above an enemy and unleash a rain of energy grenades atop them. He is a very stealthy jet, leaving maybe half the energy trails of one of the Destron jets. In robot mode he can combine with his second in command, Waver, to become Wingwaver. Wing’s power represents the wind.

Weaknesses: Wing’s youthfulness often leads to more disrespect than he deserves. If his troops don’t completely agree with him then chances are they will not listen to him. This insubordinance due to his age only leads to frustration on his part.


Allegiance: Cybertron

Motto: “If you don’t have a good head on your shoulders then stay off the battlefield!”

Function: Second Multiforce Commander/Sea Operations

Profile: Waver is the second in command of the Multiforce and therefor Wing’s most trusted friend. What Wing lacks in experience, Waver supplies. Waver is always there to give Wing the support the other members of the Multiforce don’t provide. He trusts his leader but also knows when to take charge. He knows what needs to be done in a situation but lacks leadership skills. He is very quiet and reserved, only speaking out when he has something worth saying.

Abilities: Waver can transform into a supped-up speedboat. He rockets across the water with such speed that he nearly hovers over it. When he reaches the required speed, Waver can unleash a massive spray of water capable of blinding his opponents screening them from his next attack. In robot mode he can combine with Wing to become Wingwaver. Waver’s power represents water.

Weaknesses: Waver is an asset to the Multiforce, and he knows it. He often wonders why he was chosen as second commander of the Multiforce, not first. Despite this he is very supportive of Wing and has little tolerance for insubordination.


Black Shadow

Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “I’ll make you cry before I kill you.”

Function: Crossformer Mercenary

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “The Warriors of Planet Micro”

Profile: Black Shadow is the Destron’s Crossformer Mercenary and all around vile scumbag. He has no respect for the life of others. If the pay is high enough he’ll kill who ever he’s told to. He treats no one with respect, not even his employers. He is a ruthless warrior who finds sick pleasure out of watching the weak cower before him. Pleas of mercy only invoke laughter from his twisted shell as he’ll burn all before him to ashes.

Abilities: Being a Crossformer, Black Shadow is the next step in Pretender technology. Black Shadow can transform into a jet capable of pinpointing an enemy from miles away and zeroing in on him in seconds. His Pretender shell upgrades his power considerably now that all organic aspects of the Pretender is gone, leaving him a robot within and without.

Weaknesses: Black Shadow is a powerful warrior but not as strong as he’d lead his enemies to believe. He prefers to pick on those weaker than him. If a worthy opponent should arise he may find himself outmatched.

Blue Bacchus

Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “If your victim is dead, how can you make them suffer?”

Function: Crossformer Mercenary

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “The Warriors of Planet Micro”

Profile: Blue Bacchus is Black Shadow’s accomplice. He is a scheming and maniacal madman. He likes to think of new ways to torture his enemies before brutally killing them in the most painful way conceivable. Cries and screams delight him like nothing else. He is a feared warrior throughout the universe whose name sends cold shivers done the backs of those who hear it. He does not believe in mercy of any sort.

Abilities: Being a Crossformer, Blue Bacchus is the next step in Pretender technology. In inner robot mode Blue Bacchus can transform into a jet capable of performing dazzling maneuvers as well hellish artillery. His robotic Pretender shell boosts his power greatly now that all that was organic in the original Pretenders has been done away with.

Weaknesses: Blue Bacchus is despised all over the Galaxy. He is a target by all those wishing to bring peace. Not even the Destrons feel comfortable with him around, thus his mercenary status. This universal hatred may eventually bring his downfall.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “Those who know me, fear me. Those who do not fear me, die!”

Function: Emperor of Destruction

First Television Appearance: Transformers: Victory, “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: After the mysterious death of Overlord, Deszaras rose up to become the next Destron Commander. Deszaras is a remorseless and ruthless killing machine. The lives of others mean nothing to him as long as he obtains what he desires. He founded and led the group of Destrons known as “the Breast Force” who are now the bulk of his army. He has had a deep seeded hatred toward the Cybertron Supreme Commander, Star Saber ever since he single handedly rendered the Destron Space City inoperable. This seething hatred toward Star Saber makes Deszaras all the more dangerous.

