A trading post for established members. Please read the rules first.
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The boss man [Brendan] has consented to a buy/sell/trade forum. We haven't had one previously for the longest time because, frankly, there are more than a few ways the experience can degenerate into claims, arguments, accusations and all the rest. With that in mind, if you intend to use this subforum, please read the following very carefully; it's unlikely this'll last for very long if people don't.

For starters, and without intending offence to new members, I'D PERSONALLY SUGGEST NOT DEALING WITH PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW to some extent unless it's through a framework such as eBay. In particular, don't deal for anything of significant value (where 'significant' is defined as 'I care if I lose it') unless you have comeback and a plan for what to do if something goes wrong -- and, naturally, if a deal looks too good to be true then it probably is.

This area's mainly intended for people to talk openly about the stuff they've been talking about quietly in PMs and signatures for years. It means they can (for instance) maintain a list of stuff they've got going without the limitations of sig space or making a separate page somewhere. People can post and ask where they might get something, and others can post or PM if they can hook up, organise toy hunting with each other, etc.

We're unlikely to be getting into formalised feedback threads (this isn't going to be allowed to degenerate into he-said-she-said) but you could ask in this forum for feedback from others who've dealt with a particular member (try to stick to existing threads when asking, please.) eg, I've dealt with a fair few of the staff -- not because they're staff, simply because they've mostly been here the longest and I've talked to them a lot, here and elsewhere.

Other points:

- This is a venue only. Any and all disputes are between you and whoever you're dealing with. In the nicest possible sense, we probably don't want to know and are looking for a quiet life too.

- This isn't a spamming area for retailers. There's no firm divider between big and small [eg, some private sellers have small eBay stores]; suffice it to say that if you're coining it in, consider an ad on the main site.

- Scalp at your own risk... it's not unreasonable someone might have a couple of the same item, but having half a dozen of the same Masterpiece item in hand strongly suggests you're a retailer or have been staking out local stores with an intent to rip off fans. The latter won't go down well.

- No stuff that's illegal. This includes flogging copies of stuff you don't hold the rights to, or dubiously-obtained prototypes of new and upcoming toys. It doesn't rule out knock-offs and replica parts/stickers, but note such things honestly. (Prototypes long after they're newsworthy are arguably okay.)

- Don't post other people's email addresses or other contact information without their permission. Use common sense if following up a conversation from PMs in public.

- Keep things to one thread per user for sale stuff, please. You should now be able to edit the title of a thread by editing the title of the top post. [Problem fixed.]

- Separate "want to buy" threads are okay, but again keep it one spot where possible by editing thread titles. Making arrangements to go on store hunts in your area and divvy up convention sets is also fine.

- Consider limited multiple-consecutive-posting (adding new items, etc) okay, but don't be a jerk constantly bumping threads.

- If you don't get any response, don't gripe about it. Don't take offence if people won't deal with you -- this is a collective of friends and acquaintances. A short, polite PM might be alright if people have noted they'd welcome contact in their selling thread, but if you get turned down then don't hassle them further.

- Related; if you don't mind people who can't post in this forum PM-ing you, please say so in your threads.

- Clarify what the person you're talking to means by terms such as 'complete'. When dealing with toys, it doesn't usually include packaging unless specified. Some other common terms are explained here.

- Be prepared to provide photos wherever possible, or at least on request.

- Within reason, selling non-TF stuff (eg, other geeky stuff) is okay.

- It's generally a bad idea to: sell things on behalf of other people, send to PO boxes, send things "to a friend" for collection, etc.

- Did I mention eBay? Link your feedback record from there and from other boards, but equally: be wary of links from people you don't know, as it might not be their feedback they're linking. Mention other people you've dealt with here, unless they strenuously object to it.

- Be aware that PayPal is subject to credit card charge-backs and similar chicanery. In many respects it isn't safer than money orders or mailing cash, just quicker and more convenient.

- Any hounding of people from forum-to-forum is likely to be regarded and handled with extreme suspicion.

- Existing members... no comedy threads in this forum. Please.

- This list may be added to.

I realise a lot of this is likely to read as heavy-handed, but have seen for myself over the last [x] years a few of the things that can go wrong. Be cautious but not rude, we wish you the best of luck in your dealings and you proceed, if at all, at your own risk.
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Denyer wrote: [Bear with me on this; I haven't tested it, and may need to tweak things first...]
May need tweaking - I couldn't do it.
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Cliffjumper wrote:May need tweaking - I couldn't do it.
Fixed it. :)
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This is an awesome feature :)

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