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3H BotCon / OTFCC Fiction

An archive of BotCon fiction can be found at and there seem to be no current plans by the current holders of the BotCon license to remove it. You might want to download it in case it goes offline, though.

"Critical Mass" (1997)

This comic was only initially available at BotCon 1997.

Written By: Simon Furman
Art By: Andrew Wildman
Art Assist By: Steven Baskerville
Letters By: Starkings & Comicraft

Synopsis:The Predacon scientist Fractyl has created a new invention to shield them from the energon radiation, using a unique element named Furmanite. The scientist hallucinates about his invention blowing up for a while, but is snapped back into reality by Blackarachnia, who urges him to finish the project, planning to take the armour for herself. Packrat spies on their activities, planning to steal the armour.

As they test the Furmanite, Inferno discovers Packrat. Opening fire, Inferno drops a pure energon crystal, which reacts with the Furmanite sample, causing a massive explosion. While Inferno pursues Packrat, Fractyl deduces that Furmanite must be Anti-Energon, which repels energon at low concentrations but blows up at large ones.

Meanwhile, Packrat heads for the energon-rich Badlands, telling himself that the device would help Optimus Primal to appreciate him, and to rid him of his beast mode. Meanwhile, Cheetor, Rhinox and Airazor are talking when they see explosions in the distance, and they move in to intercept. Inferno is weakened by the energon radiation and Packrat, driven mad with power, blasts Inferno into pieces.

Fractyl arrives, warning the Maximals about Furmanite’s danger. Rhinox tries to talk Packrat down, but Fractyl tries to take the Furmanite by force. Packrat nearly guns Fractyl down, but he takes control of himself and surrenders the Furmanite. Airazor spots Megatron and Blackarachnia approaching. Fractyl resigns himself to be berated by the other Predacons. However, Packrat gives Fractyl an idea as a return favour for helping them. Megatron arrives to see Fractyl shooting at the ‘fleeing’ Maximals, and is pleased.

Featured Transformers: Megatron, Fractyl, Blackarachnia, Inferno, Packrat, Cheetor, Rhinox, Airazor

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

"Reaching the Omega Point" (1998-2000)

These materials were only initially available at BotCon conventions in the years stated.

1998: Script presentation (Bob Forward)
1999: Text stories / Apelinq's war journals (Simon Furman)
2000: Reaching the Omega Point comic (Simon Furman)

Written By: Simon Furman & Glen Hallit
Art By: Geoff Senior
Inks By: Geoff Senior
Colours By: Andrew Wildman
Letters By: Richard Starkings & Comicraft

Synopsis: Shokaract battle the Maximals and Windrazor, knocking them around as space-time begins to unravel. Meanwhile, Megatron tries to make sense of Shokaract's motives, guessing correctly that Shokaract is the product of Unicron's essence. Meanwhile, time-traveller Apelinq, having previously travelled back in time to retrieve a time-lost device, watches the battle in curiousity. The Covenant, twelve warriors created by Primus in anticipation of Shokaract, arrive and join the Maximals in battling Shokaract. However, Shokaract tears through several of the Covenant members, while Apelinq joins the battle. Meanwhile, reality is being torn asunder, as Megatron arrives on the space-time risk. Megaron theorizes that with Unicron's essence is being pulled back to 2008, and Megatron's temporal tamperings have worsened Shokaract's situation, causing him to travel back in time to safeguard his future.

Megatron opens fire on the rift, causing Shokaract to summon his two heralds, Cataclysm and Antagony. The Predacon Sandstorm arrives to help his fellow time-traveller Windrazor, saying that his attempt to recruit the ancient warriors from J'nwan have failed. Optimus Primal approaches the two of them, and as they speak, Beast Warriors from alternate timelines appear, pulled due to the disintegration of space-time. Shokaract engages Megatron. While Megatron wants to know his future in exchange for not destroying Shokaract's essence, Shokaract responds by throttling Megatron. The alternate-reality Beast Warriors engage Shokaract, but are all summarily atomized when Shokaract unleashes the Matrix of Conquest. Meanwhile, Apelinq and the Covenant kill Shokaract's heralds.

Suddenly, Sandstorm opens fire on Transquito, revealing that he is in fact Shokaract's herald. However, as the combatants watch, Leonicus of the Covenant reveal that Sandstorm is in fact one of the Covenant, Scorpius, and had infiltrated Shokaract's heralds. Sandstorm manages to get close enough to open fire on Shokaract, dealing a blow on the monster. Shokaract transforms and atomizes Sandstorm. Windrazor, Optimus Primal and Apelinq all open fire on Shokaract, in a desperate attempt to protect their futures. The remaining four members of the Covenant then turn themselves into pure energy, coming into the spiritual realm and watching as the Dark Essence of the past begins to merge with the Dark Essence of the future brought by Shokaract. Unicron's astral form appears, and the Covenant's energy forms turn into Primus' astral form.

