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18:23 24/10/2011

Transformers [UK] from Titan Magazines, Year Two

| #14 | #15 | #16 | #17 | #18 | #19 | #20 | #21 | #22 | #23 | #24 | #25 | #26 |

Transformers #14 [UK]: Aftermath Part 1

Note: This issue also consists of two reprinted strips of IDW material; pages 1-7 of Megatron Origin issue 1, and pages 1-7 of Beast Wars: The Ascending issue 1.

Aftermath Part 1

Written by: Simon Furman.

Art by: Gary Easkine.

Colours by: Kris Carter.

Letters by: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft.

Editor: Steve White.

Synopsis: As the Autobots survey the damage caused by the All Spark's destruction [last issue] Optimus Prime worries that the Human's fear of aliens will soon lead them to turn on the Autobots. Meanwhile, Starscream is determined not to let the Americans regain a foothold on the continent and launches a series of raids on areas attempting to rebuild the country.

In Washington, Tom Banachek meets with the surviving Government members in the ruins of Capital Hill and attempts to persuade them of the Autobot's good intentions, but no one wants to listen.

At a shelter in Savannah Mikaela tours a makeshift isolation unit where people who have been inexplicably taken ill. A Doctor explains his conviction that the Decepticon invasion and subsequent fight back has in some way upset the delicate interconnectivity of all things on the planet and all life is starting to fall apart.

Within the Allspark crater Skyblast finds a small piece of All Spark fragment, though the other Autobots are elated Prime is concerned that the process Megatron inflicted upon it might well have corrupted the Cube and gives it to Ratchet for safe keeping.

That night the Savannah shelter is attacked by the Decepticons, and though some of them expect a trap the Autobots rush to defend the humans and protect the isolation ward. At his own base in the Florida Keys, Starscream gloats that the humans will now become the Autobot's executioners and activates a chip on the back on the military commander of the nearby American forces that makes the soldier order his troops to attack any robots in the area...

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Bumblebee, Strongarm, Arcee, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Ratchet, Skyblast, Starscream, Dreadwing, Megatron [Dead in flashback], Tom Banachek, Mikaela, Armorhide, Elita-One.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Transformers #15 [UK]: Aftermath Part 2

Note: This issue also consists of two reprinted strips of IDW material, pages 8-13 of Megatron Origin issue 1, and pages 8-13 of Beast Wars: The Ascending issue 1.

Aftermath Part 2

Written by: Simon Furman.

Art: Kieran McKeown.

Inks: Kris Justice.

Colours: Jason Cardy.

Letters: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft.

Synopsis: A weary Optimus Prime reacts with little shock as the human forces attack the Autobots, he knows they're scared and that the new Decepticon leader has played them all. He won't retreat until all the humans in the shelter have been evacuated though, despite the fact the critically ill patients can not be moved.

Mikaela gets hold of Tom Banachek and he convinces the soon-to-ascend-to-the-top-job Vice-President to call off the attack (citing the humanitarian crisis that would be caused by the hospital's destruction.) But the commanding officer of the NATO troops in the field is still under the control of Starscream (who implanted the cerebro strip via his new Insecticons) and simply shoots the soldier who tries to pass on the order.

Realising something's wrong, Bumblebee and Mikaela race from the battlefield to the command point, avoiding both Decepticons and soldiers, and overpower the controlled soldier. Once he's returned to normal, Optimus Prime offers the surrender of the Autobots as a means of ending the fighting.

Back in Washington, President Theodore F. Allen is sworn in, but no one notices a small metal insect land on the back of his head...

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Elita-One, Arcee, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Strongarm, Thundercracker Drones, Skyblast, Starcream, Insecticons, Mikaela, Tom Banachek, President Theodore F. Allen.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Transformers #16 [UK]

Note: This issue also consists of two reprinted strips of IDW material, pages 14-20 of Megatron Origin issue 1, and pages 14-18 of BW: The Ascending issue 1.

The issue also includes a six-page preview of Titan's TF: Animated comic.

