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The Transformers: Infestation 2

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Infestation 2: The Transformers #1

Publication Date: 1st February 2012
Written By: Chuck Dixon
Art By: Guido Guidi
Inks By: John Wycough (pg 15-22)
Colors By: Joana Lafuente
Letters By: Chris Mowry
Edits By: Bobby Curnow & John Barber

Synopsis: 1887: Underwater in the Atlantic oceans, a group of mysterious fish people arrive near the dormant Seacons, activating them and placing under their call. 1888: the USS Miskatonic finds itself attacked by a gigantic underwater creature. Ironhide, who had been on board the ship in his alternate mode, breaks cover and jumps into the water to escape the giant tentacled monster, realizing that the creature is not of the Earth and heads off to warn the other Autobots. A week later, Tobias and Kitty Muldoon, now married and with children, discuss their life when they are approached by a streetcar who reveals himself to be Bumblebee. Bumblebee asks for their help, explaining about the Elder Gods, who had slumbered beneath Earth’s oceans. Bumblebee asks Tobias to help them gather a lot of energy to reactivate Optimus Prime. Tobias attempts to ask Thomas Edison for energy but is rejected due to the sheer amount needed to be generated instantaneously, but finds help from Nikolas Tesla.

Meanwhile, in Port Cenotaph, the fish people arrive in the thousands, observed by Ironhide. Ironhide is about to engage the fish people, but an enthralled Bonecrusher, empowered by the Elder Gods, manages to overwhelm and defeat Ironhide with his tentacles. Later on, it’s revealed that the entire population of the town has been enthralled as well, while Decepticons patrol the city. Muldoon and Tesla go on a train made up by Autobots, and Tesla finds the train suspicious until the Autobots eventually reveal themselves when they have to go on foot. The humans ride in Wheeljack. They eventually reach the destination… the slumbering body of Optimus Prime.

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Skalor, Deep Ones, Seawing, Snaptrap, Nautilator, Overbite, Tentakil, Elder God, Ironhide, Tobias Muldoon, Kitty Muldoon, Toby Muldoon, Kitty Muldoon, Bumblebee, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Bonecrusher, Trailbreaker, Hound, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Blitzwing, Dirge, Shockwave, Optimus Prime

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Infestation 2: The Transformers #2

Publication Date: 15th February 2012
Written By: Chuck Dixon
Art By: Guido Guidi
Inks By: John Wycough (pg 15-22)
Colors By: Joana Lafuente
Letters By: Chris Mowry
Edits By: Bobby Curnow & John Barber

Synopsis: The HMS Indomitable finds a lifeboat from the USS Miskatonic (sunk by the Elder Gods last issue) and finds a group of pale sailors who had died of fright. In Port Cenotaph, the enthralled humans and Decepticons make preparations to summon their slumbering master, chanting a spell which summons the Elder God from beneath the sea, ready to unleash destruction on humanity.

Meanwhile, Tesla shares his invention Ė the Tesla tower Ė to Muldoon and the Autobots, planning to draw energy from the electromagnetic field in the ionosphere. However, lacking a tower, they substitute with a giant balloon. The process requires a charge to be built in the balloon, and thus Wheeljack, and later the other Autobots all donate their energies, toppling over deactivated. And while they seem to have failed at first, Optimus Prime awakens, asking for information from the humans, and then jumpstarts the other Autobots with his energon reserves.

In Port Cenotaph, warships from the UK, US, France and Germany arrive to investigate missing ships. The international fleet finds themselves battling the Decepticons and the fish people, managing to kill Shockwave. The Elder God rises again. Bonecrusher and an enthralled Ironhide are attacked by the Autobots. Optimus recognizes that the Elder God is responsible, using his saws to chop off the Elder Godís tentacles. Doing so apparently is enough to topple the Elder God, and it sinks back into the ocean, followed by the fish people, although Optimus is uncertain that the Elder God is dead, promising that they will be around to protect Earth should the Elder God rise again. Ironhide is freed from the Elder Godís control and they depart. Tesla and Muldoon find themselves surrounded by soldiers, asking an explanation, but sheepishly say that they canít.

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Shockwave (killed), Bonecrusher, Cthulhu (incapacitated), Nikola Tesla, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Tobias Muldoon, Wheeljack, Trailbreaker, Hound, Dirge, Deep Ones, Ironhide, Blitzwing (killed)

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack


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