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Post by Skyquake87 » Mon Jun 07, 2021 8:10 pm

Warcry wrote:
Fri May 28, 2021 4:28 am
The number of folks you see on other sites pining for an "Earth-mode" retool kind of baffles me, though. It already looks like an Earth car so unless they're going to make him a licensed Countach, how would it be any different?
You'll be pleased to know one is showing up as an Amazon exclusive with a repaint of Kingdom Airrazor as Skywarp from BWII (part of the Japanese Magnaboss combiner). As an Amazon exclusive that (for once!) is available on Amazon UK, I've pre-ordered it. Got to be honest, the retooling they've done makes Sideswipe's alt-mode look a bit long and baggy in the rear. I'll report back once it's in hand. In October. Score one for fans unfulfilled imaginations, I guess.

Speaking of repaints, I bought

Siege Netflix Hotlink with Heatstroke & Heartburn
Now here's a fancy repaint done right. I binned Redwing to ebay and bought this guy with the proceeds, as I do quite like the Tetrajet mode. It's not great, but I think it's grown on me. Like moss. Either way, I appreciate what the designers were trying to do, even if they gave up in the end and just had the wings cover up a scrunched up robot lad. Hard to beat Skywarp's colours, but somehow Hotlink manages it, despite using the same black/ purple palette. He just looks incredible. The two Battlemasters are fine, and it's nice to have them again included with a larger figure - as they should be. The toothpaste colour they've chosen for the wee robots is definitely a choice and they only have an eye colour to tell them apart. Couple of blast effects for those easily impressed by such accessories round out the package.

Chinese KO Computron giftset
These are so naughty, but f**ked if I can be arsed paying vintage prices for slightly underwhelming combiners. Plastics are really nice and better than those used on some of Hasbro's legit reisssues (hello The Seacons and all the Platinum Reissues). Left off most of the stickers as Hasbro back in the day thought it'd be a good idea to place these over parts that scrap over them or in places that require repeat handling. I love the Technobots, but there are design choices here that spoil them. Lightspeed has one giant foot, Nosecone's arms are weird, Strafe's alt mode is a heap of nothing and Scattershot has a third mode looks like a dog's penis. The combined mode is a bit unattractive in places - Scattershot's massive legs just angled up out of the way and Lightspeed making for a bit of a rubbishy limb (ditto Nosecone, to be fair) but there's a charm to the chunky designs and Afterburner is just mega. Also came with a cheeky bootleg of the old Generations book that catalogued all of 1980s line (including the European and Japanese entries) plus Generation 2 and the concept designs/ animation model sheets.

Gobots Crasher
Here decked out in white and sponsored by Dunlop tyres and Rothmans cigarettes. Remember kids - don't smoke, or you'll end up like the Gobots. Dead and forgotten.

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Post by Tantrum » Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:38 pm

Skyquake87 wrote:
Mon Jun 07, 2021 8:10 pm
The two Battlemasters are fine, and it's nice to have them again included with a larger figure - as they should be. The toothpaste colour they've chosen for the wee robots is definitely a choice and they only have an eye colour to tell them apart. Couple of blast effects for those easily impressed by such accessories round out the package.
Those Battlemasters are the color of the flamethrower Hotlink wielded in his 3 seconds of screentime. That's also why the blast effects are orange.

I recently picked up:
G1 Jetfire - used from a comic shop for US$100. What little red armor he has is in such bad shape that it's fair to say he doesn't have any. Other than that, he's in pretty good shape. Stickers are still pristine. The spring loaded landing gear still works great. There's some slight discoloration on the back, but no worse than modern figures that don't quite match paint colors to unpainted plastic. He even has his gun. The only real flaw, which I didn't notice until I got him home, is that the pint connecting the tail fin section to the back is gone, and replaced with a much looser pin.

Earthrise Doubledealer - from the same comic shop for US$35. He appears to me MISB, with all the ties in place. But, one of his stabilizers is rattling around in there. Not opened yet.

Kingdom Megatron - regular retail, also not opened yet.

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Post by StoneCold Skywarp » Tue Jun 08, 2021 5:25 pm

Cang Toys Land Bull (aka MP Tantrum)

He's a big bulky boy that becomes a bulky bull and then a big bulky shin. Fairly certain I could kill a man with it.

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Post by Clay » Sun Jun 13, 2021 1:22 am

I got a movie MP Starscream in the mail the other day. I will call him King Dorito.

If you're old like me and still have the 2010 leader Starscream, it's broadly similar to that. The biggest difference is using the volume inside the jet to store those little engines that end up on the robot's back instead of batteries for the electronics, and of course a higher part-count and general increase in fiddli-ness in favor of accuracy. Well, accuracy for the robot, anyway. The jet mode seems to have more robot underneath than the old one, although it's not as bad as it looks in pictures.

I was pleased that it came with both the missile launcher and the buzzsaw weapons in one release instead of the studio series scheme of only having one accessory per deco. I can keep the HFTD Starscream as the ROTF/DOTM tattoo version (that's alotta acronyms!) as they're basically the same size anyway.

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Post by HeavyArms » Sun Jun 13, 2021 6:30 am

Optimus Prime t-shirt - From Big W.

Beast Machines Blast Punch Optimus Primal and Megatron - Was able to win these on eBay fairly cheaply, which is good because they fairly easy to transform.