Dark Spark Part 1

Written by: Simon Furman.

Art: James Tiongson.

Colours: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft.

Synopsis: The Autobots are trying to help humanity rebuild, but at every turn they have to fight off the Decepticons. With their resources spread to breaking points and reinforcements still on time off, Ratchet decides to use the fragment of All Spark he has been entrusted with to revive Jazz.

To add to their other problems, though the main All Spark was destroyed, its legacy means raw Energon is being spewed up from the Earth and is damaging the entire ecology of the planet. Optimus and President Allen agree to keep it under wraps from the general public, but the Decepticons already know.

Upon being presented with a restored Jazz, a concerned Optimus has him and Ratchet go to examine the affected area. Though the Autobot leader has a quiet word with the medic telling him to keep an eye on their once fallen comrade due to the tainted nature of what brought him back.

Arriving at the Energon spewing point, Prime's concerns are revealed to be accurate, Jazz now looks out for himself and overpowers Ratchet before starting to sell off Earth and its new power source to the highest bidder. His auction is interrupted by Dreadwing and a drone who attack the Autobots despite Jazz' efforts to cut a deal. Ratchet escapes his bonds and blows up the Energon, but Jazz escapes leaving him fearful for what he has created...

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Bumblebee, Arcee, Armorhide, Payload Drones, Dreadwing Drones, Longarm, Ironhide, Strongarm, Skyblast, Blackout, Barricade, Elita-One, Rtachet, Jazz, Optimus Prime, President Allen, Tom Banachek, Thundercracker, Starscream, Dreadwing.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Transformers #17 [UK]

Note: This issue also consists of two reprinted strips of IDW material, pages 21-22 of Megatron Origin issue 1, pages 1-5 of issue 2 and pages 19-22 of Beast Wars: The Ascending issue 1. It also features a short original Animated story.

Return to Cybertron Part 1

Written by: Simon Furman.

Art: Jon Davis Hunt.

Colours: Hi-Fi Design.

Letters: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft.

Synopsis: Despite the arrival of new Autobots from Cybertron, the All Spark induced destruction of Earth continues to spread. Though Optimus doesn't share it with his human allies, he does have one extreme long shot theory on how to solve the problem, which involves sending Ironhide and a team to their home world to retrieve something called Nucleon.

Once they reach the planet, Ironhide orders a quick recon to make sure they're alone. Bumblebee finds a powerful looking transmitter and Stockade and his "New Decepticons". Stockade challenges Ironhide to a one on one fight, which he wins easily. He then explains they survived on the dead world thanks to the Nucleon. Bumblebee is stopped from asking any further questions by the appearance of a huge energy source in the sky. Stockade proclaims this will allow Cybertron to rise from the ashes...

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Evac, Camshaft, Salvage, Grindcore, President Allen, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Arcee, Bumblebee, Armorhide, Stockade, Fracture, Overcast, Incinerator, Divebomb.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Transformers #18 [UK]

Note: This issue also consists of two reprinted strips of IDW material, pages 6-11 of Megatron Origin issue 2 and pages 1-6 of Beast Wars: The Ascending issue 2.

Return to Cybertron Part 2

Script: Simon Furman.

Pencils: Dan Khanna.

Inks: Frank Milkovich.

Colours: Hi-Fi Design.

Letters: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft.

Synopsis: Stockade goads Ironhide into charging him again and once more easily knocks him down. He then explains that he and his followers did not abandon Cybertron with their kin, and instead used energy from their Sparks to summon the energy source that he believes to be related to the All Spark. They have prepared a dock that will merge the entity with Cybertron allowing it to be reborn.

On Earth, Camshaft is shocked to learn of Prime’s Nucleon plan, pointing out the reason they never mined it was due to its instability. It’s just as likely to finish Earth off as save the planet.

