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Transformers: Drift

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Transformers: Drift #1

8 September 2010
Written By: Shane McCarthy
Art By: Alex Milne
Colours By: Josh Perez
Letters By: Chris Mowry
Edits By: Denton J Tipton & Andy Schmidt

Synopsis: On an unspecified planet, Deadlock drives an Autobot unit led by Sunstreaker into a retreat. While the Decepticons celebrate, one of the team confronts Deadlock, telling him that he had disobeyed commander Turmoil's orders of 'do not shoot unless shot upon'. Deadlock shoots this Decepticon in the head. Deadlock tells his team that it's time for new leadership, asking them "who's with me?" Apparently no one joins Deadlock's little show of power, because soon Deadlock is held in Turmoil's ship. Turmoil is ready to execute Deadlock for treachery and insubordination, but Deadlock kicks Turmoil's gun arm and frees himself, escaping via an escape pod. Before he leaves, however, Deadlock has apparently initiated the emergency system protocols, disabling the firing systems long enough for Deadlock to escape. Turmoil tells Falcon to spread the word that Deadlock is to be killed on sight.

Deadlock crashes on a distant planet. He flashes back to the past where he lives in the gutters of Cybertron before being saved by a mysterious individual. In the present, he finds a huge base in a valley, but before he could investigate he is accosted by a mysterious cloaked figure. Although Deadlock initially attacks, the figure tells him that he's a friend, and introduces himself as Wing. Wing offers Deadlock a ship in exchange for his help in freeing captives from alien slave-traders in the base. Despite misgivings about helping others, Deadlock grudgingly agrees to help Wing, and the two battle the alien guards. During the fight Wing is revealed to be a faction-less Cybertronian. Deadlock, now calling himself as 'Drift', work together with Wing but in the process he is torn apart by the aliens.

When he wakes up, he finds himself in a room surrounded by strange-looking Cybertronians. Wing and his friends inform Drift that they saved his life by rebuilding him. Drift finds out that they are in an underground Cybertronian City, which Wing introduces as 'New Crystal City'.

Featured Transformers: Deadlock/Drift, Horri-Bull, Skyjack, Roadgrabber, Road Pig, G2 Ransack, Staxx, Jetstorm, Fearswoop, Boss, Metalhawk, Sunstreaker, Electro (killed), Road Rocket, High Beam, Gobots (killed), G2 Dreadwing, G2 Smokescreen, Not-Carnivac (killed), Drench (the Decepticon, not the Autobot; killed), Hydradread, Skydive (the Decepticon Predator, not the Aerialbot), Windrazor, Aquablast, Turmoil, Talon, Take-Off, Terradive, Charger, Falcon, Wing, Circle of Light Members
Notable Others: Alien Slavers

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Transformers: Drift #2

22 September 2010
Written By: Shane McCarthy
Art By: Alex Milne
Colours By: Josh Perez
Letters By: Shawn Lee
Edits By: Denton J Tipton & Andy Schmidt

Synopsis: Wing recounts the war to Drift, and the destruction that followed. He tells Drift of the creation of the Circle of Light, and of their escape into the underground of a deserted planet, creating the New Crystal City. Drift and Wing argue about the ideologicals of the war, and Wing confronts Drift with the thought of destroying an utopia where no one is forgotten or left to die. Flashing back to his time in the slums, Drift has no reply to that. Soon afterwards, the Circle of Light holds a meeting. Dai Atlas, the apparent leader, is upset over Wing's bringing of a Decepticon into their midst, worried about Drift affecting the populace of the neutralists, but after an argument they agree to let Drift stay in the city, but under strict probation. Wing brings Drift to an area, where he challenges the arrogant Decepticon in a hand-to-hand combat, humbling him and his ideals of superiority. Weeks later, the two keep sparring with each other, with Drift improving but still not good enough to best Wing at hand-to-hand combat. After some harsh words on the part of Wing, Drift tells the neutralist that he didn't join the Decepticons to conquer the universe. He recounts his past...

While he was forgotten out in the slums, he was taken in by a Transformer named Gasket, who banded the oppressed downtrodden civilians of Cybertron together, keeping them alive. One day, one of these civilians was caught by Autobot guards after stealing energon. When the civilian was roughly manhandled by the guards, Gasket came out to intervene, asking the Autobots to calm down. The Autobots push Gasket aside, but the previously-injured civilian saw an opportunity and attacks. The Autobot's gun fires off, and kills Gasket. Drift charges the Autobots and kills all of them in rage. Wanted by the law, Drift turned to the corrupt underworld, learning how twisted the society's elite were. Drift decided to make a stand, and was present when a charismatic mech named Megatron gave a speech, telling the downtrodden and oppressed that they needed to take back freedom from the Autobots, to bring equality to everyone. Drift's reputation is recognized by Megatron, and the Decepticon leader renames him Deadlock.

Wing confronts Drift about his choices, about how the Decepticons had only brought war to Cybertron, about how things could be done differently. Dai Atlas summons both of them shortly after, their scanners picking up a widespread transmission. The Circle of Light have no idea what it is. Drift tells them that he doesn't know what the transmission is, but some time later Drift sneaks away from New Crystal City, moving above ground and racing away towards an undisclosed location. He meets with the alien slavers that he encountered earlier on. The aliens want to strike a deal with Drift, while the Decepticon demands how they could use Decepticon encoding in the message. The Decepticon Lockdown then reveals himself, saying that Megatron is displeased...