Suddenly, the legendary Autobots and Decepticons, led by Optimus Prime and Megatron, appear out of a wormhole and open fire on Shokaract, having heard Sandstorm's plea after all. Shokaract is defeated, both i the physical realm and the spiritual realm, and the dark essences are destroyed. Transwarp portals return the displaced combatants to their own time, and Shokaract explodes.

Epilogue: The Hunter that would become Shokaract enters the cave where his destiny awaits, only to discover nothing.

Transformers Featured: Optimus Primal, Shokaract (killed), Blackarachnia, Windrazor, Cheetor, Rattrap, Rhinox, Megatron II, Apelinq, Leonicus, the Covenant (killed), Chronarchitect (flashback), Antagony (killed), Cataclysm (killed), Sandstorm/Scorpius (killed), Polar Claw (killed), Drill Bit (killed), Transquito (killed), Cybershark (killed), B'Boom (killed), Air Hammer (killed), Unicron, G1 Optimus Prime, G1 Grimlock, G1 Megatron, G1 Soundwave

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

The Wreckers #1: "Departure" / "Primeval Dawn" Part 1

This comic was only initially available at BotCon 2001.

Written By: Glen Hallit
Art By: Dan Khanna
Letters By: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
Edits By:Rob Gerbracht, Jon Hartman & Dan Khanna
Synopsis: In the not-too-distant future, Arcee, Wheelie and a grown-up Daniel Witwicky face off against a swarm of Nightbirds. Wheelie is mortally wounded by the Nightbirds and Daniel is left behind as the other Autobots forcibly evacuates Arcee out of the battlefield. Daniel and Wheelie self-destructs to kill the Nightbirds. After Pax Cybertronia, Sprigner and Rodimus talk about undergoing the Maximal upgrade. Arcee, meanwhile had fallen into depression because of Daniel’s death.

Centuries later, at the era of Beast Machines, Optimus Primal and Nightscream escape from Vehicon drones whilst carrying the Deployers. The Vehicons overwhelm them, but they are rescued by Ramulus, who is very angry at Optimus Primal. Primal Prime arrives, crushing the Vehicons for good. Optimus thanks the two for their help, but demands answers. Apelinq arrives, recounting the battle against Shokaract. However, the timeline had since righted itself, causing Optimus Primal to forget the incident. Apelinq informs Optimus Primal that Ramulus is angry at him for leaving him behind along with the other protoforms.

The three Wreckers take them to the Oracle, where a large amount of Transformers had gathered. Namely, the mutants (Megatron’s experiments that were discarded), the Dinobots and the Wreckers (who had apparently returned from the Beast Wars era). Optimus insists that with all their help, they could retake Cybertron easily. The Oracle suddenly takes Optimus Primal and Nightscream in a flash of light and wipes their memories of the encounter, saying that they had witnessed too much, despite Tigatron and Apelinq’s protests.

The Oracle tells Apelinq to return Optimus and Nightscream, whilst giving Primal Prime orders. Meanwhile, Megatron, detecting the Mutants and the Wreckers, creates three new generals—Spy Streak, Quake and Blastcharge—to hunt them down. Rodimus, Primal Prime, Spittor and Fractyl track down Arcee, who had been reformatted into a new body. Rodimus and Primal Prime’s attempts at recruiting the ex-Autobot were met with refusal. While the others leave, Fractyl remains behind, trying to convince Arcee, saying that he understands. Blastcharge and Quake arrive, kills Fractyl and leave their drones to clean up. Arcee kills the two drones and reformats Fractyl with the power of her spark.

The rest of the Wreckers arrive in a hangar bay where they see an old Autobot shuttle. Tigatron expresses his concerns about Optimus Primal’s single-mindedness. However, an army of Vehicon drones lie in ambush, and a battle begins. Apelinq calls in their backup—former Decepticons Cyclonus, Skywarp and Rotorbolt—and they begin to wreck and rule.