Upon hearing that the docking procedure will use all the available Nucleon on Cybertron, Bumblebee realises they must act to both save Earth and prevent the force merging with their home world. Ironhide provides a distraction by running down Divebomb allowing Arcee and Armorhide to flee leading the bulk of the new Decepticons off, whilst Bumblebee moves to the shadows.

In Washington, President Allen summons Mikaela to the Oval Office and forcibly places a control chip on her.

Back on Cybertron, Ironhide is subdued. Though the Nucleon transfer has failed, the entity itself is providing the power. As it merges with Cybertron it speaks and introduces itself as the Anti Life, Unicron…

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Armorhide, Ironhide, Arcee, Bumblebee, Stockade, Fracture, Divebomb, Incinerator, Overcast, Storm Surge, Unicron, Camshaft, Optimus Prime, Evac, Grindcore, Salvage, President Allen, Mikaela.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Transformers #19 [UK]

Note: This issue also consists of two reprinted strips of IDW material, pages 13-18 of Megatron Origin issue 2 and pages 7-14 of Beast Wars: The Ascending issue 2.

Return to Cybertron part 3

Script: Simon Furman.

Art: Cosmo White.

Letters: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft.

Synopsis: On Cybertron, Stockade is initially shocked by the presence of Unicron, which shakes up the planet as the entity reformats it with two massive grabbing claws. This causes a building to fall on Ironhide, though with the others' help he is soon uncovered. As Stockade recovers from his shock he tries to get Unicron on-side but is soon dismissed. Bumblebee now realises it’s them against the world.

On Earth, Ratchet picks up Mikaela and explains that the crisis on Cybertron means the bulk of the Autobots are leaving Earth, and they want her to watch over their base. Optimus and the others blast off in the shuttle Straxus but are soon surprised to find Cybertron has entered the Sol system, before being shot down by Unicron. The planet eater then decides he’s a bit peckish and sets his sights on Earth.

The brainwashed Mikaela lets the Decepticons into the Autobot base and Starscream prepares to take everything back…

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Stockade, Overcast, Incinerator, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Divebomb, Fracture, Storm Surge, Armorhide, Arcee, Unicron, Mikaela, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Elita-1, Longarm, Skyblast, Strongarm, Starscream, Thundercracker, Barricade, Wreckage, [A green tinted Deception with three fingers. Could be Bonecrusher looking green due to either the lighting or being in his Jungle toy colour scheme but as you can only see the arm it’s hard to tell].

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Transformers #20 [UK]

Note: This issue also consists of two reprinted strips of IDW material, pages 14-23 of Megatron Origin issue 2 and pages 8-22 of Beast Wars: The Ascending issue 2.

Return to Cybertron Part 4

Script: Simon Furman.

Art: Jon Davis-Hunt.

Colours: Kris Carter.

Letters: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft.

Synopsis: The new Decepticons try to attack Unicron, but this only results in Divebomb being killed. Optimus Prime arrives from the site of the forced landing and persuades Stockade to join forces.

As they race to the planet's last remaining Nucleon deposit, Optimus explains his theory that Unicron is in desperate need of the energy Nucleon can provide him after his lengthy journey through space. If they drain the Nucleon before he can use it he will be left powerless, but they need a distraction to keep Unicron’s attention away from the real action until it’s too late. Stockade readily agrees to give Unicron a bad case of indigestion.

On Earth, Starscream makes his move and has his troops claim a 600 mile area around the former Autobot headquarters.

Stockade leads a group down beneath the surface of Cybertron, where his explorations have found what appears to be a giant gyro-joint, of the sort common to all Transformers. Stockade starts an attack upon it, and as it would in a normal Transformer it upsets Unicron's equilibrium. Unicron responds by sending a legion of robo-bats to attack his assailants and as a result doesn’t notice Optimus and Bumblebee starting to siphon off the Nucleon.

