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Transformers Universe


Universe #1: Abduction

Story: Glen Hallit, Dan Khanna
Simon Furman
Pencils: Dan Khanna
Inks: Serge Lapointe, Chuck Gibson, Terry Pallot
Colours: Hi-Fi Design, Blong, Dan Khanna
Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft

Synopsis: On a techno-organic Cybertron, the populace await the arrival of some long-lost Great War survivors. The veterans - Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker, Roulette and Shadow Striker - are a little surprised by the state of the planet, when suddenly they, along with Blackarachnia and Silverbolt, are transported to another location. Inside Cybertron, Primus and Alpha Trion note this development. The abductees are reformatted, apart from Trailbreaker, and then attacked by lava-creatures. These force them into an ampitheatre. There, the group are attacked by Tankor, Striker and Obsidian, and imprisoned. Razorclaw explains to them that they are all from different realities, and they have been brought here to fight. When they die, and their spark is lost to Primus, it helps towards the rebirth of Unicron. Inside Cybertron, Alpha Trion and Primus resurrect Optimus Primal to help.

Featured Transformers: Rook [first appearance], Cheetor [first appearance, BM version], Rattrap [first appearance, BM version], Silverbolt [first appearance, BM version], Blackarachnia [first appearance, BM version], Roulette [first appearance], Shadow Striker [first appearance], Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Trailbreaker, Tap-Out [first appearance], Brawn, Alpha Trion, Snarl [first appearance, Universe version], Tankor [first appearance, alternate version], Striker [first appearance], Obsidian [first appearance, alternate version], Razorclaw [first appearance], Reptilion [first appearance], Smokescreen [original version, killed by Armada version], Smokescreen [Armada version], Optimus Primal.

Notable Others: Primus

Production Notes: The alternate cover was avaliable exclusively at OTFCC 2003. A second printing included MTMTE-style profiles on Razorclaw, Reptilion, Rook, Roulette, Sideswipe, Snarl and Sunstreaker.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Cliffjumper; Reviewed by Blackjack

Univrse #2: Escape

Script: Simon Furman
Pencils: Dan Khanna, Guido Guidi, James Raiz
Inks: Chuck Gibson, Terry Pallot, Vince Russell
Colours: Blond
Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft

Synopsis: Optimus Primal overlooks the arena, where Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are being forced to fight. The arena is actually inside Unicron. Primal has a pair of unlikely allies, in a Cybertron-mode Grimlock, and an alternate Megatron. Primal heads in to free the captives, but is attacked by Razorclaw. While they fight, Silverbolt and Trailbreaker are able to swap their sparks and escape, freeing many of the other captives. They then break out, but are stranded when Shadow Striker destroys the way out, having come under the thrall of chaos. However, Primus is able to create an escape route, though Blackarachnia and Shadow Striker remain behind on Unicron, where they meet with Tarantulas. The rest arrive back on Cybertron, but remain aware of the threat of Unicron.

Transformers Featured: Optimus Primal, Obsidian, Sideswipe, Tankor, Sunstreaker, Reptilion, Grimlock, Megatron [Armada version], Striker, Trailbreaker, Silverbolt, Razorclaw, Jhiaxus [Generation 2 version], Omega Prime [Universe version, first appearance], Ransack, Squeezeplay, Swerve [Universe version, first appearance], Sixturbo [first appearance], Red Alert [Armada version], Shadow Striker, Roulette, Big Daddy, Brawn, Wheelie, Tap-Out, Ratchet [Universe version, first appearance], Firebot [Universe version, first appearance], Thrust [Beast Machines version], Snarl, Terrorsaur [Universe version, first appearance], Ultra Magnus [Universe version, first appearance].

Notable others: Unicron

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Cliffjumper; Reviewed by Blackjack

Universe #3: Homecoming

Script: Simon Furman
Pencils: Marcelo Matere, Makoto Ono, James Raiz
Inks: Ted Pertzborn, Chuck Gibson, Glass House Graphics
Colours: Glass House Graphics, Krista Ward
Letters: Simon Bowland

Synopsis: Optimus Primal meets with the Cybertronian High Council to warn them about Unicron. They don't believe him, and had him confined to quarters. Inside Unicron, Tarantulas and Blackarachnia plot their next move. Back on Cybertron, the Unicron virus is proving hard to purge from Sideswipe, while Primal's allies are also wary of his return. Blackarachnia sends a squad to kill Alpha Trion, who in turn has sent Snarl to free Primal. In conference, Alpha Trion explains that they are building a cloaked orbital platform to protect Cybertron, and puts Primal in charge of a special commando team. Primal is able to pick whichever troops he wants. He brings back Rhinox and Depth Charge, but the latter doesn't want to fight, and leaves. However, he comes across Blackarachnia, who has attacked Rattrap. He saves Rattrap, but seems determined to lead a peaceful life. Back in The Core, Primal has chosen Omega Prime as the next member of his squad. Back on Cybertron's surface, Depth Charge has ran into the rest of Blackarachnia's team - Piranacons.

Transformers Featured: Optimus Primal, Snarl, Sunstreaker [flashback], Sideswipe, Tap-Out [flashback], Trailbreaker, Brawn [flashback], Ransack [flashback], Shadow Striker [flashback], Silverbolt, Blackarachnia, Tarantulas, Ratchet, Striker, Cheetor, Rattrap, Alpha Trion, Rhinox, Depth Charge, Omega Prime.

Notable Others: Unicron, Primus

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Cliffjumper; Reviewed by Blackjack


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