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Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2006 8:43 pm
by wavelength
is rid rollbar taken:rolleyes:

robots in disguise rollbar

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2006 9:17 pm
by wavelength
i hope this is suitable:

RID rollbar
and a new year begins and i find myself reviewing the last figure i got in 2005. and what a terrible figure it is. though i suppose someone has to review this little turd. i may sound harse expecting a repaint of a g1 figure to be top notch but there is reason to my logic. and i also possess reissue starscream and jazz and view them as good figures in thier own right.

jeep mode
and this is the best mode this little blob has to offer. the proportions would make this a fairly average little jeep but then we come to the seats. they could of made the backs higher without affecting the transformation but no. they make it so there is no chance of applying a good scale. when the combined gun is attached it raises the jeep to mecrodie.

tur...i mean robot mode
i don't even know where to start when describing this dog dropping of a robot mode. shoulders at roughly where the elbows should bend, looking like he needs to go on a torture rack and mal-proportioned head. even the guns can't save him now as he needs to bend his arms forward to hold them.

transformation:3 there is no way of knowing when the baqckpack is right so there is constant fiddling
durability:7 i have already taken him apart to asses weak spots and the arms look like they could be ripped out with enough force
fun:0 i would rather eat dog dollup
price:0 don't even let someone pay you to take it let alone pay full price.
overall:2.5 is the average but even then that is only because of the comparatavely high durability score. if this thing has one thiing going for it then it is durability

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2006 9:22 pm
by wavelength
above is a link to where pictures are avalible

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2006 9:36 pm
by Denyer
Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you don't write a review.
  • Not even token effort at capitalisation / spelling / grammar / commas.
  • Hyperbole.
  • We don't steal photos from other sites.

Durability question

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 12:15 am
by Tetsuro
How exactly do you determine this? I mean, besides actually tossing the toy at wall/dropping it on the floor, I can't see how...

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 12:26 am
by Denyer
If it's old, how's it stood up to handling? (eg, Not many played-with original Autobot cars with the hood/head joint survive intact, nor null rays on the seekers. Powermaster Prime, you'd actually have to drop out of a second-storey window to do much damage.)

If it's new, does it feel as though it's going to break when you transform it? (Quite a lot of reviews mention this, or accidental falls off a shelf, or bits coming off in the process even when they're being careful, etc. Especially with Alternators.)

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 5:14 pm
by numbat
Powermaster Prime, you'd actually have to drop out of a second-storey window to do much damage
My PM Prime's trailer peg snapped inside the cab...


(But then all my Autobot cars are knackered to hell...)


[newer uploaded reviews]

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:01 pm
by Tetsuro
Name: Convoy
Function: Cybertron Commander

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

There is very little that can be said about Optimus Prime that hasn't already been said. Although some might say that he is universally loved, I am fully aware of some individuals' disdain for his character (least of which is his inability to stay dead). Regardless of that minority, it could be said that Optimus Prime IS Transformers; in almost every single Transformers cartoon, there has been an Optimus Prime of some kind - red truck, futuristic red truck, red fire truck, a gorilla, a lion...the list goes on. However, of all these, the most widely recognized one of these is the original; namely the cartoon rendition. Along with, oddly enough, a few Decepticons, he is the most recognized character of the franchise. There is no denying that fact - there aren't many places in the world where you can show a picture of him and NOT have people recognize him as Optimus Prime (or whatever he is called in the corresponding country).

There is also very little that hasn't already been said about this toy. Takara and Hasbro have really exhausted the mold, which is really no surprise since Masterpiece Convoy IS an engineering marvel of it's own. The mold has been used at least five times now: first there was MP-01 with 20th Anniversary Prime corresponding as the US release of the toy, plus the compulsory white repaint from Takara's behalf; and now The 20th Anniversary DVD edition of the US toy, which is very little different from the original 20th Ann. Prime, while Takara goes to offer something truly new to the toy.