The Wreckers slowly but surely take out all the drones. Primal Prime knocks out Blastcharge with an uppercut, while Tigatron unleashed the powers of the Vok, obliterating Quake completely. Arcee and the reformatted Fractyl arrive. Fractyl bisects Blastcharge into two while the other Wreckers board the shuttle, while Spy Streak is killed by a Decepticon bomb left behind. Megatron lets the Wreckers leave, instead focusing on the subjugation of Cybertron.

Soon afterwards, the Wreckers find out that they have a stowaway, the bounty hunter Devcon, who had taken out several of the weaker Wreckers in a fight. The Oracle watches as the various teams move out, and it contemplates to bring Alpha Trion back.

Featured Transformers: Arcee, Wheelie (killed), Sky Garry, Crosshairs, Hot Spot, Sureshot, Rodimus, Springer, Tank Drones (killed), Rav, Dillo, Optimus Primal, Nightscream, Mol, Ramulus, Primal Prime, Apelinq, Shokaract (flashback), Grimlock (flashback), G1 Soundwave (flashback), Optimus Prime (flashback), G1 Megatron (flashback), Sandstorm (flashback), Windrazor (flashback), Razor Claw, Icebird, Soundwave, Poison Bite, Striker, Magmatron, Rapticon, Dinotron, Airraptor, T-Wrecks, Triceradon, Terranotron, Fractyl, Sonar, Packrat, Spittor, Tigatron, Spy Streak (killed), Spy Streak Drones (killed), Quake (killed), Blastcharge (killed), Megatron II, Blastcharge Drones (killed), Quake Drones (killed), Scavenger Drones (killed), Mirage Drones (killed), Rotorbolt, Cyclonus, Skywarp, Devcon
Notable Others: Nightbird Army (killed), Daniel Witwicky (killed), Dr Fujiyama, Pinpointer, Spoilsport, the Oracle

Primeval Dawn Part 1 Story By: Bob Forward
Art By: Dan Khanna
Letters By: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
Edits By: Rob Gerbracht, Jon Hartman & Dan Khanna

: The Vok sense disturbances in the timestream. They arrive on Earth at a time after the Beast Wars ended, arriving on the Ark where only traces of the Beast Warriors remain. Using the Transmetal 2 Driver, the Optimal Optimus bodysuit donned by Quickstrike previously and the Matrix from within Optimus Prime, the Vok create a new champion of the Matrix, Primal Prime.

Meanwhile, the Vok’s other emissary, Tigerhawk’s binary spark, arrives and splits into two. Airazor is as a Transmetal reborn from a blank protoform, while Tigatron’s spark uses Ravage’s destroyed body as his own. The three heroes meet each other in the Ark, stating that they knew a great evil is preparing to rear its head. Meanwhile, Tarantulas monologues as he observes the Maximals, saying that he had absorbed the power of the Vok. Ravage, rebuilt in a new body, watches from behind him.

Featured Transformers: G1 Megatron (deactivated), Optimus Prime (deactivated), Prowl (deactivated), Primal Prime, Airazor, Tigatron, Tarantulas, Ravage, Razorclaw (Beast Wars, inactive), Iguanus (Beast Wars, inactive)
Notable Others: the Vok

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

The Wreckers #2: "Betrayal" / "Primeval Dawn" Part 2

This comic was initially available at BotCon 2002, then available as a mass-market comic distributed through Diamond.

Written By: Rob Gerbracht, Glen Hallit (only credited in original)
Art By: Dan Khanna
Inks By: Chuck Gibson, Terry Pallot & Hi-Fi Design (Director’s Cut), Dreamwave (original)
Colours By: Hi-Fi Design (Director’s Cut), Dreamwave (original)
Letters By: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
Edits By: Glen Hallit
Several months after Unicron’s defeat in 2005, Rodimus Prime announces plans to send out teams of explorers into deep space for future menaces. Perceptor, Skids and Kup warn Rodimus against it, the Autobot leader is adamant about his ‘aggressive caution’. They meet up with the researcher Glyph, one of those who are going to set off on the exploration missions. Kup introduces her to Tap-Out, her bodyguard. Weeks later, the team discovers some interesting readings in Archa Nine. But as they pass the planet, an energy burst hits it, burning the engines and sending it crashing towards the surface.

Centuries later, the Dinobots do not find any answers to their quest from the Oracle. Uncomfortable with the ruins on the silent world, Magmatron orders all the Dinobots to return to their shuttle. However, no response comes from their airborne recon team or their shuttle. As they make their way back, they are attacked by a legion of zombies, and a giant worm-like creature rears above them. Meanwhile, the Mutants have likewise arrived on their destination world, and both Poison Bite and Soundwave realise that it was a fool’s errand when they are brought before a Quintesson judge. The sentence is, of course, death.

