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The Transformers: Monstrosity

Notes: Monstrosity was initially released as a twelve-part digital comic, before being released in a three-part printed form. The reviews here are based on the print version.

Digital: | #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6 | #7 | #8 | #9 | #10 | #11 |#12 |

Print: | #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 |

Monstrosity #1

Publication Date (Digital): #1: 1st March 2013
#2: 13th March 2013
#3: 27th March 2013
Physical Issue: 19th June 2013
Written by: Chris Metzen & Flint Dille
Art by: Livo Ramondelli
Colours by: Livio Ramondelli
Edited by: John Barber
Cover price: $3.99

Synopsis: On Cybertron, The Dynobots raid a shipment of Energon, using information garnered from Swindle. When the haul is a lot less than what they were expecting they seek out Swindle, who blames his poor information on the Decepticon movement being “iffy” since Megatron feel to the newest Prime, Optimus (see Autocracy). Grimlock mentions that his Dynobots are looking for enough credits to get off-planet.

During the Inaugural meeting of the Grand Convocation held in Metroplex, Optimus Prime pleads his case for leading a more civilian-friendly Autobot force, not to rule over the other Cybertronians but to work side by side with them. Dai Atlas is his strongest detractor and despite Bulkheads seal of approval, Optimus appears unable to win over the leader of the Circle of Light.

Out in Deep Space, Astrotrain carries Scorponok, Starscream and the battered body of Megatron to the planet of Junkion. After Megatrons defeat at the hands of Optimus Prime, Scorponok feels that a new leader is needed for the Decepticon force. As a show of his style of leadership and as a punishment for failure, Scorponok banishes the near-dead Megatron to Junkion.

Back at Metroplex, Optimus consults Alpha Trion regarding his concerns over being a Matrix bearer and how to unit his people. Alpha Trions advice is somewhat cryptic, telling Prime that only he can answer if he is a worthy Bearer.

Back on the Death World of Junkion, Megatron prepares to do battle with Wreck-Garr and his Junkion warriors.

At the affectingly named Rust Bucket on Cybertron, Grimlock argues with his fellow Dynobots over their plans. Slag questions Grimlocks success as leader, while Grimlock expresses his concern over what happens to the group when they lose control and change modes. Looking to create a cease-fire, Swoop proposes a high-profile target, an Energon refinery, as their next target. Grimlock gives the mission the go-ahead.

Megatron decimates the Junkions in close combot but takes more damage in the battle. He shut downs after clearing the battlefield of all opponents.

Back on Cybertron, The Dinobots raid the Mega-refinery, unaware that the new, self-proclaimed Deceptcion leader is planning to do likewise. Despite some threats from Hun-garr and the Terrorcons, Scorponok appears a confident leader, even putting Starscream in his place.

Megatron reawakens on the planet of Junk, and rebuilds his battered form. While wandering the Howling Wastes of Junkion, he comes across a Quinntesson called Pentius who has been trapped on Junkion for hundreds of years. Megatron takes him with him as a guide to finding a way off the planet.

The Decepticons launch their attack on the oil refinery but find the Dynobots already in the midst of their own heist. Despite inflicting casualties, Grimlock realises his small unit can’t fight off the ‘Cons and triggers the alarm – bringing the massive Sky Lynx into the battle.

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Strongbox, Nightshift, Swoop, Grimlock, Slag, Snarl, Sludge, Swindle, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Dai Atlas, Xaaron, Bulkhead, Scorponok, Starscream, Astrotrain, Megatron, Alpha Trion, Wreck-Garr, Assorted Junkions, Soundwave, Shockwave, Rumble, Runamuck, Runabout, Long Haul, Thundercracker, Viewfinder, Spyglass, Ramjet, Dirge, Hun-Garr, Cut-throat, Blot, Ripper Snapper, Sinnertwin, Pentius (Quinntesson), Tankor, Skywarp, Dirge, Sky Lynx.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Red Dave Prime

Monstrosity #2

Published Date: 3rd July 2013
Written by: Chris Metzen & Flint Dille
Art by: Livo Ramondelli
Colours by: Livio Ramondelli
Edited by: John Barber
Cover price: $3.99

