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Siege Cog

Post by Skyquake87 » Sun Mar 01, 2020 10:45 am

Name: Cog
Allegiance: Autobot
Size Class: Deluxe Weaponizer
Accessories: 2 “RT-5 Circuit Welder” Pistols

When new versions of the massive City-bots Metroplex and Fortress Maximus turned up a few years ago, the excitement of having new toys of these honking great things quickly gave way to the usual fanboy snark about the things that weren't 'right'. Specifically, the lack of small robots that came with these in their original form, which added extra play value. Using figures you may already have to interact with these giants not really washing with overgrown man-babies. Hooray then, for Siege, which has brought us Fortress Maximus' wee drone chum Cog.

For me, it's a bit hard to see such former pack in bits of fluff as legit characters in their own right, but Cog is honestly such fun that I've forgotten he was ever such a thing. You see, this is the big play feature for Siege – being able to take these Weaponizers, break 'em up into bits and clamp 'em onto other figures in the range as armour and weapons for the larger lads. It's a great idea and one that's enormous fun. Especially when you throw in a Batllemaster or a couple of Micro Masters into the mix, to make the most tooled up bit of nonsense. It's Transformers does Centurions, only the armour is alive.

Robot Mode: As with all these Generations figures, Cog is just a fancy modern take on what went before. Because the original figure was a pretty basic couple of of blocks of plastic, this is where the modernising of an older design really excels. Cog looks fantastic. He's all blocky and space age looking, with all these wheels, treads and chunky bits of kit for a body. The arms are all barels pointing to someone with a bit of firepower and his colours are gorgeous. He's a nice mix of deep blue, red, black and silver. The headsculpt is awesome too, all blue with a nice silver visor and he's just a great rough and ready looking robot. He looks so good and has enough personality of his own that he no longer looks like a drone.

Alternate Mode: As with the original, Cog can split into two separate vehicle modes, Gasket and Grommet. They're two Vehicle Voltron affairs, being very obviously made up of robot parts. Gasket fares better as the silver 'car' as this feels a bit more complete as and alternate mode, although those robot arm cannons on the roof aren't fooling anyone.

Alternate Mode: Grommet is a sort of half-track thing. It's alright, but one of those alt-modes that really isn't much of anything, barely convincing you it's a vehicle at all, rather than a pair of robot wellingtons stuck together.

Alternate Mode: The two halves can combine into a slightly more complete vehicle, which just looks like Cog lying down. It's suitably alien looking that it gets away with it, reminding me a bit of something from those old Britains' space sets from the late 1970s. Or a prototype for Beast Machines type machinery.

Alternate Modes: In addition to having three different alternate modes, Cog can split apart to form all kinds of weapons and accessories for his Autobot pals. He forms a C-40 Neutron Synthesis Shield from his torso, a C-LR Thermal Booster from his hips and waist (does this mean it emits deadly robot farts?), two C-HV Electro-Scramblers from his arms and his legs make two C-M3 HF Spectrum Disruptors. All of which are great fun to jam onto various 'bots. His two pistols are left over from all this, so can be given to someone else or just jammed onto the many ports Cog has in these configurations for some extra blammo.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation Design: I love what Hasbro have done here, keeping faithful to the original toy concept and thinking how to make something that doesn't really properly transform into a play pattern. It's a genius move and I applaud them. Best of all, Cog feels like his own robot and not some accessory. 10/10

Articulation: The parts forming doesn't mean Cog skimps out on the ability to but a move, having the same amount of movement you'd find on a regular Deluxe figure, if not more with his sassy waist swivel and ankle tilts. The arms are a little bit limited though, pullign as they do double duty as boomsticks. 9/10

Durability: The plastics on Cog are great. He feels nice and dense, despite being some hollow bits here and there to accommodate his transformation. As he does completely come to pieces, there's a chance of the careless losing an arm or leg, or one of his guns, but there's nothing that feels weak or easy to break. 9/10

Fun: The Siege line has been such good fun and Cog just ramps things up a gear with his interactivity and ingenuity. I've not stopped finding ways of plugging him to other robots in the line. With that and his ability to form three different vehicles, Cog is hands down the best Deluxe in Siege's first wave roll out. 10/10

Price: £16.99 at retail and occasionally cheaper than this online, Cog offers such great value at this price or less. 10/10

Overall: Cog is brilliant and you owe it to yourself to get one and find out what he's all about. Engaging with this new take on a 'classic' (he's not really a classic, but shhh) is such fun and really shows where the Generations modernisation is at it's best - taking an old concept and doing something fresh with it. It deftly hides the flaws of doing a slavish update on such a basic looking toy and makes Cog the stand out star of the opening stages of the War for Cybertron. Top marks, Hasbro! 10/10
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