Featured Transformers: Motormaster (flashback), Starscream (flashback), Skywarp (flashback), Drag Strip (flashback), Thundercracker (flashback), Hot Shot (flashback, killed, see notes), Ironhide (flashback), Bumblebee (flashback), Shattered Glass Ravage (flashback, killed, see notes), Circle of Light members (flashback and present), Wing, Drift/Deadlock, Dai Atlas, Axe, Gasket (flashback, killed), Path Finder (flashback), Autobot Guards (flashback, killed), Megatron (flashback), Thundercracker (flashback), Soundwave (flashback), Runamuck (flashback), Lockdown
Notable others: Alien Slavers

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Transformers: Drift #3

6 October 2010
Written By: Shane McCarthy
Art By: Alex Milne
Colours By: Josh Perez
Letters By: Chris Mowry
Edits By: Denton J Tipton & Andy Schmidt

Synopsis: Drift contemplates the reasons why they fight, and how far someone would go to get what he wants. Wing approaches Drift, rebuking him for sneaking out, and guesses correctly that the mysterious message they discovered earlier was why Drift had snuck out. Drift asks Wing why he helped to cover up his story, to which Wing replies that helping another is the highest cause one can aspire to.

Drift goes silent and drives off, heading immediately to the central chamber of the Circle of Light, telling them that an army of slavers are headed towards New Crystal City, and reveals to a shocked Dai Atlas that he had sold them out for his freedom.

In the alien slavers’ ship, Lockdown tells Drift that Megatron has dispatched him to bring the rogue Decepticon back unharmed, since Drift’s specialty isn’t worth losing over a spat like that.

Lockdown and the alien slavers had made a deal, and the leader of the slavers, Braid, reveals their origin. Their race had been torn apart by war, and after the war had ended their species was driven to attain immortality by way of upgrading themselves with tissue grafts from other aliens. And now, they want to graft Transformer technology into their body, which would make them immortal.

The slavers offer Drift a deal: in one solar cycle, lead the slavers to the Transformers who had repaired him, and they would let both Decepticons leave the planet unharmed. Drift is vague about the number of the neutralists who saved him, and Lockdown orders Drift to lead them to an ambush. After the meeting, Lockdown confronts Drift, telling him not to fail.

Dai Atlas and the Circle of Light are enraged, but Drift tries to tell them that they have a chance to fight back. Drift tries to convince Dai Atlas to prepare a counterattack, but Dai savagely backhands Drift, and orders him to be locked up. Drift tells them that he had found something worth fighting for, and after some inspirational words riles a majority of the Circle of Light to defend their home. Arguments were made, with Dai Atlas confident that the slavers won’t be able to find them, while Wing and other members supports Drift’s decision to fight.

A decision is made, that Wing, Drift and a small group of fighters would face the slavers, leading them to believe only a small group exists. Dai Atlas is pessimistic, telling Wing and the others that they are all going to die. They begin to set up a crashed ship to use as a fake base, and Drift is upgraded again with a new look. As they ready themselves to face the alien army, Drift declares that he is ready, noting that he had never gone into battle like this.

Featured Transformers: Drift, Wing, Circle of Light Members, Dai Atlas, Axe, Fearswoop (flashback), Windsweeper (flashback), Starscream (flashback), Megatron (flashback), Lockdown,
Notable Others: Alien Slavers

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Transformers: Drift #4

20 October 2010
Written By: Shane McCarthy
Art By: Alex Milne
Colours By: Josh Perez
Letters By: Chris Mowry
Edits By: Denton J Tipton & Andy Schmidt

Synopsis: The members of Drift’s team are ready with their ruse. Wing explains to Drift about the use of Great Swords, telling him that Knights are forbidden to utilize other types of weaponry.

The alien forces arrive, and Drift’s team rush in to engage them. Despite having an opportunity to sell out the neutralists, Drift refuses, and tear the alien slavers apart. Dai Atlas, in the dark control room of the hidden New Crystal City, watches the battle’s progress solemnly.

Braid, the leader of the aliens, spots Wing and jumps into engage the neutralist. Drift watches as the two to spar, but is confronted by Lockdown. The two battle, arguing about the Decepticon cause and idealism, but an explosion interrupts their battle.

Drift recovers, only to see the Braid run Wing through with his spear. In a rage, Drift leaps at the alien leader and begins to savagely fight his friend’s killer. However, because of his wounds and lack of Wing’s skills, he is quickly downed by the alien.

As the alien prepares to deliver the killing blow, Dai Atlas raises New Crystal City from its underground hiding spot, having been driven into action by Wing’s sacrifice. Leading the fully-armed population of New Crystal City into battle, the alien troops began to fall en masse.

As Braid watches the massacre, Drift takes the opportunity to stand up, and with Wing’s Great Sword, advances on the alien leader, who scoffingly refers to him as a Decepticon. Gathering his rage and strength, Drift slays the alien leader with a single blow. Lockdown watches this from a cliff, before leaving.

After the battle, Dai Atlas and the Circle of Light mourn over Wing’s corpse. Dai resolves that New Crystal City would not be hidden anymore, and that their message of peace would be spread. He offers an invitation to Drift, but the former Decepticon refuses, wanting to honor Wing’s last task of returning the slaves to their homes, and that he wants to do some soul-searching. Dai tells Drift to take Wing’s Great Sword as a reminder of who he is, calling him a young Knight, wishing him luck so that he may one day find peace.

Epilogue: Now, Drift races through the sakura lined-trees in Japan, and transforms, seemingly at peace.

Featured Transformers: Wing (killed), Axe, Drift, Circle of Light members, Dai Atlas, Lockdown
Notable Others: Alien Slavers (killed)

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Transformers: Drift TPB


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