Grumpy old men: armchair brand management

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Re: Grumpy old men: armchair brand management

Post by Warcry »

A more "Marvel" repaint of the Legacy Bludgeon seems most likely, though not especially exciting. I wouldn't be super surprised to see Siege or Earthrise Megatron done up as the inner robot or "Destructicon Bludgeon" from RiD. Not sure what other options there'd be...SS 'Gamer' Megatron seems really ill-fitting, Kingdom Warpath too. Maybe SS Bee Movie Soundwave?

I've been expecting to get Windsweeper as a retool of Needlenose since I first handled the latter. If memory serves, the new figure's molded details included a mix of things taken from both characters' original box art. This line seems like as good a place as any to release it.

I like the original set of Fossilizers a lot, but it's tough to get too exited by the later retools when they are, after all, just skeletons.
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Re: Grumpy old men: armchair brand management

Post by Denyer »

It'd be a harder sell to do Bludgeon again than Springer, Twin Twist, etc without more mould changes.

The 'Destructicon' version as a voyager I could see some appeal in if the chest was remoulded (which would also let them double dip on another Western release of G2 Megatron, maybe the purple version) and in terms of deluxes Slammer doesn't quite fit but they've already got form in reusing the Skullgrin design and that could get by with a head change as well as having guns that double as swords.

Skeleton retools like MD I can see some point to, lurid deco less so. But three or four feel like enough. Also I've just realised that Spindle was a retool -- never saw past the bloody awful colours to notice it's a spinosaurus. Minus the purple I'd have bought it.
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