Hasbro Canada Q&A

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Hasbro Canada Q&A

Post by Nevermore » Mon Sep 08, 2008 4:23 pm

1. Why did Hasbro choose to drop the Ultra size Class for the Movie and Animated lines?

HASBRO: Ultra and Voyager scales are so close in size that we decided to focus on driving only 1 of the two - it is more efficinet for retailers that way too. When we initially set up the new UNIVERSE line we thought that was a good place to bring back Ultra to be at a different price point vs. ANIMATED and MOVIE. However, people liked the UNIVERSE line so much that we went back and added a Voyager scale (that's why all the new tools are Ultra in 2008 and all re-decos are Voyager in 2008.

2. Why has gold/silver faction symbols been used for the Animated line instead of the traditional red and purple as featured on the TV show?

HASBRO: We did it for a couple of reasons, but the biggest one is that you don't see the faction symbols on the vehicle modes in the show. We always like to have them on the toys, so we thought that by making them 1-color metallic it would blend in more that red/purple, and feel more like a metallic part of the vehicle.

3. Will Canadian retail be seeing the release of the Premium Movie Voyagers, the Universe Legend 5-packs, the Legacy of Bumblebee 3-pack or the Animated Leader class value packs?

HASBRO: Canadian fans can look forward to seeing the Premium movie voyagers on shelf this fall as well as the Universe Legends 5 packs (Zellers exclusive) and the Bumblebee 3 pack (Walmart exclusive).

4. Hasbro recently announced that toy prices will be rising effective September 1st. Will an increase also happen in Canada? And if so how much will it effect the retail price of Transformers, Star Wars, GIJoe, Marvel Legends etc?

HASBRO: All prices are ultimately set by individual retailers. However, costs associated with producing toys - including plastic costs, shipping costs, and labor costs - have all risen recently and the higher prices you might see on shelves can be attributed to this.

5. Will the trend of creating toys out of all the Transformers characters featured in Transformers Animated continue with Animated Season 3?

HASBRO: We will try to make toys of as many of the Transformers: ANIMATED characters as possible. Not all will become toys but many will.
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Post by StoneCold Skywarp » Mon Sep 08, 2008 5:35 pm

Now can someone do something similar with Hasbro UK ?

(coincidently hasbrotoyshop.co.uk is carrying Blitzwing, Soundwave & Lugnut amongst others -- is that particularly new news?)