Though the plan is going well, the draining will take longer than the besieged distraction team can hold out. Ratchet realises though that by attacking Cybertron’s energy distribution net they can ignite the Nucleon Unicron already has in his system. This causes him to quickly drain all the remaining Nucleon in the distribution centre, but all it does is add to the flames. With no power left, Unicron’s essence dissipates and Cybertron is left dead in Earth orbit. Optimus offers Stockade the chance to come to Earth with them, but he and the other New Decepticons decide they’re still not ready to give up on Cybertron. They do let Optimus take the drained Nucleon to Earth in order to save that planet, and Optimus promises that when they change their minds the Autobots will be waiting.

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Unicron [Dissipated, final fate unknown], Divebomb [killed by Unicron], Incinerator, Overcast, Skyblast, Ironhide, Stockade, Crasher, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Arcee, Starscream, Wreckage, Elita-One, Strongarm, Armorhide, Ratchet.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Transformers #21 [UK]

Note: This issue also consists of two reprinted strips of IDW material, pages 1-7 of Megatron Origin issue 3 and pages 1-6 of Beast Wars: The Ascending issue 3.

Hard Target

Script: Simon Furman.

Art: Casey Coller [spelled Collier]

Colours: Jodie Ashar.

Letters: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft

Synopsis: Arriving back on Earth the Autobots are shocked to find both that their own base is attacking them and the Decepticons now rule a 600-mile area around it. Outgunned, they flee to Washington, where they are met at Andrews Air Force by General Seward. The General tells Optimus that President Allen wants to meet him alone at a secret location.

Arriving at a destitute building Optimus suspects a trap, a fear born out when Jazz attacks. With communications blocked the General flees to get help whilst Optimus draws off Jazz, who takes great pleasure in explaining he’s juts a gun for hire.

The Ex-Autobot is annoyed when another assassin- Kullt- appears and joins the fray. Figuring that the person who hired him must not have trusted him to break his old allegiances so quickly, Jazz takes out his competitor quickly. Optimus points out Jazz could have just let Kullt kill him and then remove the rival, and suggests this could mean Jazz isn’t all evil. As the other Autobots arrive Jazz promises this is not the case and makes a fast exit.

Back at Andres base Seward explains the President claims never to have arranged a meeting, so a voice modulator must have been used. Optimus however does not believe this, he suspects that Allen is now under Starscream’s control and the most powerful man on Earth is now against them…

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Optimus Prime, Elita-One, Ratchet, Armorhide, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Mikaela, Starscream, Skyblast, Camshaft, Ratchet, Arcee, Longarm, Jazz, Kullt [Killed], President Allen.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Transformers Universe #22 [UK]

Note: This issue also consists of two reprinted strips of IDW material, pages 8-15 of Megatron Origin issue 3 and pages 7-14 of Beast Wars: The Ascending issue 3.

The Decepticon Who Haunted Himself

Script: Simon Furman.

Art: Cosmo White.

Letters: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft.

Synopsis: Starscream appears to have gone mad, ranting and raving to himself that about how the Autobots will come for Mikaela and when they do they will fall into his trap.

South of the Decepticon base, Ironhide leads a group of Autobots through the suspiciously unprotected Decepticon territory. As they worry about this they fail to notice Blackout observing them, who sends a signal to the other Decepticons.

At the base Optimus Prime suddenly appears flying out of the sky in protoform mode, and after smashing through the building he demands Mikaela’s return. Starscream gloats to the voice in his head that soon all the Autobots will be dead, as Blackout attacks Ironhide’s team and Optimus and the Decepticon leader begin to fight.

Amidst all this chaos, Evac and his team sneak into the area unnoticed and set up a jammer pulsewave that frees Mikaela from Decepticon control. After safely retrieving her the Autobots fall back, with Optimus promising her they’ll be back to finish the job.

With his plan ruined Starscream realises the voice he’s been hearing is Megatron, who downloaded himself into the All-Spark interface module Starscream assimilated. Their old leader is alive…

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Starscream, Megatron [Flashback and Ghost/hallucination], Swindle, Crankcase, Mikaela, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, Arcee, Blackout, Optimus Prime, Swindle Drones, Evac, Salvage, Skyblast, Thundercracker.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Transformers Universe #23 [UK]

Note: This issue also consists of two reprinted strips of IDW material, pages 16-22 of Megatron Origin issue 3 and pages 15-22 of Beast Wars: The Ascending issue 3.