Quintesson judge Derodomontatus watches as the Sharkticons consume the Mutants, alongside the former Decepticon Cryotek. The two argue for a bit about the value of the Transformer race, and discuss some part of their plans. Cryotek tells the Quitnesson that he has taken measures to make sure that the Wreckers will fall.

The Wreckers, meanwhile, deal with Devcon, who knocks some of the lesser Wreckers silly while generally being a jerk. Fractyl charges Devcon, but he suddenly short-circuits and collapses. Rodimus orders Devcon to stop, and the bounty hunter recognizes both Apelinq and him. Rodimus explains to Devcon how they were able to make the new Wrecker crew. Devcon tells them that he is the only Cybertronian Peace Marshall to have survived Megatron’s purge. Devcon is unhappy about working with the thief Packrat and the Decepticons, and the whole situation in general.

In the repair bay, Arcee, Apelinq and Ramulus try to save Fractyl. The ship diagnoses that the Predacon’s laser core has become misaligned because of Arcee’s reformatting job. The ship, however, is unable to carry out operations, only to issue instructions. In desperation, Apelinq uses his transfer interlink (his ability to download digital images into reality) to make the bodyframe of an old comrade, and downloads the program into it. The medic immediately begins to repair Fractyl.

Meanwhile, in the ship’s rear hold, Spittor and Sonar are still recovering from their encounter with Devcon, when an explosion suddenly tears through the section. Devcon recognizes the explosions as internal, meaning that someone sabotaged their ship. Despite Primal Prime and Rotorbolt’s concerns, Packrat ejects the rear section of their ship, sending Spittor, Sonar and the Deployers to their deaths as the rear section explodes. Rodimus is furious, but Primal Prime orders Rodimus to stand down, while sending Cyclonus and Devcon to get Packrat off the bridge.

Primal Prime enters the medbay, to see Apelinq’s new medic walking around like a newborn child, exploring his surroundings and his capabilities. Apelinq remarks that the medic could not be dissolved, since it has taken a life of its own. Ramulus is eager to beat Packrat up, but Primal Prime restrains the eager Maximal. Abruptly he sees a vision of Alpha Trion, saying ‘Your destiny awaits. Seek the future—recover the lost. Beware the theft of your trust’.

As they go in course of the Oracle’s directions, Skywarp and Rodimus picks up an Autobot homing signal. Apelinq and Rodimus recognize it as one of the Autobots’ lost survey missions. Rodimus explains the missions to Primal Prime and others, and regretted his decision to do so. Prime orders Skywarp to take the ship down, despite Skywarp’s warnings. All through this, Tigatron has been meditating, recovering from the effort of killing Quake. Ramulus rouses him. Cyclones and Devcon converse with each other, in which the latter reveals that he plans to bail as soon as he can.

The Wreckers land. After a little bit of miscommunication due to Rotorbolt’s rotors drowning out his words, Primal Prime divides the team into two, one to go on a recon survey (including the medic, now dubbed CatSCAN) while one organizes a base camp. Packrat is told to stay out of the way. The thief becomes bitter and goes to mope around, while Cyclonus prepares himself for treachery.

Night arrives, and after Ramulus tells CatSCAN to stop calling himself ‘this unit’, they are attacked by aliens trying to defend their sacred ground. CatSCAN defends himself, and is attacked by Tap-Out, defending the natives. The others arrive to back CatSCAN up, but the natives continue to attack until Glyph arrives and calms both sides. Glyph apologizes for the Akalouthans’ behaviour, and introduces Tap-Out and herself as the sole survivors of their crash. Prime tells them of their vague mission (to which Apelinq is uncomfortable about) while Glyph explains about an enigmatic energy source called the Divine Light.

Glyph tells the Wreckers that the aliens’ culture show numerous references to Protectors that would defend the Divine Light against the ‘five faced demons’. Glyph thinks that the Wreckers are those Protectors. Glyph takes the entire team to the Divine Light, a crystal-like object. Packrat considers stealing it, while Cyclonus assigns Rotorbolt to monitor Packrat. Apelinq identifies the thing as a power battery, while Devcon goes off to find the missing Packrat and Rotorbolt.

Devcon finds a mangled Rotorbolt impaled onto a wall, mumbling about a traitor. Devcon gathers the others, only to find out that Cyclonus had killed Packrat and stolen the Divine Light for himself. Cyclones escapes, and Devcon swears vengeance. Prime regretfully informs Glyph that they had failed. Prime blames his single-mindedness to the Oracle’s cause for this.

