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Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers

| #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | Dead Men's Boots | Bullets | Escape | Zero Point | In Deed And Word |

Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #1

27January 2010
Story By: Nick Roche & James Roberts
Script By: Nick Roche
Pencils By: Nick Roche
Inks By: Nick Roche & John Wycough
Colours By: Josh Burcham
Letters By: Neil Uyetake
Edits By: Andy Schmidt & Denton J Tipton

: Three years ago, at Garrus-9 penitentiary, Fortress Maximus and his subordinates deal with a full-out Decepticon assault on the prison. Kick-Off thinks it's an inside job. Fort Max replies that he's the only one with the codes for the prison doors. Decepticon general Skyquake exclaims that Megatron will reward them greatly if they take the prison, but is interrupted by the dramatic arrival of Overlord. All the Decepticons are noticeably afraid of Overlord. Overlord tells Skyquake that he's assuming command, telling the Predator that together they could make history. Skyquake refuses, and gets killed by Overlord.

Overlord then leads the Decepticons, massacring the Autobots inside Garrus-9, personally defeating Fortress Maximus. After taking over the facility, he gathers all the prisoners and Decepticons (barring those in the spark reintegration, according to Stalker) and tells them that the entire planet is their source of entertainment, free from Megatron’s whims. To begin a game, Overlord throws Fortress Maximus’ body to the mob as a gift, saying they have to ‘try not to kill him’.

Eight months ago, Wrecker candidates Ironfist, Guzzle, Pyro and Rotorstorm argues with the local reconstruction manager, Dipstick, when Ironfist inadvertedly blows up the fuel depot with his Lightformer cannon. Ultra Magnus’ ship arrives, and Dipstick tells them that they won’t be coming back. The quartet had apparently been drafted into the Wreckers. As they enter the shuttle, they are greeted by Verity Carlo. Rotorstorm crack some jokes at Verity’s expense, while Pyro marvels at how delicate the humans are. Their little conversation is cut short when Springer and the rest of the Wreckers (Topspin, Twin Twist, Kup and Perceptor) walk in.

The situation on Garrus-9 is explained to them, where there had been no communications with for over a year. They have a mole in the Decepticon Justice Division, who tell them that any attempt by other Decepticons to get in has been met with extreme prejudice. So the Wreckers are sent there to investigate. Springer welcomes the four new cadets as Wreckers, but warns them that their first day could be their last.

Two years ago, Overlord’s Decepticons hunts the remaining Autobots in Garrus-9 as sport. Fearswoop complains to another Decepticon that there’s no sport in it, and that Overlord himself is not joining the hunt. Overlord takes this moment to appear and spook the two Decepticons, saying that if he joins in, the outcome would always be the same. Two Decepticons subdues the prey, but their cockiness means that the Autobot nearly kills them. Overlord kills the Autobot, and then the two Decepticons, explaining that anyone that careless was wasting his life, and by extension, Overlord’s time. The Predator Snare watches the scene, deep in thought.

Now, in Ultra Magnus’ ship, Ironfist suffers a mysterious blackout. As the Wreckers chat, Ironfist is revealed to be a journalist of sorts who wrote extensive datalogs about the Wreckers under the alias Fisitron, to Topspin and Twin Twist’s amazement. Ironfist is hooked on Wrecker activities and had been following the team from a long time ago. Topspin and Twin Twist tell the rookies that they are just like any other Autobots, and there’s nothing too special about them. Rotorstorm jokes around as usual, while Springer notices that Ironfist might be hiding something.

Kup notes that Springer is burdened by the weight of being the leader of the Wreckers, and Springer muses that it’s so hard to form these Wrecker teams, only to have them blown apart in suicidal missions. Kup notes that Springer can’t stop thinking about Impactor. Springer replies that it’s ‘hard but not impossible’. Before their discussion can continue, they are interrupted by Magnus calling them onto the bridge.

One month earlier, Overlord watches as the Autobot Kick-Off battles Borehole in gladiatorial combat. Kick-Off, evidently losing his mind, savagely beats Borehole up. The Decepticon pleads for his life, but Kick-Off replies that being an Autobot means nothing in Garrus-9, ripping Borehole’s head off. Overlord, pleased, invites Kick-Off to choose his reward.

Now, on Magnus’ ship, they see the battered hull of a Decepticon dropship, which detonates before they decide what to do with it. A single figure flies from the explosion towards them. Springer and Verity prepare to open fire on the figure, before Kup recognises the figure. It’s Impactor.

Transformers Featured: Kick-Off, Turbofire, Fortress Maximus (torn apart by inmates), Skyquake (killed by Overlord), Overlord, Snare, Stalker, Falcon (?), Dipstick, Pyro, Guzzle, Ironfist, Rotorstorm, Twin Twist, Kup, Springer, Perceptor, Topspin, Fearswoop, Wingblazer (killed by Overlord), Talon, Borehole (torn apart by Kick-Off), Ultra Magnus, Impactor
Notable others: Verity Carlo

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #2

17 February 2010
Written By: Nick Roche & James Roberts
Pencils By: Nick Roche
Inks By: John Wycough
Colours By: Josh Burcham
Letters By: Neil Uyetake
Edits By: Andy Schmidt & Denton J Tipton

Synopsis: A long time ago, on the planet Caldoon 4, Overlord slaughters lots of Autobots during an attack. A young Kup was among the Autobots fighting him, but was knocked down easily. Overlord breaks off from the attack to attend a holo-meeting with Megatron, Sixshot and Black Shadow. Megatron tells the three Decepticons that they will be his phase-sixers in his infiltration protocol, responsible to destroy planets on the brink of collapse. Overlord asks what happens if he has ambitions, and Megatron replies that he has two options- one, obey Megatron, and two, be hunted down and destroyed.