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Post by Skyquake87 » Wed Jun 16, 2021 8:32 pm

Studio Series 86 Jazz
Had my eye on Jazz for a bit, and what a great figure he is! The robot mode is very tidy and he poses like a champ. Comes with his blaster thing and looks like a proper dude. Transformation is pretty inventive, taking what the original did and just fancying it up a bit. I like how there's so much car junk tucked up inside the roof, but it's so tidy on the robot's back you wouldn't notice. Vehicle mode is a good approximation of the Porsche and it rolls like a boss (or Boss, if you will) so instantly wins for me, given the failure of so many of Hasbro's recent Siege carbots to do just that. The only massive downside for me is the crappy minimal effort "cartoon accurate" paint job. With so much white, this really needs something to make the alt-mode pop, and this isn't enough.

Studio Series 86 Hot Rod
Yay Hot Rod! Love a good Hot Rod. Will this fancy new version be enough to replace my beloved Classics version...? Maybe. He is very, very good and Hasbro have even worked in a bit of pink to the usual red they give Hot Rod. Still not pink enough for my tastes, but it'll do. Robot is incredibly poseable and the opening fingers are nice, so he can do the whole 'Darkest Hour (tm)' thing with the Matrix. Only thing I don't like is the slightly messy looking legs - the bits of orange and yellow peeping out are unfortunate. Transformation's an involved affair, so I can instantly see why this attracted a Voyager price tag, but does feel a bit like showing off for the sake of it. Part of the reason Third Party toys are such are turn off are for silly fiddly clever-dick engineering like this. That said, after a few goes, I've found it enjoyable and appreciate what the designers were going for. Alt mode is really good, until you get to the rear. Like Jazz, the back is a bit of a mess of barely concealed robot leg parts. Again, the egregious yellow plastic on the roof spoils things (why couldn't this be magenta too?) but otherwise this is probably the nicest attempt yet at Hot Rod's alt mode. Apart from the guns and -at a push, the Matrix - all the accessories and rubbery bits of plastic are wasted on me. I must be the only Transformers fan who doesn't like blast effects. I find this toot annoying because I know I'm not going to get any use out of it and it's pushing the price up. It's a minor quibble, but I'd rather have had a Targetmaster...even if it is just the 94th repaint of the two Battlemaster robot moulds Hasbro are running into the ground.

Kingdom Ultra Magnus
Not as good as the Siege version, is my honest verdict. The robot mode is really good looking, but not really that much different from the Siege one. New head sculpt I think. Has the same sort of look as that SD Statue of Magnus dropping the Matrix has. Is that a good look? It's probably right for the character, but does underscore that Magnus is an also-ran. Most irritatingly, they've given him ankle tilts...but left him with the 'A' stance sculpted feet like the Siege version! Whyyyy?Stripping the armour off, White Prime is just as podgy as previously, but even more pigeon chested here, thanks to the Earth mode truck body. No effort to do something for the Transformation has been taken for the new toy, so you're stuck with a white cab with a pair of robot hands flapping about behind it. I'm sure if Hasbro wanted to, they could have made that Siege Optimus cab work for Magnus - it's just plugging on armour to him after all. Once the armour's all assembled into a trailer, the look is definitely less impressive than the Siege toy. The tractor cab really does look massive now and the trailer is just a gappy mess. It's fine and does the job, it's just not all that impressive for a figure with this price tag. Extra props for the moulded spots for an Autobot sigil and then not even bothering to sticker or tampograph them. All this isn't to say Magnus isn't a bad toy, he's just a bit perfunctory in his execution. And not as good as the Siege version.

Kingdom Arcee
I missed the Earthrise release somehow, so I'm glad she got a re-release in Kingdom. Not sure about the wisdom of that, truth be told as she's peg warming something rotten, along with the SS86 Autobot cars. Still at least it spares me aftermarket chancers ripping me off. Leaving aside the parts forming for a minute (General consensus of fandom - this was acceptable for Cliffjumper, but not Arcee. I despair), the robot mode is actually rather lovely - so long as you don't attach the back end of the car to her back. The Generations toy is arguably better, but I just can't get past that toy's weird hips that look like she couldn't stop a pig in an alley. It's nicely proportioned and she's got a sweet face and is incredibly posable. Not sure why her gun is transparent. I suppose I should be glad it's not pink. Transformation is what you'd expect for an Arcee toy - just tucking the robot mode up inside the shell of the car body. The car's alright. It looks a bit like something you'd see at a soapbox derby and isn't quite what I'd like. But then, when I think about it, if Arcee transformed as she should, she'd be more of a Voyager class Amazonian than the size zero supermodel we're all used to. That might be my preferred option. It'd certainly do away with parts forming of this extent. I think I'd prefer the parts forming if the back of the car did something more like Siege Shockwave and could be more of a proper flying platform thing, rather than, well, the back of a car folded out for her to stand on.

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Post by Unicron » Thu Jun 17, 2021 12:09 am

Kingdom Galvatron
Mildly surprised to have been able to find one today, and fortunate that mine has the properly assembled shoulders.
He looks better than the initial pictures that popped up a few months back. Easily the best Galvatron we've gotten thus far, though considering the competition that might not be much of a compliment.
He seems a little small for a leader. He's shorter than Kingdom Cyclonus, though one would expect that for scale. He's roughly the same height as the Titan's Return voyager. Might be a result of parts count, I guess.
There's some mildly interesting gimmickry in getting from the purple robot torso to the grey cylindrical cannon body, though not as cool as the bit with Kingdom Cyclonus disappearing the jet mode's nose section.
Accessory wise, I dig the Matrix on a chain. Nice little thing to have. Not really thrilled with the pair of guns based on the Decepticon ship, they feel unnecessary.
Overall, good figure and would definitely recommend it for anyone who wasn't satisfied with the old Universe tank or more recent Titan's Return figure.

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