It's Here: AWF Mayhem [01/08/05]

Having a quiet drink with Terry Gene Bollea.
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Post by Prowl? » Mon Aug 08, 2005 4:52 am

coffee is it?

What you think I need some kinda wake up call?

Scarecrow, let me tell ya, you may be the #1 contender, but that doesnt mean that you are out of my sights...... Just cause you got a shot at the gold doesnt mean you are in the clear......cause just when you think your safe, just when you think you are golden....out is gonna come your worst nightmare.....and all you are gonna feel is pain... and the only thing that is gonna be on your mind is....

'how did this happen???'

well pal, let me tell ya.... you can question all you want... but when you feel the pain, wonder all you want.......

'cause all you will have is the question.....

P R O W L ?
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Random Sweep
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Post by Random Sweep » Mon Aug 08, 2005 10:02 pm

P? What the hell kind of drugs are you on?

You think that I am worried about some little jockstain who has barely stepped foot inside a wrestling ring during the time of my entire career?

You talk about pain and nightmares? I will tell you about pain and nightmares, listening to one of your non-sensical promos while you mark out to your own stupidity.

I have a date with destiny at the next pay per view to win gold for myself and Murder Inc. that is what is important. You are just a skid mark left behind.

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Post by Viewfind » Mon Aug 08, 2005 11:19 pm

I went to get my daily dose
Just got back from eating spring rolls
Walked on past my neighborhood radio shack
Strolled into D-bomb, going to get what I lack
Rolled on up to the cereal aisle
Went to get some Capn Crunch, he's so versatile
Riding on ships, bustin down schools
Capn' Crunch don't take no s*** from fools
I walk to the register, go to pay
When a little honky fool strolls my way
His name is Vinny G
Yo, he's a prick
I drop my box and hit my target
I shoot one two three four
Motherf*****'s down and I want some more
I turn to me left then I turn to my right
Gunnin down every bitch in my sight
I run out the store, hos is all screamin
Cops on my left, I'm still schemin
Run to my car, lockin both doors
Pedal to the metal, foot to the floor
I back it up then I pull it round
Roll down my window and cap some crowns
Cops on my tail, gotta get out
Pull up beside em, and let em shout
"Get out of the car, put your hands in the air!"
I just laugh, then speed off to my lair
I'm pulling rights and I'm pulling lefts
Driving like a maniac, just glad I aint on meth
I fly through the intersection cops try to follow
Throw my arm out, shoot some hollows
Bust out on the highway, drivin bought 90
People get out of the way, cops left behind me
Helicopters on my tail, I don't know what to do
So I open the door, bail out, and run till I'm through
Cops finally caught me, roughed me up bad
Judge sends me off to prison, and that's how I met you, Dad.

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Post by Divebomb » Fri Aug 12, 2005 6:07 am

Tonight could have been one of the greatest nights in sporst entertainment since the day of the GPA. Prowl? had his first match back for a #1 contendership spot and I had a chance to become the only four time AWF Tag team champ. It would have been odd being a tag team champ without P? but if I had to choose someone else it would have been Viewfind. Think about it. Me and Viewfind both could have walked out as double champions.

But it was not meant to be as Ghostal, a good old buddy, came out to take Viewfinds place. He turned a GPA reunion into a vipers den. Of all the men in the AWF, I trust him the least.

Ghostal we all know you have a blood feud against anyone that was in the GPA at the time of of turning. But things have changed, everyone has changed. Except you. Viewfind has moved to the heights of the AWF by getting the World title. I have moved from the tag division to claim the IC title. P? has released a platinum selling record. All the while you have been brooding over it and even tried to commit suicide. Its time to let go of the past before you really get yourself hurt. But we also all know that you are as stubborn as you are arrogant. So all I can say is thanks for the headache and I hope Viewfind finally puts you to rest.

But now I have better things to do than worry about you.

*Picks up cell phone and dials*

You P?, you ready......The lets get the hell out of here.

*Hangs up and leaves the room.*
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