Synopsis: Arriving at the Toraxxis Mega-refinery, the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime and Dai Atlas, engage Scorponok's Decepticon Force. Using the battle to escape, Grimlock leads his Dynobots away only to encounter Scorponok and some of his lieutenants. The two former gladiators engage in hand to hand combat, but just as Scorponok gains the upper… claw, Grimlock begins to mutate, gaining in strength and aggression. Only a laser blast from Optimus can tear him from Scorponok. Realising that he and his Dynobots can’t be free of Cybertron of their affliction, Grimlock threatens to destroy the Fusion Regulator. Prime talks him down, but Scorponok carries through on the threat. The resulting blast destroys the refinery and the immediate area, causing mass casualties.

Back on Junkion, Megatron continues his trek to the old spaceport. He encounters and defeats a swarm of Sharkticons while learning of the history of Junkion from Pentius.

After the explosion at Toraxxis, the Autobots face up to a massive death toll and the realisation that without Toraxxis, there is not enough energon to sustain the planet. Prime argues with Dai Atlas about what course to take and in the end relents and lets him leave, along with anyone else who wishes to join him.

Returning his attention to the Dynobot group, Prime learns of their final mission under Zeta Prime which led to the death of their sixth member, Skar, and their subsequent withdrawal from the Autobots. Worried that they may be ticking time bombs due to their strange alt-modes, Prime goes in pursuit.

During the search for survivors at Toraxxis, the Autobot Science team led by Jetfire encounter an enormous network of caves underneath the plant. They discover ancient cybertronian hieroglyphics before stumbling across a massive lake of pure, unrefined and self-replenishing energon. After Ratchet stumbles into the energon and briefly goes insane, they realise that the energon could be both a blessing and a curse. Before they can decide their next course of action they are set upon by a swarm of winged, dragon-like creatures. They escape to a large cavern but discover a much bigger problem – the sleeping form of the giant Trypticon.

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Sky Lynx, Oprimus Prime, Dai Atlas, Prowl, Ultra Magnus, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Scorponok, Grimlock, Slag, Thundercracker, Starscream, Soundwave, Blitzwing, Megatron, Pentius, Sharkticon, Swoop, Blaster, Wheeljack, Ratchet, Jetfire, Perceptor, Kup, Sludge, Snarl, Skar, Trypticon

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Red Dave Prime

Monstrosity #3

Published Date: August 7th 2013
Written by: Chris Metzen & Flint Dille
Art by: Livo Ramondelli
Colours by: Livio Ramondelli
Edited by: John Barber
Cover price: $3.99

Synopsis: On the planet of Junk, the Terrorcons arrive and take on Megatron. Using the ripped spark from Pentius, Megatron manages to defeat them and uses their transport to head back to Cybertron to confront Scorponok.

The Autobot Scientists inform Prime of their discovery of both the unstable energon and the long-dormant Trypticon, along with the risks involved in trying to harness the energon. Meanwhile Kup unites the Dynobots and makes a case for them to turn themselves in.

As the exodus continues, tensions mount at the stars reach space port as the less wealthy have difficulty getting transports off the planet. Dai Atlas joins Optimus at the port after resigning from the convocation and the two calm the situation down. Kup and the Dynobots show up as backup, much to Primes protest. Grimlock explains the situation he and his fellow Dynobots are in and how he himself killed Skar. Prime offers to try and help.

Things take a turn for the worst when the Decepticons attack the port, causing many civilian casualties. Unfortunately in the mayhem, Grimlock becomes enraged and changes into his beast alt-mode and rampages through both Autobot and Decpticon forces, tearing many to pieces. The Decepticons try to fight him but retreat. Prime manages to calm him down and pleads with him and the Dynobots to stay.

Back at the ruins of the Toraxxis energy plant, Scorponok reveals that his attack on the spaceport was nothing more than a smokescreen to allow him to break the seals holding Trypticon in place. With the restraints removed, the giant monster rises up over Cybertron.

