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Crossing Over, Part 1
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

What are you doing, guy? Help me!
Still a letdown. This is a contrast with last issue, where too many things happen. Here, barely nothing happens. Yeah, it’s better for the narrative but you’d think Lee and Khanna could’ve thought up of better dialogue for Megatron rather than something that looked like the cartoon spat out. Skyfall’s gotten monologue, which gives us insight to who he is… basically, a whiny Cosmos. Better than Landquake, though, who is still a wallpaper flower. Lobbing them into the Classics universe might not be the smartest move, though, because with all the same old guys it looks like it’s going to be a rather boring toy advertisement, this one more in your face than the past two arcs.


Skyfall and Landquake have traveled to another universe/continuity, though the two haven’t figured that out yet. They have traveled to a G1-based universe where everyone is in their Classics bodies. Information from the writers reveal that this ‘Classics’ universe is fifteen years after the events of Marvel US comics, ignoring that of the UK or G2 comics.

The Classics series characters we see here are all obviously in their Classics toy bodies. While all of the characters seen here have presumably upgraded in the fifteen-year interim between the end of Marvel comics and Classics, it doesn’t account to Jetfire and Mirage being alive after their deaths during the Underbase Saga.

Skyfall does not recognize his home universe’s Megatron, and still thinks he’s in the Cybertron universe. Landquake does recognize ‘their’ Megatron, being a Decepticon and all.

This is the first time that Skyfall uses his goggle-like machineguns above his eyes.

RUNTs stand for ‘Armored Robot Hunters’. No, I don’t get it either.


Only the U and the N in ‘Hunters’ are italicized when telling us what RUNT stands for. The T should be italicized as well.

The relative size of the RUNT machines to Megatron vary from frame to frame.
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