Abilities: Deszaras can transform into a bird-like Dragon to increase his fighting strength. Being a Breastmaster he has the ability to remove two breastplates which transform and attack at his discretion. His breastplates are the symbols of evil known as “Tiger-breast” and “Eagle-Breast”. Deszaras’ wings can detach and change into razor sharp blades to be hurled at opponents and return to him when through. Deszaras also uses high-powered energy weaponry to aid him in battle. As a last resort, Deszaras can us his ultimate attack called “the Death Wing”. Using the wing-cutters on his back he can absorb sunlight and convert it into dark energy that can then be fired at his enemy. This attack will corrode any type of metal, leaving the opponent either dead or dying.

Weaknesses: Like the previous Emperors of Destruction, Deszaras suffers from arrogance. His lust for power and confidence in his own abilities often times blind him from common sense. His stubborn attitude prevents him from accepting advice in battle even from his most trusted warriors. Though only speculated, it is rumored that he also has a soft spot for children despite his hatred of the human race.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “If I mangled you then you got off light!”

Function: Dinosaur Gestalt Warrior

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Dinoking’s Surprise Attack”

Profile: Dinoking is the combination of all six Dinoforce warriors. With the bodies and minds of all six members combined into one he is the top Destron when it comes to violence. He enhances the natural abilities of all the members of the force and adds a few of his own. He is outrageously strong, but not too bright. He is somewhat insubordinate when it comes to taking orders and prefers to go about fighting in his own fashion. He has a fierce rivalry with the Cybertron Gestalt warrior, Landcross. He will stop at nothing to destroy his enemy.

Abilities: Dinoking is a massive powerhouse. He can crush a battleship to pieces like swatting a fly. His weapon of choice is the Dinoblaster, a massive energy cannon capable of firing powerful blasts of pure energy. His final attack is the “Dino Crusher Energy Surge”. He can concentrate all his energy to the core of his body and then release it in one devastating attack. The blast is capable of reducing an entire city block to ashes.

Weaknesses: Dinoking’s insubordinate attitude often gets him in trouble with Deszaras. Dinoking prefers to act on his own terms, which enrages his teammates. His decision to fight solo often puts him in over his head in a battle.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “Hear that? It’s the sound of your crumbling skull!”

Function: Sonic Saboteur

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe!”

Profile: Doryu likes his work, that’s all that can really be said. As a member of the Destrons, Doryu is proud of what he does, but not his team. He thinks of the rest of his team as idiots, overwhelming idiots. He accounts any and all failures on the team’s behalf to them. Goryu’s blind leadership sickens him, but he follows his orders anyway. While Doryu isn’t brilliant, he thinks himself better than all the others. He doesn’t believe Goryu is fit to lead, and the fact that Deszaras chose Goryu over himself enrages him. Doryu brings this rage with himself onto the battlefield and lets it loose as he punishes any Cybertron who gets in his way. He vents his rage when he’s working, perhaps that’s why he enjoys it so much.

Abilities: When bonded with his dinosaur pretender shell, Doryu becomes a rampaging stegosaurus. With the many spikes lining his tail, he smashes through enemy chassis with little to no effort. When attacking an opponent he focuses his rage on them and goes berserk. His attack style borderlines insanity, most often overwhelming his enemy. In robot mode he wields a massive double-barrel soundwave cannon, capable of emitting intense sonic vibrations, shaking the foundation of buildings or transformers to pieces.

Weaknesses: Doryu’s hatred of his fellow teammates does not go unnoticed. Goryu is well aware that Doryu thinks he’d make a better leader and watches him constantly. Doryu is prone to arguing with his commander on the battlefield, often times ruining otherwise flawless missions. Doryu’s self-absorbed attitude can only get him in trouble.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “How can you fight if you don’t know what you’re doing first?”

Function: Tactical Supervisor

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Multiforce, Combine!”