Primes is packaged in a large black matte-coated cardboard box with gloss used for some details. The box is 15.6x15.7x5.5 inches, so it is roughly equivalent to the PM Prime reissue box in size. The front of the box is dominated by a picture of Prime in his truck mode, hauling his trailer, with another picture of Prime in his robot mode watching from above. The robot mode shot used appears to be the same as was in the original box, but you can only see upper half of his torso because of the truck mode shot. The bottom of the box shows the current line-up in MP line, and the back of the box appears to carry much of the same information as the original MP-1 box, with the addition of the trailer. Inside the box there are two additional white boxes, one with Prime himself inside and one with the trailer.


Prime comes packed in robot mode and...okay, here comes the bit where I can't think of anything to say because it's all been said already. There have been several toys of Prime that have imitated his instantly recognizable cartoon appearance, but none of them have been able to transform...until now. And I'm taking my hat off for Takara for achieving such a feat. And what a feat it is! Naturally this means that the transformation scheme is no longer a simple matter of flipping legs, toes, arms and head...although those moves are still here, there's a whole lot of else going on, especially around the torso area.

Standing at about 11.6 inches tall, MP Convoy is not only tall but heavy as well. His chest uses plenty die cast material, and the blue parts that are his legs are entirely made of die cast as well, except for his feet, making him one imposing bot. The proportions in his bot mode are nothing short of perfect; he has no body parts that seem excessively large or small, everything is spot on.

He's got amazing amount of detail; lot of which would have been (and was) done with stickers in the original toy, are actually molded and painted here. His eyes use vacuum-chromed blue to make them look almost as if they were light-piped. He has an Autobot symbol only on his left shoulder, just like in the movie. His smokestacks are also chromed, and they swivel inwards a little, minimizing the risk of snapping them in two. His chest-windows are partially transparent, exposing the plate inside, but more about that later...he also has tiny windshield wipers molded in. The front grill is, the original toy had the front bumper becoming his crotch, but the cartoon model looked nothing like that, so MP Convoy's hips hardly look like a bumper either, although they do have yellow highlights just like the cartoon model.

Prime's got a whole lotta articulation too; ball-jointed neck and feet, and a whole lotta other joints that work almost like ball-joints, giving him a broad freedom of movement. He turns at waist, his knees and elbows not only bend but also have facsimile hydraulics to give that necessary extra detail. Although his knees use copious joints to allow them to bend almost in half, his elbows only bend up to 90 degrees. He also bends at toes, and I tried to put him in a "Keep on Truckin'"-pose, but the die cast made him too heavy and imbalanced for it.

I have only two gripes; one is the fingers, which are only jointed at the fist, causing them to be in a permanent 'hooked' position, a problem both Armada Unicron and Cybertron Primus didn't have...although neither need to hold any guns, whereas Prime does, so it is acceptable. The other is the die cast; despite giving the character imposing weight and appearance, the paint scratches off a bit too easily. Most annoying.


Starting up top, a button in the back of his head makes his faceplate move. A similar gimmick was also seen on Armada Super Prime, but thanks to the figure's much larger size, it is achieved here to much better results. Some have said that he has a mouth behind that faceplate: I can confirm this. Albeit I didn't just pull it off, looking behind it one can see what looks like the mouth that was seen in the US issue #76; it isn't really a mouth, just a grid of some kind.

Moving down...the biggest gimmick on the entire toy (other than transforming and having a hell lot of articulation, obviously) can be found inside his chest; pull open the windows, flip up the plate beneath...and you will find the Matrix of leadership. Pushing the blue button right next to his head lights it up too, and let me tell you that this really DOES light up your darkest hour; the thing is brighter than most flashlights! The Matrix can be removed but is really snug fit, but fortunately the chrome can take a fair share of punishment without scratching off. The Matrix has chromed handles with a golden container, and it can be pulled apart to expose the translucent blue piece that appears "floating" between the two halves of the container.

On both wrists there are flip-up communications panels, but unlike in the original, the faces have been changed; instead of Starscream and Bumblebee, Prime can now keep up tabs with Megatron or Grimlock. It's a kind of shame Takara didn't supply a whole sheet of stickers so you could have whoever you wanted, but it works this way too. At least he no longer has to talk to his most inept opponent.