In the present, the four Wrecker recruits discuss several topics at the same time. Pyro is trying to think up of a new motto, while Rotorstorm and Guzzle thinks that all they need is war cries and screams. A twitchy Guzzle and Ironfist work on rebuilding Impactor’s broken arm, while Ironfist more his obsession about the Wreckers when he tells them about Impactor. Ironfist reveals that Impactor was stuck in Garrus-9, and had a cover-up story, but is unable to delve deeper into the truth. Meanwhile, in another room, Perceptor repairs Impactor (and finds an explosive deterrence chip in his head).

Impactor reveals that he was freed by Snare, who knows that Impactor got what it takes to return with help. The Predator said he realized that he had a decision to make, before watching Impactor leave. Ultra Magnus and Springer are a little worried about Overlord’s presence, and afterwards Springer and Impactor exchange some harsh words, with Springer exerting his position of command, while Impactor is still sour about some old wounds.

Ultra Magnus needs to make a trip to Earth (with Verity) after receiving a message from Prowl. Plus, he wants to ‘turn a blind eye to the Wreckers’ bloodbath’. Verity eavesdrops, and disagrees with this plan. Magnus also tells Springer that Prowl wants ‘Aequitas’, who’s currently on Garrus-9. Soon, all the Wreckers get together to talk strategy. Ultra Magnus tells them about Overlord ruling Garrus-9, and all the Wreckers groan. Except Verity. Kup tells her about Overlord, that he’s the ‘Final Solution’, a Decepticon who only wanted genocide, and did not desire power. According to Kup, Megatron thought that Overlord’s lack of ambition is a façade, and he began tightening Overlord’s leash. Kup was there at Caldoon Four, where Overlord nearly kills Kup. However, Overlord suddenly leaves the battle. Springer cuts Kup’s war story short, and tells them their objective: rescue the Autobot prisoners, kill Overlord, and find Aequitas. They plan to break the force field surrounding Garrus-9 by landing two drop pods, both controlled by Rotorstorm.

As the appointed time approaches, Ironfist gives Pyro and Guzzle ‘cerebro sensitive bullets’ able to home into brains. Impactor sits alone. The Jumpstarters talk about the ‘vicarious perception’. Verity leaves a note for Ultra Magnus. Springer and Magnus discuss about Ironfist’s blackout. Rotorstorm wallows in self-doubt. Soon, the time arrives, and Rotorstorm manages to break through the force fields. Verity has sneaked on-board one of the drop ships, dressed in armour. As soon as they enter, however, Decepticons stream out and attack them. The sheer amount of fire they’re receiving means that they crash-land. Verity picks herself up from the wreckage, and finds herself face-to-face with… Overlord.

Transformers Featured: Overlord, Kup, Sixshot, Megatron, Black Shadow, Pyro, Rotorstorm, Ironfist, Guzzle, Ultra Magnus, Impactor, Perceptor, Springer, Snare (flashback), Twin Twist, Topspin, lots of generic Decepticons
Notable Others: Verity Carlo

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #3

24 March 2010
Written By: Nick Roche & James Roberts
Art By: Nick Roche & Guido Guidi
Inks By: Guido Guidi, John Wycough & Andrew Griffith
Colours By: Josh Burcham & Joana Lafuente
Letters By: Neil Uyetake
Edits by: Andy Schmidt & Denton J Tipton

Synopsis: Two years ago, in the Maximum Security Penitentiary, Overlord restores Shockwave back into his body. A cranky Shockwave comments that Overlord had only chosen to revive him after nearly a year. Overlord quickly moves onto business after exchanging pleasantries. Shockwave removes the ‘Achilles Virus’ Megatron had him implant in Overlord years ago, which is his sole weakness. Shockwave agrees to remove Overlord’s blind spot as Overlord’s goals further his own. In return, Shockwave receives a shuttle and a hand-picked crew. Overlord reveals that he has convinced that his guests can fight their way to freedom, when it is just false hope. Shockwave tells Overlord that all of Overlord’s show is only to get Megatron’s attention. Shockwave tells Overlord that he’s not the first phase sixer to bait Megatron, and Overlord replies with the comment that he only has to be the last.

Now. Springer’s group (Impactor, Guzzle, Kup and Twin Twist) is being chased by a horde of Decepticons. Guzzle yells that the other group, having landed in Overlord’s Pit, has to take care of themselves, before killing several Decepticons. The other Wreckers join in. Springer laments on their situation.

In the Pit, Overlord is disappointed that the ones who attacked Garrus-9 are Autobots, not Megatron’s Decepticons. The fact that they are Wreckers do not unphase Overlord. Rotorstorm counters by yelling “Wreckers, combine!” Everyone stays silent, and Rotorstorm comments that he thought it was funny. Overlord laughs, and the nervous Rotorstorm joins in, and tells Overlord that he’s got a sense of humour. Overlord suddenly flings up his gun to Rotorstorm’s head and shoot him, spraying the others with Rotorstorm’s fluids.

Meanwhile, Guzzle is giddy with joy as Ironfist’s cerebro-centric ammo is causing his shots to hit Decepticon heads every time. Springer tells Guzzle to transform into tank mode and bring down the roof, and to buy them some time. Springer tell Guzzle and Kup to find the ‘help’ like they discussed earlier, while Springer, Impactor and Twin Twist go about to find the Autobot prisoners. The damaged Twin Twist tries to drill through the ground to reach the lower levels, but the pain due to injuries causes Topspin, in the Pit, to suffer it as well. Overlord offers the Wreckers to surrender. Preceptor tells Pyro to protect Verity, while the rest of them charge Overlord.

Twin Twist drills through the floor, and finds himself falling through thin air. Springer and Impactor follow the Jumpstarter, and they use Springer’s helicopter mode to slowly hover to the ground. Decepticon sniper Treadshot attacks, but Impactor uses his grapple line to take him out. They land in an energy reactor, and they find the mangled, destroyed body of Kick-Off. Impactor reveals that Kick-Off has killed twelve times, and was given a choice by Overlord. Impactor doesn’t know what the choice was, but clearly Kick-Off made the wrong one. Twin Twist tells them that they’ve triggered a defense mechanism, and have been sealed in. A field deactivates them all.

