About TRON 2 (2009).

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About TRON 2 (2009).

Post by Mr_Hi_n_Mitey » Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:58 pm

Hello Folks: (TRON 2)

Well, I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago, and I must say, I was very impressed. I was first thinking that 25+ years after the first TRON movie came out, this movie would not be hitting much on anything, given the fact that MOST sequels give their predecessors bad names. However, I believe that this movie really proved itself worthy of its title, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Few people will argue that Disney's TRON franchise is the official CGI (computer generated image) Grandfather of all major movies - such as ARCADE () and STAY(ING) ALIVE (), movie series (MATRIX & LAWNMOWER MAN movies), animated series (REBOOT and AUTOMAN), television show episodes ("Video Man" from SPIDERMAN & HIS AMAZING FRIENDS and an episode from the DENNIS THE MENACE cartoon), short animated skits (ARCADE ATTACK), and book series (LABYRINTHON by Vladimir Koziakin) that deal with individuals venturing off into computer-generated virtual worlds - i. e. cyberspace, or in TRON's case, the Grid - or that deal with computer/video games/programs "coming to life". (Perhaps someone may have first thought of and/or created a movie, skit, book and/or other media title about digital characters/worlds "coming to life" before Disney Productions did, but they sure did not get any prominence BEFORE TRON did for this genre of sci fi movies, that's for sure!) In a broad sense, I love sci fi movies, especially those deal with AI (artificial intelligence) in general, whether the stories involve "regular" sentient machines such as computers and robots, cyborgs or digital/videographic characters - i. e. TRON's "isos"; I am also into the sci fi movies that feature extraterrestrials, too, but that is a whole different topic altogether. (I loved the CODED ARMS game series for the Portable Sony Playstation, they address a lot of familiar topics!)

This is one of the types of movies that make me proud to be a geek. This movie addressed the major qualities of being a computer geek, such as computer hacking and obsession with video games. Despite a couple of things, - which I will talk about a little later - the CGI, special effects, sound effects, story and even music kind of put this movie on another level above its predecessor, definitely making it an upgrade. The 1980s song "Separate Ways" from the band Journey never sounded so better! I also got into the modern techno tracks from some of the other DJs/artists whose music was played in the movie. (When it comes to computer-oriented sci fi movies, I feel that there is no better music for them other than electronic dance music and/or classical music!) The disc throwing scenes (I just loved that MATRIX-style slow motion stuff!) and the other fight scenes were just awesome. (Sam Flynn and Quorra, indeed, made a nice couple together. Definitely add Quorra to that long list of beautiful-but-deadly kick-a## chicks!) Oh yeah, let's not forget the now-classic light cycle tournaments; one cannot make a TRON movie without disc throwing or light cycles in it. I enjoyed the spectators in the movie; they were just crazy. (They did not have too much of a crowd in the first TRON movie.) Those four iso chicks who helped prepare Sam's suit were pretty hot, too.

In addition to the light cycles, I see that the Rectifier battle station/ship, recognizers and "solar train" (I forgot what it was called.) did not go anywhere, even though there were no tanks in this movie like there were in the first TRON movie. No big deal, though, the movie made up for it in other ways, like by showing Tron City (or Grid City), and that club scene which I thought was nice. Clu pissed me off after he blew that place up, though. I love going to nightclubs! Anyway, that was a nice hangout, and Sam Flynn and Quorra were doing their thing (Kicking some bad guys' butt.) before Quorra got her arm cut off (or erased, or whatever term I should use). I liked Kevin Flynn's white light cycle. (I need to get that special book that is a tribute to the TRON movies; I want to get a diagram of every machine - like the machine that beamed Sam into the Grid in the first place - and every vehicle in the movies. I might just try to build something myself!) Anyway, to backtrack, Quorra looked so hot laying there in that at Kevin's house over in the Outlands. (Does anyone have a photograph of her laying there on that couch?) Fast forward, I liked the scenario inside the Rectifier. The Rectifier ships remind me of those triangular-shaped starship carriers for the Galactic Republic/Empire on STAR WARS. Soldierwise, Clu's troopers were lighted with different colors, like the way STAR WARS' clone troopers had different colors on their armor suits according to rank. I am glad that Clu finally revealed the rest of his Ultimate Master Plan to take over, dominate and control the Real World, well after Kevin told his story about how he created Clu and that Clu and his minions purged Tron City of all free isos. (Sieg Heil!) This also reminded me of STAR WARS, most notably where Darth Sidious, aka Chancellor Palpatine decided to purge the Galaxy of all remaining Jedi Knights and Separatist Minions, before taking over the Galaxy as Emperor.

Even though I enjoyed this movie, I was still saddened by the fact that Sam lost his father while his father was trying to stop Clu. That goes to show you, not every moment in each major movie is a happy one, including this one. However, Sam did gain a high position in Encomm, a very livable income and a new girlfriend. (For that, I am jealous of Sam. Maybe I should beam myself into the Grid and find a hot babe for myself!) Anyway, I gave this movie a grade of A minus, because of the minor issues that I had. Therefore, I can't wait to see this movie again when it comes out on DVD! Who else feels the same way about this movie?


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Post by Rodimus Convoy » Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:43 am

Haven't seen the original, but I really liked the new Tron. The thing that stood out the most for me was the soundtrack. I loved it so much I bought it. I liked the special effects, 'cause I felt they enhanced the movie, rather than drowning it. Saw it in 3D too. Wasn't particularly stellar, but the cycle battle scene certainly looked cooler.

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