Revolution Part One

Simon Furman.
Art: Lee Bradley.
Colours: Jason Cardy.
Letters: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft.

Synopsis:Across America the Decepticons launch attacks on populated areas with a dire warning: They’ll be happy to leave the humans alone and keep within the territory they already have, but only if the Autobots are made to leave Earth.

At Andrews Airforce Base, General Seward reveals the President will likely agree with the Decepticon demand. Optimus has been expecting this and puts a plan into motion.

The next day, President Allen addresses the nation and announces the Autobots will leave. At his own base, a gloating Starscream revels in the success of his plan, and begins to mobilise thousands of drones to take over the country.

Mikaela and Bumblebee head to the departure point, with the clearly upset human not understanding the Autobots decision to go. Dropkick appears to hurry Bumblebee up, but the Autobot runs him off the road. As a gesture it seems fruitless once he arrives at the Autobot ship and is herded aboard with Prime and the others. As the ship takes off, President Allen orders a missile launch. Though the communication screens at Andrew’s are briefly jammed, they clear up in time for the shocked Seward and Mikaela to see the Autobot ship explode…

Characters Featured: Devastator*, Wreckage, Barricade, General Seward, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Bumblebee, President Allen, Starscream, Blackout, Thundercracker, Dreadwing, Payload Drones, Crankcase, Mudflap, Mikaela, Dropkick, Salvage, Longarm, Camshaft, Skyblast, Arcee, Strangarm, Evac, Armorhide.

*For the rational behind ignoring the cover see Notes.

Transformers Animated: DiveBOMB

Script by:
Simon Furman.
Pencils and Inks by: John McCrea.
Colours by: John Burns.
Lettering by: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft.


Dinobot Island: Grimlock and Swoop have a major falling out over the answer to a question in a children’s TV quiz (it turns out Swoop is right, milk does come from cows), resulting in Swoop leaving in a huff and almost crashing into a airforce jet. General Macadam contacts the Autobots and warns them to keep Swoop out of the way or face heavy consequences. When Optimus tries to get Swoop to go along with this, he just irritates the Dinobot into flying off once more.

The next day, Macadam is testing a new stealth bomber at Battle Creek Airforce Base when disaster strikes, Starscream appears and takes control of the bomber before aiming it at Detroit.

Macadam again contacts the Autobots, but after his previous rant at them they are disinclined to help until he points out the bomber is probably heading straight for their base. Though they protest the Decepticons can’t possibly know where their base is, he explains the army have been intercepting encrypted transmissions coming from their location.

Realising they need a flier to save the day, Bumblebee finds Swoop and appeals to him by pointing out he owes the Autobots for Afterburner saving him from the rage virus. This sways Swoop, who intercepts the bomber and disables it.

Before anyone can celebrate too much though, Bumblebee stumbles upon Afterburner sending a message to none other than Megatron! The Decepticon leader then bursts into the base, blasts Afterburner to the floor, explaining he was nothing more than a soulless drone. Megatron then moves in to finish the turncoat Autobot…

Characters Featured: Swoop, Grimlock, Snarl, General Macadam, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Prowl, Ratchet, Starscream, Megatron.

Reviews & Commentary:Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Transformers Universe #24 [UK]

Note: This issue also consists of two reprinted strips of IDW material, pages 1-12 of Megatron Origin issue 4 and pages 1-10 of Beast Wars: The Ascending issue 4.

Revolution Part 2

Simon Furman
Pencils: Andrew Griffiths
Inks: Gary Easkine
Colours: Digikore
Letters: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft

Synopsis: The next day: Starscream marshals his troops to begin taking back the planet. As Mikaela breaks down watching the news back at her home, the Decepticons begin invading the Eastern Seaboard. At the Pentagon a frustrated Seward is confronted by the President’s refusal to sanction military action and considers their best hope of victory to have died with the Autobots.