Meanwhile, Overlord calmly knocks out the Wreckers when Stalker tells him that the other team has been located. An amused Oevrlord announces the Wreckers’ presence to the entire prison, promising freedom to any Decepticon who brings him a head. Perceptor uses an explosion to take out a wave of Decepticons, and the team escapes. Having some breathing space, Ironfist gets a panic attack after Rotorstorm’s death sunk in. Topspin snaps at Ironfist, yelling at the cadet that Ironfist was the only rookie who the Wreckers did not vote in. Ironfist nearly loses his temper, but Perceptor calms them down, reminding them that they cannot get personal.

Elsewhere, Guzzle and Kup converses, and Kup says that dying on a rescue attempt is pointless. Guzzle tells Kup that he had friends who died saving another Autobot (which is Kup, apparently). Kup asks if the guy was worth it, and Guzzle responds by, “It depends on who you ask”.

As they make their way through the Southern Wing in search of Aequitas, Topspin reveals to Pyro that Twin Twist and he share a branched spark, a rare condition that allows them feeling each other’s pain. Topspin tries not to think about what would happen if one dies. Topspin tells Pyro that he was happy as a cartographer, but their unique condition makes him join the Wreckers to keep an eye on his brother. Perceptor says that they must be getting close to Aequitas, and the other Wreckers question him. Pyro realizes that Verity is still stuck in his chest, and releases her, and Pyro wonders what Prime sees in the humans, which brings up harsh words between the two, in which Rotorstorm’s death is brought up by Verity, who regrets it. Topspin gives Rotorstorm a short eulogy.

Preceptor’s group finds Fortress Maximus’s comatose body, and Overlord has turned him into a living lockpick, attempting billions of codes in an attempt to open the chamber of Aequitas. Perceptor opens the door when Ironfist tells them that the Decepticons are coming, and show them the mysterious Aequitas…

Meanwhile, Twin Twist sees the world through Topspin’s eyes for a while, before Stalker brings him back to reality. Stalker begins to torture the Wrecker, who screams…

Featured Transformers: Shockwave, Overlord, Kup, Impactor, Guzzle, Twin Twist, Springer, Topspin, Pyro, Stalker, Snare, Rotorstorm (shot through the head by Overlord), Ironfist, Perceptor, Treadshot (impaled by Impactor), Kick-Off (killed off-screen), Fortress Maximus’ Body
Notable Others: Verity Carlo

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #4

21 April 2010
Written By: Nick Roche & James Roberts
Pencils By: Nick Roche & Guido Guidi
Inks By: Andrew Griffith & Guido Guidi
Colours By: Josh Burcham
Letters By: Chris Mowry
Edits By: Andy Schmidt & Denton J Tipton

: Eight months ago, Ironfist is working in his lab in Kimia Weapons Facility. Prowl talks to him through video, praising Ironfist for his datalog work on the Wreckers as Fisitron. Prowl mentions about an ‘accident’, but then informs Ironfist that they’re putting a new team of Wreckers, and offers Ironfist as part of it, but then asks him how badly how Ironfist wants the job.

Now. Guzzle and Kup continue their trek through Garrus-9. Kup tells Guzzle to hold his cy-gar and kills the Decepticon guards without a weapon. Kup and Guzzle opens the cell door, but is disappointed when its occupant–Grimlock–is not around. Snare comes up behind them, and explains that Overlord made Grimlock watch footage of G9 being overrun, and the Dynobot is driven mad by not being able to intervene. While Guzzle is ready to blast Snare, the Decepticon asks them to listen to him before they decide whether to kill him..

Preceptor, Pyro, Ironfist, Topspin and Verity look at Aequitas, a gigantic supercomputer. Perceptor tell the other unimpressed (and in Topspin’s case, furious) Wreckers that they are there to download the contents of its hard drive. Preceptor explains that Aequitas is a ‘culpability drive’ that calculates guilt. Topspin go into a spasm suddenly, due to Twin Twist being tortured by Stalker. Perceptor and Pyro try to boot up Aequitas while Ironfist and Verity watch over Topspin until the Jumpstarter’s ‘vicarious perception’ runs its course. Verity, freaked out, asks Ironfist to tell him a story. About the Wreckers.

In the Spark Extinction Chamber, Springer wakes up from unconsciousness and sees Twin Twist’s horribly mutilated face. Impactor tells Springer that Stalker, their torturer, went off to get an endoscopic claw. Having some alone time, Springer says that he thought that Impactor would’ve been sent to a rehab institute or one of the open prisons, to which Impactor replies that Springer’s testimony while plugged into Aequitas sealed his fate. Springer hates himself for reporting Impactor to command, and wants to forgive Impactor. However, he can’t do so until Impactor accepts that he violated every part of the Autobot code. The disfigured Twin Twist asks them how they can still argue, to which Stalker comes in, ready to kill one of them

In the Aequitas chamber, Ironfist begins his story. He tells of Squadron X, a Decepticon equivalent of Wreckers comprised of Macabre, Crosscut, Earthquake, Tornado, Fang, Ferak and Triton. Impactor was obsessed with tracking them down, and one of their battles happened at Pova. Squadron X had the upper hand, with Springer left trapped under the rubble while the ground forces were pinned in trenches. Springer gives an idea of Impactor blasting the enemy through him, and Impactor reluctantly agreed to the plan. It worked, and the Wreckers were soon able to defeat Squadron X, putting them into custody. However, as they did clean-up, Sandstorm informed them that Squadron X was loose again. Impactor left Springer behind and led the rest of the Wreckers into battle where Squadron X ultimately fell.