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Megatron, Pentius, Hun-Garr, Blot, Rippersnapper, Sinnertwin, Cutthroat, Optimus Prime, Jetfire, Perceptor, Ratchet, Kup, Grimlock, Swoop, Snarl, Slag, Sludge, Dai Atlas, Blaster, Prowl, Springer, Scorponok, Starscream, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, Sky Lynx, Skar, Shockwave, Soundwave, Blitzwing, Astrotrain, Trypticon

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Red Dave Prime

Monstrosity #4

Published Date: September 4th 2013
Written by: Chris Metzen & Flint Dille
Art by: Livo Ramondelli
Colours by: Livio Ramondelli
Edited by: John Barber
Cover price: $3.99

Synopsis: Optimus Prime experiences a crisis of command as he is deserted by Dai Atlas, and is unable to convince Grimlock and the Dynobots to join up with him. Things go from bad to worse when reports of Trypticons rise and rampage filter through to him. Prime goes to Metroplex for help, but the metrotitan is unable to help due to his low power reserves. All he can offer is some information on the beast. Trypticon has links back to Mortilus and was originally sealed away by the Metrotitans.
An alternate strategy is devised to bury Trypticon under the buildings of Harmonex, using a mass bombardment from several different angles. The plan initially seems to succeed, but at the cost of one of Cybertrons most beautiful cities.

Back at the Decepticon base, Scorponok basks in Trypticons destructive power but is asked by Starscream to attend to his troops in the main hall as they wait to honour their “true leader”. Too late, Scorponok realises who that true leader really is. Megatron awaits him with a laser blast from a giant hand-held blaster. He pursues the fallen decepticon, mocking him before blasting him once more in the head. He leaves Scorponok to the waiting Terrorcons, only asking that he is kept alive to experience as much pain as possible. Megatron demands a repaired body and information on all that he has missed.

Meanwhile, the Autobots inspecting the fallen Trypticon come under attack from the same beasts that were encountered in the caves at Toraxxis. Ratchet realises that they aren’t inhabitants of the cave, rather they inhabit Trypticon. This distraction is enough to allow Trypticon to break free from the rubble and continue onwards. Optimus Prime tries to confront the monster using the power of the matrix but the matrix doesn’t respond to his pleas for help and he is crushed by Trypticon. As he lies severly injured, Prime wonders was Dai Atlas right all along and if he was the right choice to be the matrix bearer. Salvation of sorts arrives in the form of Grimlock and the Dynobots who take the battle to Trypticons minions.

Arriving on the scene, a re-fitted Megatron mocks Primes inability to take control of Cybertron and suggests he watches and learns as Megatron prepares to defeat Trypticon by himself. Before he can engage the beast, he is attacked by Grimlock. Prime pleads with Grimlock to keep his beast form in check, but before Megatron and Grimlock can lock horns they are swallowed by Trypticon.
The Autobots continue to try and fight Trypticon to no avail. With their resources stretched to their limits, they are unable to stop Trypticon heading towards his old enemy, Metroplex.

Within the giant robot, Megatron and Grimlock encounter resistence in the form of more of Trypticons minions. Despite their differences, the two fight side by side with Megatron even saving Grimlock from a fall into oblivion. The two locate Tryptiocns power core, a huge machine powered by the corrupted energon. As they attack the core, Grimlock is splashed by the energon and begins to change into his ultra-beast mode again. Regaining control of himself, Grimlock uses the extra strength to destroy the core, causing Trypticon to collapse, finally defeated.

As the autobots tend to the near-death Optimus Prime, Megatron once again mocks the fallen leaders need to rely on the Matrix instead of his own inner strength as Megatron has. Out of respect, he allows the autobots to leave unharmed, but not before he takes the shell of Trypticon back to Decepticon Headquarters. There, he feeds the spark of Pentius to the fallen monster, reawakening it to join the decepticon ranks.

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Optimus Prime, Alpha Trion, Trpticon, Bumblebee, Jetfire, Metroplex, Scorponok, Starscream, Shockwave, Soundwave, Megatron, Ultra Magnus, Silverbolt, Air Raid, Fireflight, Skydive, Slingshot, Ironhide, Brawn, Blue streak, Sunstreaker, Blurr, Ratchet, Grimlock, Slag, Snarl, Swoop, Sludge, Dirge, Skywarp, Thundercracker

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Red Dave Prime


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