However, as Hardtop leads a group of Drones into American territory, Stockade and the New Decepticons confront him. Though Hardtop is initially unimpressed he’s shocked when Fracture takes out the lead drone and assumes control of all the troops. Suddenly outnumbered he decides to change side. At Decepticon headquarters, similar news from other fronts comes in, leaving Starscream frustrated at his certain victory having turned into a civil war. As his frustration mounts he once again hears Megatron’s voice, claiming that if he wants victory Megatron must live again.

Beneath the destitute surface of the Cybertron/Unicron hybrid, the Autobots prepare their return to Earth. Optimus doesn’t trust Stockade to keep to their deal, but believes the New Decepticons are their best chance to end the madness once and for all.

Characters Featured: Starscream, Thundercracker, Mudflap, Hardtop, Barricade, Blackout. Payload Drones, Devastator, Mikaela, General Seward, Stockade, Storm Surge, Overcast, Incinerator, Fracture, Megatron [Hallucination/ghost], Optimus Prime, Evac, Strongarm, Arcee/Elita 1[block coloured so take your pick], Longarm, Camshaft, Salvage.

Transformers Animated: Megatron’s Revenge.

Script by:
Robin Etherington.
Pencil and Inks by: Lee Bradley.
Colours by: John Burns.
Letters by: Andrew James.
[See Goofs for mistakes in the issue credits].


Megatron explains that he built Afterburner in Sumdac’s lab as a test for an army of mindless combat robots, and had then used him as the perfect spy. He then attacks Bumblebee, but the noise soon brings the other Autobots into the room, which results in Megatron summoning his own reinforcements in: Lugnut, Starscream and Blitzwing.

A vicious battle ensues that soon leads outside, with Bumblebee suffering especially hard as he tries to avenge his friend’s death. Luckily Sari is on hand to use her key to bring him back to full strength. Across the street, Starscream decides to use this opportunity to bring a crane falling down to crush Megatron and the Autobots. The Autobots see it coming and avoid it, but Megatron ignores Prime’s warning and is buried.

Sadly for Starscream, Megatron is alive, if injured. Making a great show of rescuing the half comatose Decepticon, he manages to convince Megatron he has saved him from a terrible ambush.

As the Autobots watch the Decepticons flee they consider their losses, their base is destroyed and Bumblebee has lost his friend Afterburner.

Characters Featured: Afterburner [Corpse, flashback and hologram], Megatron, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Prowl, Bulkhead, Lugnut, Starscream, Blitzwing.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Transformers Universe #25 [UK]

Note: This issue also consists of two reprinted strips of IDW material, pages 13-22 of Megatron Origin issue 4 and pages 11-22 of Beast Wars: The Ascending issue 4.

Revolution Part 3

Simon Furman.
Art: John Davis-Hunt.
Colours: Digikore.
Letters: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft.


Hoover Dam: Stascream/Megatron arrives to find Megatron’s body where it fell (issue #13) and uses the Allspark fragment to revive him. However, once he’s free of Megatron’s influence, Starscream realises he’s made a terrible mistake.

Meanwhile, Stockade and his troops defeat Blackout and Scorponok, leaving the path clear to the main Decepticon base. Stockade however is undecided as to if he’ll stick to his agreement with the Autobots about just handing the taken territory back to the humans.

At a diner in Virginia, Mikaela has been gotten out of bed far too early for a secret meeting with Tom Banachek. He quickly explains that Ironhide had sent him a secret message two weeks before asking for help to deal with what the Autobots now expected to be the inevitable result of the cerebro strip controlled President. Tom was given the means to detect those under mind control and has now put together a full, and worryingly lengthy list. With this information they’re now ready for the endgame, and Mikaela is shocked to see Prime and the other Autobots pull into the parking lot.

