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[Eugenesis cover]
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More about TMUK can be found at The Hub and The Underbase websites.


Cybertron, 2012, and the Autobots and Decepticons continue to slide towards mutually-assured destruction. As events gather speed and the casualties mount, they realise that to avoid extinction they must confront not just an enemy from the past, but the very past itself.

Allegiances are tested, myths are exposed and new faces replace old as the last surviving Cybertronians struggle to prevent the legendary Fifth Epoch. Along the way they will face ancient horrors, new adversaries and, at the heart of their faith, a shattering betrayal.


The quick option
All of the PDFs below in one convenient ZIP archive.
Continuity notes
Not essential reading, but a quick recap of where the story begins.
The full text of the fan novel.
Somewhere between Aspects of Evil and a possible BW future.
Liars, A to D script
Originally written as a prologue for Eugenesis.
Liars, A to D
The comic as given out at the Transforce 2001 convention.

Cover of the original edition

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