Finally, a gimmick that was never seen in any media but was included anyway, are on his legs; pushing his feet up into his legs cause the grey vents seen on the front flip open, as if cooling down. This is a gimmick that wasn't really necessary, but is yet another detail that gives the toy character.


Although the vehicle mode was obviously the secondary priority upon creating this, it does not disappoint, at least much. Although the robot mode's hips are clearly visible behind the cab, and the windows protrude slightly beyond the headlights, this is nowhere as bad as THS-02, and definitely not as awkward-looking as the Classics Optimus Prime from the Prime vs. Megs 2-pack. For one thing, this big red rig is nicely in scale with itself, and looks great next to your Alternators/ least, I THINK it would, as I do not own a single one. Yet.

Again, there's a nice level of detail visible here, but I should probably tackle on the details not previously visible in robot mode (and thus not handled in it's respective section of this review). First of all, the front grill is not the same one that formed the robot's belly; that one is under the truck, right between the front tires to be exact. The bumper is actually the plate covering the Matrix in robot mode, and this displays the imagination the designer of MP Convoy had in use of various parts for another purpose in the alt mode. If you really want to put thought into it, the Matrix is essentially located where the engine should be; a very nice touch.

As far as the gimmicks go, there aren't nearly as many in this mode. Opening those front windows, you can see the back of the driver's in the middle of a cockpit, and having absolutely no interior detail beyond that, you'll have to settle with a Lego figure for a driver. The remaining gimmick is that all six wheels in the truck mode have working suspension. Now, the only thing that keeps this from working right is the fact that the front and the back of the truck are die cast connected with plastic, namely the hips I mentioned, giving this truck slightly flimsy feel; you'll want to pick it up with two hands. Or should I say lift? It's that heavy.

What's new?

Since you've probably read every review of the Masterpiece Convoy or 20th Anniversary Prime out there, you probably just skipped my less than stellar review of the actual toy and just want to read up on what new this version offers. I do not hold it against you; I would probably do the same.

Of course, I never owned any version of this mold before, so I cannot really tell if there are any changes in minor details or paintjob or some such; as far as I can tell, he looks exactly the same as the MP-1. Only difference are in the comm panels on his forearms, as you'd know if you bothered reading the whole review...

The booklet from the original has also been updated, with information of the trailer, but the 'Aspects of Convoy' section, which chronicles the character's history in toy format, has been drastically reduced. The catalogue only shows the first and the last Primes of both G1/G2 and Beast Wars era, with the odd exceptions of Rodimus Convoy and BW Neo and BW II Convoys. However, the list now includes post-Armada Primes as well, although it skips Superlink Prime altogether and shows only Omega Prime, and for some reason it lists all the good Convoys from Galaxy Force and even the Reverse Convoy from RobotMasters line and KISS Convoy.

But what you REALLY wanted to know more about is, of course, the trailer itself. There have been many custom and bootleg trailers, but having no personal experience of those except for the pictures I have seen, I cannot really compare the quality. Attaching the trailer on Convoy's truck mode brings the vehicle mode length close to whopping 19 inches long.

Just like Convoy himself, the trailer has striven to be different from the original, but strong sense of familiarity. The huge, boxy trailer looks like...a huge, boxy trailer. Although the familiar blue & white striping on the sides is different from the original toy, this is well in context with Convoy himself who really doesn't look like anything like the original toy. In fact, I don't even remember seeing the blue stripes in the original cartoon? The stripes have slight chiseling for better definition, and the familiar Autobot logo is still there as well, and it isn't just a flat decal, it's actually molded in. Cool!

The back doors of the trailer open to reveal a ramp, fold it down and the inside of the trailer is big enough for an Alternator/Binaltech to hitch a ride. There is a rod beneath the trailer on which there is a peg to plug into the back of Convoy's truck mode. The rod also folds down to support the trailer on it's own, and there are two wings that fold out and extend for additional support, although these serve the base mode best. The struts that slide down are chromed plastic and they have absolutely no detail on the backside, meaning the fact that they are hollow is made painfully obvious when you swing them out.