The New Decepticons arrive at the Decepticon Heartland in Georgia to find Starscream missing. Though the others wonder if he’s just run away, Stockade thinks things are never that easy. He’s proven right when Megatron flies down from the sky and attacks them.

As the Autobots rush to Georgia, Bumblebee tries to apologise to Mikaela for misleading her, but she remains upset. He then explains how there were really two shuttles and it was the decoy that was destroyed.

The Autobots reach their destination to find Megatron and Stockade fighting one on one whilst Starscream occupies the other new Decepticons. The Autobots quickly join the fray and begin shooting electronic tags onto the Decepticons. Megatron is hugely pleased to have the chance to get even with Prime, but he barely has the chance before the Autobots activate the tags, which teleport all the Decepticons (including a incredulous Stockade) to Cybertron. They then promptly use Unicron’s teleportation ability to send the planet on a one-way trip to the other side of the Universe.

This leaves the Autobots stranded, but still with work to do removing all of Starscream’s moles and deactivating all the drones. Bumblebee and Mikaela drive of to face the brave new world.

The End.

Characters Featured: Megatron [Corpse, ghost and in the living metal], Starscream, Stockade, Fracture, Stormsurge, Overcast, Incinerator, Payload Drones, Blackout [Killed], Scorponok [Killed], Mikaela, Tom Banachek, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Arcee, Strongarm, Evac, Wreckage, Crankcase, [Plus two Decepticon jets on Cybertron I haven’t been able to ID. If anyone knows…]

Transformers Animated: The Race

Script by:
Robin Etherington.
Pencils by: John McCrea.
Inks by: Lee Bradley.
Colours by: Kat Nicholson.
Lettering by: Andrew James.

Synopsis: Bumblebee is racing through Detroit at top speed, unaware that a watching Blackarachnia has planted a bug [Boom! Boom!] upon him. Arriving back at the Autobot base, it turns out he’d been driving so fast in order to deliver a pizza to Sari in less than three minutes.

Prowl is disgusted at this reckless speeding, and considers that in a fair contest even he could beat Bumblebee. In order to cut short the argument this starts, Sari suggests a race between the two at one of her dad’s old test sights.

Blackarachnia listens in on this conversation, and explains to Blitzwing and Lugnut that the reason the Autobots always win is their teamwork, if they were to get one Autobot alone during this race they’d be easy prey.

The next day the Autobots assemble for the race through the difficult to traverse rocky canyon. Bulkhead asks to join in, and though Prowl and Bumblebee laugh in his face, Optimus insists he be allowed.

The race starts, with Bulkhead instantly behind because he forgets to begin running. Bumblebee initially takes the lead, but his smugness is undone when Prowl does a wheelie over him. This ultimately works against Prowl though as he’s the first to run into the Decepticons and be taken prisoner.

Bumblebee catches up to where Prowl should be and is suspicious to not see him anywhere. Thinking the ninja has found a shortcut through the caves he enters one, only to find Prowl tied up in a web with the Decepticons about to torture him. Unable to contact help as the canyon walls interfere with his radio, Bumblebee tries to think of the best course of action, and in doing so finds the bug Blackarachnia planted on him, which gives him an idea.

As the torture is about to begin, Bumblebee races into the cavern before darting up a side tunnel. Blackarachnia sends her cohorts off to follow him on the tracker, but as soon as they follow the signal one-way, Bumblebee darts in from another, freeing Prowl and then tricking the Decepticons to fire their missiles at the ceiling, with predictable cave in results.

The crisis dealt with the two Autobots resume their race, with Bumblebee crossing the finish line ahead of Prowl. The other Autobots are less than impressed though, Bulkhead won the race ages ago.

Back in the cave the Decepticons dig themselves out, and Blackarachnia is confused as to why the tracker is still claiming the Autobots are in the cave. It turns out the little scamp Bumblebee attached it to Lugnut’s behind.

The End.

Characters Featured: Bumblebee, Blackarachnia, Sari, Prowl, Blitzwing, Lugnut, Optimus Prime, Bulkhead.

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek


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