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Dreamwave Transformers / G.I. Joe Introduction

[image]In 2003, Dreamwave began work on their answer to the crossover trade with Devil's Due [owner of the comic license for GIJoe]. A World War II setting was chosen, and Don Figueroa redesigned a number of Transformers to give them contemporary vehicle modes, with Dan Norton of Devil's Due working on the look of the Joes and Cobra. Jae Lee was signed to handle the art of the series itself, while John Ney Rieber, fresh from a run on Captain America, began working on the script, refining the setting to 1939, with Cobra finding Decepticon technology and rampaging through Europe.

The first issue was released in July 2003, two months after the Devil's Due offering began, backed by two regular covers, a holofoil version and two variants from Dynamic Forces. Jae Lee's art style proved divisive, with the title getting praise and derision in equal doses. The book was given a propaganda-esque design, with a 1939 date inside the cover, and credit for photographs to Jae Lee "of the Times".

This was sadly dropped after #5, when Dreamwave redesigned its titles in December. Issue 5 was also shipped a month later than the cover date, before a two month wait for #6. This harmed sales, though overall the title had done respectable business, especially considering its' uncommercial approach.

Dreamwave announced plans for a second crossover, set in the present day but set in the same timeline as the first series. Then-current Generation One writing team James McDonough and Adam Patyk were assigned to script the series, with DW president Pat Lee drawing the series. The first issue of this more conventional crossover appeared in October 2004, but no further parts were released before Dreamwave lost the Transformers license and folded in Christmas 2004.


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