In the present, Ironfist says that the story epitomizes everything he admires and loves about the Wreckers. Meanwhile, Topspin recovers from his spasms and Perceptor calls everyone over. Aequitas is password-protected and the only way to activate it under pressure is by spark donation. So, someone has to die to switch it on. Topspin suggests force-feeding a Decepticon, but Perceptor says that the donor must die willingly, otherwise Aequitas won’t accept it. Perceptor says that the sacrificial lamb can’t be him since he has to operate the supercomputer, and it can’t be Topspin since it’ll kill Twin Twist as well. Ironfist realizes that it’ll have to be either him or Pyro. At this point, Pyro freaks out, self-righteously claiming that he has to die saving a planet and impressing Optimus Prime, instead of dying to switch on a computer, and insists that they feed Ironfist to Aequitas. Verity objects, and the two exchange harsh words.

Ironfist tries to speak for himself, but he flashes back to his unpublished autobiography—how he killed his first Decepticon, how Optimus Prime mistook him for someone else after he gave Prime his weapon, his many weapon inventions which killed thousands, his closest friends dying, and how he’d do anything to live his life again. Ironfist is prepared to die, but Topspin, seeing the pain that both Twin Twist and himself needs to face, says that enough is enough, and that they’d rather die with dignity. With that, Topspin plugs himself into Aequitas, and it drains his spark. Twin Twist dies as well, much to Stalker’s surprise. Stalker then starts on Impactor. Meanwhile, Perceptor transfers Aequitas’ contents into Ironfist’s head, and then wipes the entire drive.

Meanwhile, in the Spark Extinction Chamber, Stalker is about to gouge out Impactor’s eye when Guzzle, Kup and Snare arrives, attacking Stalker. Stalker opens fire on Snare, calling him a traitor. Snare gets hit on the head. Springer is released, grabs Stalker’s endoscopic claw and ‘switches off’ Stalker by ramming it through his head. Impactor watches over Snare as he slowly dies. Snare tells Impactor that Overlord gives a choice after twelve wins (the same choice which Kick-Off was given). Either fight Overlord or commit suicide, wondering what the difference is. Snare informs the Wreckers that Overlord is coming, and asks Impactor to kill him before Overlord arrives. Impactor interrupts the Decepticon by crushing Snare’s brain module. Overlord makes his entrance through a wall, and Springer says that they’re ready for him.

Back in Aequitas, Ironfist tells the others that everything they’ve been told is a lie. Meanwhile, with the Decepticons about to come through, Perceptor suggests using Aequitas to detonate the deterrence chips inside their heads, since every ex-prisoner has one. Pyro says no, since Impactor would be killed as well. Preceptor puts it to a vote among the Wreckers, with Ironfist casting the deciding vote. Perceptor tells Verity that her vote doesn't count. Verity laughs at this, saying that Impactor’s biggest fan will never vote to kill him, but Ironfist says, knowing what he does now, tells Perceptor to do it.

Featured Transformers: Ironfist, Prowl, Guzzle, Kup, Snare (mercy-killed by Impactor), Pyro, Perceptor, Topspin (self-destructs), Twin Twist (killed when Topspin dies), Springer, Impactor, Stalker (killed by Springer), Sandstorm (flashback), Broadside (flashback), Whirl (flashback), Roadbuster (flashback), Rack'n'Ruin (flashback), Fang (flashback, killed), Earthquake (flashback, killed), Tornado (flashback, killed), Macabre (flashback, killed), Triton (flashback, killed), Crosscut (flashback, killed), Ferak (flashback, killed), Nautilus (flashback), Overlord
Notable Others: Verity Carlo

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #5

19 May 2010
Written By: Nick Roche & James Roberts
Art By: Nick Roche
Colours By: Josh Burcham
Letters By: Chris Mowry
Edits By: Denton J Tipton & Andy Schmidt

Synopsis: Overlord tears Guzzle into two pieces and uses the two pieces to knock Kup out. Impactor harpoons Overlord's right eye, but Overlord only smiles, seemingly enjoying himself. Down in the Aequitas chamber, Verity Carlo speaks out against detonating the deterrence chips, saying that it would not just kill Impacotr, but also the Wreckers as a concept. Perceptor and Ironfist argues against it, Perceptor being frank while Ironfist dejected at what Impactor had done. Verity argues, saying that Impactor had turned a 'bunch of thugs with a death wish' into a beacon of heroism for the other Autobots, and that those Wreckers, Fisitron's Wreckers, would never sacrifice one of their own. Perceptor was convinced, readying himelf for a fight but was interrupted by Pyro. Pyro decides to abandon his visions of a glorious death, telling the others that he will stay behind to cover their escape. Pyro tells Ironfist that dying for people he cares about is the most that he could do, and apologizes to Verity for not respecting the humans. Perceptor, Ironfist and Verity race off (along with Fortress Maximus' catatonic body) while Pyro is torn to pieces by the horde of Decepticons. Verity urges Ironfist to tell her about what actually happened at Pova.

Twenty years ago, in the same battle that Ironfist had told her last issue, Impactor decided that the only way to get an upper hand against Squadron X would be to shoot through the wounded Springer's midsection. Despite Springer's vehement protests that he didn't have circuit dmapeners, Impactor ignored him and fired anyway. However, after the battle, Prowl tells Impactor that under the Neutrality Agreement, the Autobots aren't allowed to be there and they had to release Squadron X immediately to prevent the Decepticons using this to their advantage. Instead, Impactor takes Roadbuster's gun and locks himself in the room where the prisoners are clamped down on their knees. Springer tries to stop him, but his wounds meant that he couldn't open the door quickly enough. As shots echoed in the air, the other Wreckers look downwards in silence while Springer forces the door open, seeing Springer amongst the dead bodies, his Autobot insignia impaled on Macabre's body.