Profile: If any member of the Breast Force can take credit for brilliant military tactics and maneuvers, it’s Drillhorn. While LeoZack thinks up the prey most often it is Drillhorn who creates the plan of action. Not even the Cybertron’s can deny that the level of detail he coordinates into each strategy is brilliant. His flare for remarkable battle plans not only makes him a worthy opponent behind the scenes, but on the battlefield as well.

Abilities: Drillhorn puts the same surgical skill into the battle as he does the battle plans. When transformed he becomes a powerful drill tank capable of tunneling deep within the earth or straight through a Cybertron’s torso. His final attack is called the “Magma Bomber”. With this attack he burrows deep within the earth and channels magma to the surface to strike his unsuspecting enemy. Tunneling beneath the earth is a risky move but Drillhorn’s power of caution and ingenuity makes him the perfect robot for the function. In robot mode his breastplate can become a rhinoceros-like battle partner useful for jamming its horn straight through an enemy’s carcass.

Weaknesses: Drillhorn’s skill with detail often prevents him from seeing the big picture. He can go into battle seeing what nobody else would but at the same time missing the blatantly obvious. This set back makes him more of a danger behind the scenes than in the actual battle.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “I will wreak havoc to the horizon and beyond!”

Function: Second Breast Force Air Commander

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Rescue Gaihawk!”

Profile: Gaihawk was one of the first members of the Breast Force. After defeat by the hands of the Cybertrons he was taken to the Planet Micro and imprisoned. After many years of incarceration he was freed by LeoZack and the others. Gaihawk has a burning hatred toward the Cybertrons because of his imprisonment. This raging hatred accompanied with his raw power makes him a formidable opponent for anyone who dares to get in his way.

Abilities: Gaihawk can transform into a high-powered MIG-29 Fulcrum Fighter Jet second only to LeoZack. He is capable of unleashing a hellish storm of laser fire from above, rendering even the toughest of enemies to piles of smoldering ash. In robot mode his breastplate can transform into a hawk-shaped fighting partner. In robot mode he is also capable of unleashing the “Gaihawk Shurukens.” This attack allows him to fire an onslaught of jagged knives from his hands capable of tearing through even the toughest of metals.

Weaknesses: His searing hatred of the Cybertrons usually makes him the first in battle and the last to retreat. However, in many cases this stubborn and headstrong attitude can leave him alone on the battlefield against an army of Cybertrons. This is most likely the reason behind his last imprisonment.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “If you haven’t tasted my wrath that means you still have a tongue!”

Function: Ground Assault

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”.

Profile: When it comes to battle, Gairyu is a stampeding madman. He mows down his opponents with little to no discretion. There is hardly a structure capable of impeding his path of destruction. Whether it boulder, forest, building or army, he’ll crush it, turn around, then crush it again. Gairyu enjoys his work a little too much. He takes pride in trampling his enemy and will remain dedicated to the task no matter what. He is always eager to enter the battlefield, unless it is a boring stealth or espionage mission. Gairyu is a robot of action and hates doing otherwise.

Abilities: When bonded with his dinosaur pretender shell, Gairyu takes on the form of an ankylosaurus. With his armored back bordered with spikes, he is a scaly tank capable of inflicting unfathomable destruction. Laser fire has difficulty piercing his nearly impervious hide, making his rampage all the more deadly. In robot mode he carries a massive double-barrel plasma rifle. This weapon can release blasts of energy with enough power to burn an entire forest to ashes.

Weaknesses: While a powerful warrior with an awful mean-streak, Gairyu chose an unfortunate dinosaur to be his pretender. While his shell can protect him from nearly any amount of gunfire, it is also very awkward. If he is knocked to his back, like a turtle, he is incapable of returning to his feet. Gairyu is also easily frustrated. This odd weakness just adds to his enraging frustration, which only leads to sloppy and uncoordinated attacks.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “Why kill your enemy when you can make them suffer first?”