Just the like the original toy, the trailer folds wide open for a base/repair bay, and this feature was used sparingly in the cartoon as well. There is no painted detail inside however, all is covered in molded tech detail. There are some darker grey extra parts glued in for extra detail. Since there is no Roller, the spring-loaded launch mechanism for it is gone. However, that familiar...uh...tower-thing with guns and a grabby claw and some antenna-thingamajig is still there, complete with an opening cockpit (but who would man it?) and a handle in the back for Convoy to grab on. Just like the original trailer, this one too has a hole on top for the tower to stick out from. Another cool feature is that rather than having Convoy's accessories just lie around in the trailer, the walls (the roof in trailer mode) have little slots to store his gun, energon axe and even the mini-Megatron.

My biggest gripe with the trailer is that how fragile/flimsy it feels. It just isn't the same level of quality as Prime himself, rendering the "official" trailer almost on par with the custom one. Of course, what else can you expect from what is essentially a huge, hollow piece of plastic? The huge hinges all over the trailer feel really awkward once the thing is open, and the extending repair unit strut is kind of limp. It's ratcheted, but it has too much room to wiggle.

The only thing that draws away from the 'Perfect Edition' title however, is the absence of Roller.


So is the "official" trailer worth it? Well, if you do not already have any version of the toy, I would say MP-04 is the best choice. Although many were upset when Takara decided to re-release Convoy with the trailer but not issue the trailer separately, there are those bootleg trailers I mentioned, but there is one that doesn't even open up and the one that does is a scaled-up version of the original, and although it does have Roller and the spring mechanism to launch it, I do think the giant stickers look awfully tacky. However, MP-4 does not come cheap, and carries a hefty price tag. The trailer may not match Prime in the Masterpiece quality, but I still think it looks a lot better than that bootleg one.

Another problem is that MP-4 seems to suffer from particularly bad QC. The paint on his die cast parts tends to chip real easy, and may be already chipped fresh from the box, as well as the chrome from the tips of the smokestacks and that big autobot logo on his shoulder. There also have been complaints of misassembled chest panels, meaning they do not close properly, as well as the legs falling off, although mine seems to have been spared from these two. Still, the paint chipping his mighty annoying...

Transformation: 9/10 - Complex but relatively easy to master. Certainly nowhere as time-consuming as Masterpiece Megatron.
Durability: 7/10 - The trailer feels rather flimsy, but Prime himself is durable as a brick; the ease at which the shoulder logo and die cast paint chips and scratches, on his torso in particular, drop the score severely. Mine is already full of spots with the dark grey die cast exposed.
Fun: 9/10 - It's rather difficult to call this "fun", since Masterpieces are closer to collectables than toys. However, the trailer adds a huge deal in the fun factor, thanks to the whole aspect of being able to interact with Binaltechs/Alternators.
Price: 5/10 - Almost twice the price for the addition of...trailer? No wonder so many people have opted to go for the bootleg version, despite my personal opinion that the giant stickers make it look awfully tacky. At least the official trailer has storage slots for all of Prime's accessories.
Overall: 8/10 - Hmmm. If you already own the original version, I can't really say this is worth the update. If not...well, the red paint on his torso chips so ridicilously easy, but having never owned the original version, I can't say how different it is.

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:02 pm
by Tetsuro
I wrote this in a format that allows me to review Convoy himself later on. I'm still undecided whether to bother with it and just review the trailer, or go all the way.

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:37 pm
by Clay
Are there any changes to the Convoy figure itself to differ it from the MP01 release?

The Hasbro 2004 and 2006 releases of the figure have slightly different paint schemes. I do not recall anyone saying anything one way or the other about the Takara versions, though.

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:51 pm
by Tetsuro
Other than the stickers in the comm panels, I have no idea.

I could use Seibertron's galleries as a starting point, but as far as I can tell, they're exactly the same. There have been some complaints about the QC though but I seem to have been spared from the worst problems.

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 11:02 am
by Osku
IIRC Takara offered Roller as some kind of mail away exclusive?