Back in the present, Overlord gains the upper hand, slamming Impactor onto the ground, gloating as he chokes Springer. Springer tries to stay tough, by claiming that the rest of the Wreckers would've freed the Autobot prisoners and would be leading them there. Overlord simply replies that the moment that the Wreckers had arrived, all the prisoners had been killed. Ironfist, Perceptor and Verity arrive, and Perceptor blows Overlord's hand off, freeing Springer. Ironfist throws a massive cannon to Springer, and Sprigner opens fire on Overlord defiantly. Overlord shrugs off the repeated fire, and tears Springer's face apart. Overlord then knocks Perceptor out with his midsection-mounted cannons.

Overlord edges towards Ironfist, the last Wrecker standing. Ironfist warns Overlord to back off, much to the Decepticon's amusement. Ironfist reveals that the weapon he passed to Springer didn't do any damage because it injected thousands of detterence chips into Overlord's endoskeleton. Overlord mocks that Ironfist had no means of detonating the chips, but Ironfist plays his trump card. Since he had Aequitas in his head, he is able to hone the signal and lock on to a specific target, and the Wrecker makes good on his threat, riddling Overlord's body with explosions. Ironfist keels over, his mind overloaded by the task. Verity tries to wake Ironfist up, but Overlord advances towards her, reduced to a burning skeletal figure.

Overlord promises to kill Verity, telling her that the Wreckers had ruined everything, since he could no longer face Megatron if he is to arrive now. Verity informs Overlord that Megatron is long dead, and that Overlord had spent all the time waiting for Megatron to come when in fact Megatron died without remembering about Overlord at all. Overlord falls to his knees, distraught, and is slammed by a blast from Impactor, who had recovered from his beating. Impactor beats the weakened Overlord up, who had lost the will to fight. Despite Verity urging him to kill the Decepticon, Impactor refuses to deal the killing blow, saying that he's sparing Overlord's life for Springer. Impactor told Overlord that while Springer had told him that while Squadron X deserved to die, he had no right to kill them. And although Overlord had killed Springer, he wouldn't want Impactor to kill Overlord in cold blood. Impactor disables Overlord's neural cluster, telling the Decepticon that he would stand trial for what he did.

The other Decepticons flee the place, Impactor radios for help, Overlord is beaten and Ironfist wakes up. All seems well, but when Prowl and Ultra Magnus recaps the events, they note that four Wreckers had died, Sprigner and Fortress Maximus are on emergency life support, while Impactor (his name cleared) and a repaired Guzzle had took off for parts unknown. Meanwhile, Ironfist is revealed to have died en route from an aneurysm, caused by a lab accident with his cerebro-centric bullets eighteen months ago.

Prowl reveals to Ultra Magnus that he knew about Ironfist's condition, and said that it was the dream job that Ironfist would've wanted. Prowl tells Magnus that they couldn't allow the Decepticons to get their hands on Aequitas' transcripts, as it would have been the ultimate propaganda weapon. Magnus argues that those transcripts are the only evidence left for most of the accused, while Prowl remembers a trial with Flame, of hearing the atrocities that the Autobots had taken. If the Autobots knew about the horrors their comrades had committed, it would've been the end of the Autobots. Magnus suggests that he would prefer that the evidences needed to go public despite the consequences, while Prowl tells Magnus that he would ensure that the single surviving copy of Aequitas' records would be given to Bumblebee.

Magnus remarks that he hopes the data is corrupted so everyone can moves on. Prowl looks at the data slug, and begins to apply a little pressure to it... Cut to Verity Carlo on Earth, who had been writing the Fisitron narration so far, musing whether this is the end of the road for the Wreckers, or just a stop-off to reflect before moving on. Verity says that the Wreckers needed to move forward, because that's how they honour those they had lost. By looking forward, not back. Verity adds that the moral of the story is that life persists.

Featured Transformers: Guzzle, Overlord, Springer, Kup, Impactor, Pyro (torn apart by rabid Decepticons), Perceptor, Ironfist (killed by cerebro-centric bullet), Topspin's Body, Fortress Maximus, Tornado (flashback, killed), Macabre (flashback, killed), Earthquake (flashback, killed), Rack'n'Ruin (flashback), Broadside (flashback), Roadbuster (flashback), Prowl (flashback and present), Sandstorm (flashback), Triton (flashback, killed), Fang (flashback, killed), Crosscut (flashback, killed), Ferak (flashback, killed), Whirl (flashback), Rad (flashback), Jackpot (flashback), Ultra Magnus, Flame (flashback), Chief Justice Tyrest (flashback), Emirate Xaaron (flashback), Nightbeat (flashback)
Notable others: Verity Carlo

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Transformers Mosaic: Dead Men's Boots

1 September 2010 Written By: James Roberts
Art By: Nick Roche
Colours By: Josh Burcham
Letters By: Lo Baker
Edits By: Shaun Knowler

Synopsis: Springer remembers how Impactor first recruits him into a Wrecker, impressed when the former leader had approached him personally. It was a job that now falls to his hands. He tells both Pyro and Rotorstorm that both their names are at the top of the selection list, although he is rather frank about the survival rate of the Wreckers. Ironfist, meanwhile, debates figures with Springer. Guzzle refuses the offer, but the prospect of Kup on the team causes Guzzle to reconsider.

Featured Transformers:Impactor, Springer, Pyro, Rotorstorm, Ironfist, Guzzle

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack


1 September 2010 Written By: James Roberts
Bullets is a bonus text story included with the TPB version of Last Stand of the Wreckers.

Synopsis: Deplhi: First Aid reads Datalog #113 of Wreckers: Declassified, detailing the events of Pova. As he geeks out over the Wreckers, his boss, Pharma, tells him to get back to work. As First Aid checks on his patients, he recalls his meeting with Springer, who recruits his aid for a special project. Ambulon brings in the wounded from a Dogfight’s team, who had a run in with the Decepticon Justice Division. First Aid began checking the Autobot insignias of all the members of the team, even those who aren’t wounded – while Ambulon dismisses it as a quirk of his, he finds something lodged into one of the Autobot insignias and excitedly contacts Springer.