Soon, CatSCAN reconstructs Devcon back into his original form. Devcon parts ways with Rodimus and Apelinq, flying off to hunt Cyclonus. Cyclonus, meanwhile, contacts Cryotek to report success. Cryotek tells Cyclonus that he had planted Cyclonus among the Wreckers in anticipation of Vector Sigma’s interference. He laughs at the Quintessons, who are playing around with the Oracle and Vector Sigma, while Cryotek himself has taken the first step in conquering time itself.

Featured Transformers: Unicron (head), Rodimus Prime/Rodimus, Perceptor, Kup, Skids, Glyph, Tap-Out, Crosscut (presumably killed), Windmill (presumably killed), Striker, Dinotron, Rapticon (killed), T-Wrecks, Magmatron (killed), Icebird, Poison Bite, Allicons, Soundwave (killed), Razor Claw (killed), Sharkticons, Hammerstrike Sharkticons, Cryotek, Spittor (killed), Devcon, Arcee, Fractyl, Primal Prime, Apelinq, Ramulus, Packrat (killed), Skywarp, Rotorbolt, CatSCAN, Sonar (killed), Cyclonus, Alpha Trion’s Ghost, Quickmix (flashback), Rad (flashback), Tigatron,
Notable others: The Dweller, Quintessons, Derodomontatus

Primeval Dawn Part 2

Written By: Simon Furman
Art By: Dan Khanna
Inks By: Chuck Gibson, Terry Pallot & Hi-Fi Design
Colours By: Blond
Letters By: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
Edits By: Glen Hallit

: Primal Prime, Airazor and Tigatron reactivate a downed stasis pod. Primal Prime expresses concern about visions of apocalypse. Ramulus emerges on the pod, and nearly attacks them. When he realizes that Optimus Primal had abandoned them, he goes into a tantrum. Primal and Airazor manages to calm Ramulus down with the prospect of battle.

They approach another pod, but its occupant (Spittor) had been reprogrammed by Ravage and the new Predacons Razorclaw and Iguanus. A battle ensues. Primal Prime is confronted by Tarantulas, who now wields the power of the Vok. Despite Primal Prime’s efforts, Tarantulas easily overwhelms him and tears the Matrix out of Prime.

Featured Transformers: Primal Prime, Airazor, Tigatron, Unicron (vision), Ramulus, Spittor, Iguanus, Ravage, Razorclaw, Tarantulas

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Universe #1: "Abduction"

[cover] [cover]
Regular: Dan Khanna
Alt: James Raiz

This comic was initially available at BotCon 2003, then available as a mass-market comic through Diamond.

Cover Date: Spring 2004 (mass-market)

Glen Hallit, Dan Khanna

Simon Furman

Pencils: Dan Khanna

Inks: Serge Lapointe, Chuck Gibson, Terry Pallot

Colours: Hi-Fi Design, Blong, Dan Khanna

Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft

Synopsis: On a techno-organic Cybertron, the populace await the arrival of some long-lost Great War survivors. The veterans - Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker, Roulette and Shadow Striker - are a little surprised by the state of the planet, when suddenly they, along with Blackarachnia and Silverbolt, are transported to another location. Inside Cybertron, Primus and Alpha Trion note this development. The abductees are reformatted, apart from Trailbreaker, and then attacked by lava-creatures. These force them into an ampitheatre. There, the group are attacked by Tankor, Striker and Obsidian, and imprisoned. Razorclaw explains to them that they are all from different realities, and they have been brought here to fight. When they die, and their spark is lost to Primus, it helps towards the rebirth of Unicron. Inside Cybertron, Alpha Trion and Primus resurrect Optimus Primal to help.

Notes: This series takes place a year after the end of the Beast Machines animated TV series - Rook says it's a megacycle. Rook himself is a recent returnee to Cybertron. Roulette and Shadow Striker refer to each other as sisters. Razorclaw is an alternate version of Tigerhawk. Obsidian comes from a universe where he took control of Cybertron.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe's new forms are based on the new OTFCC 2003 exclusive toys - the same source provided Roulette, Shadow Striker and Tap-Out. Rook is based on the BotCon Europe 2003 figure. Razorclaw, Obsidian, Tankor, Snarl, Reptilion and Striker, plus the new forms of Silverbolt, Blackarachnia and Optimus Primal, are based on figures from the Universe range.

