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Free Comic Book Day Issues

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FCBD 2006

Released on 6th May 2006.

Publisher solicitation: This special Free Comic Book Day issue celebrates the return of the Transformers! Fans can get a look at the Transformers revival, "Infiltration," courtesy of writer Simon Furman and artist E.J. Su. Then, on the flip-side, experience Transformers: Beast Wars—"The Gathering," also written by Furman and featuring the art of Don Figueroa. This special flip-book comes adorned with two covers by artist Don Figueroa, both of which pay homage to classic comic book covers. Two exciting stories, for the price of none!

The cover illustrated by the Free Comic Book Day website was replaced for the printed issue by a wraparound: the Guido Guidi cover for Infiltration #1 featuring Bumblebee, and part of Don Figureoa's wraparound cover to Beast Wars: The Gathering #1.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Bombshell

FCBD 2007

Released on 5th May 2007.

Publisher solicitation: Before the live-action Transformers movie spectacularly explodes onto theater screens in July, read the official beginning of the story right here! In this prequel to the film, “Prime Directive,” travel from Cybertron to Earth to witness the events that lead to the Transformers bringing their war to our world! This special Free Comic Book Day edition features issue #1 of this prelude, as well as additional art from series artist Figueroa.

Again, the art turned out to be a placeholder and was replaced for printing by the back cover portion of the Bumblebee/Arcee cover for Movie Prequel #1.

FCBD 2008

Released 3rd May, 2008.

Publisher solicitation: This special 2008 Free Comic Book Day edition celebrates the new Transformers Animated series. In this, their first official comic book release, readers will be treated to a special 30-page story featuring the debut episode of the animated series on the printed page! See the introduction of young Optimus Prime, veteran Ratchet, and newcomers like Bulkhead, as they go up against Megatron, Starscream, and the Decepticon forces!

The solicited art was actually used this year.

FCBD 2009

Due Saturday May 2nd, 2009.

Publisher solicitation: G.I. Joe and the Transformers kick off IDW's FCBD09 promotional comic with three great stories. First up is an 11-page Transformers Animated tale that features a young Optimus Prime in his days at the Autobot Academy. Next is not one, but two great G.I. Joe stories — a six-page story written by the maestro behind-the-series today, and the second written by the maestro behind the series originally. Secrets are revealed and action abounds.


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