The psychoanalyst Rung, reflecting to himself about the advances of their technology and of the psychological problems sparked thanks to the war, speaks to a shell-shocked Flattop, who is a survivor of the Babu Yar atrocity. He had been given a new body and assigned to Bluestreak’s group in Hydrus 5, but sees the Shimmer, an urban legend of a green light that signaled death in the recent future to anyone who saw it. As Rung explains several scientifict and psychoanalytical explanations to Flattop’s condition, he walks over to find his patient dead.

Kimia: Ironfist is brought before the Ethics Committee regarding his invention of cerebro-sensitive bullets. Ironfist reflects on how much more suspicious and uptight the Autobots have become after the events of the Surge, as well as atrocities that has been done in Babu Yar thanks to similarities between the chemical weapon used and ‘Gideon’s Glue’, a chemical supposedly developed in Kimia. Xaaron, Trailbreaker and Animus declare that the bullets will constitute a war crime, and orders him to surrender all the bullets to them within 36 hours. On the way out, Ironfist meets his good friend Skyfall, and the two joke around about Ironfist standing up against the Committee. They also meet Brainstorm, a legend among Kimia’s engineers for inventing over-the-top weapons, about to bring a briefcase containing the MCP to the committee.

Hydrus 5: Pyro and Afterburner talk about how they have liberated the planet from the Decepticons. Afterburner compliments Pyro on his single-handed victory against the Tremorcons before speeding off. As Pyro muses to himself about finding something more Optimus-like to say in situations like that, he turns around, thinking that he is experiencing a vision… before seeing the green flicker in the air that signs the Shimmer.

Debris: Springer mulls over the information he recently received. The bullet that First Aid had recovered from the Autobot insignia contained a report from the eccentric Agent 113, a deep-cover agent working undercover amongst the Decepticon Justice Division, a group of Decepticons who scour their ranks for turncoats and murder them. The report from Agent 113 told Springer of the fact that Garrus-9 was, in fact, not destroyed. Prowl and Springer have then set up Operation: Retrieval, and has to select a new batch of Wreckers.

Igue-Moor: Guzzle reflects how much he loves the Judge, his favourite handgun, and how he has been bouncing from different Autobot squads after his old platoon had broken up following the incident with Kup. He reflects on how he has been experiencing emotions (which he is unused to) after that, before he sees a green shimmer.

Kimia: As Ironfist reviews the schematic of his head and the cerebro-sensitive bullet lodged in it, Ironfist remembers his long relationship with his good friend Sykfall. Despite having invented Optimus Prime’s ion blaster, Prime had attributed its creation to Skyfall, and Skyfall had kept quiet for fear of embarrassing Prime. Skyfall had been imprisoned in the Decepticon Grindcore camp, and upon his release Ironfist campaigned for Skyfall to be allowed to be promoted into Kimia. An accident with black phosphex due to Skyfall skipping testing results had caused him to be reassigned to Garrus-9 as a guard for a time, though Ironfist later managed to get Skyfall back to Kimia, and upon his death was prepared to have Skyfall take over his workshop. He considered pushing the bullet and ending his life, but stopped at the thought of Skyfall grieving… and later the thought of a robot with a harpoon for a hand.

Karashi Delta: Rotorstorm and the Autobot group with him celebrate the battle they had just won, and he later flies off and drops the cheerful persona as he remembers his old instructor from the Aerial Academy, Jetstream, who had abused Rotorstorm both verbally and physically. Rotorstorm had resorted to joking as a response, and left Rotorstorm without evidence by healing him with a CR chamber. He is brought out of his musings when he spots the Shimmer, before transforming and opening fire at it.

Debris: Springer looked at the four names that he had selected to join the Wreckers: Rotorstorm, Guzzle, Pyro and Skyfall to replace the four Wreckers unavailable to him, and waits for the confirmation from both Prowl and the others.

Kimia: Skyfall comes into Ironfist’s room and tells him about how the other Autobots are excited about the new Wreckers: Declassified, even coining the term ‘Fisitronisms’ to talk about Ironfist’s writing style. However, as Skyfall delivers several criticisms about his writing style, Ironfist ends up packing up the cerebro-guns. As Skyfall leaves, Prowl calls Ironfist, who calls him ‘Fisitron’.

Debris: Kup arrives on Debris to meet Springer, who reveals that Prowl had vetoed Skyfall and is standing a substitute. The two talk trash about Prowl butting into their operation, and Kup recalls a time when Prowl had driven a Decepticon to suicide by talking to him and reading Cybertronian law. The rest of the active Wreckers –Topspin, Twin Twist and Perceptor – arrive and vote on the three new Wreckers that Springer had picked.

Kimia: Ironfist is overcome with excitement over Prowl asking him to join the Wreckers with a condition, though he shortly considers that he is being exploited, he dismisses the notion over the chance to decide his own death. Ironfist looks around to see what appears to be the Shimmer, but ends up being a hologram of Springer, who formalizes the invitation. Ironfist’s proud speech of acceptance is drowned out by his malfunctioning vocal synthesizer, and when he clears it instead fumbles and starts talking about death statistics. Ironfist accepts, as Springer’s hologram fades away and notes how Ironfist’s workshop looks like the bridge of the Xantium.

Debris: Springer informs the other Wreckers that Guzzle turned him down, but Twin Twist informs him that Guzzle is calling him, asking to know about Kup…

Kimia: Skyfall is surprised by Ironfist’s acceptance into the Wreckers, and when Ironfist hands over the workshop to Skyfall, he’s so excited by the prospect that Ironfist’s declaration about him not coming back went unheard. As he packs two identical cases, one containing random guns and one containing the cerebro-sensitive bullets that was supposed to be surrendered to Xaaron, he reflects on how news of a survivor of Babu Yar, Flattop, has been killed by Gideon’s Glue via delayed brain-melt. However, before he leaves, he receives another call…

Igue-Moor: Ironfist arrives at the pickup point and meets Guzzle. After a short conversation about the Judge, they talk about their upcoming mission with the Wreckers, and Ironfist tells Guzzle that he’s Fisitron. Rotorstorm arrives, pointing guns at their head and jokes around about Ironfist being a non-combatant. Guzzle mistakes the arrival of Pyro as Optimus Prime, though Rotorstorm quickly sees that it is not. Pyro introduces himself, and Rotorstorm makes some jokes about Pyro’s primus apotheosis. As the four of them, a narcissist, an obsessive fan, an emotional cripple and a robot with a programming disorder, they individually think that it would be hell working with the others… but when Rotorstorm breaks the silence by suggesting they test out Ironfist’s lightformer cannon to pass the time, the four of them ended up thinking how amazing it would be to work with the others.