Function: Dinoforce Commander

First Television Appearance: Transformers: Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Goryu is Deszaras’ chosen soldier to command the assault team called the Dinoforce. While not the brightest of warriors, Goryu is remarkably obedient. He will carry out the orders of the Emperor of Destruction no matter the cost. Goryu’s loyalty reaches not only to Deszaras but to his men as well. While he often scolds and reprimands his troops he still takes great pride in them. Goryu however, is looked down upon by his fellow Destrons, especially the members of the Breastforce. Behind his back and to his face he is called “a worthless idiot” or “a useless fool”. While these remarks do not go unchallenged he tends to keep out of major squabbles with his fellow teammates. Never the less he remains a loyal sub-commander of the Destrons who will fight to the end if need be.

Abilities: While Goryu does lack a high level of intelligence he still has the most common sense among his troops. Goryu knows when to attack and when to retreat in order to gain the upper hand or to protect the lives of his beloved Dinoforce. In dinosaur mode, Goryu can bond with his Tyrannosaurus Rex pretender shell. In this state he is a ruthless fighting machine displaying the bestial wrath of his prehistoric counterpart. Though capable of bonding with his T-rex pretender shell, he most often chooses to ride atop of it, commanding his troops like a General atop his stead. In robot mode Goryu is even more powerful. With his weapon of choice, a spiked club, Goryu can perform some devastating attacks. The most notable of which is his flaming halo attack. Goryu can unleash a fiery ring of energy capable of destabilizing his opponent’s circuits and bringing them to their knees.

Weaknesses: Goryu is many things, one of which is dense. While an excellent warrior and commander of his troops he lacks the power of good judgement on simple things. This downside of his abilities reduces him to mostly the elementary tasks, leaving the Breastforce to do the more complex assignments. Along with this, Goryu is also very loyal to his troops. While most often a good thing this does have its drawbacks. He will openly sacrifice his life or well being for the safety of his men. If he ever faces a more devious opponent this can be used against him.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “Why fight head on when you can stab them in the back?”

Function: Breast Force Air Warrior

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “The New Warrior, Hellbat!”

Profile: Of all the Destron warriors, Hellbat is by far the most underhanded and maniacal. He lusts for power of any kind. This desire is apparent to nearly all of his fellow Destrons, Deszaras included. He is despised and distrusted by the others, especially LeoZack. He will not stop at any length to preserve his role among the Destrons. He even went as far as to kill another Breast Force member, Death Cobra, when he felt his place among the others was threatened.

Abilities: His sneaky and sly attitude makes him all the more dangerous. His is capable of transforming into a Dassault Rafale Jet capable of traveling at intense speeds. In robot mode he has one of the most useful special attacks among all the other Destrons, “the Hellbat Strike Hypnotic Wave”. Using this power he can weaken and then influence his opponents to do his bidding. His breastplate can transform into a bat-like attack partner.

Weaknesses: His acts of treason have not gone without notice of the other Destrons. Hellbat is hated by practically every other member of the team. If a Cybertron Warrior doesn’t kill him then chances are a Destron Warrior will.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “The most devastating of damage comes from subtlety.”

Function: Stealth Warrior

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Multiforce, Combine!”

Profile: Like the ferocious cat from which he takes his name, Jarugar prefers to do his hunting shrouded in darkness. He can move about the battle arena in the utmost silence and attack from the shadows. His moves are quick and powerful, almost feral. He is one of the quieter members of the Breast Force but at the same time one of the most lethal.

Abilities: Jarugar’s black chassis only helps him blend in with the night. He can approach his enemy as silent as a speeding arrow and leave just as quickly. When transformed, Jarugar becomes a modified dune buggy, complete with a four-row missile deck. In this form he can speed off leaving his opponents in a cloud of smoke and flames. His final attack is called the “Spiral Attack”. Once he has an enemy weakened and cornered he releases a volley of computerized missiles that circle and zero in on his opponent leaving them no window of escape. He takes much pride in this attack. His breastplate can detach and transform into a cat-like attack partner, capable of shredding any Cybertron in its path.