Transformers featured [in rough order of appearance]: Rook [first appearance], Cheetor [first appearance, BM version], Rattrap [first appearance, BM version], Silverbolt [first appearance, BM version], Blackarachnia [first appearance, BM version], Roulette [first appearance], Shadow Striker [first appearance], Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Trailbreaker, Tap-Out [first appearance], Brawn, Alpha Trion, Snarl [first appearance, Universe version], Tankor [first appearance, alternate version], Striker [first appearance], Obsidian [first appearance, alternate version], Razorclaw [first appearance], Reptilion [first appearance], Smokescreen [original version, killed by Armada version], Smokescreen [Armada version], Optimus Primal.

Notable Others: Primus.

Production Notes: The alternate cover was avaliable exclusively at OTFCC 2003. A second printing included MTMTE-style profiles on Razorclaw, Reptilion, Rook, Roulette, Sideswipe, Snarl and Sunstreaker.

Review: Surprisingly, considering 3H's recent form, rather good fun. The plot's simple but engaging, with most of the characters well-captured - Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker, Silverbolt and Blackarachnia all seem spot-on. Rook aside, the new characters all need fleshing out somewhat, but it's a respectable start to the mini-series.


The Wreckers #3: "Disclosure" / "Primeval Dawn" Part 3

This comic was initially available at BotCon 2004, then available as a mass-market comic distributed through Diamond.

Written By: Rob Gerbracht
Art By: Guido Guidi
Inks By: Vince Russell & Chuck Gibson
Colours By: Blond
Letters By: Simon Bowland
Edits By: Glen Hallit & Dan Khanna
: In a war journal text entry, Apelinq worries about Primal Prime’s lack of experience and the vagueness of their mission. Ramulus and Tigatron confront Apelinq lamenting the loss of many of their members. Tigatron tells Apelinq to accept their destiny, while Ramulus just wants payback against Cyclonus. Apelinq, meanwhile, notes that there is no peace ahead of them. Meanwhile, the rest of the Wreckers are helping the local aliens recover from the loss of the Divine Light. Arcee remarks that her precognitive powers have disappeared since reviving Fractyl.

CatSCAN reports that both Rotorbolt and Fractyl are stabilized. Meanwhile, Primal Prime feels the burden of leadership and the loss of the Wreckers under his command. However, being made of the Matrix, he urges himself to have faith, and that the Oracle would guide his path. Later, Primal Prime tells the Wreckers that the Oracle had given him their next destination. Apelinq and Rodimus demand answers and explanations, but Primal Prime insists that the answers would be on the planet they’re visiting.

The next morning Glyp announces that she would stay behind to help the locals. Tap-Out refuses to leave her alone, but when CatSCAN offers to remain behind, Tap-Out reluctantly parts ways with Glyph. The Wreckers then take off to an unknown planet. Rodimus and Arcee, while having doubts about their mission, say that they owe Prime this chance, while Apelinq is losing his patience with their mysterious mission.

On the Quintessons’ temporary homeworld, the Quintessons and Cryotek meet in a techno-organic garden. Cryotek remarks that the Quintessons’ ‘Oracle’ no longer function, and that Cyclonus had obtained the Divine Light. Cryotek also remarks that the reformatting of the planet would allow them to take over easily.

The Wreckers land on an icy world. Despite Apelinq’s insistence on caution, Primal Prime leads Rodimus, Arcee, Ramulus and Apelinq out. They find a Quintesson named Al-Badur. The Autobots are ready to fire, but Primal Prime manages to talk them down. None of the Wreckers bar Primal Prime trust the Quintesson, but they agree to listen to Al-Badur’s story.

The Quintessons were once minions of Unicron, searching the galaxy for Primus’ ‘dimensional landing’. The Quintessons planned to take control of Primus for themselves, and attempted to create various barriers between Primus’ core and the ‘children’ Primus sought to protect. Their first attempt was the plasma energy chamber, a manufacturing facility used to ‘reprocess’ the first Transformers. The next attempt were the disastrous creations of the Dweller and the Technoorganics.

Later on, the Quintessons discovered the supercomputer Vector Sigma, the ultimate physical embodiment of Primus. They created a shell program to distort Vector Sigma’s guidance from the Transformers, and used Cybertron as a deterrent against Unicron and to mass-produce Transformers. Al-Badur was among several Quintessons who warned their brethren about the dangers of controlling Primus and forewarned the Transformers’ rebellion, but was banished.