Nine months later, Kimia: Skyfall complains to Xaaron for taking everything from his workshop because of his failure to attend hearings, pointedly not caring about Ironfist’s memorabilia and wanting only his work back. Skyfall tries to pass it off as grief after Ironfist’s death, but after Xaaron disconnects his communication, a pre-recorded message from Ironfist plays, claiming that Skyfall had murdered him. Ironfist had made the message to reach Skyfall if the bullet has reached his brain, and after Brainstorm’s investigation it’s revealed that the gun had been tampered with that it would ‘accidentally’ go off – and Skyfall was the only one who knew of the work on the bullets. However, Ironfist’s recording reassures Skyfall that he has not revealed it to anyone yet, and then Ironfist tries to dissect why his best friend would kill him – jealousy, Skyfall joining the patrol that landed him in prison thanks to an argument… and then reaches the conclusion about the inquiry regarding Gideon’s Glue, how quick the investigation moved to acquit Ironfist. Ironfist talks about how he had created – and proceeded to destroy – Gideon’s Glue, but someone with access to his workshop had sold Gideon’s Glue to the Decepticons. Ironfist surmises that all Skyfall wanted was to get his hands on Ironfist’s workshop, first by setting him up with Gideon’s Glue (Ironfist had found a sample he had overlooked and hidden it in his workshop) and resorting to sabotage later on. Ironfist continues to tell Skyfall that even though he hadn’t gone to anyone with this prior to his departure with the Wreckers, he had programmed the message to be sent out like one of Fisitron’s datalogs, and all of the subscribers are aware of Skyfall’s role in Ironfist’s death. As security bangs on his door, Ironfist tells Skyfall how this way would be more dramatic and appropriate for Fisitron. Skyfall finds the hidden vial of Gideon’s Glue on Ironfist’s sky-sled, and not wanting to undergo the horrors of Garrus-9, drinks it just as Ironfist says that they are both ‘Over. Finished.’

Featured Transformers: First Aid, Pharma, Springer, Roulette, Ambulon, Schema, Dogfight, Dodger, Backstreet, Rung, Flattop (killed), Ironfist, Xaaron, Animus, Trailbreaker, Brainstorm, Skyfall (killed), Pyro, Afterburner, Springer, Guzzle, Rotorstorm, Landfill, Prowl, Kup, Twin Twist, Topspin, Perceptor
Mentioned only: Impactor, Rack’n’Ruin, Broadside, Roadbuster, Metroplex, Ratchet, Zeta Prime, Optimus Prime, Bluestreak, Megatron, Gideon, Flame, Chief Justice Tyrest, Ultra Magnus, Nightbeat, Crosshairs, Tripwire, Seizor, Aftershock, Fracture, Tectonix, Agent 113, Skyquake, Fortress Maximus, Crest, Hyperion, Dipstick, Fixit, Kup, Soundwave, Kaput, Jetsream, Atomizer, Swerve, Calculus, Violator

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack


22 February 2012 Written by: Nick Roche
Art by: Nick Roche
Colours by: Josh Burcham
Letters by: HdE
Escape is a bonus comic included with the Hardcover TPB version of Last Stand of the Wreckers.

Synopsis: Impactor arrives to rescue Guzzle from imprisonment, having been captured by Decepticon Harvesters while on a recon mission. Impactor frees Guzzle and the organic aliens captured before the Harvesters can cannibalize them, and Impactor reflects that the fact he cares about them is a sign how he has changed. They are stopped by the Decepticons, and while Impactor had expected to fight his way out, Guzzle has decided to murder his way out, showing excessive brutality against the Decepticons and having to be told to stand down. Guzzle jokes that Impactor’s gone soft. Impactor reflects that Guzzle’s bloodlust has been increasing since Garrus-9 and notes the similarities between the two of them. One of the Decepticons left for dead murders the organic aliens. As their blood splatters on Impactor, the Wrecker ends up snapping and brutalizing the Decepticon, expressing murderous satisfaction as more guards arrive. Impactor and Guzzle tear their way through the Decepticons, and Impactor notes how while it won’t bring back the dead, it brings him back… and that he can never escape.

Featured Transformers: Impactor, Guzzle, Decepticon Harvesters (killed)

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Zero Point

22 February 2012
Written by: James Roberts
Zero Point is a bonus text story included with the Hardcover TPB version of Last Stand of the Wreckers.

Synopsis: In Debris, Roadbuster spend part of his every day routine caring for the dying Springer, most notably cleaning his eyes, being a reflection of the state of the spark for a Transformer. Roadbuster also spends his time talking to the coffins there, learning to read or making weapons. However, despite the massive medical equipment that Springer was hooked up to, and while he’s not dead, he doesn’t seem to be coming back to live, having remained unresponsive since the battle with Overlord nine months ago.

Springer, meanwhile, finds himself hovering between life and death and flashes back to the past, back when the war was in the early days, when the world was still black and white. However he soon considered being decent held him back, and wished to join the Wreckers, still unnamed and mostly classified back then. However, he met Impactor at Sherma Bridge and witnessed a Wrecker mission, and was enamoured with the team, how they can make a difference for the greater good. After that meeting Springer had bugged Kup to add his name to the Wrecker reserves, and for a long time no word came until Impactor shows up on a battlefield one day and recruited Springer, ending his black-and-white life.