Not having the toy, I'd be interested to know the size of the toy. How tall in robot mode, how large the trailer is, even how much it weighs. :o Comparison pictures with the original OP mold would be nice as well.

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 2:03 pm
by Tetsuro
No, that Roller-exclusive is a rumor that needs the be buried.

And if by 'original OP mold' you mean the '84 toy, I don't have one. :o Will the PM Prime do?

Edit: Hmm...I guess I could consider this one done...still needs photos though. Anything else I should add?


Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2006 10:48 pm
by zeoman4.5
WST Convoy Vs Megatron

The battle between Optimus Prime (Convoy) and Megatron has been called the Ultimate Battle by Transformers fans of many generations. It just may be. One a hero driven by the desire to right wrongs and to save his home and people from inevitable doom. The other a villainous tyrant, bent on ruling all and destroying all who stand in his way. Convoy Vs. Megatron.

The World’s Smallest Transformers (WST) Convoy vs Megatron package is an ehobby exclusive box which came with a 2004 product catalog. Hence this set is old, no longer available for ordinary sale. The catalog sent with it is huge, and filled with pics of everything from Tranformers to Gundam and anything in between. It unfortunately also contains some pics of hentai dolls which, needless to say, are not something you want little children to see. I tore out the Transformers section and tossed the rest. The Tranformers section also contains the instructions for changing the figures so it can be useful!

Name: Convoy / Optimus Prime
Allegiance: Cybertron / Autobot
Function: Commander of the Cybertrons / Autobots

Alternate Mode:

Ah good old Convoy, the semi-truck mode I never get bored of. Convoy's vehicle form is a 1970's style flat face semi-truck cab. The primary cab color is red; add a silver stripe, grille, and exhausts and you get the G1 look every one wants. The windows are blue which I think is strange, I never had a G1 Convoy but I'm sure his windows weren't blue – but these windows are perhaps a homage to the anime version of the character, not the G1 toy. The rear connector and axle parts are also blue, accurate to the G1 figure and anime counterpart again. The best thing, in my opinion, about his vehicle mode is that unlike all the WST Cybertrons / Autobots, his wheels actually roll. They're real wheels. It is a nice vehicle mode, it’s just exactly the same as the G1 which is good, but not original – but, then, as this line aims to reproduce the G! characters at a miniature scale, it was never gonna be.

Robot Mode:

Convoy's robot mode was meant to look like his original, but somewhere along the line he got messed up. The colors are all right – red, blue, bits of silver here and there.

The face is the first inaccuracy. It is placed on an accurate helmet, the face plate is correct but the eyes... he has a visor. The two eyes are connected into one and it really throws off his look. The cab is the body which in theory should be right... wrong! It is over-sized giving him a fat, "Can't reach my hands past my belly" look, which isn't cool if your supposed to be a kick-butt commander. Other than that, appearance-wise, he is good. He looks a lot like the original and is well detailed. He is much taller than the other Cybertrons, and fits well as the leader.

His articulation is nearly the same as the G1 toy – the shoulders can move sideways but cannot rotate at all. The elbows are on ball-and-socket joints which grant a free range of motion. Without the shoulders though you are stuck with hands half-raised or down. The legs can be moved forward slightly, almost enough to allow him to sit – an upgrade from the original whose legs were stationary in robot mode. The fists are actually attached to the arms permanently, finally. The Ion rifle must be clipped on to his arm to be held, or so I've been told. Mine didn't have his gun when I got him, so I don't have any experience with it. He plays alright, but being a WST you'll probably be using him for display more so. In that area he is not so great, but definitely a must have part of any WST collection for status purposes. You would most likely be better off with the WST Anime Convoy rather than this plain Convoy.

Name: Megatron
Allegiance: Destron / Decepticon
Function: Leader of the Destrons / Decepticons

Alternate Mode:

Like his original G1 visage, Megatron's alternate mode is a Walther P38 pistol. A very accurate one at that. Now, by comparison to the standard WST Megs, this one is a little off though. The connector clips for the gun do not stay together well, leading to a wobbly, loose gun mode. I can't say this is a great mode for playing with, obviously due to size. He does have his scope which can be attached to the gun, but it looks a bit odd without the rest of the attachments for the gun. (Stock, silencer). Not so much a display mode or play but it is relatively accurate to the original.