Weaknesses: Jarugar’s night skills and use of stealth are impressive but in a head to head fight they don’t come in handy. If left with no place to run, hide or attack from, his special abilities hardly aid him in battle.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “My legs hurt.”

Function: Combat Artist

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe.”

Profile: Kakoryu is almost the definition of “bumbling assistant”. He is often careless in the assignments he is given by Dinoforce Commander, Goryu. This, of course, enrages his commander. Kakoryu is constantly under Goryu’s criticism more than any other member of the Dinoforce, usually with good cause. Kakoryu’s clumsiness seems to stem, however, from his innocence. He isn’t very bright, but he isn’t a ruthless killing machine either. He has a soft spot for children and small animals (especially bugs). Of all the members of the Destrons he’s the most carefree, mostly because he doesn’t know how else to be. Although nice to a point, when told to do something he goes about it to the best of his abilities. He is still a loyal Destron and will put his personal feelings aside to do his job, that is, of course, if he remembers what he’s supposed to be doing.

Abilities: While a compassionate warrior, Kakoryu’s abilities are non the less destructive. His dinosaur pretender shell is that of a triceratops, giving him an incredible amount of ramming power. When in dinosaur mode, his preferred form, he can charge an opponent and ram his spiked snout through their torso and keep on charging. In robot mode he carries a twin-barrel particle blaster capable of frying his opponent upon a direct hit. He is called a “combat artist” due to the fact that he finds new and interesting ways to shred his opponent.

Weaknesses: Kakoryu has a very kind disposition, considering his allegiance. At times this causes him to make bad judgements. He’s very indecisive as well as clumsy. He never thinks ahead and rarely for himself, he just follows orders. The right type of enemy can also play upon his cheerful attitude toward children and small animals. When it comes down to it he’s there for brute force, and very little more.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “If it isn’t a Destron then it’s got to die!”

Function: Brute Force Warrior

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Multiforce, Combine!”

Profile: Killbison is a gung-ho, bloodthirsty warrior, rivaling most of his fellow Destrons. He will step into battle almost blindly just as long as he is certain there will be Cybertrons to fight. He is a headstrong warrior who lets his brute power speak for itself. Killbison will gladly mow down a crowd of Cybertrons and stomp on their corpses after they’re dead. He has little pride as a warrior and will win by any means he deems necessary.

Abilities: Killbison’s armor is tough and durable. He can plow through enemy fire with ease, leading the way for his fellow Destrons. In robot mode he becomes a twin barrel assault tank capable of charging devastating particle blasts. He’s crushed many a Cybertron foe beneath his grinding treads. His breastplate can be removed and turn into a powerful bison robot capable of ramming the opposition to the ground.

Weaknesses: Killbison’s lust for battle and action often sends him screaming into a fight blindly. He doesn’t believe in doing research or taking precautions when engaged in combat. More often then not the most danger he causes is to himself.

Leo Kaisar

Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “There should only be one type of enemy, a dead one.”

Function: Heavy Mobile Gestalt Warrior

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “LeoKaisar, Merge!”

Profile: LeoKaisar is made up of the Destron Breastforce, LeoZack, Hellbat, GaiHawk, Jarugar, Killbison, and Drillhorn. When the three land vehicles and three air fighters combine, the result is an enormous, Super Gestalt Warrior. His might surpasses that of the Cybertron’s Roadceasar, and as far as the Destron’s are concerned he is second only to Deszaras. He is an opponent that not even Star Saber would take lightly.

Abilities: Using the power of the entire Breast Force, LeoKaisar’s combat skill and battle strength makes him more powerful than any of the previous gestalt warriors. Along with his strike missile gun and the individual skills of all six Breast Warriors, LeoKaisar has an array of special attacks. The most note worthy is “the Battle Explosion”. Summoning all the energy within himself, he explodes in a bright flash of light, seemingly self-destructing. In reality he is splitting up to attack his enemy from all angles while they’re still blinded and confused.

