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Infiltration Cover Gallery

Released 16th August 2006.

$5.99 cover price.

Publisher solicitation: With the return of Transformers to the world of comic books, a number of fan-favorite artists were assembled to properly present “the robots in disguise,” including Don Figueroa, Guido Guidi, James Raiz, E.J. Su, Nick Roche, Andrew Wildman, and more. This special collection offers up all the cover art from Transformers: Infiltration in one stunning volume–including rare exclusive and incentive wraparound cover images.

Cover Gallery, Volume 2

Released 9th May 2007.

$3.99 cover price.

Publisher solicitation: Collected in one volume are the awe-inspiring and out of this world covers to some of IDW's popular TRANSFORMERS series including The Transformers: Stormbringer, The Transformers: Escalation, and the first series of Transformers Spotlights. Artists include TRANSFORMERS artist-extraordinaires Don Figueroa, James Raiz, and E.J. Su, as well as fan-favorites Nick Roche and Robby Musso, and more!

The Ark: A Complete Compendium of Transformers Animation Models

Released 31st May 2007.

$19.99 list price.

Publisher solicitation: Revisit THE TRANSFORMERS, one of the most popular cartoons of the 1980s, in "The Ark"! "The Ark" collects over 500 of the animation models from the classic TV show that have been painstakingly restored to their original glory. This volume has them all, from OPTIMUS PRIME to GALVATRON, and features a brand new Don Figueroa cover. These designs are incredibly rare and are seldom seen outside of Japan. You won't want to miss out on this amazing collection, which has been painstakingly organized and assembled by Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster.

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The Art of IDW's Transformers (Hardcover)

Released 10th October 2007.

$50.00 list price.

Publisher solicitation: It can be impossible to find all the sketch and variant covers published for IDW's line of "Transformers" comics, so we're here to help the fans! In "The Art of IDW's Transformers" you'll find each and every limited edition or sketch cover we published for "Beast Wars", "Generations", "Infiltration", "Spotlights", "Escalation", "Stormbringer and Evolutions", collected together in one hardcover, oversized volume. This is the perfect addition to any Transformers collection, this volume also includes sketches from fan-favorite artists E.J. Su and Don Figueroa!

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The Transformers: The Ark Volume 2

Released 10th July 2008.

$19.99 list price.

Publisher solicitation: The first volume of The Ark focused on the animation models used for animating the Transformers cartoon, and now Jim Sorenson and William Forster turn their attention to Japanese character models, U.S. character models from beyond 1987, Studio Ox manga illustrations, and more.

TRANSFORMERS: The Ark, Volume 2 picks up where the first volume left off, making available for the first time hundreds of rare images chronicling the evolution of TRANSFORMERS in Japan. This volume covers all of the classic Japanese series material: HEADMASTERS, MASTERFORCE, VICTORY, ZONE, BATTLESTARS, and OPERATION COMBINATION. TRANSFORMERS, humans, aliens, ships and weapon models decorate this 208-page volume. If you love animation designs or ever wanted to know more about the TRANSFORMERS Anime, this book is for you.

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The Art of IDW's Transformers (Paperback)

Released 8th October 2008.

$24.99 list price.

Publisher solicitation: Transformers. One familiar word that conjures up visions of giant robots, epic battles, and for comic book fans, a world of sentient machines that is often best represented by the capable hands of the many artists who have left their mark on the material over the past twenty-plus years. Celebrating their achievements, The Art of IDW's Transformers collects the most memorable work from series such as Beast Wars, Generations, Infiltration, Spotlight, Escalation, Stormbringer, and Evolutions, and splits it up by artist to give an unprecedented look at the impact of talents like MD Bright, Don Figueroa, Guido Guidi, Bob LeFevre, Marcelo Matere, Ed McGuiness, Alex Milne, Robby Musso, James Raiz, Nick Roche, Rob Ruffolo, Klaus Scherwinski, E.J. Su, Andrew Wildman, and Ashley Wood have had on the Robots in Disguise.

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The Transformers: The Complete Ark

Amazon estimate August 2009.

$29.99 list price.

Publisher solicitation: Both sold-out volumes of Transformers: The Ark are collected in this must-have compilation of animation models and character designs from the classic Generation 1 era Transformers!

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