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Beast Wars: The Ascending #1 (of 4)
Reviewed by zigzagger

Issue Review

Keeping in mind that I passed on The Gathering, there were moments through out the issue where the story felt a bit convoluted, not feeling entirely sure what was going on half of the time. It's not as if the issue was bad by any means, it's just that the pacing felt really...awkward. Must be those damn temporal shunts!

On a more positive note, the deliberations of Magmatron were wonderfully executed in how he weaved in and out each time frame as an ethereal observer. Though his imprisonment within a temporal limbo was of his own doing (sort of), his tale strikes me as tragic in a way. Honestly, he is the only character that I have seen thus far that really intrigues me. The rest come across as a tad generic, with indistinct characterizations. Nevertheless, there is (or should I say was) potential for something quite interesting.

Even with a fair amount of dialogue, and the occasional narratives provided by Magmatron shedding light on some of the confusion here, it just seems unnecessarily ambiguous. A word of caution; the reader is advised to have prior knowledge of Botcon exclusives and the Japanese series to get a clear picture as to what is occurring, because little is (and will be) explained as to who these characters are or what the hell Angolmois is. Although the fate of Magmatron is revealed to the reader, the rest of the issue is dominated by the Maximal and Predacon battle(s). Not much else really happens, what does is vague.


The “Trinity of Chaos” mentioned on the final page is referred to as Angolmois, Shokaract, and Unicron.

In the Japanese series Beast Wars: Neo, Angolmois apparently is the extracted life-force of the world gobbler, Unicron. Though it would seem it has other uses.

Shokaract was a Botcon exclusive repaint of the 1998 Beast Wars figure, Rampage. He was also featured in the 1998-2000 Botcon exclusive book “Reaching the Omega Point”. If you’re feeling brave, check out the link…because I really don’t feel like talking about it here.

Quote, Unquote

Magmatron: It ends in chaos and carnage, with all veneer of civilization stripped away. A once-proud race reduced to its most primal, bestial instincts. And all I can do is watch it unfold, watch them fall – one by one!

Ravage (to Razorbeast): Speak…before I wedge an apple in your mouth and spit-roast you!

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