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Titan Transformers Prime #10
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek


Continuity galore: Madison' project was intended to fight MECH and Fowler makes reference to the events of issue 6.

The fact the humans are teaching the Autobots how to bob for apples suggests this issue might be set around Halloween.


The wrong author is credited for the comic strip.

The Trans Files once again gets Miko's name wrong (and her age as well this time), and claims the FBI have "Sinced recovered the Orb".

Fantastic Free Gift!

A "Decepticon Drencher!" water pistol.


The Trans Files provides information on the events of episode 10 of the show;
The episode guide also covers Deus Ex Machina;
A double sided poster of Arcee and Bumblebee;
Mega-Mouth, with a nice selection of kids art;
Starscream's Stumpers!;
Greek Adventure!, quizzes based once again on episode 10;
Competition for the novel The Emerald Atlas.

Issue Review

It's been a long time since I did one of these reviews (at the time of writing the now quarterly comic is up to issue 14, close to a year after this was published), not for any exciting sexy reasons, just sheer laziness combined with taking on a big stonking weekly writing project. So coming back after an absence requires a pretty decent issue to make it feel worthwhile.

Luckily, this is great fun. Mad Dog is one of the more entertaining new villains the book has created and all the characters are on top form, Bulkhead is especially memorable as he tries to bob for engine blocks. Prime's solution to the problem is nice and inventive as well, and the scenes of the Autobots playing silly buggers with the robo suits during the fight are delightfully silly.

The art is also some of the best the book as had in a good long while, nice and crisp with a very good Optimus.

As always, this is first and foremost a kids comic, but within those terms this is a very well done issue that's just self aware enough not to completely put off older fans.

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