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Titan Magazines UK Transformers: Age of Extinction comic teaser

Titan Magazines are back with a new tie-in comic for Transformers: Age of Extinction, the upcoming fourth live action Transformers film directed by Michael Bay.

Titan kindly sent staff writer Cliffjumper a preview copy of the debut issue, but owing to other commitments you've got the rest of us to tell you about it.

Most of the details about the comic are to be kept under wraps until it goes on sale, but if you've been into the comics/magazines aisle of a supermarket or WH Smiths in the last few years you know the sort of thing we're talking about. Free gifts such as game cards, simple figures or branded accessories to keep kids amused, a story per issue, plus lots of character profiles, letters, puzzles, facts and competitions.

This issue also cross-promotes the Transformers: Prime DVD releases and Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark game.

Check out the videos of that for some Peter Cullen love and scenes of some of the characters in action.

It'll come as no surprise that the new Dinobots get attention, although the focus in the first issue is more on other characters. Returning writer Robin Etherington turns in the eight page story "Adrift in Space and Time" -- which might give you a clue as to a certain sword-wielding Transformer who's already had a toy previewed (and is in the video above) who puts in an appearance.

Crikey, this spoiler-free review lark is harder than it seems.

So is it any good? Whilst adult fans obviously aren't the main target audience, as with the Marvel comics in the 80s and 90s younger readers are likely to expand their vocabulary a bit -- and the themes and character interaction are pitched at a higher level audience than the minimum ages on the toys. Parents with a flair for dramatisation are likely to enjoy reading along and discussing the issues raised. We don't mean to be excessively morbid or gruesome, but because the characters in Transformers are mostly robots and the cast is quite large there's more scope for characters to die and be replaced than in a Thundercats or Masters of the Universe type franchise. Think of it as a way to teach life lessons without becoming intimately familiar with myxomatosis.

Our regular reviewer of the Titan comics Inflatable Dalek will be doing a full review to coincide with the release date of the first issue on 27th June. #2 will go on sale 24th July, #3 on 21st August, #4 on 9th October and #5 on 20th November. So to wrap things up for now, in our best announcing voices, issues will be on sale monthly from all good retailers and newsagents for £3.99, and more information will be found at shortly.

Just in case you missed them, the first couple of Transformers: Age of Extinction trailers. Robot dinosaurs that breathe fire!

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