Roadbuster remembers how the medic Kaput had told him and Kup that Springer’s death has begun despite not being alive. After conversations regarding the repairs made to Springer’s face and legs, Roadbuster had dropped the niceties and tells Kaput to tell him straight why Springer can’t wake up, and Kaput had said that they can’t find the ‘zero point’. Despite what organics think, Cybertronian physiology is not similar to mere machines, and isn’t as simple as disassembling and reassembling parts. The zero point is a small cavity between two nerve circuits that prevented a Spark from completing its vital journey around the body and robbing it of life. While there had been inexplicable recoveries such as Ultra Magnus, recovery seemed unlikely. Roadbuster has, for several months, reading the Complete Works of Fisitron to Springer. While he had never liked the Wreckers: Declassified series before (or knew how to read at all), Kup’s old friend Rung, a psychologist, had suggested Springer’s Spark may respond to emotional triggers, prompting Roadbuster to read from Fisitron’s work every day. Roadbuster had read 331 out of the 332 logs twice while learning to work his way through the more difficult words and more repetitive parts, and was reading a particular log detailing Springer rescuing Impactor from being killed by Megatron. Roadbuster stopped partway, however, feeling that his efforts don’t even seem to have an effect on Springer. Taking a chance, Roadbuster selects the final log he hasn’t read, the Showdown on Pova – the only Wreckers: Declassified log that wasn’t an embellishment... but rather an outright lie.

Springer remembers how he had jointed the 17th incarnation of the line-up, with Impactor and the discharged Valve being the only survivors from the original lineup. He had considered Impactor similar to an older brother, and reflected on how the Wreckers ended up going darker and dirtier as the war progressed. At first, Impactor’s justifications and the fact that he was responsible for the atrocities mollified him. However, with Squadron X, Impactor was obsessed with it to the point of ignoring many other dangerous threats. After the hell that was Pova, Springer remembered how he had slipped away from the others and contacted High Command to arrest Impactor. Impactor had resigned from the Wreckers, and shortly afterwards Roadbuster, Whirl, Broadside and Rack’n’Ruin all came to Springer (each of them thinking they’re the only one) begging him to be their leader for fear of Prowl shutting them down – as well as admitting that they regretted the events of Pova. Roadbuster, in particular, whose gun was used to execute the Squadron, claimed that he was under the assumption that Impactor wanted it for self-defense while cutting the Decepticons lose. Springer had later testified in the Aequitas trial that damned Impactor and defended the others.

Roadbuster tries to read Fisitron’s account on Pova, but can’t make it through, disgusted by the lie. He finally confesses to Springer about the truth. Everything that’s been told to Springer is a lie, since all the other Wreckers had known Springer had been fanning the group’s hatred by listing everything evil Squadron X has done, as something of a justification to give himself an excuse to let loose. Roadbuster confessed that he knew Impactor was going to murder the Squadron and was even proud for his leader – and he confessed that both he and Whirl had considered stopping Springer back then when he crawled towards Impactor. And they had lied to him so that the rest of them weren’t brought down alongside Impactor – Springer was leadership material, whose disgust at Impactor’s method could be used to ‘correct’ the Wreckers and satisfy Prowl and the others. But whatever the reasons were, Roadbuster considers Springer to be their best leader.

Suddenly, Roadbuster sees a small tear on Springer’s eye, and as he tries to look at the oddity (considering how he’s been cleaning Springer’s eyes all the time), one of the life-support machines registers a resurgent Spark, Roadbuster checks the tear in Springer’s eye and sees a little of its old Matrix blue colours coming back…

Featured Transformers: Roadbuster, Springer, Topspin (mentioned), Twin Twist (mentioned), Rotorstorm (mentioned), Ironfist (mentioned), Pyro (mentioned), Overlord (mentioned), Impactor (mentioned), Zeta Prime (mentioned), Kup, Heliobots, Slicers (killed), Kaput, Fixit (mentioned), Prowl (mentioned), Ratchet (mentioned), Pharma (mentioned), Ultra Magnus (mentioned), Bumblebee (mentioned), Optimus Prime (mentioned), Rung, Megatron (mentioned), Xaaron (mentioned), Sandstorm (mentioned), Bludgeon (mentioned), Omega Supreme (mentioned), Whirl (mentioned), Valve (mentioned), Macabre (mentioned), Squadron X (mentioned), Broadside (mentioned), Rack’n’Ruin (mentioned), Beachcomber (mentioned)

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

In Word and Deed

22 February 2012 Written by: Nick Roche
Art by: Nick Roche
Colours by: Kris Carter
Letters by: HdE
In Word and Deed is a bonus comic included with the Hardcover TPB version of Last Stand of the Wreckers.

Synopsis: Verity reflects about missing Ironfist and Hunter (remembering how she’s left Hunter and Jimmy with merely a letter) and reflects upon the meaning of words – how they can be damaging and useful at the same time. She also reflects about how they’ve both gone without warning, with only words to leave to the word. Verity also remembers how she’s left ‘Uncle Magnus’ with only letters. Magnus, reading the letter, without changing his expression orders the computer to decontaminate her former room. Verity reflects that words, to her, was merely a handy tool to get out from whatever she wanted to run away from, but sometimes words become weapons, and Ironfist’s words are all that’s left of him. She reflects that despite all the destruction that Ironfist has done with his guns, Ironfist’s biggest bomb and last bullet… is a second data slug of Aequitas.

Featured Transformers: Hunter O’Nion, Jimmy Pink, Ultra Magnus, Verity Carlo

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Last Stand of the Wreckers Bonus Character Profiles

Written by: James Roberts (Wreckers) & Nick Roche (Snare & Overlord)
Art by: Nick Roche
Colours by: Josh Burcham

Featured Characters: Rotorstorm, Pyro, Guzzle, Ironfist, Impactor, Snare, Overlord, Squadron X
Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack


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