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Beast Wars: The Ascending #2 (of 4)
Reviewed by zigzagger

Issue Review

My primary concern with the issue, and possibly the series as a whole, is the plethora of characters that continue to be squeezed into an already overpopulated cast, resulting in a lot of the characters coming across as rather generic. Honestly, having The Pack show up on Earth really didn't advance the story on Earth all too much, other than giving a reason to have Stampy thrown into the fray. The Magmatron sub-plot, once again, has given some cohesion to the story unfolding on Earth. But it’s just not enough. You get the impression that Furman doesn’t know what to do with so many characters other than having them play out dull fighting sequences. A high point is the other set of characters situated on Cybertron. Big Convoy's discovery of the Angolmois, though it is still not clear what it is, has some lovely moments, particularly while BC reiterates what he thinks what has occurred. The Imperium was a nifty little addition too. A nod to the Tripredacus Counsel, I take it. Overall, it certainly made some sense out of the first issue, but still is plagued by its clutter. Though the pacing this time around was steadier, the anthropomorphic battles continue to dominate the story being told.


In the Japanese series Beast Wars: Neo, Angolmois apparently is the extracted life-force of the world gobbler, Unicron. Though it would seem it has other uses.

Shokaract was a Botcon exclusive repaint of the 1998 Beast Wars figure, Rampage. He was also featured in the 1998-2000 Botcon exclusive book “Reaching the Omega Point”.

Quote, Unquote

Big Convoy: …This poor unfortunate came in here for a hit. No sooner had he uncapped the delivery nozzle that the siren call went out. Drawing in a mob from far and wide. They stormed the place. Tore him limb from limb.

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