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Transcendent, Part 2
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

”Try to keep him intact.”
The whole setting, with the TransTech being revealed to be picking off outworlders for their own selfish ends, is a very intriguing plot but like Classics we tote around the Candy Cane Combiner Squad, which, after nearly twenty issues, still haven’t gotten themselves anything past the most basic personalities. Both Skyfall and Landquake are still boring, and most of the issue is spent on Alpha Trion explaining stuff. Shockwave and Megatron haven’t done quite enough to be memorable. Pacing is terrible, and we revolve around introdumps too much. Art is sub-par, even for Milne.


First appearance of the TransTech universe’s Megatron. Megatron’s design is based on, as most TransTech characters, Draxhall Jump’s concept art. Fans would notice that TransTech Megatron bears more than a resemblance to Armada Megatron, especially the layout of tank parts.

This universe’s Shockwave is a scientist, and rather insane, though he does his mad research in order to benefit the TransTech

It is pretty obvious that Alpha Trion is an immigrant from the Shattered Glass universe. He had been mentioned in passing in the Shattered Glass comic as ‘the Old One’.

Obviously Alpha Trion’s backstory is full of blatant lies.

The TransTech have a ring of satellites which causes offworlders to become docile, so they would have little desire to return to their own home universes, although some have been able to resist this.

The way Alpha Trion strings up the corpses of his victims more than bear a passing resemblance to how the original Shockwave strung up the Autobots in issue 5 of the original Transformers comic.


Fun Publications’ initial pitch was for Primus, Unicron and the Thirteen to be multiversal singularities. With an alternate-universe ‘evil’ Alpha Trion around (and really, Primus and Unicron dying permanently in several other continuities as well), this seems to have been ignored. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind.

There has been enough time for Breakaway to be brought to Shockwave’s lab, be strung up and return to consciousness. Did none of the three notice that Breakaway is missing until then?
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