Al-Badur is morbidly pleased that his warning had come to fruition, while Apelinq realizes that the Oracle is the shell program created by the Quintesson. Primal Prime is shocked, but Apelinq tells Primal Prime that the one that guided them there was Vector Sigma, having slowly breaking through the shell program. Rodimus and Ramulus scoff at the Quintesson, who offers to tell them about the origin of the Divine Light in exchange for getting him out of the planet. However, Apelinq and Prime relents.

A horde of Sharkticons arrive and attack, but are easily repulsed by the Wreckers. Al-Badur is brought to the ship, and he is disgusted by Tigatron, who reeks of the Vok’s powers. Al-Badur tells them that the Vok’s existence is an ‘aberration’ to both Quintesson and Transformer alike, warning Tigatron that the Vok would turn on them. Al-Badur is surprised to find a Decepticon among the crew, and Skywarp tells the Quintesson that he’s returning the favour as Decepticon honour dictates. Al-Badur then explains that the Divine Light is a prism that grants direct access to Primus’ power, channeling Primus’ power into whomever wields the crystal.

Meanwhile, on a bar at the other end of the galaxy, Devcon asks for help to hunt down Cyclonus from the remnants of T-Wrecks’ Dinobots.

Featured Transformers: Apelinq, Tigatron, Ramulus, Arcee, Rodimus, Glyph, CatSCAN, Tap-Out, Primal Prime, Skywarp, Poison Bite, Cryotek, Unicron (flashback), Alpha Trion (flashback), Dark Guardian (flashback), Sharkticons, Devcon, T-Wrecks, Dinotron, Terranotron, Triceradon
Notable others: Derodomontatus, Quintessons, Al-Badur, Dweller (flashback), Technoorganics (flashback)

Primeval Dawn Part 3

Written By: Simon Furman
Art By: Makoto Ono
Inks By: Vince Russell & Chuck Gibson
Colours By: Glass House Graphics
Letters By: Simon Bowland
Edits By: Glen Hallit & Dan Khanna

Synopsis: Primal Prime had shut down after the forced removal of the Matrix, and is suspended in a repair apparatus. Ramulus wants to pay back the Predacons, and is unhappy with Tigatron and Airazor’s restraint. Tigatron and Airazor leave to consult with the Vok.

Prime’s mind drifts on another plain, speaking with the Vok. The Vok explain their origin as ‘a swarming mass of hungry instinct’ until the Matrix granted them knowledge, understanding and purpose. Sensing the rousing of the enemy, they had created Primal Prime to protect the Matrix, but the Vok regret that by doing so they had unwittingly played into the enemy’s hands.

Tarantulas and the Predacons are working on a Transwarp portal to return to Unicron. Spittor is unhappy about abandoning the fight, but gets a lesson in discipline from Ravage. The Vok’s power is weakened since two of them are consumed by Tarantulas, and the amalgamate themselves into an energy force to rival the Matrix, using Prime’s body as a vessel.

Tarantulas’ troops attack the Ark. Tigatron and Airazor, themselves unable to contact the Vok, attack. Meanwhile Tarantulas himself has nearly completed the Transwarp portal. Ramulus has disappeared, and as the Predacons force their way in, the Vok-empowered Primal Prime arrives.

Featured Transformers: Ramulus, Primal Prime, Tigatron, Airazor, the Vok, Tarantulas, Razorclaw, Spittor, Iguanus, Ravage

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Blackjack

Universe #2: "Escape"

[cover] [cover]
Cover A: Dan Khanna
Cover B: James Raiz

This issue was available as a mass-market comic distributed through Diamond.

Cover Date: Summer 2004 (mass-market)

Script: Simon Furman

Pencils: Dan Khanna, Guido Guidi, James Raiz

Inks: Chuck Gibson, Terry Pallot, Vince Russell

Colours: Blond

Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft

Synopsis: Optimus Primal overlooks the arena, where Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are being forced to fight. The arena is actually inside Unicron. Primal has a pair of unlikely allies, in a Cybertron-mode Grimlock, and an alternate Megatron. Primal heads in to free the captives, but is attacked by Razorclaw. While they fight, Silverbolt and Trailbreaker are able to swap their sparks and escape, freeing many of the other captives. They then break out, but are stranded when Shadow Striker destroys the way out, having come under the thrall of chaos. However, Primus is able to create an escape route, though Blackarachnia and Shadow Striker remain behind on Unicron, where they meet with Tarantulas. The rest arrive back on Cybertron, but remain aware of the threat of Unicron.

Notes: Optimus Primal met his demise in the Beast Machines episode "Endgame, Part 3". Primal has retained his spark telepathy. Snarl is a Matrix Templar - he can contact Primus at will.

