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Dreamwave "The War Within" Introduction

War Within advert with art by Don Figueroa.

With their Generation 1 series a resounding success, Dreamwave took more of a chance with their third Transformers book, commissioning Simon Furman, writer of many Marvel Transformers stories between 1985 and 1994, and former fan artist Don Figueroa for a six-part "prehistory" series named The War Within.

Figueroa then redesigned nearly all the characters involved, giving them Cybertronian robot and alternate modes, while Furman began work on the script.

The series was preceded by a Preview issue in summer 2002, containing a short story and some sketches. Four pages of the comic were also included in the company's 2002 Preview Special. Issue #1 emerged in September, with a gatefold cover by Figueroa and a lenticular hologram variant. Sales were fair, matching the ongoing Armada series, but failing to match the Generation 1 benchmark. Nevertheless, fan reaction was superb.

However, the series suffered heavily when licensing problems cut off the not-inconsequential portion of Furman fans in Europe. The book was still successful, regularly rating well into the top 30 of Diamond's sales charts.

Bluestreak concept.
Dark Ages poster

A year on, a second War Within series appeared. Subtitled "The Dark Ages", it shifts the story forwards, to after the departure of Optimus Prime and Megatron. Furman once again wrote the series, with his former Marvel collaborator Andrew Wildman handling the pencilling.

Don Figueroa contributed a number of new character designs, with Pat Lee designing new series villain The Fallen.

Both Autobots and Decepticons were now divided into smaller factions as the war raged on, with sales positive.

A third volume, subtitled "Dark Ages", was up to its third issue when Dreamwave folded. The possibility exists that issues #4-6 may be completed and released through IDW Publishing.


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