Robot Mode:

Now for his (fan fair playing) robot mode. Megatron's robot mode is dominated by his silver paint color. Other than that he has black panels on the outsides of his legs. The two main differences between this Megatron and the standard WST are purely cosmetic. They are the fact that the inner plates of his arms and legs are colored blue (as opposed to the more G1 accurate red of the original WST release) and that he lacks the little squiggly marks on his chest. That being said, in my personal opinion, I like these alterations better than the colors of the original. The overall sculpt is to scale with the larger toy, and very cool, excluding that whole large crotch plate sticking out.

He is accurately G1 in articulation as well as standard weapons. He has rotating shoulder joints. That’s it… Well there is some range for him to shrug his shoulders but not enough for anything major. He is armed with his massive scope, now serving as his signature fusion cannon with his gun barrel attached to his side for extra fire power. He is a nice display piece, but he doesn't stand well. As far as play goes well... his arms come off easily and are a pain to re-attach. Like Convoy really just a figure to have for the sake of appearances.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 7 – Convoy is very easy, Megatron is frustrating as ...
Durability: 7 – Convoy is pretty tough; Megatron's arms though, argh!!!!
Fun: 8 – These guys look great on display with one another and Convoy is really fun to mess around with too.
Price: 6 – It cost me $19.99 for this set, and most of what you pay for is the book. The figures aren't quite worth it.
Overall: 7 – Not the worst of the things I've purchased online. It takes time to truly appreciate these figures, and I have had time. It is not a must-have but worth getting if you are a fan of little figures or of Megs and Prime.

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 7:33 pm
by numbat
I got this guy a few weeks ago, and he is absolutely fantastic.

However, mine does suffer from the chest plates not quite meeting correctly, and the left leg does not like to slide back for the truck mode (I'm not sure if it's the mechanism or not - the right leg is fine and dandy).

Still, he is phenomenal and the trailer is great!

(The only disapointment with the trailer was that Alt Prime doesn't quite fit - I just found the idea of Prime within Prime amusing...)

Oh - and I don't believe Prime did have the blue trailer stripes in the cartoon (certainly not in every episode, at least - as they've not been in any I've watched recently!), but the good ole G1 figure had 'em, and there are a number of homages to that in there.

Grand review!


Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 11:23 pm
by Tetsuro
By the way, about the sliding the legs should try wiggling the gas tanks. If I just push mine down, nothing happens, but they usually work when I pull on the top while pushing down the bottom.

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2007 2:54 pm
by numbat
Cheers for that!

It didn't turn out to be quite that simple, but you got me to actually sit down and look at it with a starting idea. I had a closer look, and found that the mechanism was out of alignment on two planes! Now I know where to exert pressure (however tricky while holding the hefty guy), it works a lot more easily.

At least the right leg's A-OK!

I suppose with so many little fiddly bits, it's no wonder one or two don't quite line up...

But, hey, he has those little cartoon arrows on his arms, and his mouthplate moves! He'd win out just with these!


Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2007 12:36 pm
by numbat
Pity you're not going to continue with the Japanese reviews. You're reviews are getting better by leaps and bounds, and I thoroughly enjoy reading them!

Although the Japanese side may seem intimidating with all the different lines, numbers and names, it isn't too bad to get to grip with the basics, and quite fun to delve into more deeply!

To be honest, my knowledge of the Japanese Transformers of yesteryear only grew past the names and series when my interest got sparked off about two years ago proper (although the seed had been growing since RID).

Oh, and, of course, WST is a line so dear to my heart, that it's fun to read someone else's take on them!

Anyhoo - certainly looking forward to reading any future reviews of any line!


Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 2:22 am
by Clay
You need to add the rating sections at the end. Otherwise, it's good to go.

Will anyone be able to provide pictures? Tetsuro? Numbat?

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:20 am
by Tetsuro
I just need to find some cardboard sheets big enough to serve as a backdrop for photos.