Primal's latest body is based on his Universe form. Grimlock is in his War Within form.

Transformers featured [in rough order of appearance]: Optimus Primal, Obsidian, Sideswipe, Tankor, Sunstreaker, Reptilion, Grimlock, Megatron [Armada version], Striker, Trailbreaker, Silverbolt, Razorclaw, Jhiaxus [Generation 2 version], Omega Prime [Universe version, first appearance], Ransack, Squeezeplay, Swerve [Universe version, first appearance], Sixturbo [first appearance], Red Alert [Armada version], Shadow Striker, Roulette, Big Daddy, Brawn, Wheelie, Tap-Out, Ratchet [Universe version, first appearance], Firebot [Universe version, first appearance], Thrust [Beast Machines version], Snarl, Terrorsaur [Universe version, first appearance], Ultra Magnus [Universe version, first appearance].

Notable Others: Unicron.

Production Notes: Cover A was available exclusively to Official Transformers Collectors Club members.

Notes: The issue contained MTMTE-style profiles on Obsidian, Optimus Primal, Shadow Striker and Tankor.

Review: A fun conclusion to the initial arc. The big problem is Primal isn't written very well - he comes across as wooden and uninspiring, which is a shame. However, there are some fun good bits, and loads of neat cameos. The three different art teams gel surprisingly well, and the overall plot is once again rather interesting - it's actually a bit of a shame these basic ideas are stuck in a low-circulation fan comic as opposed to, say, replacing Energon.


Universe #3: "Homecoming"

[cover] [cover]
Cover A: Dan Khanna
Cover B: Marcelo Matere

This issue was available as a mass-market comic distributed through Diamond.

Cover Date: Summer 2004 (mass-market)

Script: Simon Furman

Pencils: Marcelo Matere, Makoto Ono, James Raiz

Inks: Ted Pertzborn, Chuck Gibson, Glass House Graphics

Colours: Glass House Graphics, Krista Ward

Letters: Simon Bowland

Synopsis: Optimus Primal meets with the Cybertronian High Council to warn them about Unicron. They don't believe him, and had him confined to quarters. Inside Unicron, Tarantulas and Blackarachnia plot their next move. Back on Cybertron, the Unicron virus is proving hard to purge from Sideswipe, while Primal's allies are also wary of his return. Blackarachnia sends a squad to kill Alpha Trion, who in turn has sent Snarl to free Primal. In conference, Alpha Trion explains that they are building a cloaked orbital platform to protect Cybertron, and puts Primal in charge of a special commando team. Primal is able to pick whichever troops he wants. He brings back Rhinox and Depth Charge, but the latter doesn't want to fight, and leaves. However, he comes across Blackarachnia, who has attacked Rattrap. He saves Rattrap, but seems determined to lead a peaceful life. Back in The Core, Primal has chosen Omega Prime as the next member of his squad. Back on Cybertron's surface, Depth Charge has ran into the rest of Balcakarchnia's team - Piranacons.

Notes: Most Transformers only believe in Primus as an abstract concept. Depth Charge perished after defeating his nemesis, Rampage, in the Beast Wars episode "Deep Metal". Rhinox is aware of his actions as Tankor. Cybertron has a sea, known as the Rust Sea.

Transformers featured [in rough order of appearance]: Optimus Primal, Snarl, Sunstreaker [flashback], Sideswipe, Tap-Out [flashback], Trailbreaker, Brawn [flashback], Ransack [flashback], Shadow Striker [flashback], Silverbolt, Blackarachnia, Tarantulas, Ratchet, Striker, Cheetor, Rattrap, Alpha Trion, Rhinox, Depth Charge, Omega Prime.

Notable Others: Unicron, Primus.

Production Notes: Cover A was available exclusively to Official Transformers Collectors Club members.

Notes: The issue contained MTMTE-style profiles on Depth Charge and Ratchet.

Review: Something of a let-down. The Council scenes, and set-up, are too reminiscent of the intrigue-lite that bogged down the Energon series. It means not a huge amount happens throughout the issue, and the characters focused on aren't that interesting - Rattrap and Depth Charge both come across as sulky and self-indulgent, while Primal is still rather faceless. A disappointing installment.


The Wreckers: Finale Part 1, #4 script

This comic remained unpublished following the dissolution of 3H and the transfer of the convention license. In 2007 its script was released through the Allspark fan site here.

The Wreckers: Finale Part 2, club comic

In 2007, the official Transformers club released an online-exclusive comic drawing a line under the whole sorry mess but also leading directly into their own Balancing Act storyline.


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