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Transformers: Age of Extinction [UK] from Titan Magazines

| #1 |

Transformers: Age of Extinction #1 - Adrift in Time and Space

Script: Robin Etherington.
Pencils and Inks: Horatio Domingues..
Colours: Pereyra Nestor.

Synopsis: As Chicago is slowly rebuilt following Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime leads Drift to a mission on the moon to shift through the wreckage of the Ark in order to make sure nothing dangerous has survived. Drift would rather be fighting his former Decepticon allies, but is shocked when he finds the body of Knucklehead, an old friend. Prime is surprised this Decepticon didnít make it to Earth with the rest of the army that had been secreted there, and is equally baffled that he has been stabbed to death recently.

Drift explains that five years earlier, when still a Decepticon, he Knucklehead and Lockdown had captured an Autobot base on another planet under Megatronís orders. The defeated Autobots surrendered, but Lockdown was prepared to execute them anyway, forcing Drift and Knucklehead to turn against him as they considered such an action to be completely wrong. Lockdown is thrown into a moat full of lava and the Autobots are allowed to retreat. The Autobots respect Drift for following the rules of war, but he is dismissive because, as Knucklehead points out, heís a Decepticon for life.

In the present Drift muses that Lockdown must have finally had his revenge on Knucklehead, and that the Decepticon is still out there, more powerful than ever.

Characters Featured [in rough order of appearance]: Optimus Prime; Drift [Flashback and present]; Knucklehead [Flashback, killed]; Lockdown [Flashback].

Reviews & Commentary: Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek


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