Weaknesses: Though monstrously powerful, LeoKaisar suffers from the same problems many of the gestalts of the past have. His six conscious minds combined into one often disagree on how to take action in a crisis. When confused by an enemy LeoKaisar finds it difficult to settle on a final decision.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “If it isn’t ashes then your job isn’t done!”

Function: Assistant Assault Commander

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”.

Profile: LeoZack was chosen by Deszaras himself to be second in command. LeoZack is just as ruthless as his leader and just as brutal a warrior. In the air he is the strongest of all the Breast Force, leaving only ruins beneath him. However, he is not pleased with being only second in command. At every moment LeoZack schemes to replace the all-powerful Deszaras. His subtle acts of insubordenance do not go unnoticed by Deszaras, who watched him carefully.

Abilities: As leader of the Breast Force he is not only the most powerful Breast force jet, but the most powerful breast force member, period. He can transform into an F-14 Jet Fighter capable of performing “the Jet Attack”. With this attack he moves at super-sonic speed while unleashing a hail of ammunition groundward. He then leaves a laser beam contrail in his wake. In robot mode his breastplate can transform into the Leo Cannon.

Weaknesses: His contempt for authority has more than once put him on the bad side of Deszaras. If his discrete acts of rebellion are every truly realized by the Emperor of Destruction, LeoZack could find himself at his mercy.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “Fighting without thinking isn’t fighting at all. It’s stupidity!”

Function: Ground Attack Trooper

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Rairyu can be thought of as “the brains behind the Dinoforce”. While Yokuryu is relied on to use his wits and stealth to obtain top secret info, it would be useless without the careful and nearly brilliant planning of Rairyu. Rairyu thinks up most of the Dinoforce’s strategic maneuvers, many of which Goryu takes credit. Rairyu is a humble warrior and considers working for the Destron army an honor. While the Dinoforce isn’t the most brilliant of attack squads, they would be utterly useless without Rairyu.

Abilities: When bonded with his dinosaur pretender shell Rairyu becomes a thundering apatosaurus. In this mode he carries a twin missile deck on his back. When separated from it’s coherent master, Rairyu’s dinosaur pretender is easily the most hostile of the other dinosaurs. It will willingly devour any human or Cybertron in its path of destruction. In robot mode, Rairyu carries a large energy pistol capable of shooting off destructive thermal energy blasts.

Weaknesses: Rairyu is a very cautious, almost paranoid warrior. While a strategic mastermind behind the shadows, in battle he is easily intimidated. He lets his raging apatosaurus pretender do much of his fighting. If confronted without aid, he can prove to be a weak opponent.


Allegiance: Destron

Motto: “Fight with skill or just don’t fight at all!”

Function: Aerial Assault

First Television Appearance: Transformers Victory “Star Saber, Hero of the Universe”

Profile: Yokuryu is the Dinoforce’s top, and only, air combat trooper. Yokuryu specializes in mainly in reconnaissance missions for the Destrons. He is able to glide swiftly into an area undetected and obtain top-secret information from a bird’s-eye view. His ability to fly swiftly without giving off a heavy energy signal, unlike the jets of the Breastforce, makes him a valuable spy. Yokuryu is a cunning warrior as well as a talented spy. In battle missions or espionage missions he is always able to think on his feet, or wings, rather. He is possibly the most intelligent member of the Dinoforce.

Abilities: When bonded with his dinosaur pretender shell, Yokuryu becomes a swift and agile tyrannodon. In dinosaur mode, Yokuryu’s special attack consists of a series of powerful and devastating dive bombs. Yokuryu can swoop down from the clouds, unleash a shower of energy grenades and leave the land beneath him in ruins. In robot mode Yokuryu carries a high-powered energy pistol capable of melting an enemies circuits into scrap.

Weaknesses: While a cunning and maneuverable air warrior when it comes to espionage, if Yokuryu is engaged in a head-on battle he is easily out done. While capable of bombing the daylights out of an enemy on the ground, an enemy in the air is a completely separate matter. A more powerful or advanced aircraft can easily out-speed him and out-gun him. His true talent lies in stealth, not in straightforward combat.

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