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Unpublished Dreamwave Generation One Material

When Dreamwave lost the Transformers license in December 2004 several issues by the departing creative team of James McDonough and Adam Patyk, as well as a few details of the planned replacement run by Chris Sarracini, had already been published -- mainly in the form of solicitations from Diamond distributors.

2005 Generation One Annual Promotional Copy

Written by Chris Sarracini and Dreamwave Productions, Art by Various

Bigger! Better! DW brings you this 48pg monster Annual! Chris Sarracini (Transformers G1) brings us an all-new short story featuring Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus together again. You’ll also get dozens of More Than Meets The Eye-style profiles detailing the hottest new characters; Sunstorm, Bumper, Elita-1 and more. All this, plus a comprehensive Transformers timeline and a complete DW variant cover checklist!

The Datatracks 2004 comic was one of the first DW G1 titles to effectively "disappear" though the McDonough/Patyk fracas, though it was briefly repromoted as the 2005 Generation One Annual with Sarracini as writer. Referred to as early as #8 of the ongoing [it would apparently link into the backstory of Grimlock heading to Earth looking for the Ark, and being attacked by the Insecticons], this issue would have included an all-new Optimus Prime/Ultra Magnus story [it's unclear as to whether this would have been part of the same story as the Grimlock thing]. It would also have included an update for the MTMTE profiles series, covering characters such as Sunstorm, Bumper, the female Autobots, Alpha Trion, etc.

#11 Promotional Copy

Written by James McDonough & Adam Patyk, Art by Don Figueroa

Because YOU demanded it: The return of the Dinobots! The hot-tempered cavalier Hot Rod finds himself in over his head when a mysterious group of Transformers-like warriors interferes with a standard transfer mission. What are these mysterious agents truly after, and what hope do Hot Rod and his team have of stopping them? Featuring the return of the fan-favorite Dinobots, the first-ever comic book debut of some of Generation One's most desirable characters, and much, much more!

Issue 11 of the ongoing series would have seen the full comic debut of Elita-1, Firestar and Chromia, the female characters introduced during the Season 2 episode "The Search for Alpha Trion". In the DW continuity, they are used by the Quintessons to get at Hot Rod - who they have identified as having an affinity with the Matrix, possession of which is one of their goals. It would also have reintroduced the Dinobots to the plot.

#12 Promotional Copy

[image] [image]
Cover A by Don Figueroa, Cover B by Pat Lee

Written by James McDonough & Adam Patyk,
Art by Don Figueroa

This is it: the return of the most popular Transformer of all time! Yes, the indomitable Optimus Prime is finally back, ready to chew Energon and kick bumper-and he's all outta Energon! But the question is: where is he? Find out in this thrill-packed anniversary issue, as the greatest Autobots leader ever faces off against the ravenous Sharkticons and their cruel masters, the Quintessons! Don't miss this special birthday issue, a perfect jumping-on point featuring Optimus Prime himself ushering in an all-new era of Transformers greatness. The countdown to 2005 begins now!

Issue 12 of the Generation One series would have seen the return of Optimus Prime, kept out of action since Volume 2. The issue would have been part of one of DW's 'themed' months - in this case, Optimus Prime Month, which would have also seen the character re-emerge in Energon and The War Within also.

#13 Promotional Copy

Written by James McDonough & Adam Patyk, Art by Don Figueroa

2005 is here — and the battle for the universe begins! Created by the sinister Unicron, the lone Cyclonus has been dispatched to search the galaxy for the missing Alpha herald, Scourge. But when his mission leads him to a top-secret storage facility on Earth, will Cyclonus find the end of his quest or the business end of several high-caliber EDC-issued blasters? This initial arc — “Detection” — kicks off the biggest, baddest Generation One storyline ever! Get in on the ground floor for a front-row seat to the beginning… of the apocalypse!

Issue 13 of the ongoing series picked up the thread of the Scourge plot, which had run intermitently since Vol. 2 #1. Scourge was, at some point, a herald of Unicron, and his fellow herald Cyclonus is sent to hunt him down. The EDC, as seen in #7-9, were to be brought back into the plot as well. The issue was a prelude to the next big G1 arc, which would most likely have involved Unicron.

#14 Promotional Copy

Written by James McDonough & Adam Patyk, Art by Patrick Spaziante

The humans fight back as the “Contact” arc continues! Recovering from Cyclonus’ violent assault on their facilities, the EDC tries to equalize the odds by activating its top secret defense plan—Project Centurion! Suspecting something sinister, Marissa begins to explore the real motives behind the EDC’s newest operation. Fearing the worst, the recently revived Autobot leader Optimus Prime rallies his troops on both Earth and Cybertron for the dark future looming on the horizon.

Issue 14 would have opened the "Contact" storyline, as well as introducing the newcomer Patrick Spaziante on art duties [it's not clear whether this would have just been so Figueroa could take a break, or because he was being switched to other projects]. The story would have continued the EDC thread from #13 - Centurion may have been loosely based on the Marvel UK robot.


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